The Best Television Thanksgiving Deals Before Black Friday

Nov 16, 2021   |   5 min read


The Best Television Thanksgiving Deals Before Black Friday


It is just two weeks to one of the biggest sales of the year and we want you to be prepared to head into the stores with complete armor. Everyone waits for the holiday season eagerly as nothing beats the discounts and offers put on during this time, not to mention the gift-giving sessions that are almost mandatory.

Along with sales, Black Friday also gives you a chance to celebrate your loved ones and appreciate them for their affection and support throughout the year. If you are planning to invite them over for a great evening of meals and movies, you should definitely look into Thanksgiving day television deals.  

TCL Series-6 Roku TV

One of the biggest thanksgiving sales, this one takes all the points home for being extremely affordable and stellar. You can buy the TCL 6-series Roku model and save around $139. Amazing, isn't it? It has great picture quality and the mini LED technology helps you with dimming the brightness in case you want the light emission to be lower. The screen is massive so not only can you watch thanksgiving television specials in HD quality but also hook up your PS5 or Xbox and have a thrilling session with friends.

Samsung 65- Inch TV

The thanksgiving day television deals at Target feature a great offer if you want to spend on something as high-quality as Samsung. This time around, Target revealed its sales earlier than usual and so people have been going crazy over the electronics. 

The 65 Inch Samsung TV is a great screen for such a small price. While the definition is not as high pixelated as the TCL, you can save up a lot on its original value. We would suggest that if your parents have been looking to buy a TV, you can gift them this model for Thanksgiving. It is easy to use and affordable enough to not leave a huge dent in your pocket.


Do you want a mini home theatre to enjoy the huge list of thanksgiving day television specials that you have made? Well, don’t worry because we are here with the perfect solution. You can find a high-end model in LG’s great OLED TV as it has deep levels at the back and offers a great contrast in the picture quality. Name any modern tech and you will find it in this TV.

Be it the G-Sync and FreeSync or the 4K/120Hz input, the model has it all. It won't be wrong to say that LG went all out with this TV set as it instantly impresses the customer with its picture quality. Usually, OLED is not affordable because of the high prices but the holiday season makes it incredibly easy to go for the best options by saving a considerable amount of money. You can watch any Thanksgiving television show with your friends and have an experience of a lifetime.


You can get your hands on one of these deals and enjoy the shopping season with offers that would last you for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It will air on NBC so make sure you tune in at the right time.

They happen in every major city and town across the country so you can find one near you or switch on any national TV channel to witness it.

Yes, all TV channels show the parade, be it Macy's, Dunkin' Donuts, or any other, you will find orchestra and uniforms from all over the US.

While all of them are unique in their own way, Macy's Thanksgiving parade is the most-watched and has the highest number of attendees.