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    Why is Amazon Prime No Longer Offering 2-Day Shipping and What to Do about It?

    As soon as you click on that ‘Confirm Order’ button the wait for your new products to come to your home begins. This anticipation to open the new packages, breathe in the fresh air of newly opened gadgets and to enjoy the Prime Day sales spending grows with each passing day. But the real curiosity begins when you realize Prime day no longer offers its 2-day shipping promise.

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    Best Cheese Slicer Of The Year - Freshly Cut Your Cheese Now

    A cheese plate can go from OK to excellent with the right presentation and uniformly thin, uniform cheese slices. To do this, all you need is a quality cheese cutter. Who makes the greatest cheese chopper? Cheese that is firm, semi-hard, or soft should be sliced using cheese planes, and soft cheese should be cut with wire cheese slicers. Choose a cheese slicer that is durable, precise, and easy to use.

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    Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 To Buy In 2023 + Important Things To Consider

    Finding the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 is difficult. For the most part, we don't care if a $20 speaker breaks because it was "good enough" at the time. You might even be able to afford to replace it. However, there is no going back once you've spent $100. It begins to resemble an investment more than a phone add-on. Bluetooth speakers under $100 must be exceptional, not just good.

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    • Prime Day Soundbar Deals – Up To 60% Off On Your Favorite Brands

      Prime day is that time of the year where every amazon lover has huge plants to upgrade their homes and replenish it with the latest tech and electronic items. From covering their gaming needs to working on achieving the perfect and comfortable home office setup, Prime day is time when everything and anything is possible and that too because of the huge Amazon prime day deals. 


    • Best Shoes For Standing All Day - Top Reviewed And Rated On Amazon

      Are you in search of the best shoes for standing all day? Do you have to stand almost all day due to your work? If yes, then you must need the best shoes for standing. Standing all day can lead to serious pain in your feet, that's why a comfortable shoe is necessary. The best shoes for standing all day are crafted differently with extra comfort. It contains soft fabric, and plush padding, and a solid grip that saves your foot all day.


    • Seize the Savings - Prime Day Laptop Deals with Up to $2000 Off

      Prime day is an annual giant extravaganza with almost every category of interest witnessing a great discount. For people who wait for prime day, electronics is the most deemed category of interest with discounts up to $2000 or more. From cheap laptops under $500, to television deals for as much as 40% off, Prime day is the best time to hoard up on electronics and appliances you have been eyeing for a while.


    • Best Smartwatch Under $50 – All Best Deals and Offers

      A smart watch, other than bringing the entire controls on your wrist offer tremendous health benefits and a complete control over your fitness goals. Since the market is saturated with hundreds of options for smartwatches it is often hard to find ‘the one’ for you. This also means you need to deepen your research and look for the tiny details. 


    • Best Cyber Monday Christmas Tree Deals – Find the Best Offers

      Is your holiday event lit until the Christmas tree goes lit? the holy holiday spirit, as much as is about meeting, greeting, religious duties, special meals, gifts, sharing and caring – there is no holiday vibe until the Christmas décor goes up. And every year the décor begins earlier and why shouldn’t it as good things should be rejoiced for as long as possible. While you are all set with Christmas tiaras, lights and all the jingles to gracefully dance on your tree, the better the tree the better the whole décor looks. But isn’t it time for a change since real trees are too beloved to leave their home and struggle to thrive in a closed environment. And what’s the point of you can get artificial trees as real and great as real ones and even for half of the prices.


    • Best Christmas Lights Cyber Monday Sales – Decorate your Home with Best Savings

      Holidays are a happy time filled with food, family visits, and festive décor. Hanging Christmas lights is a common way for most people to get into the holiday spirit, but this activity is frequently accompanied by hassles like burned-out bulbs, tangled wires, dull colors, or—worse yet—a bad set of lights that came with the package with loads of wasted money. This might make you think to never spend on lights again but why shouldn’t you?


    • 10 Best Gym Bag For You + A Short Buying Guide

      If you've been squeezing your workout gear into a worn-out duffel, it might be time to invest in a new gym bag with all the bells and whistles. If you're a neat freak, many gym bags come with handy pockets to zip away your minor necessities as well as space to put your weightlifting shoes separately from your training tights. Every sort of gym-goer is catered to by gym bags, which makes sense.


    • 8 Best Car Battery Charger Of The Year 2023 + Things To Consider Before Buying

      Wondering which one is the best car battery charger? Are you willing to buy the best battery charger? Undoubtedly, many of us would like to have a long automobile ride, especially to a remote location without any local distractions. It is only practical, though, if you drive a respectable car and have a reliable battery. If your battery fails in the middle of nowhere, you are in big danger. It frequently happens when your car battery is damaged or when it hasn't been charged in a long.


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    Best Windshield Wipers Of The Year 2023 + A Perfect Buying Guide

    Choosing the best windshield wipers is a quite difficult task. There is no doubt that you have many options when it comes to replacing your wiper blades. When there are so many models to consider and technological factors to consider, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are a few crucial factors to pay attention to get a great pair of wipers at an affordable price. Choosing the best windshield wipers is a quite difficult task. There is no doubt that you have many options when it comes to replacing your wiper blades. When there are so many models to consider and technological factors to consider, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are a few crucial factors to pay attention to get a great pair of wipers at an affordable price.

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    When was the first Amazon Prime Day? The Complete History

    Amazon hosts a one-day sales event every year called Prime Day, during which members of the company's Prime subscription service are eligible for significant savings. It's a strategy to compete with Alibaba's Singles' Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales by encouraging more people to sign up for Prime memberships.

    • Shop Smarter, Not Harder - 16 Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2023

      In spite of the fact that Amazon has not disclosed the date on which Prime Day will take place, the company has informed sellers via Seller Central that now is the time to start preparing for the significant shopping holiday. It seems expected that Prime Day will take place around the middle of July, just as it has in prior years.


    • The Countdown to Amazon Prime Day - How to Prepare for the Biggest Sale of the Year 2023

      Gone are the times when year in year out, Black Friday was associated as the biggest shopping event of the year. Now the Amazon Prime Day is the most awaited summer shopping event for people all around the globe. A trend started in 2015, by the world’s biggest marketplace, the e-commerce platform has bloomed in sales every year with an upward trajectory which only gets more surprising each time.


    • A Complete Guide About Bath And Body Works Semi Annual Sale

      This year's Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is a post-holiday blowout to make it easier for you to update your candle and fragrance collection without going over budget. You don’t have to drop huge bucks this year to grab 3-wick candles, multi-use fragrance mists, deliciously scented body lotion & aromatic shower gels. And that’s not even half of it. During the holiday season, you purchase gifts for every family member


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