Best Apple Watch Series 7 Holiday Deals and Offers – Save up to $500 or More

By Alice Green  |   13 Dec, 2022

Best Apple Watch Series 7 Holiday Deals and Offers – Save up to $500 or More

Jotting down the long-awaited list of holiday gifts? We all are. We know with the Holiday sales approaching there will no better time to shop for holiday gifts and before we even get a chance the holiday season will be upon us. even if you are already done with holiday gift shopping there is definitely something you will be needing as the Holiday comes.

Even if you didn’t plan it initially, seeing the mesmerizing and highly discounted Holiday deals, one gives in and swipes their credit card too many times to admit. Especially when it comes to apple products. From iphones to ipad, macbooks to apple watches everything goes on the biggest discount prices of the year. And if you are also someone with a hunt for apple watch series 7 Holidays then you have come to the right place. People adore how convenient an Apple Watch is to own. With features like activity and sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more, it not only allows you to monitor your health and fitness, but it also makes life easier by letting you make calls, pay bills, check apps, and more.

The only drawback? The cost may be prohibitive, particularly if you desire the newest models. Fortunately, Apple Watch discounts can make this gadget more accessible to almost everyone. Finding the cheapest prices on well-known products is the main goal of Holidays and Cyber Week, and the Apple Watch is no different. We've put up the definitive guide to buying an Apple Watch and locating the greatest prices so you can learn more about what you're getting and make the best decision possible.

Best Apple Watch Series 7 Holiday Deals

The ultimate fitness tracker, your health monitor, your constant doctor and a window to the entire world, apple watch on a wrist is popular ever since its first release in the 2015. These watches are tiny gadgets that remain on your wrist but make many of your day-to-day operations easier. People love to wear an apple watch especially if they own an iPhone.

While these watches are expensive and with apple watch 8 released recently, the Holiday deals is a wonderful time to snatch up a deal of your choice. From latest to older models, titanium bands to multi color options every product goes on sale. Below we have gathered our favorite apple watch Holiday series 7 deals which you will find in 2022.

Apple Watch Series 7 Holiday Deals

Released in September 2021, Apple watch series 7 stirred the apple watches game with a groundbreaking product. The fact that not much has changed from year to year doesn't lessen the appeal of this product. The majority of Apple Watch customers will find this upgrade to be enticing due to the larger display, quicker charging, and more robust glass.

If you're looking for an Apple Watch and don't already have a Series 6, you should think about the Series 7. The 2020 model won't have a compelling enough purchasing price, even with incentives, to be preferred over the most recent model. And with the Holiday deals on apple watch series 7, here are some of the best deals you will find.


Amazon is offering multiple offers on apple watch series 7. You can enjoy the always on retina display, with a 20% larger screen size and crack resistant crystal front on the apple watch up to 40% off the original price. Though the apple amazon deals are going to be better than any other store, we are also unpleased to announce that stock will be limited so you need to hurry.


AT&T has come up with a special offer on apple watch series 7 for Holidays. Buying from apple watch series 7 Holidays deal you can buy 2 apple watches and save $300 entirely. This deal is amazing with no similar or close offer found before. How about getting the other part of the pair for someone you love?

Apple Watch SE Deals

For people who need a more straightforward version of an apple watch the SE series is the simples and also an affordable option. Since this one is older version from the apple books you can save up to $100 on this one. With health monitoring, fitness routine and heart health tracker, it is a competitive watch for people who with to improve their workout regime.

Apple Watch Nike Series 7 (GPS) 45mm (Best Buy) Apple Watch Nike Series 7 (GPS) 45mm (Best Buy) See Details
42mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Verizon) 42mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Verizon) See Details
Apple Watch Nike Series 7 41mm (at&t) Apple Watch Nike Series 7 41mm (at&t) See Details
Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon) Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon) See Details
41mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon) 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon) See Details
MagSafe Duo Charger for Apple (Amazon) MagSafe Duo Charger for Apple (Amazon) See Details
Apple Watch Series 7 Starlight Sport Band (Amazon) Apple Watch Series 7 Starlight Sport Band (Amazon) See Details
Apple Watch Holiday Deals Series 6 (Amazon) Apple Watch Holiday Deals Series 6 (Amazon) See Details
Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, 45mm Gold (Walmart) Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, 45mm Gold (Walmart) See Details
Apple Watch Nike Series 7 (GPS) 45mm (Best Buy)
42mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Verizon)
Apple Watch Nike Series 7 41mm (at&t)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon)
41mm Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon)
MagSafe Duo Charger for Apple (Amazon)
Apple Watch Series 7 Starlight Sport Band (Amazon)
Apple Watch Holiday Deals Series 6 (Amazon)
Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, 45mm Gold (Walmart)

The largest, most advanced Always-on Retina display yet makes everything you do with your Apple Watch Series 7 bigger and better. Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch ever built, with an even more crack-resistant front crystal. Advanced features let you measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG anytime, and access mindfulness and sleep tracking apps. You can also track dozens of workouts, including new tai chi and pilates.

Best Buy Apple Watch Nike Series 7 (GPS) 45mm

The largest, most advanced Always-on Retina display yet makes everything you do with your Apple Watch Series 7 bigger and better. Larger display. More durable. Faster charging. And powerful features like Blood Oxygen and ECG apps. A healthier you are in sight.

Buy 42mm Apple Watch Series 7 at Verizon

With Apple Watch Nike Series 7 and the built-in Nike Run Club app, you can track your workouts and listen to Guided Runs. Listen to music from your watch for motivation. Turn on Nike Twilight Mode for enhanced visibility. And choose from exclusive Nike watch faces and bands.

Buy from at&t Apple Watch Nike Series 7 41mm

For Holidays, the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be reduced to $380; with this offer, the price is reduced even further saving $50. This bargain outperforms any discount we've seen on the Apple Watch Series 7 so far, whether you're looking for smartwatch deals or just some Apple deals in general.

Buy Apple Watch Series 7

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 GPS/Cellular smartwatch is now $80 cheaper. It has a bigger display and 33% faster wireless charging than its predecessor. A Milanese loop, an Always-On Retina display, and a 41mm stainless steel case are some of its characteristics. An S7 SiP chip 64-bit dual-core processor drives the smartwatch.

Buy 41mm Apple Watch Series 7

Get this desk for $10 cheaper which works best for your draining apple devices. The MagSafe Duo Charger at Amazon functions with Qi-certified gadgets including the iPhone, Apple Watch, Wireless Charging Case for AirPods, and others. It conveniently folds together and can be stowed away in any bag, making it portable.

Buy MagSafe Duo Charger for Apple

The product is refurbished, fully functional, and in excellent condition. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. This pre-owned product has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon qualified vendors. It is not certified by Apple. This product is in Excellent condition. The screen and body show no signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches away.

Buy From Amazon Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 6 is still a highly capable smartwatch by today's standards, despite no longer being the most recent model. It has an always-on display and the S6 chipset, which makes it 20% faster than the Series 5 it replaced. It contains a blood oxygen metre and, like all Apple Watch models, is excellent for tracking your fitness and health goals with accurate heart rate monitoring. and Amazon is an excellent place to discover a discount.

Buy Apple Watch Holiday Deals Series 6

The largest, most advanced display yet makes everything you do with your Watch bigger and better. The most durable Apple Watch ever built, with an even more crack-resistant front crystal. Measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG, and access sleep tracking apps.

Buy Apple Watch 7 45mm Gold at Walmart

How to Choose the Best Apple Watch Holiday Series 7?

What’s better than apple watch? An apple watch buying guide. With apple watch series extending to 7 there is a lot on plate to choose from. Even if you don’t have limited budget constraints it is still not wise to pay for features you will never even use. You must decide on the band and case material, the GPS or cellular model, and whether to purchase the most recent Apple Watch or a less expensive older model. Hence, we have curated the perfect apple watch buying guide which will help you make the best-informed decision.

Apple Watch Sizes

The apple watch series 7 has two further models which are differentiated by certain features. One of the differences is the difference in size. The two sizes are 41mm and 45 mm. According to Apple, the 40mm/41mm Apple Watch is made to fit wrists measuring 130 to 200mm, while the 44mm/45mm Apple Watch is made to fit wrists measuring 140 to 220mm. You should take your wrist size into account when selecting a case size as well as how you want the Apple Watch to fit.

Smaller wrist sizes will probably want to choose the 40mm/41mm model, whereas bigger wrist sizes will want to choose the 44mm/45mm model. For some people, choosing a size will be easy, but for those with medium-sized wrists, where the decision is more difficult, going to an Apple Store or other retailer that sells the Apple Watch and trying it on is the best option. There's really no substitute for seeing how it fits on the wrist in person.


Apple ever since the release of apple watch series offer different casing options for the benefit of its customers. These variations in cases can come down to personal preference and also impact the durability of the watch to a tiny extent. For apple watch series 7 you will find three different casing options which include aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. These casings are separate from the limited-edition watches designed with Hermes and Nike.

Aluminum Apple Watch

The thinnest and most affordable apple watch series 7 casing option is the Aluminum. For the Series 7, the aluminium material is available in the colors starlight, midnight, green, blue, and red.

These watches are neither as shiny as those made of stainless steel or as strong as those made of titanium since the aluminium is a soft, brushed aluminium. Because it is the most cheap and suitable for all types of activities, the aluminium Apple Watch is the greatest option for the majority of people.

Stainless Steel Apple Watch

The stainless-steel apple watch falls into the intermediate price range. They cost more than models made of aluminium but less than models made of titanium. The stainless-steel variants offer a more upscale, professional appearance than the aluminium models, which are made for daily use and activity. Apple Watch versions made of stainless steel have a bright appearance and come in silver, gold, and graphite colors.

Titanium Apple Watch

For those who are seeking a more expensive, quality watch, the titanium Apple Watch is the most expensive model available. It has a distinctive brushed titanium surface that is stain and fingerprint resistant, is stronger than stainless steel while being lighter. Both space black and the typical titanium finish are available.

The costliest Apple Watch models are those made of titanium. For individuals who like a more luxury watch's look and feel and have extra cash to spend on the aesthetic, titanium versions are the ideal option.


As said before and you might have heard lots of time, apple never compromises on quality in any of its product whether you take a model from decade ago or something that was introduced just now. But that does not mean you cannot expect any improvements in latest versions. With technology advancing apple is upgrading all of its devices with modern features. As far as apple watches are concerned you will find many new and helpful features along with some similarities in all of the series.

These devices all have the same basic fitness features, and GPS allows for multi-sport monitoring regardless of the activity. As Apple puts it, all four models are "swim-proof," so you can use them to track laps in the pool without worrying about getting your Apple Watch wet. All four Apple Watch models have heart rate sensors that may be able to recognize an irregular pulse, a feature that some have claimed saved their lives.

This is true even if the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 7 add more sophisticated health monitoring. The four Apple Watch models still use the most recent watchOS 8 operating system, despite the fact that a few software capabilities are only available on the more recent models.

Band Option

After the casing option apple also offers the band option to its users. This feature makes you feel like you are building your own watch will the features you have ever desired. You can couple any pairing type with the loop type and pick a product that suits most to your taste. Here are some common loop types which apple offers on its watches.

Solo Loop

The Solo Loop is a slip-on style with no buckle or clasping mechanism, much like the Sport Band. It is comprised of a rubber that can stretch to fit over the hand and then contract to fit the wrist. The nine sizes available for these bands make it challenging to choose the proper one.

Solo Braided Loop

Additionally, it is composed of flexible recycled yarn that is weaved with silicone strands so that it can fit over the hand without a buckle or clasp. Similar to the Solo Loop, finding the proper fit might be tricky. To avoid the trouble of returns, your best bet is to visit an Apple Store.

Sports Band

Sport Bands are made of a fluoroelastomer that is flexible, light, and intended for usage during strenuous activity. These bands are available in a variety of colors and are waterproof.

Sports Loop

Sport Loops are constructed of a fabric and are soft, breathable, and light in weight. They will feel moist if you get them wet because they are made of cloth, but they dry rapidly. Sport Loops come in a variety of colors as well.

Leather Link

A more upscale choice, the Leather Link has a magnetic clasp, is constructed of French-sourced Roux Granada leather, and is available in a variety of subdued hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

With advanced settings, features for money and a certain touch of elegance to it, the apple watch series 7 is the best apple watch you can purchase right now. The features are rich, with high quality fitness monitoring, controls and connectivity. The aluminum band with apple watch series 7 is also going to be a popular pick amongst all.

Yes, because some of the apple watch series 7 deals have already started to show up despite the fact that there is more than a month remaining till the Holiday event. You can find early deals mostly on apple watch series 6 and previous models. Most retailers will save their apple watch series 7 best Holiday deals for the last so make sure to check out the offers until the last minute.

Yes, retailers this year have announced that the Holidays apple watch deals will be much better and bigger than the Holidays 2020 or 2021. This is because the apple watch Holiday 2022 deals are going to be both online and in store whereas the last year, we faced pandemic restrictions on in store shopping.

You'll discover that there are numerous stores you can search for Apple Watch discounts at. The most well-known ones include Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. However even if you might think the apple store to be the one with the biggest apple Holidays sale then you are wrong.

The best of the apple watch deals will be reserved for the last and you will find the top offers on the actual Holidays. However, you can find many early Holiday apple watch deals as well as some other major deals in the week of thanksgiving. These deals can then merge as Cyber Monday apple watch deals which is two days after the Holiday event.

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