Top 13 Best Alternatives for Wayfair

Apr 29, 2022   |   13 min read


Top 13 Best Alternatives for Wayfair


Decorating your house is one of the most interesting yet daunting tasks. Whenever you have some time and are observing the house from a different angle, the only thing that is running through your mind is décor and upgrades. If you are someone who loves to shop and consistently bring a change to the outlook, you are used to going and bargaining for the best of the items for your place. The go-to place for all décor lovers is Wayfair since it offers a wide variety of collections of possibly every item that you need and all you have to do is visit the store once to fall in love with the options.

Wayfair has long ruled the market for furniture because the designs are quite amazing and most people find it extremely convenient to find a shop near them to make their lives easier. In fact, you can just order online and they will deliver the products to you. However, there is a loophole. Since so many other places have entered the competition for the best type of home décor, it really makes us wonder if Wayfair is what it promised to be because it has the best designs or only because it seems convenient to shop from there. Most of their items are not ready for assembly and you have to spend a good amount of time putting them together for use. Secondly, with the recent price hike in the cost of furniture, more and more people are finding it difficult to afford Wayfair. So, what to do now?

Well, you don’t need to worry because Wayfair is not the only store in the market with the best options. As we said, the market has progressed so much that you now have amazing furniture shops that will provide you with high quality at less prices. Those places have sites like Wayfair too so you can easily access them online. The best part is that you don’t even need to browse the market on your own because we have done the research work for you and have come up with some of the best places that will help you switch to more reasonable stores like Wayfair. Now you can shop without worrying about putting a dent in your pocket. So, let’s explore the Wayfair alternatives.  

Our Top Picks for Furniture Stores Like Wayfair

1. West Elm

You might have heard of this one with respect to the brick-and-mortar stores that are running their business all across the United States and Canada. But, they have expanded their stores to incorporate all the home décor as well which means that you now have websites like Wayfair where you can shop with a great promise of authenticity. We suggest that you go to these stores at least and check the general vibe and the collections they have to see if they match with what you have been looking for in Wayfair. The only downside you might face at West Elm is that it is slightly more expensive than the alternative. However, the greatest designs will quickly make all the spending worth it because we love the aesthetic that this store covers for the customers. You can find almost any theme for your house and it will make it look as modern as you want.

2. Crate & Barrel

Are you looking for the kind of furniture that will not add just taste to your home but also make it look extremely stylish? Homeowners love it when the guests compliment the place, especially the décor and if you are the type of person who always takes a step ahead in order to make things more and more beautiful for your house, our suggestion is that you go to this store. The items that are available here are extremely rare and they are also very particular about their exclusivity. You know those designs that end up in every house and begin to look too repetitive to the trained eyes? That is what this store aims to remove. They want you to feel special and in order to do so, they bring all the pieces that are unique in their creation and are one of a kind. You can check out their website and see how great the collection is to get started on furniture hoarding from Crate & Barrel today.

3. Pottery Barn

Well, this is a name that needs no introduction. It has now become a personality type. As diehard fans of FRIENDS, we can tell you why this particular store is special to us. This is where Rachel Green shopped and you already know how great her style was. This place has now famously become a type of personality because as soon as you look at someone's house looking classy, your first instinct is to compliment them on their shopping skills at Pottery Barn. This place has existed for almost a decade and the reason why it is so popular is that all the celebrities and famous designers shop here. We suggest that if you are looking for kids' furniture, you should definitely begin from here because it offers the best Wayfair alternatives, the kind that will make you fall in love with the room and your own skills all over again.

4. CB2

We have already mentioned the parent company at number 2 but we think that this deserves another shoutout. Just from the name, you can tell that this is owned by Crate & Barrel and is essentially their second launch for furniture and home décor. People have placed their trust in the store even though it is relatively new but that just means that CB2 is doing a remarkable job at meeting the demands of the customers. If you have just moved into a condo or a small apartment and don't know where to begin with its decoration, our suggestion is to visit the store to get some stellar ideas and we promise you won't come back home without some amazing pieces of furniture for your living room.

5. Schoolhouse

The reason why people are always searching for sites similar to Wayfair is because of the vintage options that the store has. Well, now you don’t need to worry because Schoolhouse has done a remarkable job at bringing to you some of the finest items from historic times. Many collectors say that they are unable to decorate their house with vintage furniture because the market for that is diminishing and whatever is left of them is getting too generic for their taste. This is exactly why we have brought this brand to you to make your life easy. Not only does this store rest extremely easy on the eyes and transform you into the magical wonders of the Victorian era architecture, but the smell is so enchanting that you almost don't want to leave. It was known as Schoolhouse Electric before it changed its name.

6. TJ Maxx

Now you might be wondering why we have added TJ Maxx to our list when they already sell the items of different stores at lesser prices but that’s the whole point. Even though they include all high-end brands that are available at cheaper prices, they also have Wayfair so you can easily find alternatives for it without any problem. The customers are always happy shopping at TJ Maxx and the deals here are super great. For instance, if you see something at Wayfair that looks incredible but the price looks slightly out of your range, you can go to this brand and see if they have the same variety available. If they do, it would definitely be cheaper and easily solve your problem. What do you think, isn’t that a great idea?

7. The Citizenry

Some people spend all their lives traveling from one place to another. While many may not consider it the ideal life because of the challenges involves, you have to admit that it does open avenues for further character development and makes you learn about different cultures. Now, if you want to settle down, you try to make your home reflect all of those trips and cultures you have traveled to and taken a piece home with you. This is the exact philosophy of The Citizenry. They believe that your home should look like you and speak of you. It means that whatever your personality is or whatever journeys you have taken in life, to different places or even within, should reflect in your house and we think that it is a beautiful thought. Even though their physical store is located in New York, the online website is where all the traction is. People love going through personal collections that are unique and charming in their own way. You will find many different cultures and traditions reflected in the pieces of furniture you will find at The Citizenry.

8. Parachute

Earlier, there used to be only one great home furniture store and that was have started since then which means you now have a myriad of options. Parachute is one such brand that came into business for bedding and home accessories but soon, they were liked so much that the customers began to shop for the small pieces of furniture they put out for sale. Their categories now include all kinds of cute home décor that you can get along with beddings so if you are looking for an option that would completely upgrade and remodel your house into a modern and sleek setting, this is the place you should be going to. They also have office furniture, the demand for which surged during the pandemic so we are glad that you can easily shop for everything in one place.

9. Burrow

Again, the name needs no introduction and it is more than possible that you have been to this incredible place that reeks of love and warmth before in your life. The epitome of perfectly modern and sophisticated furniture is available at this store and there is no way you wouldn't want to take every piece home after one glance. Our experts were not only impressed with the style but also the prices and have deemed it their favorite place to shop from as the Wayfair alternative. That is a pretty solid recommendation for you to go and try them out. The reason why Burrow is so in demand is that they only produce a few pieces for their store and not in bulk like Wayfair and Overstock where you can find the item advertised on the site easily. The fact that there are limited designs means that people are rushing over to get these beautiful pieces. They also have a sale going on which you should definitely check out.

10. Terrain

The world just celebrate Earth Day and emphasized the importance of preserving our planet for the generations to come. Every decision that we make today is directly influencing our land and seas and even though bigger companies need to take responsibility for their actions, individual acts also matter. Terrain is a naturally aesthetic brand that is quite concerned with the safety of the planet. Its focus is on environmentally friendly décor options for the home and for this purpose, they have pieces that mainly focus on earthly designs. Now we know that not all of you would want your entire house to look like a park so including a lot of green will end up damaging the look but as far as the garden, backyard, or even your verandah is concerned, you can use the items from Terrain and give it a refreshing look.

11. Amara

An amalgam of some of the biggest retailers in the industry and a small business owner cultivating aesthetic pieces, Amara is your alternative to almost everything that Wayfair sells. It is a furnishing store that has received quite a lot of love in the past few years and rightfully so. The name it has made in the industry is due to owning and preserving great furniture and being a symbol by catering to celebrities and rich families. This is huge considering that some of the pieces from Amara have now gotten internal recognition. It is also quite alternative as they have the furniture you can get elsewhere for extremely cheap prices and so anyone who ever visits cannot help but return to the magic that the store is producing.

12. H&M Home

The reason why the idea of alternative stores from Wayfair sprang was because of the affordability criteria. More and more brands have entered the market today which means you now have a range of price lists from which you can choose and decorate your home. H&M is one such example. The home accessories and furniture that they have mastered are all considered part of fast fashion. The pieces are quite popular and if you have shopped for clothes with these brands before, you know the X factor we are talking about that makes the brand so unique. The only problem is that since H&M is part of fast fashion, you cannot trust the quality too much.

13. One Kings Lane

Whenever you think about luxurious home settings, the first place that comes to mind is One Kings Lane. Of course, it is a pricey option but once you look at the finish it provides to the setting of your home, you cannot help but admire what a great option this is. It makes paying a little more for the accessories far more tolerable because you are getting a long-term investment in return and won't have to spend a lot on the furniture again in the foreseeable future. Both the quality and the designs are vouched for so we suggest you visit it once to realize why is head over heels for this store.

Now that you have all the options listed out for you as the alternatives to Wayfair, which one will you pick?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hundreds of stores now make affordable furniture for the masses that you can easily access.

We say that Amara and Pottery Barn have been able to provide quite high-quality alternatives in the market.

You can check out Parachute and H&M for a more affordable price range.

Yes, in the previous few years, they too have lowered their prices and you can find a great variety at Wayfair that makes shopping just too convenient.

Yes, you can start your journey now by opting for all the stores that have home décor available and get the price quote for your house. Whichever sounds appealing can be your next option.