10 Things to do on Easter

Apr 14, 2022   |   7 min read


10 Things to do on Easter


The egg hunt and candy season is what we wait for every year when the winter starts to subside a bit and one can feel the fresh blossom of springs rising up. Easter is celebrated every year in the month of April and this year the Easter day is marked as 17th of April. Other than the historic and religion importance of Easter there are many things which make this event a special one amongst not only the Christian community but also people belonging to other cultures.

Part of the reason are yummy Easter meal affairs, those elaborate lunch and dinner, egg hunting by the kinda and a sweet-sweet candy collection which always impresses us beyond measures. Even if you have been up with the spirit of Easter like every year it is likely that you want something different when it comes to celebrations this year. In this article we will cover some exciting things to do no Easter which you should definitely try some in Easter 2022.

Join an Easter Parade

If your kids grow watching something and becoming a part of it they are more likely to develop it into their personalities. Easter is a special religious occasion which needs to be well taught and highlighted in the lives of our children from an early age. The Easter no matter how much you love or do educate with words or research, participating in celebration of the event is a whole new story.

And there is no better way to do that than an Easter Parade. Check to see if your local area will be hosting an Easter parade — or a spring parade, if there isn't one for Easter. Taking in a procession like this is a simple and enjoyable way to begin the spring season.

Easter Tree

Still hungover that majestic Christmas tree? We all are! Decorating a tree is definitely the best thing about Christmas and one cannot just ignore this wonderful part of the end of the year holiday. But when it comes to trees and our love for adorning them with the best ornaments, an Easter tree should stay no behind. No matter if you have ever heard of it before or not, but an Easter tree is definitely a thing and can be a great DIY Easter décor to try out this year.

Easter egg trees are a German tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Outside, Easter egg trees were originally ornamented with hollowed-out eggs. Today, however, Easter trees are decorated with eggs and a variety of other Easter ornaments both inside and outside the home.

An Easter egg tree is a fun décor for the whole family to enjoy, and it looks great on the dining table for Easter brunch or dinner.

Easter Bread

Bake a bread, a family bread this time. Gather in the kitchen with your kids and spouse and have this wonderful family time. Not only the bread baking will make you enjoy the whole process which results in a delicious bread but it is also a great way to bond over a healthy family activity. And no you don’t have to be a pro to bake the bread to a perfection but all you need is your little soldiers and a reliable recipe to follow through. After all the results either could get you a perfect bread or a laugh for the future.

Children’s Easter Books

Your child might often get confused that how some days you are all boring and about school and homework but one fine day comes you get up don’t have to go to school, do all the fun activities, make delicious meals and have if a wonderful time altogether. After all what’s the importance of these events if the religious value or historic emphasis is lost somewhere. Hence your major priority should be to educate your child about Easter, its importance and its history.

Also, because things could get a little boring, make sure the kid's interest is up to par. Many parents, caregivers, and educators like reading Easter books with their children as an Easter tradition.

Easter Sales

This one is a not to miss, but who would wonder to step out and shop during Easter when everyone is involved in festivities. But do you know that Easter Sales begin way before the Easter and extend also later? Even if your favorite store doesn’t have an Easter Sale that stretches day after you could always hop online and shop what you need while the roast cooks in the oven? Just a suggestion!

Traditional Easter Dinner

What’s an Easter if it doesn’t involve rising aromas of delicious meals with your dining table adorned with the finest cuisines? Everyone enjoys a good roast supper, and this cooking institution is especially popular during the Easter holidays. No matter where you are, there are a plethora of fantastic pubs and restaurants that provide delectable roast meals. If you're on a budget, make your own roast dinner at home (or hope to be invited to someone's house for supper so you don't have to do all the cooking!).

Create an Easter craft.

You'll want to decorate your home with pastel hues, bunnies, chicks, greenery, painted eggs, and so on for the Easter season. It's always enjoyable to do crafts with the kids and you can also get the supplies for less when you shop with the hobby lobby promo code, so no worries about your child wasting those precious chart papers when they are getting all creative. Moreover there are also some fantastic adult Easter craft ideas that we're sure to enjoy so how about you get on the bandwagon too?

Consume Cadbury Eggs

Simply, no Easter celebration is complete without some chocolate eggs! There are a variety of brands that make their own, but the creamy Cadbury eggs, in my opinion, are the best in terms of taste and quality. So don't forget to put some on your Easter shopping list.

Easter Eggs

The first thing that comes in our minds when we hear about Easter is the Easter Eggs. Whether it is for the home décor purposes, gathering them for a child’s egg hunt or following a treasure hunt in your backyard, Easter Eggs always grace the occasion to a perfection and it is safe to say that no Easter is complete without Easter Eggs.

Plus, this is wonderful family activity too. Painting and decorating Easter eggs is one of those Easter activities that will appeal to both adults and children. You may keep it simple by simply painting the eggs in your favorite colors, or you can go all out and add some extra embellishments.

Easter Chocolate Bar

Although Easter isn't entirely about chocolate, there are so many seasonal chocolate candy releases centered around it that it appears to be. Curate a selection of chocolate chocolates to enjoy, and even better if you rank your favorites. Your guests will love it, your kids will love it and we know you secretly love it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easter is a wonderful event for Christians because it signifies the fulfilment of Old Testament predictions and the revealing of God's salvific plan for all of humanity. Easter marks the triumph of life over death and the prospect of salvation by commemorating Jesus' Resurrection.

The Easter egg is thought to be a sign of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Some even believe that the egg signifies Christ's rebirth from the womb. Others say that eggs became associated with Easter as a result of their prohibition during Lent. Boiling eggs also became a wonderful technique to preserve them from going bad during Lent. Decorating eggs and eating them for Easter, in this view, was a component of celebrating the end of penance and fasting.

Easter 2022 is on 17th of April Sunday.

Yes there are many Easter sales which begin before the Easter and sometimes last after the original day. Easter sales are counted as one of the biggest sales and shopping festivals. You can shop for various categories during Easter sales.

Get involved in Easter Decorations, have tasty meals, enjoy some fun time with your family and friends, or become a part of Easter parade, there are many things to do on Easter.