Holidays Sweaters that Seem Too Ugly but Look Great

Dec 21, 2021   |   6 min read


Holidays Sweaters that Seem Too Ugly but Look Great


Remember how during each holiday season, Mrs. Weasely used to send all her kids and Harry a huge ill-fitted sweater for cold? This practice has taken the form of tradition.

One thing that remains rather constant during every winter is the ugly Holidays sweaters tradition. From beautiful decorations to multiple gifts that you present to your loved ones, the event is filled with festivities. So, why is something as warm as a sweater considered ugly? Well, this is a tribute to all the knitted sweaters we see during parties. Many people now specifically host an "Ugly Sweaters Party" to make sure everyone brings out their best and gets as corny as possible.

What started as a joke is now a full-on Holidays tradition and every year, many stores have a section dedicated specifically to Holidays sweaters that are as hideous as possible with the tackiest colors you can imagine.

So, if you are looking to get your entire family a matching set or want to wear one to the reunion, we have a great collection of funny and ugly Holidays sweaters.

1.    Elf Men’s Sweater

It is impossible for someone to not remember this absolute Holidays classic. What happens when you turn it into your holiday fit and make everyone laugh? You automatically become an icon. From the Walmart Holidays sweaters collection, this one has remained the most popular.

You get comfy wool outerwear that has Buddy the Elf’s line printed on it quite prominently. Just wear it over the jeans or even your blazer and impress your family with your great taste. Who knows, you might be able to make some friends along the way if they understand the reference.

2.    Reindeer 3D Sweater

If you are someone who never goes subtle, this is the perfect choice for you. You wouldn't even have to explain it with this one. It just pops right in front and is a very in-your-face kind of a piece. But, don't worry because it is bound to excite a lot of laughter from your loved ones.

The reindeer antlers popping out from the shirt are actually detachable and you can also reattach the six plastic toss rings for kids to see and enjoy. This is the perfect depiction of the Holidays spirit as what speaks of Santa like the four reindeer that accompany the gift-giving session.

3.    Snowy Sweater

This is from the women’s Holidays sweaters at Amazon. Everyone knows that the holiday season is associated with snow and winters which means one of the greatest icons of December is the snowman. Along with Elsa and Anna, now you can also add it to your Holidays festivities by getting a sweater that shows a very happy and cute snowman covered in snowflakes. We wouldn't particularly call it ugly as this is one of the pretty Holidays sweaters with the color theme that complement the weather really well.


4.    Funky Santa

Ever since the dawn of the time, the questions about Santa are the prime conversations around this time of the year. Whether it is your aunt cynically telling the kids it is not real or you pretending to be one just for the festivities, Holidays is all about Santa.

This is the perfect outfit to wear, especially if you are going to a house with kids. It raises questions and quite directly asks them to inquire their parents about the reality of Santa. You might not be received well by the parents but you will surely raise the curiosity of the kids.

5.    Gingerbread Sweater

Again, this is one of the best Holidays sweaters for women on the list. Even though we are going for ugly, the combination of gingerbread along with the usual red and green is quite cute and if you are a fan of the character, there is no way you will be able to skim past it in the store. This is as celebratory as it gets. Take some cookies to go with the sweater to complete your look and make sure you are quite evident on the Holidays card your family will be sending with the picture.

6.    Light up Sweater

Did someone talk about being extra? If being subtle is not your thing, you are in the right place. Where else would you find such funky Holidays sweaters for men that are bound to light up the place as soon you enter? It has the classic Jingle All the Way printed on the front and is decorated with Holidays lights.

No longer do you need the decoration for the house because guess what? You are the decoration. The LED lights also move so you will quite literally be the center of attention in any room and no matter how quiet and dark it gets, you will be there to bring light to everyone's life. Get this now!

7.    Family Sets

Never shy away from going with the same style. After all, how would will everyone else know you are hanging out with family this weekend if you don’t put out the sweaters that explicitly say so. In fact, we suggest that if they live close by, invite them over one day and get a picture taken to be sent out as a Holidays postcard. Or, you can just simply add it to the photo album as memories. The sweaters can be easily customized and most of the collections have an option for the pet too.

So, which one is your pick?

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