How to Use Walmart Curbside Pickup for Groceries and More?

Mar 04, 2022   |   5 min read


How to Use Walmart Curbside Pickup for Groceries and More?


Isn’t it irksome when we have to drive all the way upstate to get a parking and then do grocery? Especially, in today’s post covid times, this task is tiresome. However, have you ever wondered if someone else could do your groceries at Walmart? Well, the answer is, yes. Walmart now offers a service where you can get your groceries and other items from Walmart without having to go inside the store.

For consumers, convenience is a top priority when it comes to shopping - who has the time to search for items in long aisles these days? Keeping this in view, the store is now offering Walmart curbside pickup hours so that you can get your shopping done fast. The service allows all consumers to buy stuff within a short span without stepping out of their car. Don’t forget to use the Walmart discount coupons to get a further reduction on your shopping

Furthermore, we believe this is also a great facility for people with mobility issues, who may find walking long distances and carrying weights cumbersome. Let’s dive deeper into how curbside pickup at Walmart works and answer queries that might pop up in your mind regarding this service. You may also like to know, how you can save money while doing grocery shopping at Amazon.

Does Walmart have curbside pickup? How does it work?

Basically, the Walmart Curbside Pickup is a convenient way to shop for groceries and other items by selecting your desired items online on or on the Walmart app and choosing a pickup time from a store. Then, drive to the particular Walmart store, and park in an area designated for curbside pickup, and your car will be loaded with your items shortly after.

How do I pick up curbside groceries at Walmart?

All you need to do is, log in to your Walmart account, fill your cart with the groceries or other items that you desire, and select the pickup option at the checkout of your Walmart pickup order. However, there is a requirement for you to spend at least $35 and the timings are from 8 am - 8 pm. When your order is ready, you need to drive to your designated parking area, and a staff member will bring the stuff you ordered and keep it inside your car. Sounds simple and convenient? You bet!

Why are some Walmart items not available for curbside?

When you browse the list of items to order for curbside pickup at Walmart, you will find that some items are not available for curbside pickup. This may happen when the item you are interested in ordering is out of stock not only in the store but at the warehouse as well. However, don’t fret. The items get re-stocked shortly.

There are some items which are sold at snail’s speed and the store discontinues them. Rightly so, as there are some items at every store not worth our money, learn more what not to buy at Lowe’s home improvement store. And what not to buy from Amazon.

What happens if you are late for Walmart grocery pickup?

You might also wonder what would happen if you get late for your pickup. You don’t need to panic if you are running late, you just need to call the Walmart store and update them with your new time of arrival. However, it’s good to be mindful of the following rules in case you are unable to pick up your order at the designated time.

Your order will be stored for 7 days if it’s not picked up. After that, the order will be canceled and the payment refunded, though, a restocking fee may be charged from you. If you miss your order, you need to contact Walmart pickup customer service to reschedule your pickup time. In case you fail to do that, your order will be discarded after 8 pm on the designated day. You may also like to know how you can make the most out of Target’s registries, another all-inclusive store’s

Does Walmart offer Walmart pharmacy curbside pickup?

Yes. You can even order prescriptions for contactless pickup with Walmart pharmacy pickup service. This is a great way to maintain social distancing as well. You don’t even need to sign for your order. You can ask the associate who picks up your order to do it for you. The associate will simply place your order in your car or car trunk.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have two options to place an order for Walmart’s curbside pickup: The Walmart app and the Walmart website. The Walmart app offers the enhanced feature of integrating both curbside grocery and non-grocery pickup together.

The Walmart pickup order service is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay an extra fee or tip them.

Walmart also offers a service where you can order groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep, for a fee.

You can schedule your pickup time with Walmart up to 6 days in advance, and then you can pick up your order up to 15 minutes later than your scheduled time during the Walmart curbside pickup hours.

In case your items are stolen, you need to file a police report and email a copy of your complaint to Walmart. Then, Walmart will reach out to you with information regarding replacement shipment or refund.