How to Save Money with Coupons: 15+ Hacks to Ace Shopping 0n Budget

Mar 15, 2021   |   4 min read


How to Save Money with Coupons: 15+ Hacks to Ace Shopping 0n Budget


Couponing is a term pretty familiar to many shopaholics. People who love and run on shopping must understand some smart ways to make their budget work as well as fulfill their thirst for compulsive buying. While some wait for clearance sales, some use multiple accounts to get the first customer discount, some may even use multiple credit cards to bank discounts, smarter ones save money with coupons.

But what exactly is coupon and how does it so genuinely save you tons of bucks? Whats the catch and how they do benefit the brand itself. These are common questions that arise in everyones mind and like it or not many people are skeptical about believing that authentic coupons really exist. And for some who do they are too reluctant to get cheated by an attractive deal otherwise. Anyhow, now it the time to let your fears subside because we have some of the best couponing hacks that will not only save you your valuable money but also get addicted to shopping with coupons always.

Why to Coupon?

It is common sense to not miss something that can help you and not harm you in anyway. For those people who still wonder why they should save money with coupons, here is a catch.

Coupons can help you save up to 80% on groceries, still not convinced? The budget you set for shopping can be reduced up to 50% when you shop with coupons. Once you learn how to use the right coupon at the right time i.e. by pairing them with ongoing seasonal sales you can get even more discounts.

Coupons let you purchase items in pile. For a coupon that saves you 75% you only get to pay 25% of the original price. This can also mean that you can shop 4 times more with the coupon you are going to use. To get more things for the same price doesnt sound like a bad deal to us!

Moreover, as per the US market research there are over $400 billion of value money set in coupons and just because people are not aware or convinced only about $4 billion worth coupon savings are availed. This is a sad fact and you dont want to be a part of unaware audience anymore.

You can also take your chance on new products with a coupon. It is kind of hard to spend your hard earned money on something you are not sure about. In this case if that thing is coming to you at a smaller price the ambiguity doesnt seem that daunting. Which is why when trying a new product always use the coupons to save you regret later.


Coupons are also a great way to play your part as a responsible citizens. Many coupons are released as a way to donate some money to the charity. Moreover with a great saving obtained on your budget you can donate some of the saved amount to charity. Plenty of reasons to use coupon, lets learn how to use them!

How to Use Coupons?

If you see a coupon that saves you 1 dollar and you think to yourself whats the point of saving a dollar? Then let us tell you one dollar minus 100 makes 99 dollar. You get exchanged for a whole bill just because of that one dollar. The worth of one dollar is realized by someone who became millionaire saving penny by penny and not worry about why these little discounts?

Couponing is more of a state of a mind. Thinking how even a tiny bit of discount can make you a millionaire (someday maybe), or understanding the term drop by drop makes a sea. Now before the easy access to coupon such as various coupons websites (authentic ones only), saving apps and in stores coupons, people had to go miles to get the relevant coupons and save themselves some dollars.

But the world of now is too user centric that even a coupon is just at your bay. All you need to use the little bit magic of copy paste and you are good to go. As you get eager to use coupons here are few step to follow to become a (professional) coupon user.

Step 1: Collection Spree

It is not easy to get discounts in todays world where money dominates all, but it will be worthwhile. The first step to become a professional coupon user is collecting coupons from all means necessary. Its like applying to multiple vacancies for a job and hoping for the best. Once you think it that way you will be eager to grab any opportunity to come your way. Some common places where you can find amazing coupons are:

The Newspaper

Many brands publish their coupons in the Sunday newspapers.  Big companies like Proctor and Gamble make sure the newspaper reader gets some monetary rewards too. You can get some discounts and offer in the printed newspaper and can avail it in the form of cut paper.


Printable coupons

Is there anything you cannot find on internet? We dont think so. Many sites offer printable coupons which you can just save, print and cash it for exchange of goods. You can also use the gift cards which also work as a coupon.

Coupon Sites

This goes without saying but coupons sites are your greatest friends in times of such economic downfalls. Just be sure to rely only on the authentic and not fall for settlement traps. Lets be realistic even if its about couponing any discount that seems too good be true is sometimes too good to be true.


Step 2: Organize

Now is the time to excite the Monica from friends in you. Organizing makes you able to not miss on to anything. Even though it is an annoying habit for others, organizing and managing things will help you stay updated about the gems you have and not miss onto anything that might be worthwhile.

Now when it comes to organizing coupons there is no hard and fast rule. Just be vigilant and find the method that is most comfortable to you. Whether its making a list on your notepad or using a coupon binder or even a file to maintain used or unused status of a coupon. Anything that seems too comfortable to you, should be your go to organizing method. And once you get hold of your desires method make sure to check your coupon list every time you go shopping.

Step 3: Planning

Even if you are using coupons there needs to be a limit. Sure coupons let you save money but remember how sales con you if you lose control? That is the case with coupons too. If you get too excited about coupons and only focus on the savings you are going to make you will lose sight of the fact that more items means more money spent whatsoever!

Also it is important to find the items that can be reduced to nothing with using the coupons. Especially all the items in your grocery cart can be reduced to an astonishing price with a coupon but dine in in restaurants, not too much.

Coupon Hacks That Will Help You Save In 2021

Nothing great comes easy and a rule to life is if it seems too easy then probably you are doing it wrong. Whether its on hand discounts or even something as basic as a deal of the day there is always a catch. And make sure you know your way around the coupons and make the best of the deals.

1.Dont Depend Only On Clip Coupons

Sure we discussed the Sunday newspaper to get your supply of coupons but this is not all. You need to be really smart with using coupons. While physical coupons and newspapers are know it all, not everything on internet is a scam. Use the coupon sites such as MySavingHub (authentic Deals) to get even more coupons. Plus these sites remind you of new updates themselves. Just subscribe to their email updates.


2.Sale Is the Best Time to Shop

There is a reason why black Friday is the most awaited time for compulsive buyers. Coupons are great and all but to use them in a bulk is ideal when there is a sale going on. Stack and save all your precious coupons for sales like black Friday, end of season sales and clearance sales.

3.Coupon Is Just a Helping Hand

Relying solely on coupons is a plain trap. It is good and better than nothing especially when you have nothing else to save some bucks but when even using a coupon look for an already discounted product. This way you can get even more discounts and then buy more.

4.Dont Just Go For Brands

Sure you only use one shampoo or a deodorant from your favorite brand does not have coupons. To advise a shopaholic it is not wise to stubbornly stick to a particular brand. The whole purpose of coupons is to discover multiple options and find the best one for you.

5.Dont Stick To One Store

If we talk about target, Walmart or amazon, it is not important that you drain all your savings in just one store. Sure kohls has some of the best coupons and they even offer rebates but a toothpaste at kohls can cost you more than any other store. For digital coupons there is no harm in browsing several stores to complete your grocery list.

6.Educate Yourself

More often than not sales are a scam. And same goes with the in store coupons. Do your research and find the actual price before the coupon and discount release. You will find whether you are getting a good deal or not.


7.Understand the Coupon Policies

What if someone challenges your coupon, negates its authenticity even if it isnt expired yet? Just because a person work there does not mean they have all the policies memorized. Always read the stores policies to make any useful claims when it comes to a certain negotiation.

8.Always Check For Certain Amount Coupons

Some coupons go like $10 off above $50 purchase, we like them the best deals. These deals are good and always earn you discounts as they are not specific to any particular product. Especially when you are off to bulk buying always look for these All-rounder coupons.

9.Dont Ignore the Free Shipping Coupon

If somebody asks us whats the best coupon? Our answer would be a free shipping coupon. If you are playing your part being a responsible citizen and going for online shopping, always treat yourself with the free shipping coupon. This is also one of the most often released coupons.

10.Special Status Discounts

Sephora employee discounts or military discounts or even student discounts are some of the great ways to cash in your status. These coupons are specific and can help you enjoy remarkable savings.

11.Be Unstoppable

Combining all the couponing hacks and practices will definitely make you an extreme couponer. Sure it is a hard thing to be active at all the times but once you phase into it you will be in for a wonderful treat.

12.Start A Swapping Club

We all have heard of book clubs and mommy and me groups but what about for people like you who love shopping and discounts. Start a coupon club by gathering all your friends. You can also swap coupons with each other and help each other get discounts you all need.

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13.Dont Ignore Small Discounts

As we mentioned above the worth of $1 is realized by someone who didnt have it. Just because a discount is too small dont get discouraged. A dollar saved here and there will help you raise the amount in your bank account.

14.Claim Your Loyalty Discounts

Ever heard about PR packages? They are to make an impact. The brands love their loyal customer and especially social media influencers who speak positive about them. Claim your loyalty by writing to your favorite brand about something you liked about them. They may give you some loyalty points.

15.Phase into Coupons

Just like we went all swiping cards from cash, coupons is also a phase we all need to transit into. Make couponing your habit dont waste too much time into it just realize the value and learn how to smarten yourself up with these coupon hacks.

16.Dont Print Coupons You Dont Use

Some people have a certain hobby, while your friend could be all about stamps, yours could be collecting coupons. As opposed to what we said earlier the main aim is to save money. Do not print coupons you are not going to use. It will not only make your organizing process a whole haste but it will cost you extra paper and ink too (remember: we save little by little).


Before you go to the shop, decide what you want to purchase and just buy the things you plan to buy. You become vulnerable to their publicity ploys if you remain in the shop too long, and you can end up investing more money. Get in, get the deals, and get out of there then.

18.Dont Let Go Of the Overage

Where the coupons surpass an item's selling price, an overage is produced. For this overage, most retailers do not give you cash back, but may add the overage on other items in your shopping cart. You will load up on toothpaste and shampoo and buy meat and vegetables for the whole cart, to use the overage points like a boss.

19.Store Saving Cards

Many stores create store saving cards to help you earn loyalty points. This seems like a win-win situation for both. You get loyalty points which you can use for cash instead and they get a constant customer which goes back to use those loyalty points. It is a good situation.


Why Stores Use Coupons?

Your favorite store isnt secretly in love with you to give all those discounts. Retailers are actually smarter than you think. While you save money with coupons they also get numerous benefits. Now imagine you not getting attractive to the concept of owning a new pair of shoes but as soon as you hear Buy one get one free or 50% on purchase above $500 you run to avail the limited time offer deal.

Once you step into the store, the stores aim to get you lured is achieved. Its not all con or fraud but just when you think your retailer is sacrificing themselves so that you save those bucks, think again!

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Does Coupon make you Spend More Money?

Anything in excess is poison, whether you like it or not in some cases coupons can actually make you spend more money. But with our tips and emphasis on smart shopping you can be smart enough to not fall into the trap of over spending.

Now coupons usually promote buying in bulk. You see a 25% off on a product you get two items instead of one but whats the point of getting two pairs of gym shoes when you only use one thrice a week? This stock piling can be harmful if you DO NOT need the product in a bulk quantity. Especially buying 10 gallons of detergent in price of 5. You think you have won but its the store who made the money just by settling on a little less profit. Unless you have a restaurant of your own or a hotel you dont need that much detergent or do you?

Couponing: Ruse or Not?

The stores and coupon sites do not have a secret agenda against you to lure you into spending your hard earned money. But its not wise to go crazy over a $20 saving when you couldnt have spent even a dollar at all. Coupon is just a tool to ease your shopping experience and it needs a smart couponing to work your way around it.