Why Did Hobby Lobby Stop the Coupon - 10 Reasons

Reason 1

Hobby Lobby may now promote with sales or loyalty programs.

Reason 2

Due to heavy coupon use and smaller profit margins.

Reason 3

The epidemic may have disrupted Hobby Lobby's supply chain.

Reason 4

Free delivery or bundled packages may have driven sales.

Reason 5

The coupon may have attracted bargain seekers who won't return.

Reason 6

Hobby Lobby may have decided to improve its products and services.

Reason 7

Customer dissatisfaction may have been caused by the coupon's complexity.

Reason 8

Shareholders may have pushed the corporation to boost profits and cut discounts.

Reason 9

Hobby Lobby's coupon returns may have dropped due to customer’s inattention.

Reason 10

The voucher may have made purchasers wait for discounts.