The Best and Affordable Candles to Lighten up Your Home

Sep 30, 2021   |   6 min read


The Best and Affordable Candles to Lighten up Your Home


Imagine this; after a tiring day of work and managing chores you drift into sleep as soon as you hit the bed. While you are sleeping you are inhaling beautiful scents which is refreshing your mind at most and when you wake up there is a fresh breeze of lavender or rose, depends on what you love. This sounds like a dream come true for all of us. Not just for candle lovers, but the fragrance and the sense of going deep into sleep is what we all desire.

Scented candles can help you sleep better and as proven by many studies the nice fragrance arisen from scented candles keeps your heart rate normal, anxiety level minimal and the mind at rest. Scented candles are also known well to treat insomnia in people who have trouble going into deep slumber. People who also wake up scared because of nightmares can reap the benefits of a scented candle.

Either way most of us consider candle a perk of luxury but what you if you could get all the best affordable candles right on your nightstand? From affordable luxurious candles to affordable soy candles, this article will cover the best affordable scented candles while addressing the biggest concern of yours: where is the best place to buy affordable candles? Keep reading to get some fragrant insight.

Best Smelling Affordable Candles

Welcome to the collection of affordable non-toxic candles. Affordable unity candles are a wish of every candle lover. Here is us making your wish come true. Without further ado read through to find the best candles you can find for your home.

Voluspa Jar Candles

Jar candles are great to look at. Even when they aren’t lit up they make for a great piece of decoration and you can place them anywhere in the home. Just close the lid and your candle will cool down. They are also highly fragranced so you will find even a little amount enriching the whole room with fine scents. From the Voluspa brand they are pretty to look at and if you are looking for something meaningful to gift, we don’t think you can go wrong with these.

And the best part? Just get them from Amazon with free shipping too. 

Tea Light Candles

Isn’t bed bath and beyond just great? Tea lights are among the most cost-effective and low-maintenance candles available. These candles normally burn out on their own after a few uses, making them ideal for an event or when you need to burn numerous candles at once.



Don't be put off by the simplicity. When coupled with a decent votive candle holder, tea lights may make excellent decorations. This bundle of 100 tea lights is only $5.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Citronella Candles

Can a candle do multiple jobs at once? Yes, they aren’t just piece of decorative with a light bulb at the top but candles are the whole package. Some candles even flee the insects away so you can sleep safe and sound. Especially these citronella candles that are scented to bring you peace while scare the mosquitoes away to death.

They are made in a pretty attractive design thanks to the metallic tiny bowls cum jars. You will get a vibe of antique candle combined with the look of freshness for everyday adventures.

Vanilla Pillar Candles

Some of us don’t go too overboard with colors nor are we fan of flowers (no hate). While rose and lavender is common plain vanilla flavor attracts a majority of people. And if you don’t want to go too overboard on the candles with the scent or not even go too basic with an unscented candle then these vanilla flavored pillar candles are the right pick from immeiscent.

They go well with both home décor and spa look or maybe even add a touch of comfort to your workplace. They come in ideal sized and ideally priced gift sets too.

Vanilla Delight

Another pillar candle that too in vanilla flavor. This ones from target and we don’t think one can ever go wrong with simplicity this product has to offer. Secondly, Pillar candles are wonderful to mix and match to give creative flair to your home if you're seeking to create the tone and use your candles as more decorative elements. 

Part of the reason why most people enjoy shopping for pillar candles at Target because the store provides a lot of different alternatives. There are scented and unscented alternatives available. Our personal favorite is the Vanilla Delight candle.

Meyers Scented Candles

These candle jars that look no less than tasty mayonnaise jars are an eye catcher. The soy candles are freshly scented, smart and appealing to the mind. They have an ability to make you sleep peacefully and also able your guests to enjoy a peaceful time while this candle gracefully burns in the center of the table. The packaging might not be too high on looks but there are some amongst us who love simpler things, don’t we?

Anthropologie Scented Jar

The fancy clan, where are we at? This jar candle is one of our favorites if you prefer a more fragrant candle and are ready to spend a bit more. This candle has been dubbed the "Anthropologie" candle since you can be sure you'll be greeted by the same scent when you go into any of their stores.

Using Candles to Light Home Affordable Rates

So many things you can get at once just by picking the right type of candle. Yes, a candle is a little magic that can give you many benefits. If you haven’t bought a candle yet or maybe always thought about passing the collection because of the controlled spending, we think bed, bath and beyond coupons are going to be your savior. Moreover, here are some reasons you should consider candle hoarding, let alone buying.

  • They help in relieving anxiety
  • Candles fight bad odor
  • Candles can transform a room's mood and make you feel at ease.
  • They're perfect for parties, tablescapes, gatherings, and so much more!
  • Candles make wonderful gifts for friends, coworkers, and family members.
  • Scented candles not only make things smell nice, but they can also help with aromatherapy.
  • Candles don't have to be expensive—you can get great bargains on them!
  • Candles refresh your home
  • They make a great impression on guests

Great Tips to Score Great Deals on Candles

Candle lovers are never content with their collection nor do we expect them too. Those little burn stick some in so many choices, flavors, fragrances and styles that it is hard to overcome your love for candle and stick to plain boring ones. But if you are a candle hoarder who is thinking this could be a serious problem then you need to save your savings from spending it on candles. And you could also try our candle shopping hacks to give your home a nice new vibe without breaking your bank too.

Bath and Body Works at Candles

We'll start with one of our most important suggestions for saving money on all of your favorite perfumes. It's the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, of course. This is the time to stock up on lotions, sprays, body washes, and home fragrances, according to all major Bath & Body Works aficionados.

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the day where everything goes on discount (big or small). Not many people have the thought of using this day to stock up on their candle collection. But with the Black Friday Deals we have found we don’t think candles should be ignored. Get your favorite candles from your oh so favorite stores all up to 70% off. Tiny things have big discounts and we swear by it.


Coupons on your favorite stores can get you your favorite deals. You can use bed, bath and beyond promo codes, bath and body works coupons or even sephora discounts to get scented candles for the most. These coupons can score you big discounts without you having to check the wallet for remaining cash again and again.