Reasons Why Target is the Best Store for Every Season

Sep 09, 2021   |   6 min read


Reasons Why Target is the Best Store for Every Season


Whenever there is a need that pops up in our shopping list whether it is a back to school deal or ticking off those products from your grocery list, there are few stores that come in our minds. Target, kohl’s and walmart. All three of them have a certain leading edge over the others but you know which store is all time favorite? Target!

No we don’t have any favoritism or special kind of love for target but if you have been searching ‘does target price match walmart?’ then you must know, target price matches and it also offers a lot more. Yes, walmart lovers must know that target price match list covers walmart and there are other reasons to shop more. This article will cover all the reasons why target is considered as the best store for every season and all the reasons.

Target Price Match Walmart

Why is this area of keen interest for the buyers? Well because target and walmart are close competitors. The price match policy at walmart is of close interest for the buyers and you can get many products at similar prices which is a much admired policy of the store.

To answer the question, yes target does price match to walmart and this policy is kind of really flexible. All the identical items sold at walmart, target will match the price to even after 14 days of the product purchase. This policy can be availed both online and in store and all you need is a solid proof of the price difference.

However, there is a catch that target won’t price match discounted deals from walmart and to be fair, this deal is understandable too. Now if you are enticed with the urge to get the prices matched at target, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about target price match.

Price Match Policy Target

Target price match guarantee is a policy by the store which is known for a while now. There are some things you need to understand about this policy. If you purchase a product from the target store and find the similar product at a lower price on or even the online competitors store for target then you can easily claim the price match.

Provided that the product must have the same brand name, weight, color, specifications and size. However, the process needs to be done in the next 14 days of the purchase so you must keep an eye on any reductions in the price in upcoming 14 days.

Getting a Price Match

Once you are lucky enough to catch lower price elsewhere, there needs to be a process to get the discounted price match. Visit any target store and consult any customer care representative to get reduction in the pricing.

Target Price Match Walmart Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some confusions that may arise when you are planning to get a price match at target.

1.How to Show the Proof of Lower Price from Walmart?

Simply show a member of staff at Target the price of an item on Walmart's website on your phone for online pricing. The pricing will then be verified by a team member using a special instrument.

You can show a Target team member either the actual print or the digital version of a printed ad. Please keep in mind that the ad must be in its original state; no pictures, photocopies, or screenshots will be accepted as proof.

2.What Are The Conditions For Target Price Match?

  • The items demanded for price match must have an identical weight, size, name and quantity to get a price match
  • The items should be in the same unit such as per item or according to the weight

As a result, if you're shopping at Walmart and believe you've located an item that you spent more for at Target, double-check that the item is in the same condition before asking Target for a price match.

3.Does Target Compete with Walmart Discounted Deals?

There is a catch with the target price match as mentioned before too. Whenever there is a discounted deal, you won’t be eligible to get the price match. It is also clearly mentioned in the target rules and regulations that target won’t price match when there is a discount going on in walmart.

4.What Are the Exceptions for Target Price Match?

When it comes to price matching, there are certain exceptions, like with most store rules. If an item falls under one of the following categories, Target will not match the price:

  • Damaged, used, open package, and pre-owned items are all available on clearance.
  • Coupons, promotional offers, loyalty cards, gift cards, and credit card offers are all available.
  • Typographical mistakes result in incorrect pricing.
  • Price matching cannot be used with any other form of promotion.
  • Items sold by third-party vendors, such as on marketplaces, are priced by them.
  • State rules will govern the price matching of alcoholic beverages.

5.What Days are not included in Price Match?

While Target's price match guarantee is in effect all year, it is not applicable from Thanksgiving Day through the following week due to the large volume of sales events and holiday specials at most stores.

Target and Other Stores

One must be wondering why target price match with walmart is getting all the hype but as a matter of fact there are other stores that fall in this category too. price match policy extends to other big stores such as Lowes and eBay as well.

Other Reasons to Shop at Target

Price match is the reason number one or maybe one reason to shop at the store but what are the other things that cause the buyers to gravitate back to target. Here are some popular reasons that make your shopping from target even more fun.

The Proximity

An idea pops up in your mind to cook a meal or get on a DIY home project. Soon you find yourself in the dire need of supplies or ingredients. While this story is common for every household, most stores are distant and far from us to get all the things. But with target this problem is not so much common.

Target has over 2000 stores in all parts of the USA and you can get every store loaded with all the ingredients you might need.

Customer Respect

What’s the secret to making your customers return? Offer them exceptional customer service and target is pro at it. The customer service at target is no less than a wonderful experience to shop and many customer return happy from the store because of the nice gentle treatment they get. From finding the right aisle for a product to learning everything about a purchase policy, the customer representatives at target are all ears at all times.

The Target Red Card

Other reasons might be present elsewhere too but the target red card is something unique and amazing. You can get big discounts with the target red card and the amount saved is 5% of your entire bill total. So every time you shop, one thing is for sure, the 5% off on your entire order.

High on Trend

Trend followers are cool because they know how to grow and adapt with the changing surroundings. Trend following at target is something similar. Target never has outdated trends, whether you're looking for pajamas, clothing, or crockpots.

The trend for colorful pants this season is on the racks, but guess what? Their kitchenware comes in a rainbow of colors; bright crimson blenders and azure teapots often strike our eye. Who'd have guessed you could match your kitchen to your capris? Not that you'd want to. You could, though. We have severe doubts about their capacity to stay in the cross-departmental, on-trend zone at all times.

Kid’s Fashion

We have been comparing walmart and target for various reasons here is yet another one. The kid’s fashion at target is one of a kind and you will find all the fashionable items at amazing costs. Unlike Walmart, where children's clothing may be dirt cheap but terribly corny, and Gap Kids, where the assortment is super trendy but obnoxiously pricey, Target provides the best of all worlds.

No one can dispute that their merchandise is adorable! You can discover something for any occasion, from their charming infant and toddler collection to the young boys and girls. They even have uniforms on hand!

Featured Fashion Design

You would buy something from target and some people might think it’s a high end designer brand. Yes, no kidding. The featured fashion design products at target are no less worthy of praise. They are amazing, easy to wear, affordable (most importantly) and one of a kind.

Every few months, a new designer is introduced, bringing with them unique, high-quality clothes and accessories that are not only flamboyant and eccentric, but also on trend. They aren't your average mass-market designers; these are New York Fashion Week names like Alex McQueen and Zac Posen, as well as Missoni and Jean Paul Gaultier. The list might go on forever.

Target and Starbucks

Know a coffee lover? Maybe you see them every day in the mirror. You can get many giftcards for Starbucks coffee at target and we are pretty sure you will love this deal. So while you are shopping or done with it get yourself a Starbucks coffee and enjoy the wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

No Receipt Return Policy

Did you read it right? Yes, target has oh so amazing no receipt return policy. This deal is ever green and does not expire with time. So the clumsy you has not to worry about the lost receipt. If you are the red card holder just head straight to the target online promo code and get all the products returned, exchanged or whatsoever in just a matter of few minutes.

Beauty Products

Didn’t we say target is a single stop shop? Well, we weren’t kidding. Sonia Kashuk's extremely inexpensive bronzers, brush sets, and cosmetic bags decorate the store's incredibly sparkling, super clean aisles (seriously, we can't get enough of this place) for your beauty regimen!

Shopping Experience

Shopping is not just spending money but it is an experience or maybe therapy? Yes, shopping can instantly put you in a better mood and when you are shopping at target your mood is likely to be lifted by various degrees. All credit to their super organized store layout.

You will find the whole store clean, fresh and tidy. Scarves will never, ever be tangled up in a container that resembles a huge metal hamper. Never. Instead, they're hung in mid-air, so you can almost imagine how they'll appear draped over that tunic across the room. Almost everywhere you look in the store, everything is folded, stocked, and organized to perfection.

Website Experience

As we talked about the great in store experience target has a wonderful website experience too. The website’s layout is user friendly, easy to use and the fun you have while scrolling through the virtual store, it is unmatched. All thanks to their marketing team and developers for creating such a wonderful layout with all the items you need organized neatly.

The easy checkout is yet another perk of the target’s shopping website.

All in One

Target has almost everything you need in one place. Of course, the variety varies by area, but you'll find anything here from skirts to Skittles. We're confident you'll discover exactly what you're looking for, whether your style is conservative or bright, eccentric or traditional (and then some).

Target vs Walmart

Enough reasons to shop at target and as compared to walmart, target simply takes a leading edge. It is also true that Walmart’s website experience is also great but the return, refund policy as well as the price match offered by target are few reasons why target is on the top list of every shopping lover.

Without a doubt, Target's merchandise arrangement is far more appealing to the eye than Walmart's. There are none at all. The lighting is better, and the merchandise is displayed in attractive displays. The wares call your name in soft, glimmering tones as you walk down the aisles. So if you are a fan of great experience, target is hands down the best choice.