How to Make Amazon Returns at Whole Foods?

Feb 28, 2022   |   8 min read


How to Make Amazon Returns at Whole Foods?


Who can get tired of shopping from Amazon? The place is a wonderland for all impulse buyers as it draws you into page after page and before you know it, you have filled the cart with everything you need or might want in the future. The reason why you trust Amazon so much is the reliability and ease it offers in shopping. You can check the reviews, the seller rating, and even talk to the retailer before making your purchase. All these factors take away the mistrust people had in online shopping a few years ago.

The pandemic in 2020 meant that people were forced to resort to online shopping and had to trust the method for regular supplies as well. This also pushed the retail stores to perform better and now we can say that there is a proper system for online shopping that has turned the experience extremely pleasant. No matter how many places claim to be the best, Amazon easily sits at the throne of online retail and it’s because their policies are customer-oriented.

For instance, if you order something from the site and realize that the package isn’t what you asked for or if it’s damaged or opened, you can easily return it to Amazon and they will either refund or exchange it. Now you might be wondering if the process of doing so is tedious or not but let us tell you that it is the easiest thing you will come across. Even though Amazon has a lot of lockers countrywide where you can deposit your purchases for them to collect, now you can easily return your stuff at other places too. After Kohl's, Whole Foods has joined the list of stores where you can take your product for safe shipping to Amazon.

We have outlined the steps that you need to follow to make Amazon returns at Whole Foods so follow these and your money would be refunded in no time.

1.Go to the Return Centre Option on the App

Whenever you buy anything from Amazon, you can return the purchased item for 30 days. This means you have ample time to assess the product and see if the package is what you were promised. If you have bought anything during the holidays, chances are that the returns will be made till the offer lasts on those items so you have a relatively smaller window or products that are on sale. Just go to the Your Orders option on the application and you will be notified as to when you can make the returns.

Alright, the first step is to register your item at Amazon’s Online Return Center. A drop-down menu would emerge from where you can select the items that you want to return. It would also tell you the eligibility for this policy. After that, in the Returns and Orders part of the app, you can list down your reason for the return and get ready to make the trip to Whole Foods. The hardest part of the job is done and now you just have to follow the steps mentioned below to let the staff at the store take care of it.

Pick a Drop-Off Location

As soon as you register, a drop-down menu will ask you to select the location where you want to drop off your item. A number of places assist with Amazon returns but if you are opting for Whole Foods, pick the location nearest to you. Even though they have Amazon Returns Whole Foods option everywhere, there might be a chance that the store closest to you doesn't show up on the menu. This could be because the ZIP code is not supported for the returns. However, you don’t need to worry about it. There are other methods to carry out the job. You can either go to Amazon lockers or Kohl’s or even ship it back to Amazon using UPS pick up.

Like we said, this is not a normal occurrence since most Whole Foods actually accept Amazon returns but just in case, browse through the 500 locations and see if yours is close by. You can also check if the store near your place does returns by finding the location with your Amazon account.

Generate a QR Code

As soon as you are done finalizing the trip, you will receive an email on the registered account of the QR code. This is the most important step because you will have to present the code at the store to verify the return. Make sure you don't forget it and either save it in your phone or get a printout, whichever way you feel is more convenient. When you head to the store, you need to have two things with you, one is the QR code and the other is the item you want to return. Nothing else is required. You don’t even need to repack it because the QR code will verify the item you are returning.

1. Go to Whole Foods

Head over to the location that was presented on the app. Make sure you go to the right place because otherwise, your trip would be wasted and if the purchase is from the on-sale stock, you might even have less time to make the return. Go to the Whole Foods Amazon Returns section at the store. It is usually located near the customer service desk where they are making returns and pick up for their own store as well.

Show the QR Code

The member present at the desk will ask for the QR code before accepting your item for return. Show it to them so they can scan it. From thereon, your job is done. After verification, it is the responsibility of the Amazon representative to take care of all the returns. They will confirm it with you once again and repackage the item for it to be shipped to Amazon. You will soon receive a confirmation email from the store itself that your item has been delivered to them. After a few days, depending on the extent of your purchase, the money would be refunded or the purchase would be replaced.

If you don’t have Whole Foods near you, some other places where you can make the Amazon returns without paying any money are:

However, check again from your Amazon app if the stores near your location are eligible for the returns or not.

While you are at Whole Foods, you can also check out these newest items in their collection. If you are making the trip, let it be worth it.

2. Eden Foods Sauerkraut

Everyone is always talking about picking healthier alternatives in their diet but nobody actually ends up doing it unless they are pushed. The reason is that some of the healthy food doesn’t taste as good as burgers or steak. But, the sauerkraut solves this problem for you. It contains probiotics with bacteria that can help speed up the process of digestion. Melissa Litwak who is a registered dietician says that you should “boost your intake of probiotics with foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup, and tempeh". All of these are available at Whole Foods.
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3. Salads

The feel of seeing green and reds on your plate is quite exciting but who has the kind of time for preparation. If you are a college kid who wakes 5 minutes before the class or the kind of office employee who is almost always rushing out with coffee, this makes for a very healthy choice. It is slightly expensive but hey, you can afford to treat yourself once in a while.

4. Bone Broth

This is the latest trend in the healthy food department and even though it is on the pricier side, it has somehow made it to the best-sellers at Amazon. This packaged deal is less expensive than the ones you usually see in restaurants. It is a whole meal and will leave you satisfied for a good 3 to 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply register on the Returns Centre page on the app and go to the store with a QR code.

500 locations have been allocated so check if your place is registered on the app.

Yes, just go to the store with the QR code and the package you want to return.

Whole Foods, Amazon lockers, and Kohl's outlets are free options.

It might take a few days, depending on the banks. Otherwise, credit is restored to your Amazon account.

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