What to Get Your Loved Ones from Sephora Gift Cards

Jan 24, 2022   |   8 min read


What to Get Your Loved Ones from Sephora Gift Cards


Let us ask you a question, what gives you confidence and makes you feel good about yourself? For many of us, the answer is self-care. The satisfaction and confidence boost that comes after pampering ourselves is incomparable. However, the real catch is to know how to pamper ourselves. We often mistake buying multiple skincare products to get better and faster results. By doing so, we only waste our money and experiment on our skin.

We know how difficult it is to find a good skincare regimen. Let alone make sure we are always fully stocked. Sadly, when a product is popular, stores either run out of its stock or raise prices on it. We are glad to have a store like Sephora in our life. The store is a massive hub for all beauty items When it comes to skincare, Sephora has an extensive range of brands that cater to all our skincare needs. Dry, acne-prone, sensitive, and whatnot.

If you have a makeup lover in your life, you know how particular and obsessed they are with their makeup essentials. It is best to get them a Sephora e-gift card this Valentine’s. You can get makeup, skincare as well as limited fragrance editions from luxurious French brands. We have narrowed down a list of items you can buy with gift cards at Sephora. 

From Sephora’s Skin Care Section

Anybody who is into self-care is well aware that Sephora is not an ordinary store. It is the queen’s treasury that has items from renowned brands all across the globe. You may not know this but Kim Kardashian still buys her skincare essentials from Sephora. You can find KK Beauty products under their skincare section. Below is a list of gift sets you must get from the store for your loved ones.

Mario Badescu Duo Rose Set
Have you noticed how biochemicals are embracing natural ingredients now more than ever? Our grandmother always told us the benefits of herbs and plant extracts. However, back then we had put our faith in chemical formulations. Luckily, organic ingredients are reviving. Mario Badescu is a skincare brand that produces products by mixing miraculous ingredients.

The Mario Badescu Duo Rose Set is comprised of two of their essentials. The mask and the mist. Both items are for our facial skincare. The mist works as a toner and a skin refresher. It is formulated by the most organic components. Alor herbs and rose extracts. Aloe Vera is known for its soothing and cooling properties. It protects the skin against harsh pollutants. While rosewater is amazing for our skin. It allows the skin to breathe and helps us keep our skin fresh. 

Masks play a vital role when it comes to keeping up with the regular pollution on our faces. The rosehip mask is a sulfate-free composition that prioritizes the use of natural extracts. Don’t worry if you are not aware of your loved one's skin type. The mask works perfectly on all skin types. It has fruit oils that hydrate the skin for a long time. You can put it on while you scrub your body with Bed and Bath’s products. For more Bed and Bath products, check Bath and Body Works Sales | Reasons to Shop

Pixi Skin Treat Set

We have often seen people wondering if Sephora gift cards Walgreens have Pixi products. Well, yes you can get Pixi skin care’s complete set. Consider Pixi beauty as Tinkerbell and us like Peter Pan. That’s how miraculously Pixi beauty products work for our skin. Luckily, Sephora understands how vigorously Pixi is in demand by its customers. You can find frequently bought as well as limited edition items by the brand at Sephora in full stock.

The Pixi Skin Treat Set is a popular gift set. The set includes a complete package for our skin. A cleanser, tonic, and mud mask. The Glow Mud Cleanser comes in a thick paste form and has a paraben-free formulation. It deeply cleanses the skin and leaves behind a glowy, smooth texture. You can use it twice a day on damp skin. Just a pea-size on your finger dip is sufficient for per-time usage. For clearer skin. Damp some glow tonic on a cotton pad and clean your face with it. 

Once you are done cleaning, it is time to hydrate your skin with the Pixi glow mud mask. The Mediterranean sea mud blended with leaf extracts works well on all skin types. The good part is, unlike other paste masks, the Pixi glow mask is not hard to rinse off. Apply a thin layer and rinse off after 20 minutes. You will feel a difference in your skin after one week’s use. It is safe to use twice a week. The set is among popular buys for Valentine’s. Check out 15 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner 2022 for more gifts for your loved ones. 

From Sephora’s Makeup Gifts Collection

Are you unsure of what to gift your girl this Valentine’s? Worry not, Sephora has got you covered. Simply google Sephora gift card near me. Did we tell you Sephora gift cards Walmart is accepted all across the US? Place your order and check out How to Get Free Shipping at Walmart? Makeup is a girl’s best friend, after diamonds of course. This reminds us that you must check out 9 Best Jewelry Sales for Valentine’s Day

Sephora Makeup Tape

The makeup section at Sephora is full of essentials and items that you may have only seen at TikTok. Remember the famous makeup tapes, TikTok stars are always trying out? Well, they are available at Sephora from brands around the world. Sephora itself launched the makeup tapes which are now among top-seller items at the store. 

There are multiple concerns around the makeup tape. Will our skin wear off? Will it leave wrinkles behind? Is it safe for sensitive skins? To answer all the queries, let us tell you that the makeup tape by Sephora is hypoallergenic and built with material that is medically approved. We all know how Sephora encourages clean products. The tape is 100% vegan and safe to use for long hours on our faces. It comes in eco-friendly packaging. 

Femme Bot Lip Trio

Lip shades can change a girl's mood, vibe, and confidence like no other product. Pat McGrath is famous for its bold and sensual lip color collection. The brand’s product is hard to find anywhere else. Luckily, you can find them at Sephora. The entire range is categorized under the Clean at Sephora collection. As it is paraben and scent-free. 

The lip kit includes a classic thin lip pencil in a nude shade. Matte lipstick and a lip balm for moisturizing. The matte finish lasts for 24 hours without the need for a touch-up. Those who have tried it love the shade as well as its final look. You can change the shade as per your preference while placing an order. Check out 10 Super Cute Date Outfits for Valentine’s Day to wear the lipstick with. 

Another popular lip kit at Sephora is by Nudestix. The nude lip set includes three shares of nude lip colors. The sticks are in a broad pencil design which makes its application super-easy. It is a perfect gift for someone who carries a lip shade at all times. Check out the 90s Fashion Inspiration You Must Try in 2022 you can try the lip shades with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gladly, yes. Sephora has partnered with multiple international shipment service provider that allows us to place our orders online. You can also place your Sephora orders through concierges.

The brand Sephora itself is 100% cruelty-free. None of its products are tried r tested on any other being. However, since the store is a massive hub for all international brands, you may find brands that are tried on animals. Sephora supports vegan-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free brands.

Sadly, no. The store does not have a particular sale on Valentine’s. However, you may find gift sets under the gift category for comparatively discounted prices.

Amusingly, no. Sephora gift cards come with no expiration date. You can use the card even after years. The card is accepted and applicable both online and in-stores.

Yes, Sephora loves its customers and loves to show its affection. All you have to do is mention your birth date on your purchase card and you will be given a free birthday gift card each year. The Sephora birthday gift card can be redeemed two-weeks prior to your birthday or two-weeks later your birthday.