Amazon Prime Day Deals: Beauty, Tech, Electronics, Fitness and Much More

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The Amazon Prime Day 2023 is going to be here soon and this means the amazing Amazon Prime Day Deals are closer than ever too. The mega sale event which is expected to take place in July this year is making to headlines all over the world because as anticipated, the event is going to be bigger than ever.

This year, the Prime Day will be merging with the renowned amazon ‘Back to school’ event so you can expect discounts in the kids section to be bigger too. If you are not yet aware, then Amazon prime day is a 2-day mega shopping festival which has now clearly surpassed Black Friday and its sales too. This shopping bonanza makes billions of dollars’ worth sale every year with the trajectory rising each year significantly.

The categories offered under sale range from clothing, beauty, fashion, cars, electronics, tech, home décor, toys, and school supplies to everything you can find at amazon. And looking at the success and growth of the event, several other retailers have also joined in on the trend of Amazon Prime Day. During the same days as prime Day these retailers put up huge discounts on similar product categories to offer competitive sales.

But what exactly Amazon Prime Day 2023 will be about and what are the expected price drops? Sadly, prime day is a discreet event with no to less details unraveled before the actual day. But looking at the trends of preceding years, there are some ways to predict the sales and Best Amazon Prime Day deals 2023.

For instance, last year, thousands of products were featured belonging to different categories and the price drops were seen at an all-time low. Also, some of the Prime Day deals reappeared during the Prime Early Sale in October too so if you miss some of the deals on Prime day, you can keep the fingers crossed to enjoy them later in the year. As for Prime Day Deals 2023, we have gathered all the information that is available to mankind regarding the Amazon Prime Day and the deals you will be amazed to see. Keep reading to plan your Prime Day in the most fruitful manner and tips on how to save yourself some money while filling your carts with all the goods you need. 

Amazon Prime Day Home Deals

Time to tip top polish your home and home-kitchen. We love this part because kitchen is where the magic happens the place should not be compromised in any way. Amazon's best-selling appliances and cleaning tools, several of which are on sale for up to 30% off, can keep your home in best shape. You can save on the iRobot Roomba i3+ Vacuum, which has an autonomous disposal option, before Prime Day 2023. Top-of-the-line Ninja and KitchenAid appliances, as well as Oxo nonstick cookware sets, spice jar organizers, kitchen tools are all included in the offer.

Amazon Prime Day Home Office Deals

Remote employment, of all, isn't going away, even as more people get immunized. With numerous benefits remote working is common hence the need of remote working setups.  We've identified up the greatest Prime Day offers on work-from-home technology and even the mini work from home supplies if you're wanting to enhance your home office.

Save on ergonomic chairs, office desks, filing cabinets, office stationery and all work-related supplies. Get the best grip on all of the amazon home office supplies because now is the time to upgrade or even setup your even home office with amazon cheap home office deals. Our promise, you can create a fully functional productive office at up to 60% discounted prices.

Apple Watch Prime Day

The craze of apple watches is not dying any time soon. Everyone, from students to workout freaks, are obsessed with this gadget and rightfully so. It packs so many fantastic features that you just can’t miss it. Thanks to Amazon, the appeal just multiplied by 10 as the Prime Day offer is making people rush towards the discounts on Apple watches to upgrade their tech collection.

Amazon Gaming Deals

Gaming laptops, gaming consoles, gaming screens, desks and all gaming supplies are all items going on a huge sale on amazon prime day. You can also hoard up on the gaming screens if you have been planning to expand your gaming setup and the right gaming chair can add comfort and vibe to your den. So how about scoring the best gaming deals this prime day because our resources have it that you can expect up to 70% off on all gaming supplies.

Amazon Tech Deals

Now we are talking. One of the major reasons why customers love to become prime members (other than the zillion perks) the amazon prime day tech deals which are better than the black Friday + cyber-Monday deals combined. Are you amazed? Wait until you check these.

Fans of technology will be ecstatic to discover a slew of early Amazon smart device offers, including up to 40% off Alexa-compatible televisions, and Echo consoles. Noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones from Sony, as well as the popular Apple AirPods, are also on sale.

Amazon Fashion Deals

Amazon's best-selling brands have a choice of vacation-ready clothes and footwear on sale that will suit a variety of travel types. The Dokotoo jumpsuit is one of them, as are the breathable Cotton Shorts and the Merokeety Midi Dress, which is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. After all we would recommend you buying cheap from the amazon prime day sales and get expensive photos clicked up on your vacay. Don’t forget to use the amazon photo print promo code for the best photo looks.

Amazon Travel Luggage Deals

Who knows when you will need to travel? Sounds exciting right? Then your luggage should be equally exciting to make your vacation pictures pop out the best. Amazon has the best collection of travel luggage this prime day. These recently discounted luggage items from Samsonite, American Tourister, and more will help you travel smarter.

Amazon's early Prime Day 2023 sale has you covered whether you need a carry-on or a checked luggage. There are also a number of travel-approved accessories that have recently been reduced, such as the best-selling travel neck pillows, for a sound sleep and other travel essential kits.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime day is a special and one of the most awaited sale event introduced by Amazon in 2015. The Prime day isn’t a single day but a 2 day shopping festival which offers tones of top-selling products from well-known retailers at a wonderful price. At amazon prime you can shop for all the amazon categories and the prices are as low as 70% of the original prices and even more. This special event is for amazon prime members though you can temporarily register as a prime member to avail the prime day discounts. For Black Friday-like pricing, customers can get name-brand electronics, kitchenware, furniture, apparel, toys, beauty goods, and more during Prime Day.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon has a specialty of keeping the wonderful details of prime day hidden till the last moment. Though it is always assured that prime day will take across June-July window every year the final date isn’t announced till a few weeks before the event. As per our experts’ guess the prime day is expected to take place on either 11th or 12th of July 2023.

By examining prior Amazon Prime Day data, this may be predicted. With just a few exceptions from the normal timetable, Amazon has traditionally staged its Prime Day promotions every July. Notably, the COVID-19 epidemic caused Amazon to move their Prime Day sale to October in 2020, then move it back to the summer in June 2021. For 2022, Prime Day moved back to July, but Amazon used that October time for another Prime Early Access Sale event that served as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

As per an amazing fact, originally the prime day was a one day event which since 2017 is now celebrated as two day celebratory event. The first ever prime day took place on 15th July while the second was on July 12th.

Later on looking at the trends, every year prime day takes place between the July 11th to July 17th Window with an exception of the pandemic year when prime day took place in October. Since last year, amazon also has started another shopping festival known as the ‘Prime Early Access Sale’ which took place in October 2022.

The History of Amazon Prime Day

Do you often wonder When Was the First Amazon Prime Day?

On July 15, 2015, Prime Day officially launched for consumers as a way to honor Prime subscribers in celebration of Amazon's 20th anniversary. Members in nine nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria, were able to participate in the inaugural Prime Day, which lasted for 24 hours. With Prime Day expanding every year and being renowned as the biggest selling event not just for Amazon but also globally, Amazon continues to innovate on behalf of the customer. Millions of purchases are anticipated on Prime Day 2023, so while we wait for the exact dates, let's take a look at Prime Day's past.

Below is a year by year look of Amazon Prime Day in past few years.

Prime Day 2015

Is you are wondering how to prepare for Amazon Prime day then looking at the history and trend of prime day can help you get started. The first prime day which was a test event launched by amazon on its 20th birthday eve, the global shopping event introduced a huge number of deals exclusively for the prime members. This day took place on July 15th 2015 and lasted 24 hours. Though it wasn’t a global event at that time but was celebrated in 9 countries.

Amazon observed that the number of sales during the prime day 2015 were even greater than the black Friday 2014, which as undoubtedly the biggest shopping event of that time. Almost 35 million of orders were placed at amazon with amazon devices marking the largest number of sales. The popular categories remained, tech, electronics and kitchen appliances too.

Prime Day 2016

Customers loved shopping Prime Day 2016 in the U.S., UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany and Austria, France and Belgium, and Canada. The second Prime Day even outperformed Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% globally and more than 50% in the U.S. during the prime day 2016, the savings were bigger than prime day 2015. Millions of orders were placed for toys and shoes and the amazon devices yet again remained a popular category this year. Among the Prime Day hot offers, the Alexa activated devices saw a great rise in sales.

Prime Day 2017

By year 2017, amazon wanted the deals to last a bit longer than 24 hours window but they didn’t yet opt for a two day event. So the prime day 2017 lasted 30 hours instead of the usual 24 hours. This gave a big chance to customers to save more and shop more. The Echo dot category was most popular and the sales were 50% higher than the prime day 2016.

Prime Day 2018

The 36-hour Prime Day 2018 was the biggest international shopping day (and a half) in Amazon history. More than 100 million goods were purchased by members worldwide on Prime Day in 2018.

The Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and Echo Dot were the two best-selling products worldwide, making this the greatest event for Amazon devices ever with 12-hour early access to gadget bargains.

Additionally, there were significant Prime Day discounts on Small Businesses.

The following categories had more than five million purchases from customers: toys, beauty products, computers and computer accessories, clothing, and kitchen supplies.

Prime Day 2019

Prime day 2019 was the full two-day event which then remained a trend for amazon in the following year’s uptil now too. The sales expanded to 18 countries thousands of brands participated in this sale event. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and small retailers were promoted by offering them the same window for sales. Television sets and electronics, as usual remained a popular category and the echo dot devices were also a hot seller. This was the last prime day before the unfortunate pandemic hit and the Prime day was also an event affected by the COVID and the restrictions it put on the world.

Prime Day 2022

With the prime day 2020 delayed till late October because of the pandemic the sales during the 2020 prime day saw a decline of sales as compared to previous years. Later the prime day 2021 and 2022 were celebrated with the same spirit as the world began to return to normal. During the prime day 2022, more than 11 billion of sales were recorded making it the biggest sale of all time. Hence, the same or more is expected for prime day 2023 where hundreds of retailers are expected to participate.

Prime Day 2023

So if you are wondering how to get the most out of amazon prime day 2023 then it is important to plan ahead so none of the amazing deals are skipped. Also, we will be sharing tips to prepare for Amazon prime 2023 on our page so make sure to keep a check and find the latest prime day shopping hacks.

Will there be two Prime Days this year?

The Prime Day Early Access Sale has had everyone excited and thrown them off with the constant wonder of having two prime days this year. Though, once a year, Amazon Prime Day typically takes place. But after holding Prime Day in July, the store held its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale in October of 2022. The firm revealed it was a Prime Day-level offer that autumn.

So if you are wondering whether or not there will be more than one Prime Day in 2023, Amazon has not stated that clearly. We advise taking advantage of the assured event (the Prime Day) this summer because we won't know whether there will be two Prime Day-like sales events until later in the year. So if the prime day early access sale doesn’t take place you might not end up with regretting all the amazing deals you missed on the Prime Day.

How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023?

If you haven’t yet started to prepare for the big shopping event then remind yourself 365 days or more till the next amazing opportunity. Preparing for amazon prime day isn’t a load of work but its a few steps you need to keep a check one.

The first thing to prepare for the Prime day is to ensure you have the Amazon Prime membership. Many people are regular prime members who enjoy the prime perks throughout the year but some just sign up for the 30 day free trial to make the most of prime day; and both the cases are okay. Moreover you can also continue the prime membership which after a 30-day trial only costs $15 per month or you can make a smart purchase of $140 per year.

Becoming a prime member has several perks and if you wonder when will amazon 2-day shipping return then think about other prime perks that are still eligible. Additionally, you'll have access to unlimited photo storage, ad-free music streaming on Prime Video, and unlimited reading. Only Prime members may have access to many of the finest bargains on Prime Day, including the Lightning bargains.

Get the Prime Membership

Once your membership has been reviewed and authorized, it is essential to make sure your payment options and default delivery are current so you may take advantage of the bargains you want as soon as possible.

Set Prime Alerts

Prime users may also soon be able to set up discount alert notifications based on their most recent Amazon searches and recently seen goods on the Amazon app in the weeks leading up to the event. Consequently, they are able to close the agreements they had been seeking. We anticipate this functionality will be available this time as it was in previous prime days. Members will get push alerts when any discounts go live on Prime Day.

Be Flexible with your Choice

Even if you are completely knowledgeable about the one item you truly want, you shouldn't assume that the specific TV, iPad, or other item you desire will be on sale. Despite having your heart set on a certain item, it is possible that no discounts are available when the big day comes. Does that imply that you ought to give up? No way.

Take a look at comparable items using the research you performed in the days prior. Perhaps there is a similar item that is even less priced for Prime Day, or maybe the somewhat more expensive model has been marked down to a price that is more in line with your initial purchase?

Early Bird Gets the Worm

We often hear this phrase now is the time to put it into action. When it comes to prime day sales, early bird indeed catches the worm. You want to be among the first people to see whatever deals have gone online at midnight on Prime Day, or at the very least when you wake up in the morning. Although nothing in this early timeframe is likely to sell out in a couple of hours, there is undoubtedly a chance that the hottest items may do so as the first day goes on. If you see something you truly want to buy, add it to your cart right immediately. If you change your mind, you can always cancel the order.

Make a Wish list of Desired Items

Additionally, whether you make a Wish List, add things to your basket, or save them for later, Alexa will probably be able to notify everyone about offers 24 hours before they become live. Alexa aid is a great help in buying the right products for you on Prime Day.

How To Find The Best Prime Day Deals?

You are all amped up and excited to shop on prime day and you are willing to spend some money too but don’t you think a bit of homework needs to be done to find the best Prime Day deals? It is important to note that amazon doesn’t take the responsibility of promoting the deals that are best for you. Since amazon has its own rules and algorithm for a product to appear on the top of the searchers, retailers will be the one making the measures to put a product in the right spot. So it is your responsibility to locate the best prime day deals.

Sure you will find a lots of amazon devices right at the forefront there are some better deals hidden behind these offers. Here are some tips to discover the right Prime Day deal for you.

  • Before Prime Day starts, take a look at the live Amazon run-up. Typically, Amazon provides a few live offers that are a tease for the major event. Even though they aren't frequently among the largest items, these might be alluring discounts.
  • This is a fantastic time to sign up since you may occasionally see discounts on Amazon's own subscription services like Audible, Music Unlimited, and Kindle Unlimited.
  • Additionally, keeping a watch on Amazon Warehouse is encouraged to locate any unforeseen supply.
  • All of these used, pre-owned, and open-box items are also eligible for storewide discounts of up to 20%.

Save More by Utilizing Exclusive Promotions and Coupons before and During the Sale

One big tip to save money is the special amazon coupons before and during the prime day. Amazon frequently provides its members with a number of exclusive deals and discounts during Prime Day. For instance, you could see savings on services like Audible Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited. Typically, you can find these specials on the Amazon Prime Day site online or in the app. You can find all the amazon coupons on the seller’s page and even get vouchers at the top of the product listing page. Using these coupons along with the sales can give you benefit of greater discounts.

Amazon Deals to Shop While You Wait For Prime Day 2023

You might be waiting for Prime day 2023 but amazon doesn’t just wait. Up until the prime day, there will be many amazing offers you can purchase which are more or less equivalent of prime day discounts. Although not as many as the prime day offers, but these deals are enough to keep you excited and covered till the prime day is actually here. Below we have geared up our favorite deals ahead of amazon prime day 2023.

Blink Security Camera

Not having home security system can cost you a lot more than you can imagine so don’t you think getting your home security needs covered at 40% off is a great deal? Shop Blink, one of the top manufacturers of home security cameras, for a two-pack that will give you peace of mind while you're away. The package comes with a two-year battery life, live motion detection, a weather-resistant construction, and an astounding 168,000 reviews thus far.

Zinus Hybrid Mattress

You need to be well slept so you can shop properly during the prime day. Hence the best mattress deal before the prime day. Nearly 10,000 happy sleepers appreciate the Zinus 10′′ Spring Hybrid Queen Mattress, which is currently 61% off. You're set if you have the ideal bed linens and duvet cover.

Keurig Coffee Maker

A good quality coffee maker can significantly make your mornings a lot better. The Keurig coffee maker is the best affordable and high quality pick from our favorite pre amazon prime day deals. It has more 30K positive amazon reviews and the quality is compatible with top known brands and retailers.

JBL Noise Cancelling Headphones

JBL Tune True Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones are 50% off when you swipe! This top-rated alternative to AirPods has outstanding bass sound, breathtaking clarity, and a convenient portable design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Find the Best Prime Day Deals?

The prime day deals are not like an ordinary sale so you can expect deals that are bigger than your expectations. To make sure you don’t miss out any prime day deals regularly check amazon or the mysavinghub prime page to find the top offers. You can also subscribe to email updates for amazon to get prime day deals notifications in your inbox.

2. When is Amazon Prime Day?

The amazon prime day settled for this year is on the July 12th 2023, Tuesday. The deals for prime day are introduced before the actual date so customers can plan their shopping around the deals happening.

3. How Long Do Amazon Prime Day Deals Last?

As for many people who think amazon prime day deals are 24-hour affair the prime day deals actually last for around 48 hours.

4. What You Should Not Buy from Amazon Prime Day?

Buying video game consoles, toys, Apple gadgets, and cameras on Prime Day is a bad idea because the discounts are usually better later in the year. Instead, she advocates investing in smart home technologies, laptops, fashion, beauty, pet items, equipment, and toys.