Thanksgiving Special Deal and Advice with Autozone

Nov 15, 2021   |   6 min read


Thanksgiving Special Deal and Advice with Autozone


Your vehicle might be demanding a little more for a while now and let’s be honest vehicles are not a cheap business. They need extra care, lots of love and lots and lots of money. That being said keeping up with vehicle maintenance is tough and expensive but it is also important as you owe a lot to that four wheeled buddy who takes you from place to place without you having to wait for the bus or spending on uber.

With Autozone thanksgiving hours, Autozone open on thanksgiving and Autozone thanksgiving special sales you are sure to get some big discounts. From the holiday guide to thanksgiving vehicle safety, you can spend this thanksgiving treating your vehicle a lot special than before. Here we have the best Autozone thanksgiving vehicle advice straight from the professionals.

Check the Brakes

Since it thanksgiving followed by Special Black Friday Deals when you will be hitting the stores, and then next month getting all amped for holiday travel, you need a little reassurance from your vehicle that it won’t disappoint you. Thanksgiving vehicle collision is a common observance that happens everywhere and hundreds of people lose their lives in deadly accidents.

Hence first things first to check the brakes. Winter weather, with its salt on the roads and harsh conditions, may be particularly difficult on brakes. That's why it's crucial to inspect your vehicle's braking system for any damage that may have occurred over the winter.

Brake pads should be changed at the first sign of a problem. If you don't change your brake pads at the recommended intervals, you may eventually need to replace the rotors and caliper, converting a $50 repair into a hundred-dollar operation.

Check Your Tires

Before going on a lengthy vacation, you should always inspect your tyres, and this is especially true during the holidays. Overinflated or underinflated tyres can wear unevenly. Excessive wear from improperly inflated tyres can cause a rupture in some situations. Keep a look out for severe tread wear as well. A bald tyre can cause a loss of traction, which can lead to a crash.

Be Prepared for the Traffic

You're not the only one getting ready for holiday shopping as the season approaches. There are also numerous festivals, shows, concerts, and other public events that draw large crowds. Although there may be severe traffic in your area at particular times of the day, the highways and roads may be congested all of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Rated as the number one factor leading to your car giving up, by the car professionals themselves batteries breakdowns are common especially when there is a lot of travel. Stop by your local AutoZone for free battery testing (a part of typical thanksgiving vehicle special) if you're not sure - or if you fear your battery is failing.

Aside from the cost of emergency towing, the true cost of a roadside breakdown is considerably higher when you include in your time and the chance of getting stranded late at night or in inclement weather.

Check the Wind Shield Wiper

What if it rains? Many individuals overlook their wiper blades until streaks and smudges make it difficult to see out the window. This discovery should not be made during a long travel to a relative's place during the holidays.

When you can't see clearly through your windshield due to bad weather, you're increasing your chances of crashing. Make sure your wipers are up to the task of dealing with anything Mother Nature has in store for you.

Gas Consumption

When you go on that holiday trip, make sure your car has a full tank of gas. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere will certainly add to the stress of your vacation. However, you should also ensure that your engine is in good working order.

Get your engine checked before you get on the road if you notice trembling, smoke, or unusual noises emanating from it. Engines that aren't running correctly burn more petrol and can leave you stranded.

Consider the Load

Holiday gifts sound great but getting too much with you could be a cause of trouble. And not to forget your holiday clothes as well. How much luggage are you bringing with you on your vacation? Will you be able to fit all of that in your vehicle? If your car has been particularly springy or bottoms out on bumpy roads, it's probably not up to the task. Check your suspension to ensure that your vehicle is capable of handling the load.

Some Tips to Help Avoid Car Breakdown at a Crucial Point

  • Wash your car at regular intervals to prevent blockage through dust or dirt at any crucial moment
  • Perform scheduled maintenance inspections on a regular basis. Motorists should consult their owner's manual for a list of the vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance intervals.
  • Be proactive in your approach. Check behind the hood now, rather than waiting for a breakdown.
  • Engine components should be replaced at regular intervals to avoid a breakdown.
  • Prepare yourself. Purchase a roadside emergency kit from an automobile retailer like AutoZone.
  • Avoid roads with bump and extra harmful surface so the car engine or car body isn’t subjected to unneeded damage.

Keep a few essentials on hand. Keep a tyre pressure gauge, a spare serpentine belt, and jumper cables on hand as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your engine starts without any hesitation and there is no noise in the engine then your car is okay.

Make sure the brakes are working fine, the battery is charged and the vehicle is clean.

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To avoid any breakdowns in the middle of the road car maintenance is crucial.