Best Travel Deals you will Find on Thanksgiving

Nov 18, 2021   |   5 min read


Best Travel Deals you will Find on Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, you can hop on the plane and explore all the places you wanted to because the thanksgiving travel deals are all that anyone is talking about. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year and you can expect the prices of tickets to be skyrocketing as well. However, only with the best travel deals during thanksgiving can you get your budget free from unexpected budget cuts. Save more and spend a happy vacation at your favorite destination.

American Airlines

For the best travel package deals thanksgiving, visit American Airlines. You are bound to find various destination packages that will get you the complete guide to your favorite destination. Forget promo codes and coupons because they will help you book hotels, cheap flights, and tour activities for the whole trip!

United Airlines

United airlines are also offering special travel deals during thanksgiving. You can find various destination flights to popular destinations at cheaper rates than usual. The only downfall is that there are only a limited number of destinations present. So, you will have to be either lucky to be spending thanksgiving in those places or smart to plan your holiday trip in those places. You can also always use the promo codes for cheaper flights.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines can get you some great travel deals thanksgiving at low rates. If you are especially looking for vacation packages for the whole trip, you can book them up. They will hook you up with car rentals, hotel bookings, vacation specials, and cheap flights all for one trip! Moreover, they are planning on offering 30% off on most flights and packages so be on the lookout!


JetBlue went overboard in offering the best Thanksgiving Day travel deals at cheaper rates! They introduced a general ticket fare of 31$ for selected locations. You will have to fly economy class but considering the extremely cheap rates, that is a compromise you should be willing to make. However, this sale lasts only for three days. Check out if it is still available at the website otherwise you can opt for coupons to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is rare to find last minute thanksgiving travel deals that are not expensive. If you go on the actual Thanksgiving Day or the very next day after Thanksgiving, you might find a few cheap options.

There are not many Thanksgiving weekend travel deals that are specifically available. However, there are cheaper options with the basic travel deals where you might find discounts and cheaper rates.

Some people suggest booking a plane ticket for the holidays two months prior to Thanksgiving. The reason being that prices spike up near the holiday. However, you can keep this margin for the safest bet but if you cannot plan that ahead, you can book 30-40 days ahead of Thanksgiving. It might also get you cheaper options.

You can visit London, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, or Orlando for a holiday getaway.

If you are looking for cheaper days, try avoiding the days before Thanksgiving and the weekend after Thanksgiving. Apart from that, you will have a safer bet compared to these days.