Stores That Can Help You Eat Organic In 2022

Jan 07, 2022   |   8 min read


Stores That Can Help You Eat Organic In 2022


Eating organic has been on everybody’s bucket list. It is the new hype and people all around just want to find out ways they can eat organic. We listen to you and your wishes. So, stop searching for organic places to eat near me. Your Google search list can make place for the organic recipes you wish to eat this week.

But first, let us see if organic is actually worth the money?

What Exactly is Organic Food?

Organic food refers to the way it is produced. It differs from regular food in the sense that it needs to meet certain regulatory protocols to be called organic. These regulations are defined by the government in each country and may or may not be same.

The basic meaning behind these protocols is the limited or no use of artificial substances. Food like milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables must be free of synthetic pesticides, human-made methods, and artificial fertilizers.  

Moreover, organic does not mean that it is natural. Natural food means that it does not carry any preservatives or artificial flavoring. You should check the food that you are buying for the organic label or certification to confirm whether it is organic food.

Is Organic Food Healthy?

Now the questions arise, why eat organic? Is organic food really better? Does organic make a difference? Are there any reasons to eat organic food?

The thing is that there is not enough evidence to support the fact that organic food is healthier than non-organic food. However, there is a slightly higher presence of nutrients, omega fatty acids, and reduced quantity of cadmium in organic food. As for the meat, there is no prominent difference in bacterial reduction.

There may be some downsides to eating organic food too. In such cases, you can find non organic foods that are safe to eat. But if you are adamant on eating organic food, let us see where you can find organic foods to eat.

Top 12 Organic Food Stores

Misfits Market

If you wish to get an affordable and customizable box shipped to your house, then you should opt for Misfits Market. They deal in designing customizable boxes that allow you to pick your produce before having it shipped. Moreover, with your account, you can easily set up regular deliveries so you do not have to shop again and again. Lastly, they have designed eco-friendly packaging for these boxes that can be recycled to avoid waste.

Nature Box

Are you a snacking munchie who wants to eat organic food? Don’t worry, the Nature Box has got you covered. They have special boxes that contain healthy snacks. You know all those dry fruits that you keep munching on in the winter season? These boxes have them ready to be delivered to your house. Moreover, they also have granola bars, chips to favor your savory taste, the aromatic coffee to refresh your mind, and more.

Sprout’s Farmers Market

Your mind might immediately go to the Hufflepuff common room if you are a Potterhead. But this particular store only provides organic food rather than dangerous yet very lively plants. These organic foods include all kinds of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and seafood, and even frozen products. You can pickup or let the delivery service take care of shipping.


Target is not just limited to getting you matched with your glamor sense. It can help you fit your organic shopping list with its vast collection. You will find everything from your list in the store. And the best part is that Target is located nationwide so you won’t have to travel miles to reach the store.


Walmart has become quite famous in bringing a whole section of organic foods to the table. They do not just have a vast collection of organic foods but they are also selling them at great rates. You will find wholesale prices and deals on the organic foods section that will tempt you to buy for the whole month.


If you want your breakfast to be both healthy and organic, then Prana will be able to help you out. They have a breakfast collection that has every kind of product that can enrich your daily meals. You can even get baking essentials like pure chocolate syrup, nuts, sugars, oils, and granola for eating on the go. But the best part is that they have released new coupons that can lower the rates even further!

Direct Eats

DO you have any food allergies? Direct Eats can help you buy more carefully. They have a whole section designed to cater to your specific needs. If you do not like nuts, your dietary plan will be safe and secure with product recommendations that do not have nuts. If you want to be free of the gluten, then your match is right here. You can browse through their website and find your perfect match within minutes.


Vitacost is preferred by many organic food lovers. The reason being that it makes shopping easier by providing every organic product on its website. Isn’t it easier to locate everything you need from one place rather than ordering three different things from three different places? Apart from that, they also have a filtered search for navigating what you need.


Kalyx is one of the places online that shops both natural and organic products. You will find its collection to be quite vast. They sell coffee and tea in various flavors and tastes that will refreshen your mind and your tastebuds. You also have the luxury to buy these products in both small and large quantities. The bulk order can help you stock up for the season.

Farmbox Direct

If what you are looking for is specifically organic fruits and vegetables, then this might be the place for you. They even have special-colored boxes that may appeal to the greens’ cravings or the reds’ cravings of your tastebuds. Plus, they are a great aesthetic! However, that is secondary. You will find their orders to be customized as well so that your meals can have products that are more to your lying.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a marketplace for the organic food lovers. You can find a wide range of collection that will be better suited to your needs. Moreover, you can save money on a lot of deals that are released frequently throughout the year.


Wholefoods is without a doubt, the biggest organic foods retail chain. It was one of the first supermarkets to introduce the organic foods section for the customers. They even have a delivery option dedicated to customers who wish to have their orders shipped.

To Wrap Up

So, this was our list of top 12 organic foods stores. Which one is your favorite? Apart from these, there are many organic foods stores that you will find. They maybe near your house or your local favorite. You can compare these stores with your desired options and see which one takes your mind towards a steady decision. Until then, happy eating and happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always use coupons that can help you buy organic foods at cheaper rates. There are also many deals that are released throughout the year which may be able to help you secure your savings. Search for stores that are budget-friendly. If you are shopping online, compare the prices of various top picks to ensure you get the best at low prices.

There are many ready to eat organic meals available that you can find online. They can even be shipped to your home address for your convenience. If you want the famous options, you can try fresh juices, shakes, rice with curry, granola bars, soups, and various snacks.

Memes are basically content pieces that are found on social media. You will find related content on organic foods as well whose purpose may be to entice humour.

It is completely your choice whether you wish to eat organic foods. People usually prefer eating fruits and vegetables that are organic and people prefer eating them over non-organic food. Fresh and seasonal fruits like strawberries, pineapple, kiwis, grapes, oranges, nectarines, apples, cherries etc. Always read the label to check for its organic certification.

You do not necessarily have to buy from brands when you can opt for budget-friendly options. Moreover, you can buy frozen food that will last you for a while. You can also check around for relevant sales and coupons to help you stay in budget.