15 Hacks that can keep you On Track for New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals

Jan 07, 2022   |   9 min read


15 Hacks that can keep you On Track for New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals


How many times has it happened that you have mark the New Year as the Year of achieving all your fitness goals? Whether it is following a certain diet plan, leaving the junk in past, keeping it all green or even shedding those lazy-lazy stubborn pounds, long term fitness goals cover a major part of most of the New Year’s resolutions.

As exciting and motivating as that sounds that many people want to be fit and get in shape, not all of us stay on our goals for more than a few weeks let alone months. Especially during the high caloric affair of New Year feast we remind ourselves to work out more as we take yet another bite. Though there is no shame about having smart fitness goals and not achieving them, but there should an understanding that it is now or never.

Besides many fitness goals quote, one should always realize its either one day or day one hence you need to take this serious thing seriously. According to a research 48% of New Year’s resolution include fitness goals and only less than half stick to it so which side are you going to belong. Only you can decide that!

Here are some fitness goals hacks to keep you on the track for this year’s health and weight loss journey.

Find the Root Cause

You must first identify the source of your habit before going on your New Year's resolutions. If you want to eat healthily, for example, you must first figure out what's causing your eating habits.

Begin by keeping track of everything you consume for three days and writing down your findings. Then take a look at your habits. Are you a night owl who eats late? Do you eat a lot of junk food or go out to eat? This type of exercise will assist you in determining the source of the problem.

Set Realistic Goals

There are many fitness goals examples and while there are some extremes it is always wise to live in moderation. Just remember internet doesn’t show you all you need to see hence setting realistic goals and being kind on yourself is the only way to achieve success. If you do not set realistic goals or practical expectations from you, not only you will over stress yourself but also end up underachieving that achieving the right amount. In this case it means gaining extra pounds and doesn’t that sound scary?

Break your Goals into Intervals

Setting little goals to work toward each month will help you stay motivated throughout the year. If your objective is to lose 30 pounds, for example, divide it into 3- to 5-pound monthly increments. That's a lot more doable (and healthier) than attempting to lose it all in a month. Plus when you see yourself achieving the level 1 goals you are likely to be more motivated about level 2.

Follow a Role Model

Blessed we are to have the power of social media. Though for many, social media is a source of depression and stress it can be the real tool when used right. Many social media influencers are marking their territory both online and in the minds of people by using the right content and right approach. If followed properly you can get inspired even by miles apart.

As sad as it sounds many people center their life around celebrities and if you cannot control the urge then at least steer yourself in the right direction. For those who are strict social media users they can follow an influencer online. Or maybe their favorite celebrity has shed some pound or started eating healthy. Either way to see someone you love follow or live up to a struggle is bound to motivate you seriously.

Reward Yourselves

When it comes to weight loss journey, rewarding yourself doesn’t mean eating a chocolate or taking yourself out for a drive thru at McDonalds. Rather it means to appreciate yourself or reward yourself in some other way. Maybe you love watching movies or enjoy taking a stroll around the park. Or you like some snacking (harmless snacking). By doing what you love when you achieve something will not only appreciate your mind but also motivate your body to do more and do better.

Catch a Friend

Two heads are better than one and this fits in the same scenario as well. Catching a friend for that morning job or even burning calories at the gym is the perfect approach. You will also remain motivated and even chat a bit about the pain in those muscles. Moreover, they will also push you to work out on those lazy days when you don’t even feel like getting out of the bed.

And if you are a lone wolf then you can catch up an online video or even an entire 30 days or more fitness challenge to bring yourself in the shape.

Use Technology

Using technology applies to various areas of life and it is safe to say that no part of one’s life is not complete without the application and implementation of technology. Same goes for fitness, especially during the pandemic several organizations and brands came up with technological tools that help you remain shape. Here are a few ways technology can help you remain in the best of your mental and physical health.


Whether you are on a weight loss journey or not, meditating is helpful for you in many ways, it is a good way to detox negative thoughts and also fight the negative energy dwelling in your body. People who work from home should especially practice meditation to bring a change in their thoughts and de-stress. Thankfully you can use relaxing yoga therapy for mind and use it as your meditation guide.

Fitness Machine

If you are still uncomfortable about hitting the gym or don’t want to jog out because too many people and your introvert self cannot help it then get yourself a home workout solution. This means you can get any machine such as treadmill or even an elliptical that can help you shed those lazy pounds. One advantage of buying now is that you can enjoy the post-holiday discounts.

Fitness Tracker

Lacking a friend or personal trainer might not hit you at all if you have a tiny yet reliable fitness buddy with you. Using an apple watch fitness goals if one of the most common and also successful practices going on for years. It is a great fitness goals for women who don’t find time for workout or even to achieve fitness goals men, and offers you many advantages. The best thing is that you have control over your comfort level and can easily change fitness goals apple watch anytime you want. But that doesn’t mean it will let you stay lazy.

Use Planners

How much do you want to shed in a month and what are your fitness plans? How are you going to keep a check and tab on your health while shedding those pounds and what foods to avoid? Fitness is a change in lifestyle and it is pretty hard to achieve it if you don’t have a proper plan with you. Fitness planners help you remain on track and also identify the right things to do for right results.

Get Organized

If you work out daily 9-11 and rest of the day remain like a lazy snail then is there going to be any impact? We don’t think so. Bringing discipline in yourself is the first step to achieve a lifestyle change. Many people hit gym and workout but don’t bring a cent of change in their other areas of lives. This approach could thin your waist but it will also exert your physical health beyond measure. Ensure you have a proper schedule and you are organized with other parts of life too. After all wellness of mind and soul is equally important as wellness of the body.

Get in form

Before you get in form you need to get ready to get in form. Yes that fit right. Without proper gym apparel you are not going to feel in the attire and yet not be able to work. Just think about yourselves working in your pjs, dint you feel lazy? In a similar way it is important to dress up even if it’s just you alone who is shedding pounds in front of the mirror. Our choice is to shop for the entire fitness attire with reebok. They have a promising collection and you can also hit the biggest discounts with reebok promo codes. Two stones one bird!

Set Yourself in a Competition

There is training and there is exercise. If I pay a race entry fee, I'm more likely to exercise four times a week in order to compete well in that 6k or half-marathon. If you're not competitive, plan your vacation around an activity that involves some level of fitness, such as a weeklong hike in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park or skiing in Colorado. Have fun on your journey. While adventure awaits, you will be thanking yourself for preparing your muscles in advance.

Identify What Sets you off

We all have temptations that make it difficult to stick to our fitness routines. Pay attention to situations that force you to skip workouts on a regular basis. If you know you'll be fatigued after a late Zoom call and would rather watch Netflix than exercise, schedule a quick workout followed by a movie. Most of the time, after you get moving, you'll feel better and be able to exercise for longer than you anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions

To stay in shape you need to set tiny attainable goals and start working towards them daily. By achieving tiny divided milestones you can find yourself getting in shape in no time.

By using saving promo codes, shopping from sales and using promotions you can save up on fitness essentials.

Many stores have New Year sales that are still valid for the first or second week of January. Moreover, you can also get discounts on various stores.

The best time to shop for fitness equipment is around the black Friday, cyber Monday and New Year’s Sales.

To lose weight in a healthy way it is important to stick to your goals and achieve them one by one.