Your Complete Guide for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Deals, Freebies and Food

Aug 02, 2021   |   6 min read


Your Complete Guide for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Deals, Freebies and Food



Tokyo Olympics 2021 is the center of attention lately. The opening ceremony went smoothly, and there have already been a few meme-worthy moments. New sports such as skateboarding and surfing have made their debuts. Simone Biles has already performed and will continue to do so.

The exciting games, competitive scores and close calls all make things much more fascinating. Not to mention the anxiety that riles up in order to discover who won the games, Tokyo Olympics 2021 is emotional for many reasons. Though the game got postponed amidst pandemic still we can see the rising enthusiasm and fans going crazy with each passing day.

As much as we love to recognize the efforts of winners we are also all impressed by the hard work put by the runner ups. Started from 23rd July these games are soon to end but we are sure memories will stay for a long time. This article will cover some of the basic Tokyo Olympics facts along with important deals you must not skip.

Tokyo Olympics Facts

  • Because of Covid, the Games were postponed last year.
  • There will be 33 sports represented in the Olympics, with 339 events spread over 42 venues.
  • There will be 22 sports represented in the Paralympics, with 539 events spread over 21 venues.
  • The majority of the activities will take place in the Greater Tokyo area, however some football games and the marathon will be held in Sapporo, Japan's northernmost city.
  • Every day, international athletes and support personnel are put to the test.
  • The games do not allow physical spectators because of the sudden rise in coronavirus cases.
  • Athletes are not required to get vaccinated, although the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects that about 80% will be.
  • Athletes are seriously concerned about health because of the games but IOC isn’t willing to cancel the games

Tokyo Olympics Deals

Whether it be Euro Cup or any other big game, deals are always the first search that pops in our minds. Tokyo Olympics does come with safety precautions and a constant lingering fear of pandemic but with the Tokyo Olympics deals you can definitely have a wonderful time together. Here we have gathered the best Tokyo Olympics offers which you should not miss and the important thing is to practice social distancing while you order those yummy foods and load your cart with latest items.


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Papa John’s

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YouTube TV

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Habit Burger

Supporting your country and enjoying deliciously grilled burgers? Check! With the habit deals and offers you can buy some delicious beef grilled burgers to satisfy those taste buds. And even if you lose, you would have an amazing burger and a treat for your tummy. The habit coupons are a steal especially during the Tokyo Olympics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is It Olympics 2020?

Despite the fact that the Olympics are being held in 2021, they are still officially known as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics because that is when they were first planned and the name was chosen.

2. Are There COVID Related Safety Measures In Olympics 2021?

Participants at the Olympics will be required to download the COCOA Exposure Notification app from Japan and will be tested for COVID-19 every four days. Vaccinations are not required for Olympic athletes competing in the games, however several countries are ensuring that all of its athletes are vaccinated before to their participation.

3. Is there Live Audience at the Olympics 2020?

Tickets for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 were previously sold out, however as of today, spectators will be prohibited from attending the games in Tokyo and the surrounding territories.

4. Who is topping the Olympics Table?

As for now, China is topping the Olympics table with 19 gold medals while Japan is at the second rank with 17 gold medals.