Russian SVT 40 for Sale The Best Defensive Weapons

Mar 02, 2021   |   4 min read


Russian SVT 40 for Sale The Best Defensive Weapons


The concept of SVT 40 emerged from Russia to fight the Hitler and his army in the early World War 2 days. The weapons had some promising features but the semi-automatic rifles did not exactly top the list of war weapons. As the modifications too place, the SVT 40 for sale is a great deal for everyone who loves high quality genuine weapons.

These self-loading rifles are expensive to produce and are swift in their action. They however need extensive training and practice to operate. Cloning the capabilities and power of this semi-automatic weapon the SVT 40 is also an integral part of the call of duty mission.

SVT 40 for Sale

tokarev svt 40

Ready to grace your collection of semi-automatic rifles and great precision weapons, the SVT 40 rifle is smart and amazing shooting tool. This weapon was developed in the early 1930s and has some of the best craftsmanship in its core. Produced by the Soviet Union this weapon served its purpose during the World War 2.


The SVT 40 for sale, is a gas operated rifle that works on a stroke piston and a tilting bolt. You can adjust the gas system according to your needs and the wooden stock added to the design provides an additional grip. The Russian SVT for sale has a 7.62x54 mm Russian cartridge as well as a 10 round magazine.

The magazine can be detached and all this makes the SVT 40 a semi-automatic great precision rifle. The cycling rate of this rifle is 750 rpm which is yet another great feature of this product. As compared to its predecessor, the rifle has an improved model and a better production style. The featured product has a smaller size with a larger metal shroud at front.

Notable Features

  • Self-loading Rifle
  • 800m/s ruffle velocity
  • Semi-automatic rate of fire
  • Gas Operated
  • 3.85 kg weight when empty


  • High Shot Accuracy
  • Fast Reload time
  • Effective for Various Ranges


  • The rifle is very loud
  • Magazine size is small
  • Not very accurate for continuous rounds

Tokarev SVT 40 for Sale – Rifle Sling Strap

tokarev svt 40 for sale

To carry your smart SVT 40 easily to your hunting trips or hang it on your rifle collection, the SVT 40 Rifle Sling strap is made with high quality military material. The genuine leather used to make this rifle string strap allows great strength and hold to the rifle. The canvas material is attached to the leather strap and a strong metal buckle at each end.


The rifle sling strap is made up of the buckskin and the whole item is manufactured in a belt style so you can modify and adjust the length of the belt accordingly. The sling strap is adjustable from 32 inches to 48 inches and you can modify the length as per your needs.
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Notable Features

  • Original Soviet Union Rifle sling Strap
  • Genuine Leather
  • Seamless for greater strength


  • Made with genuine Leather
  • Can hold weight and tension
  • Original


  • Available in only one color

Russian Stripper Clips SVT 40

russian svt 40 for sale

The Authentic Russian Stripper Clip packs come in a set of 4 pieces. Each clip weighs 0.1 pounds and is made from high grade and high quality steel material. The total weight of the 4 clips are 1.4 ounces and the product has a finish with metal and silver.

You can purchase this item to get on hand easy loading in a go. Use the Russian stripper clips SVT 40 for sale to get multiple benefits. The product gives you real value with time and helps you save much time on loading your firearm.
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Notable Features

  • Lightweight Stripper Clips
  • Pack of four
  • Made with steel finish for rust free use and application

Original Soviet SVT 40 Tool Kit Tula

orignal soviet svt 40 tool kit tula

Getting a rifle to add up to your collection is one thing but maintaining it to have its efficiency and precision over time depends on the attention you give to it. A SVT 40 rifle for sale comes with a great value of discount but it needs great attention to be managed.

You need a proper cleaning tool kit to clean up the rifle and its spare parts. As the SVT 40 has a lot of functioning parts in it from coil to clips to belt and magazine the whole product needs constant care. You cannot just let it hang and catch rust then decide to take it hunting one fine day.

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The Original Soviet SVT 40 Tool Kit Tula has many tools in it. The tool kit contains a gas adjustment tool, sight tool, pin punch tool, nylon bore brush and a cover. You will also get a brass made patch tip. All the tools in this set are issued by original Soviet Union arms manufacturing and you will get high quality tools to maintain the life of your rifle.

Original Soviet SVT 40 Tool Kit

orignal soviet svt 40 tool kit

The original soviet SVT for sale tool kit has all the essentials needed to manage the life and functionality of your recently purchased SVT 40. As the SVT 40 goes back in time where it is made with high quality craftsmanship and genuine materials, the SVT 40 for sale needs regular check and cleaning to maintain its quality and functionality.

The original Soviet SVT tool kit works for the SVT 38 model as well. The tool kit has maintenance a swell as cleaning essentials too. It includes a gas adjustment tool (to maintain the working of the rifle), a sight tool, a pin punch tool, a nylon bore brush, a patch tip or jag and a cover.

The best part about this kit is that it contains all tools issues by the original military. The quality of the cover is high and it is manufactured with original military blueprints. Listed as use because they have been stored in a warehouse for years, but the tools are in great working condition.

SVT 40 Repair Manual Book

svt 40 repair manual book

Owning a rifle SVT 40 is great and fun until you incur an issue with it. The SVT 40 repair manual book comes with a detailed description of the problems and solutions that might occur with your SVT 40. With deeply explained instructions and guide on how to start with the rifle and how to manage with the slight issues, the SVT 40 repair manual book is a must have.

SVT 40 for sale Canada – High Quality Rifles

svt 40 for sale canada

SVT for Sale is a great opportunity to get hands on the one of the most capable and sought after rifles made in the early world war 2 days. The manufactures rifles are from the original crafts work in the Soviet Union. Get all the essential with the SVT 40 for sale to complete the set and add to the graceful collection of your rifles and shooting range.