6 Best Magnetic Wireless Charges for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Feb 17, 2022   |   8 min read


6 Best Magnetic Wireless Charges for iPhone 12 Pro Max


With the iPhone 12, Apple came up with a unique feature that enables users to fast charge their phones with MagSafe. They continued this in Apple iPhone 13 as well as it has become one of the major reasons why people now consider the phone's battery to be ideal. No longer do you need to sit plugged into the wall while your device is charging and can move around a safe distance. The MagSafe at the back can also be used to attach a clip-on to your phone to store cards and allow you to charge your phones with a magnetic connection. This majorly reduces the risk of devices exploding while being connected to the socket.

So, if you own an iPhone 12 or 13 and are looking into safe charging, you should go for gadgets that keep your phone away from any harm. We are here to tell you which charger to buy in order to ensure a great experience. Our updated list of chargers will help you decide which one to get for your phone. Browse through the list and pick one for yourself.

Before we delve into which wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max and 13 is the best, let’s look at what you can do with the MagSafe spec at the back of your Apple iPhone. Obviously, the key feature is charging but when you know the additional benefits that come with it, you are equipped to make a better decision.

Features to Look Out For

  1. With a MagSafe wireless charger, you will be able to get the battery of your phone up in no time. This is a tried-and-tested thing. Apple has made iPhone batteries to be super-efficient and to unlock the full potential of what your phone can do, wireless charging comes as the greatest option. Of course, the device would charge with your normal wire too but as compared to the wireless one, it would be up to 15 Watts slower.
  2. Most people prefer to get Apple products for their devices in order to ensure full efficiency. While the concept was brought into the market by them, many companies were quick to follow in their footsteps. You can now find magnetic wireless chargers from many brands that are as good as the accessories provided by Apple. Some are even better as they contain additional features and are more affordable. The only problem that comes with chargers from other companies is that iPhones sometimes don’t pick the speed as much as they do with the original Apple chargers. So, you might be back to square one of not utilizing the full potential of the device. They do work very well on Androids, though.
  3. Now, here’s what to look for in your magnetic wireless charger. It has to be a 20 Watts USB-C PD charger that should be Power Delivery 3.0 certified. You can even get bundles from the companies that have launched the product after Apple. They contain a MagSafe wireless charging puck and USB-C adapter. However, what people consider a bit of a rip-off, Apple sells both the adapter and the puck separately. It is an investment so you need to make your choice carefully.
  4. You also have to take into account the fact that if you have other Apple devices, the charger may also work on them. Of course, it would require a wire since they don't come with the MagSafe but you can ensure that they will be charged faster than with the usual adapters.

Alright, now that you know what you are looking into the product, let’s get right down to it. We have prepared a list of Wireless chargers for iPhone 12 Pro Max that have been used by the experts and they have given their reviews on which ones to buy. Here are the 6 best ones categorized with features that you can pick from.

1.My Charge SuperHero Maglock

This takes all the points home for designing. One look at the charger and you know you are dealing with something extremely practical and efficient. The batteries that come with the charger are actually molded in a way that they stick strongly to the back of your phone and they have raised coils too. The purpose of the latter is to allow the heat to dissipate from the phone so that it doesn’t end up causing any damage or worse, exploding. This is a great design in terms of functionality and keeping your phone safe.

You will usually find a 3000-mAH battery with this charger. The structure is such that it is lightweight and thin and you can plug it with your phone almost any time to get a battery boost. The only problem with this battery is that you won’t be able to completely revive your phone in case it’s dead. Therefore, going for slightly better choices like the 6000-mAh models might help you achieve the security you need from your charger. But again, anything higher than 6000-mAH might also feel quite bulky and would not be practical for you to carry around.

2.Mophie Wireless Magnetic Power Bank

The other option on our list of is Morphie’s power bank. Again, this has a great design and supports the battery and your phone extremely well. It is not a product by Apple MagSafe but it works just as well. You can use it with your iPhone 13 as well.

For this one, the charging speed is 7.5W and you can't go beyond that unless you use a USB-C and connect it to a lightning cable. This will pump up the speed and you will get the full potential amped up to 12W. Now, you can easily charge your 12 or 13 Pro Max without worrying about wasting energy or depleting the phone's capacity.

3.Anker Wireless Charging Puck

You will be playing a safe bet with this one. It is the MagSafe product manufactured by Apple itself. Now the puck may not be as expensive considering the rest of the options available but it has a limited charging ability of 7.5W. The adapter is not included in this so you either have to get one separately or use the one you already have. Due to technical make, the white one is slightly more expensive than the black puck.

4.RavPower Magnetic Wireless Charger

An alternate option to the brands mentioned above that go really well with iPhones, you can check out this too. The RAVPower has a magnetic wireless charging puck that comes with a PD power adapter supporting 20 Watts. Usually, both the puck and the adapter cost around $30, but lucky for you, there is a sale going on that has significantly reduced the price on their site to $21. Amazon might also have some deals that will make you buy this option.

5.Anker’s Magnetic Power Bank

Let’s talk about a more convenient option. This one might not have the fastest charging because of limited battery capacity but it works well and supports your phone. You might face some challenges because the phone charges at 5W which is quite lower than 7.5 W but if you need it for everyday purposes like traveling to work or college, it might serve you well. The power bank is portable and sticks to the MagSafe of your iPhone. The reason why many experts prefer it despite it having quite low functionality compared to the rest is because of the compact design and model.

6.Magnetic Wireless Charger

Now the above options, no matter how great, are on the pricier side. If you need a solution now and want it to be cheaper, Magnetic Wireless Charger should be on your list. The unique thing about this product is that it comes with a kickstand. All the aforementioned chargers stick to your phone and will lie flat. But this one stands up so in case, you need to watch a video or work on a desk, the mobile phone is automatically supported. The best part is that it is the cheapest of all options.

So, which wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max are you picking?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it has MagSafe built-in that will help with the charging.

It becomes compatible with all those that have USB-C to Lightning cable.

Yes, but it is recommended that you use Apple products for optimum results.

Up to 15 W, with a compatible wireless charger.

Amazon is your best option to get it with great discounts.