Best Bed Bath & Beyond Pillows Review 2022

By Alice Green  |   17 Jun, 2022

Best Bed Bath & Beyond Pillows Review 2022

Sleep is the most important part of the day and if you are not doing that right, it means you will stay stressed for the entire day. Let’s face it. Our jobs are quite hectic and we are always wondering if we will make it to the end of the day without falling apart. But when we do, it always feels heavenly to lie in bed and do nothing. There is a running joke among adults that the greatest party or treat you can give to yourself is to just lie down and have a good night's sleep. While this may be a joke, you cannot ignore the importance of having a good night's sleep which means you have to invest in the necessary tools that can help you achieve it easily.  

Be it bed, pillows, or mattress, you always need to bring your A-game for sleeping. These things ensure that when you wake up the next day, you are well-rested. The Centre for Disease Control states that around 40% of Americans are unable to sleep well. Imagine spending all your days in the corporate and then coming back home to a night of restless sleep. You can easily fall prey to hundreds of illnesses and might require assistance or treatment.  

Just getting the right kind of bedding and pillow can easily help you achieve rest and stress-free life. Your pillow is one of the most important things when it comes to ensuring how well you sleep. Neck and back pains are often common in people who don't choose the right type of pillow. If you follow through with our advice and bring Bed Bath & Beyond onboard, we promise that you will feel improvement in the quality of your sleep within a few days.  

Lots of experts suggest that if you use a synthetic-filled pillow, you should replace it every few years. Similarly, if you sleep on a memory foam pillow, you can get a new one every two years. This way the foam doesn't lose its shape and becomes a source of pain for you. There are other options like poly-cluster as well which is slightly more durable but once again, it depends on your own maintenance of the bedding. If you keep replacing it, the results will be better. Another option that is available for use in the market is down pillows. These are the ones that will stay with you for a long time, almost as long as a decade. Can you believe it? You just have to keep a thorough check on it and it will remain supportive for a long time.  

Experts suggest that if you leave your pillows unattended and just continue to sleep on them, they might gather allergy triggers or even harm you with mite debris. This is why it is important to dust them and keep them in good shape. After all, your own night’s sleep and health depend on a neat and clean, and supportive pillow. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Bed Bath & Beyond Pillows 

1. Simply Essential™ Adjustable Memory Foam Standard/Queen Bed Pillow 1. Simply Essential™ Adjustable Memory Foam Standard/Queen Bed Pillow See Details
2. Nestwell™ Egyptian Cotton 625-Thread Count Medium Support Bed Pillow 2. Nestwell™ Egyptian Cotton 625-Thread Count Medium Support Bed Pillow See Details
3. Nestwell™ White Down Medium Support Standard/Queen Bed Pillow 3. Nestwell™ White Down Medium Support Standard/Queen Bed Pillow See Details
1. Simply Essential™ Adjustable Memory Foam Standard/Queen Bed Pillow
2. Nestwell™ Egyptian Cotton 625-Thread Count Medium Support Bed Pillow
3. Nestwell™ White Down Medium Support Standard/Queen Bed Pillow

If you are looking to make your summers bearable and don't want to have restless sleep, this is the best option for you. It offers great comfort and support and the thing that our experts loved about it was that it filled the gap between shoulders and head so your neck isn't suspended at night. As a result, you wake up well-rested.  


In fact, if you have frequent neck pain and feel that your head hurts a lot even after you sleep for the full duration, we recommend that you get this pillow and notice the change for yourself within a few days. It is made with polyurethane memory foam cluster fill and has a polyester cover as well.  


The additional feature that people will love about this pillow is the airflow so throughout the night, all the moisture is absorbed and it leaves you cool and dry to give you a fantastic sleep. Other than that, it consists of antimicrobial properties so all kinds of bacteria are killed and your pillow doesn’t smell even after long use.  


  • 100% polyester 
  • 100% polyester cover 
  • 100% polyurethane filling 
  • Firm support 
  • For all sleeping types 
  • Spot clean only 
  • Made in the US 

Product Pros

  • Firm support 
  • Adjustable foam 
  • Antimicrobial qualities 
  • Ideal for everyone

Product Cons

  • Might heat up through the night 
Buy Simply Essential™ Adjustable Memory Foam Standard/Queen Bed Pillow

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their life and this is the pillow that offers you just that. If you have a few extra bucks to spend and want to invest in something long-term that you don't have to replace in a few years, you have been greeted by the right product. We assure you that it is extremely durable and perfect for people who struggle to find the right type of pillow for themselves. It is made with a soft and silky smooth Egyptian cover which is one of its kind. Many people complain that the stuffing of the pillow gives them allergies but as far as this one is concerned, it is made with hypoallergenic fill that offers medium support and has a removable cover that you can wash and get rid of the stains. We love that it can be washed in a machine because if you are planning to use it in the room of your kids, it is bound to get dirty and as parents, you love nothing more than a cover that can be easily tossed into a washing machine with the rest of the clothes without any concern about damaging the fabric.  



  • 100% cotton 
  • 100% cotton cover 
  • 100% polyester filling 
  • 625 thread count 
  • 42 fill power 
  • Medium support 
  • Certified 
  • Machine washable 
  • Made in the USA 

Product Pros

  • Great support 
  • Removable cover 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Silky soft 
  • Egyptian cover 
  • Hypoallergenic fill 
  • Standard and queen sizes are available 
  • Free of toxins

Product Cons

  • Expensive  
Buy Nestwell™ Egyptian Cotton 625-Thread Count Medium Support Bed Pillow

Most people who report backache issues after hitting a certain age are due to the lack of alignment of their spine. From office workers to students, the problem with the back is persistent and daily doses of pain killers might not be the solution you are looking for? What if we told you that the pillow you sleep on plays a major role in ensuring that your back is aligned and you receive a good night's sleep with its help?  


The right kind of mattress and pillow can have a huge impact on your life because when you sleep, your spine needs to be in a straight shape instead of bent. That prevents all kinds of backaches when you wake up and the cramps are nearly gone when you make the shift. This pillow is the one that will help you come over that problem.  


It is made with 100% cotton and is recommended for all sleeping positions. You can wash the cover in the machine and get the pillow dry cleaned occasionally to get rid of debris accumulation. What our experts really liked was that it is certified and so you can trust the brand without any problem. 


  • 100% cotton 
  • 100% cotton cover 
  • 100% duck down filling 
  • 300 thread count 
  • 600 fill power 
  • Medium support 
  • Best for all positions 
  • Certified  
  • Dry clean only 
  • Imported 

Product Pros

  • Moderate level of support 
  • Aligns the spine 
  • Ideal for everyone 
  • 2 gusseted support layers 
  • Hypoallergenic components 
  • Standard certified  
  • Responsible down standard 
  • Finished in the US 

Product Cons

  • Might lose shape after dry clean 
Buy Nestwell™ White Down Medium Support Standard/Queen Bed Pillow

How to Choose the Pillow? 

Now we know that you have received the advice of getting a nice pillow often, but the ultimate question is how to choose the right type for yourself? Your friends and family often go shopping and ask you for advice on bedding and while you might have a pillow that works wonders for you, everyone has a different need. Some people sleep differently, some prefer other types of stuffing while others have different conditions that make their choice slightly restricted. Whatever your needs are, we have prepared an excellent buying guide for you that will help with your decision. When you go out in the market, these are things that you can easily consider and get the best pillow for yourself.  

What is your sleep type? 

Ask yourself this question before you enter the market to choose the right type of pillow for yourself. As per our experts, there are four different kinds that prefer various kinds of pillows. If you live in a place that is permanently hot, then chances are that your night’s sleep is disturbed because of sweat. Luckily, there are pillows in place that will make your life easy. The Therapedic TruCool Memory Foam by Bed Bath & Beyond is the perfect solution for you. Even if you find other varieties, always make sure that you look for memory foam if you sweat during your slumber. They can hold the heat and usually consist of the technology that can easily keep out excess heat and maintain airflow. As far as the cover is concerned, you can get a double-knit performance cloth that will absorb the sweat and keep you cool and dry all night. So say goodbye to the stress of restless sleep and tossing and turning your pillow throughout the night.  

Now there are people who live in cooler conditions which means that their choice of the pillow should be the one that retains heat and keeps them warm and comfortable throughout the night. In fact, now there are air conditioners in place which has you pulling blankets over you in 35 degrees too. So anyone who always feels cold while sleeping should go for a down or latex pillow. Even memory foam would work for you but it shouldn't have the cool technology. You can check that with the retailer. Staying warm with the help of a pillow is relatively easier as you can drape a flannel pillowcase over it that will make sure that no amount of cold air gets to your head and disturbs you during the most important task of the day. 

Then there are people who have special conditions. This is more common among adults who have a desk jobs. We understand the state of your back by the time you get home from sitting in the chair for 8 to 9 hours. Your neck, shoulders, and back are all in need of a major massage and if your pillow doesn't offer you support while lying down, it creates excess problems. If you are someone who experiences backache and neck pains even after sleeping for the recommended amount of time, it might be time to change your pillow. The foam should be the one that easily relieves tension from your muscles and make you fall asleep relatively faster. It shouldn't sink your head in nor keep it firmly above. There are special pillows available at Bed Bath & Beyond for the people so you can check those out.  

What is in the pillow? 

When you are considering the features of the pillow, your main focus should be on the stuffing. This is what is going to remain with you for the rest of the years. Different stuffing has different purposes and as we have mentioned above, you should choose a pillow with the type that is compatible with the conditions around you. As far as a down pillow is concerned, it is quite soft and best for people who have allergies. It comfortably cradles your head and offers the right kind of support needed to relax your mind after a hectic day. The only problem is that they are expensive but think of them as an investment because you wouldn't have to replace them for years if it is kept in the right conditions.  

Of course, you have cheaper replacements for down pillows like polyester fillings. For people with kids, this is an amazing option because you can just put it in the washing machine and expect great results. It is easily washable and since kids’ beddings do require cleaning more often, it works wonders for the parents. However, the polyester option lumps a lot faster and you have to replace it more often than down pillows. 

Another softer stuffing option in the market is memory foam. All these materials are available separately and also in a blended mix so if you have a preference for any of these together, you can get those in the market. For instance, if you like the support that latex offers but want the material to be memory, a mix of these is available in all sizes.  

Usually, people opt for memory foam because of how soft it feels around your head and neck and it has the ability to contour. This means that once you get into the habit of sleeping on the same pillow, it adjusts the foam as per the size of your head which is incredible because you don't experience any pains after that. But, it might not be an ideal option for warmer temperatures since it tends to absorb heat and if you are someone who often tosses and turns because of how hot it gets, you should go for latex which is cooler and has less overall pressure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bed Bath & Beyond does exceptionally when it comes to bedding and pillows are their specialty.

You can visit Bed Bath & Beyond page and get the best memory foam pillow to ensure you wake up well-rested.

It depends on how well you maintain them. Some are to be changed within 2 or 3 years while Down filling pillows can last for a decade or more if you clean them regularly.

The pillow that doesn’t leave a gap between your shoulders and your head is ideal for neck pain because it offers comfortable support to the bone and keeps your back aligned as well.

Yes, multiple types of research have revealed that memory foams are great for both back and neck pains and you should use those to improve the quality of your sleep.