10 Stores that cover you with Lifetime Warranty

Feb 21, 2022   |   6 min read


10 Stores that cover you with Lifetime Warranty


Did you ‘accidently’ put a stain on your new jeans or maybe dropped that expensive, lavishly looking creuset pot your mom got last week. Now we all know the scare of damaging a crockery its worth more than all the stress you had in the first year of college. Expensive items are great to have but they also keep your every last nerve on the alert. Damaging, losing or breaking them in any way can put you in deepest nightmares but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

After all things happen and humans make mistakes. Who can guarantee nobody else would have dropped that ceramic bowl which your mom loves. Hence with life happening around us, a perk such as lifetime warranty can be as great as possible. Whether you're looking for the latest smartphone or simply want to know that the apparel and homeware you buy will last, it's worth checking into stores and brands that provide lifetime guarantees and free repairs if something goes wrong.

This doesn’t mean you don’t trust the store or are planning to break it already but having a lifetime warranty is a perk that can put you in peace of mind. And take our shopper’s advice, stores that offer warranty, guarantee and perks like this are worth checking out. Hence in this article we will cover some stores that offer you a lifetime warranty on their products.

North Face Warranty

North face knows what they are doing when it comes to providing high quality products hence they don’t mind you giving a chance to avail warranty for entire life. North face manufactures apparels, gears as well as footwear and their quality is definitely made to last.

Even though the store doesn’t take a risk during the manufacturing stages, one can also have the peace of mind knowing that they offer lifetime warranty. But don’t mistake it for lifetime warranty on footwear because they don’t do that.

Darn Tough Warranty

Can you name a product that is subjected to most wear and tear and is used on daily basis? Yes we are talking about those socks. Darn tough socks are indeed ‘darn tough’ and to put cherry at the top they are also giving you a lifetime warranty.

Their claim is that these pair of socks would be the longest pair to last in your wardrobe and the best support for your feet. And when they offer the lifetime warranty they also guarantee you that they won’t be asking for receipt or any proof of purchase. As a matter of fact, darn tough recognize their one of a kind product.

Kobalt Lifetime Warranty

Kobalt is a well-known store that manufactures reliable batteries for you products. Their wide range of products come in different warranties but for some of their beloved and expensive products they do offer lifetime warranty. It is recommended to learn about the extensive warranty process before making a purchase with cobalt.

Away Luggage

Luggage wears out rapidly, so look for a brand that offers a lifetime warranty on your next pair of suitcases. All non-electric components of your luggage are covered by Away's free lifetime repairs and replacements, so you can check your bag without worrying about damage. The company also offers a 100-day trial period, allowing you to discover if the luggage is right for you. You'll get a full refund if it doesn't fit.

Red Wing Boot Warranty

Footwear with the "Red Wing" or "Red Wing Shoes" labels are guaranteed against workmanship and material defects. If a problem in a Red Wing branded footwear product occurs as a consequence of regular use after your purchase, Red Wing will fix or replace the product. Product failures caused by excessive or abusive wear circumstances are not eligible for exchange or purchase credit, so be cautious.

They do, however, have some guidelines: This guarantee is only valid for the first purchaser and cannot be transferred. Without the original receipt of purchase, no adjustment will be made. You must return your Red Wing Shoe purchase to the retailer where it was purchased.

Tupperware Warranty

With the rise of the "Tupperware Party" in the mid-1940s, Tupperware is now a household name, but those who still shop the premium kitchenware brand realize that the lifetime warranty makes it well worth the investment. Tupperware promises a lifetime warranty against everything from chipping and cracking to breaking and peeling when used in "regular non-commercial use."

Super Home Warranty

Super Home Warranty is a subscription service—a first in the home warranty industry—that protects homeowners from system and appliance failures, manages home needs logistics, and provides preventative maintenance to make the process of homeownership easier to navigate.

Super home knows that appliances under use may get defected or experience some issues every once in a while so they cover you with a lifetime warranty on small daily use home appliances.

Le Creuset

One thing that is likely to break more than your heart in the entire lifetime is the ceramic pots in your kitchen. And as we know, Le Creuset cookware is significantly more expensive than similar manufacturers on the market, but trust us when we say it's well worth the cost.

After seeing both my mother-in-law and grandmother use the same Le Creuset cookware for longer than I've been alive, I decided to start my own collection, taking advantage of the lifetime warranty for free repairs and replacements as needed.

The warranty covers cast iron, tri-ply stainless steel, and metal bakeware, but you must maintain your products according to the manufacturer's guidelines to keep your warranty valid.


You pull that one squat or do a jumping jack and hear the ripping sound touching your ears. Gym wear is fantastic but also puts you in a constant distress especially when you are trusting a new brand. Hence, Athleta gives you all the reason to take the risk because it’s so worth it. Part of the reason why this store does give you a lifetime warranty is because they know the claims are least of the likely to occur.

Athleta's "Give-It-A-Workout" Guarantee is a game-changer for anyone who has trouble finding clothing that will keep them comfortable for an entire cycle class or Pilates session. You have 60 days to return your new gear for a full refund if you don't find it comfortable or appropriate for your needs.


Yet another reason to purchase from nordstrom, yes obviously after the nordstrom coupons. We've found that Nordstrom's warranty policy is one of the most laid-back we've seen. The premium retailer's sole purpose is to ensure that the consumer is satisfied, which means there are no restrictions on returns or exchanges, and practically any item can be exchanged (even if it has already been worn).

Frequently Asked Questions

Using coupons and buying from sales is a sure fire way to save on your favorite stores.

Yes, majority of the stores offer refund, return and exchange eon their products. Make sure you check the refund policy before buying a product.

The best time to shop and save is during the special sale seasons such as black Friday and cyber Monday. You can expect bigger discounts around the special shopping festivals.

Holiday sales and the black Friday sales are one of the best times to shop and also save. You can enjoy savings up to 70% during these seasons.

Some stores offer lifetime guarantee on their products. You can easily avail by contacting their customer care service or visiting their outlets.