Best 75 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2023 – Offers You Should Not Miss!

17 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Best 75 Inch TV Black Friday Deals 2023 – Offers You Should Not Miss!


How many of us prefer a Massive TV screen above anything else? Even if you don’t when you look at the 75 inch TV black Friday deals and offer you are sure to give it a though! Big TVs are something else. They elevate the look of your home, easily grab the attention of the crowd and transform your space into something straight out of a movie. But at the same time big TVs and small homes are a congested combination which no one prefers. Hence, you must take careful consideration when selecting the best TV size for your home.

If a 75 inch TV is ideal pick for your home size then you must keep reading. As there is no better 75 Inch TV Holiday Deals guide better than this page! Whether you are looking for the best 75 Inch TV under 1000 or the best TV brand to purchase from Smart TV black Friday Deals, this article is indeed your best guide. Coming up with pros and cons of choosing each model, you will find lots of TV options to choose from.

Best Black Friday TV Deals 75-Inch

The 75-inch class encompasses 75- and 77-inch devices with a variety of display options, including LCD, QLED, and OLED. The good news is that several of our favorite 75-inch 4K smart TVs from the leading TV manufacturers provide everything we love about those premium models but with a bigger screen. Below you can check out our top picks for 75 inch TV black Friday deals 2023.

Samsung S95C Samsung S95C See Details
Samsung QN90C Samsung QN90C See Details
Sony Bravia X95K Sony Bravia X95K See Details
LG C3 OLED LG C3 OLED See Details
Hisense 75U6K Hisense 75U6K See Details
Samsung S95C
Samsung QN90C
Sony Bravia X95K
Hisense 75U6K

Samsung S95C

Best Review

This Huge screen OLED, modern television by Samsung is going to be sold at a good price on Amazon hence you need to fasten your seat belt as the stock will be limited and the crowd will be huge. Rated as the best 65 inch TV for 2023, the QD-OLED panel technology gives a bright one of a kind display and offers several tiny upgrades to make it into a fully new experience. 

The HDR brightness is improved and gives you a great strain free viewing experience even for prolonged hours of gaming and movie time. The Samsung S95C also offers exceptional refresh rate and response time making it fastest TV in the market.

Reason to Buy

  • Impressive brightness level
  • 144HZ Refresh rate
  • Great for movies and gaming

Reason to Avoid

  • Built in audio could be better
  • Does not have Dolby vision
Buy Samsung S95C

Samsung QN90C

Best Review

Thanks to best-in-class brightness and exceptional performance across most content genres, the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED TV is the QLED TV king when seeking for a 75-inch TV that delivers great performance without a super-steep price tag.

The QN90C boasts exceptional performance across the most popular genres and is powered by Samsung's LED display. Though not the most expensive of all the 4K Samsung 2023 TVs, the QN90C Neo QLED is the one you'll probably be most drawn to. It is going to be one of the most desired purchases from Amazon and Walmart Black Friday deals.

Reason to Buy

  • Spectacular brightness
  • Rechargeable remote
  • 4 HDMI ports

Reason to Avoid

  • Does not support Dolby vision
  • TV stand isn’t as sturdy for the large sized screen
Buy Samsung QN90C

Sony Bravia X95K

Best Review

Sony and its always top of the line products to make other brands diminish! The Sony bravia LED TV is a rock solid model to adorn any place with the best viewing experience. Though very expensive, we recommend you to look for a good black Friday deal on this one as on other days it might be impossible to purchase it. The television offers the HDR performance you want when watching films, combining the set's high brightness and precise backlight management with a tonne of subtleties and useful vibrancy. 

Sony offers it in a stylish design with a superb remote control and several stand options. Though for a lesser price, Samsung is great at delivering more or less same results, but we find Bravia offering a class of its own hence our temptation to add it on our list!

Reason to Buy

  • Top quality HDR performance
  • Great motion handling
  • Excellent stand and stability

Reason to Avoid

  • Experiences bit blooming
  • Expensive
Buy Sony Bravia X95K


Best Review

Other than the popular Sony Bravia, Sony also has several other options in the market which makes your love for Sony not diminish because of the high price. The ideal 75-inch TV for light environments is a Mini LED TV like the Sony XR if you want great image quality but aren't necessarily in a fully dark area. Because it employs Mini LED backlighting to get bright and maintain its brightness even in extremely bright surroundings, this TV outperforms certain Samsung models in well-lit rooms. 

Because of its brightness, it can also easily avoid glare from strong light sources. It also features great reflection management, so you won't have to worry about glare in a bright environment if that isn't enough.

Reason to Buy

  • 4K Resolution
  • Great backlighting

Reason to Avoid

  • Can experience glare in well-lit rooms


Best Review

The best Gaming TV in a large size, this one is going to set your online gaming battles experience apart. You can get it in a variety of screen size options and the maximum one goes to 65 inches. Now coming to the specifications of this smart-smart TV, The LG OLED C3 has a ton of capabilities that make it perfect for playing or viewing anything you want. There are other TVs with greater sound available, but not many that give as much and perform as well for the same price as this one.

The greatest experience for gamers is provided by functions like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) as well as customizations like Black and White Stabilization, Blue Light Reduction, Dark Room Mode, and others. The C3 uses settings tailored to optimize its picture for the genre of the game you pick.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Top gaming performance

Reason to Avoid

  • Average sound experience and might need headsets for gaming

Hisense 75U6K

Best Review

The greatest 4K TV is the Hisense 75U6K if you're seeking for an affordable model (yes, it is feasible even with 75 inch models). Given the price, it's a decent TV that offers amazing image quality due to its high contrast ratio and wide color palette in HDR. Although its full array local dimming capability is just average, it is nevertheless effective in enhancing the TV's contrast in dimly lit environments.

It's also a wonderful TV for gamers who prefer big screens for their video games, because of its quick reaction time and low input latency, which provide a fluid gaming experience with little time between your movements and what appears on the screen. Its 60Hz refresh rate makes it less suitable for gamers trying to maximize the performance of their console's Performance Mode than the more costly TVs on this list, and even though it supports VRR, you'll notice some tearing when the frame rate decreases.

Reason to Buy

  • 4K Resolution
  • Affordable
  • Good quality

Reason to Avoid

  • Refresh rate is low
Buy Hisense 75U6K

How to Choose the Best Smart TV Deals Black Friday?

Over the years TVs have transformed so much with new models offering competitive features and modern technology. And while the cost is also high some people still think a cheaper TV is a better option. But when it comes to picking the best TV out there for you there is not just price or features that will govern the right choice. Instead, we have made this helpful buying guide with all the factors you need to take into an account when TV shopping.

TV Size

Consider purchasing a TV the same way you would any piece of furniture. It must fit in the space where you intend to install it, and ideally, it should appear proportionate to the furniture and the next wall. For instance, a 75-inch Hugo could overwhelm a small living room, while a 32-inch TV will seem awkward hovering on a big empty wall. Simply measure with a tape measure. When measuring your area, use the TV's given width, height, and depth measurements because TV sizes are measured along the diagonal of the screen.

Smart TV

Though this one is dedicated to smart TVs solely but it is also integral to understand what exactly a smart TV is. Even though in modern world all of the TVs made and sold and smart TV but you can find some typical options for cheaper price. And just because a TV is slim and can be mounted on wall doesn’t mean it is smart TV.

Simply put, Smart TVs can access built-in streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ by connecting straight to your Wi-Fi. Most users appreciate this feature because it eliminates the need to purchase a separate video streamer, such as a Streaming Stick or a Google Chromecast with Google TV, unless you prefer its user interface or need access to services your TV doesn't support.

There is a widespread misperception that buying a TV without smart features will help you save money. In actuality, any TV without smart features (if you can even get one these days) is probably not worth purchasing because it is a budget model with subpar picture quality.

Screen Resolution

If the screen is not good then what’s the point of investing your hard-earned money. And just because a screen is sufficiently large in size doesn’t mean the display is as good. This is where the screen resolution comes in handy. Resolution is a phrase used to indicate the number of horizontal rows and vertical columns that make up a picture on a display. Higher resolution is (nearly always) better since more pixels result in crisper images and finer details.

Full HD, commonly known as a 1920 x 1080 resolution, has been the norm for many years. However, the production of TVs is quickly switching to Ultra HD models (also called 4K). As compared to modern HDTV panels, these 4K devices have four times as many pixels.

Small items on the screen have more detail, including crisper typography, which is the main advantage of 4K TVs. Images look richer and more realistic overall than they do on an HDTV.

Intended Use

If someone asks you about the intended use of your TV then you might look at them twice but this question is very sensible when it comes to price shifts of hundreds of dollars based on the difference of end use. TVs for gaming and work might require a lot different specifications than TVs intended for just watching and movie time. 

Gamers will need a Television screen with greater resolution and higher refresh rate, so they see the vibrant activities more vividly. For some movie lovers planning to have an in-home experience, a 3D television is also recommended though the feature might cost you more but it is a one-time investment.

Refresh Rate

How frequently a picture is refreshed on the screen is indicated by the refresh rate, which is denoted in Hertz (Hz). The typical refresh rate is 60 Hz, or 60 times per second. A 60 Hz refresh rate, especially on LCD HDTVs, can make things appear jittery in settings with quickly moving objects. Therefore, manufacturers raised the refresh rate to 120 Hz in order to produce a more solid image.

Higher refresh rates will be especially important to gamers, so those with PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S consoles and games that support 120 Hz should search for a TV that can take advantage of that.


These three alphabets you often find written with most TV models but what do they actually mean and how helpful they are in selecting the right television for you. The difference between an HDR and Non HDR TV is perfectly clear hence you need to make a choice wisely. High dynamic range, or HDR, is a relatively new feature of 4K Ultra HD televisions that refers to their capacity to produce more colors, greater contrast levels, and increased brightness.

HDR10 is the fundamental standard for high-dynamic range content as outlined by the UHD. So, on TVs that are compatible, you will see "HDR10" or "Ultra HD Premium." Therefore, to get the most out of your 4K TV's picture, choose a TV that supports HDR. Buy an HDR television that is Dolby Vision compatible if you want the best. Currently, that format has the most content to provide.


You must be well aware of the fact that a 75 inch TV isn’t exactly going to be a cheap pick nor a few dollars walk in the park. This is why we only recommend you purchasing a good quality big sized television only from the black Friday 75-inch tv deals and no other time of the year. You can expect these large TVs to be as expensive as $2000 and hence must look for a price that falls in your range. In our recommendation a smaller sized TV from black Friday deals isn’t a wise bargain you are making so either go big or go home!

Additional Features

A TV that is ideal with top features but stands on its own isn’t any help especially if it cannot connect to your USB Drive or gaming setup. An additional HDMI port can mean the difference between leaving your console attached and switching it out for your Blu-ray player every time you want to start a game, even though we already advise waiting for more HDMI ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Will Black Friday 2023 Sales Begin?

The black Friday 2022 is on November 24th 2023, so expect the deals to show up a day or two before the actual date. Some retailers put up sales before thanksgiving and then merge the thanksgiving sales with black Friday sales as well. However on electronics the sales will start to pop up in the early November but we recommend you wait till the actual black Friday before swiping that card.

2. Which retailers have the best Smart TV Black Friday Deals?

Your interest in a certain sort of set will determine who has the best Black Friday TV deals. The finest Black Friday TV deals can generally be found at Best Buy, especially on well-liked models from LG, Samsung, and Sony. Meanwhile, Walmart has had fantastic sales on less expensive brands like Hisense and Onn. If you tend to prefer one retailer over another, make sure to conduct comparisons since Amazon frequently tries to match prices from both Best Buy and Walmart.

3. Should I Buy 75 inches TV from Black Friday Sale?

If considering from a price point of view, there is no better time to buy bigger televisions sets than black Friday deals. But for an overall decision it is important to know that 75 inches television is a big deal with a huge size. While we all love large television sets with the best experience a television that is bigger than your room ratio can look out of place. So don’t just get impressed by the low price and buy something you might not even find fitting for you.

4. Is Black Friday Sale a Good Time to Purchase TV?

Yes, without a doubt, black Friday sales ae an unmatched time to score the best discounts and deals on popular TV sets. From new to old models, latest releases to top selling ones, black Friday smart TV sales are always awaited due to the big discounts you can get.

5. How Wide in a 75-Inch Television?

You must know that a TV size is measured diagonally so the width of a 75 inch TV will not be 75 inches. A 75 inches TV as a general rule is around 65 to 68 inches in width counting the screen and the frame covering the edges of the TV too. Some slimmer models are even 63 inches when it comes to width.