Amazon Wyze Camera Review 2022

Mar 07, 2022   |   8 min read


Amazon Wyze Camera Review 2022


It is often said that great things come in small packages but does Wyze camera prove that? Having home security equipment is extremely important in today's times because it allows you to keep surveillance of your homes. A lot of pet owners are also looking for cameras to make sure their furry buddy stays safe and sound while they are outside for work. For this reason, you often find people opting for different technologies, mostly from renowned brands.

Moreover, you now get mobile apps that can monitor the situation of your house in your absence and notify you of any trespassing. While all these are great equipment for being up-to-date, you cannot ignore the importance of a Wyze camera and how it helps in keeping your home secure. A lot of time you leave your babies and pets with a sitter and just to assess the situation, surveillance footage can go a long way in helping you keep your property and loved ones safe.

Our experts have reviewed one of the Amazon home security cameras known as Wyze. This brand has produced quite a few lenses in the past few years and even though the size is small in comparison to the rest of the options available in the market, we guarantee that the results are actually quite interesting.

Keep reading below to find out if you should install Wyze wireless outdoor camera for your home and what features are the most appealing.

What is Wyze?

Before we go into an in-depth camera review, it is important to understand the history of the company and where is it coming from. Wyze was started in 2017 by the former employees of Amazon. They are based in Seattle, Washington, and from the beginning, the company had the sole vision of producing high-quality cameras for cheap prices. We know that most users opt for well-known brands because they don't want to compromise on the quality and rightfully so. But, with Wyze cam outdoor you get the same results and features and the price is in your affordability range.

Fun Fact: despite achieving popularity as a security cam, Wyze was actually started because one of the founders wanted to stay connected with his family while he was traveling. He did not like the option of video calls because they were either too expensive or unreliable so with a bunch of his colleagues, he came up with this venture.

Wyze Collection

After the success of their security camera, Wyze was quick to respond to the demand of the customers who wanted the products in cheap and affordable ranges. They have released three cameras since then and all of them focus on producing high-quality footage for the users. We will give you a brief overview of Wyze V3 so you can decide which of the security cameras under 500 will be a good fit for your house.

  1. Wyze Camera v3

Let’s start with their most popular product, the Wyze Camera V3. It has an HD resolution as is the standard with this company and you also get:

  • person detection
  • IP65 weather protection
  • color night vision
  • custom motion zones
  • two-way talk
  • schedules
  • device triggers

The device has advanced since its first release but you can find those specifications in other cameras. You can also access the remaining features through a paid subscription. The best thing about Wyze cameras that makes them the number choice for customers, other than the price, is the application and how much liberty it grants you to customize the options as per your desire. You can make your own rules and set up as many alarms as you want with this.

Features and Specs

Let’s get right into it. Wyze is known for its price and the DIY setup. We will take you through each step carefully so you can make the decision of buying the best security camera system under 500.


Like we said, the cameras are known for their easy installation. You don't even have to put together anything. Just open the box, take out your camera, and plug it in. Now, you just have to decide where to place it and this bit can be a bit tricky, not from the installation perspective but the placement itself. You have to make sure that the camera is close enough to the socket because you get a 6-foot power cord and an adapter with it.

So, in case you are planning to place it on top, you have to consider the socket and where it would be plugged. For this reason, some cameras also come with mounting kits but for Wyze wireless outdoor camera, you would have to buy one. You can also go with extension cords or simply buy the Wyze Cam Outdoor which is primarily made for preventing burglaries and keeping you up-to-date about the surroundings.

Other than the placement, setting up Wyze Amazon indoor camera is extremely easy. You just have to enter the Wi-Fi password once you see the yellow light flashing after the initial setup. An app is connected to the camera that you can operate via phone and click on the setup button that is behind it. The app would probably take a few minutes to complete installations and voila! You can now use the camera and place it anywhere.

Video Quality and Resolution

All of the cameras including the Wyze Cam V2 come with high resolutions. You get 1080p for footage which is also the standard with security cameras now. For the price, this is really good. In fact, you will see that the features of Wyze and the video quality are good enough to compete with some of the major brands as well. You can use it for more detailed purposes too if you want a high resolution.

However, your expectations shouldn’t be too high either because even though the video quality is good, the picture isn’t sharp. For instance, if you are recording the outdoors, you wouldn’t be able to see all the details of your house. We suggest that if you want a camera to monitor your pets, Wyze Cam Outdoor is the best option.

Night Vision

This is the quality that most people are looking for in their security cameras. In the daytime, you can easily monitor the house through the app but what about the night when you are sleeping. Does the camera alert you well and how good is the response? As far as the night vision of Wyze is concerned, it is quite colorful and not quite bad for security cameras under $50. However, the footage isn't quite enough to qualify as high quality as its result in the daytime.

Two Way Audio

Ever since the launch of security cams by high-tech companies, two-way audio has become quite standard. It is something you expect your cam to have and Wyze wireless outdoor camera delivers it as well. The overall performance of this feature is quite satisfactory and you can hear the person on the other quite well. However, you would notice that the voice quality is a bit rough and crisp. Honestly, it depends on the function you are looking to perform with the camera because as a piece of security equipment, it serves well but if you want it for recording better footage and audio, you can look elsewhere.


Price is what makes Wyze one of the best Amazon home security cameras. You can no longer find the first-gen cameras of this company and they are not even compatible with the software and application anymore. If you are looking for something in this category, Wyze Cam V2 and V3 are good replacements because they can function indoors as well as outdoor without much problem.

  1. Wyze Cam V3: $31.98                                            
  2. Wyze CAM Pan: $29.99                                          
  3. Wyze Cam Outdoor: $59.99                                    
  4. Wyze Cam Spotlight Bundle: $39.98                       
  5. Wyze Cam Black v2: $26.99                                    

So, select your option based on the price range and the number of features you want in your security camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get rechargeable batteries with Wyze Cam Outdoor but with others, you have to plug them in.

No, they work alone without any additional setup.

Along with the video history, you also get AI features like pet and person detection. You can also save pictures from the video itself and transfer them to your phone gallery.

Yes, you get an app with all of them so you are able to live stream as well as receive alerts on your phone without the subscription too.

Amazon is a good place to look if you want high-quality products from Reolink and Google.