Best Gaming PC Black Friday Deals and Offers 2023 – Get Your Games Running!

20 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Best Gaming PC Black Friday Deals and Offers 2023 – Get Your Games Running!


If you are a gaming fanatic (crazy about gaming) and missed a good gaming deal during the Amazon prime day then your days of regret must be over by now. If not then you might miss another round of great Gaming deals discounts on your most desired products. With the Amazon prime day dust finally settled, the new and (even better) deals are surfacing. Yes we are talking about none other than the maestro, the Gaming PC black Friday deals and discounts.

Every year, the gaming PC category sees a huge sale on black Friday and why wouldn’t it? This one day separates the abundance of good deals on gaming PC from rest of the days and your chances to score what you have been wanting your entire life become true by several percent. With black Friday approaching close we are sensing the new gaming deals closer than ever. We can smell new generation SSDs, better and more competitive graphics cards and PCs and GPUs which have been only in your wish lists up until now!

These days, there are just too many discounts online to go through; but don’t worry, that's our job. If you want to boost your gaming setup to a new level this Black Friday, check out our carefully compiled list of the top PC models in this article. Don't pass up these significant savings on some of the best black Friday deals gaming PC options of 2023 that your top favorite merchants will be offering to you. 

Our Favorite Black Friday Gaming PC Deals

34 days until the amazing black Friday is here. Now we know your long list of products will have many items but you also need to be quick with each product if you want to score the best discounts. This doesn’t mean increasing number of tabs of logging on to multiple computers at the same time. But the wise way to shop on black Friday is to narrow down your options so you aren’t wasting time on things you don’t really need. To save you from such similar situation, below we have listed our top picks for the best Gaming PCs you can buy on this black Friday. 

Alienware R15 Alienware R15 See Details
Acer Predator 7000 Acer Predator 7000 See Details
Lenovo Tower 5i Gen Lenovo Tower 5i Gen See Details
Lenovo Idea Centre 5i Lenovo Idea Centre 5i See Details
Lenovo Legion 7i Lenovo Legion 7i See Details
HP Omen 25L HP Omen 25L See Details
Origin Neuron Gaming PC Origin Neuron Gaming PC See Details
Alienware R15
Acer Predator 7000
Lenovo Tower 5i Gen
Lenovo Idea Centre 5i
Lenovo Legion 7i
HP Omen 25L
Origin Neuron Gaming PC

Alienware R15

Best Review

Alienware is a well-known brand when it comes to covering all your gaming needs and requirements. This gaming PC offers overall benefits and is made with top notch quality and a performance to remember. The R15 edition is one of our favorites for the black Friday and this is mainly because of the loaded features you get to enjoy in the Alienware R15. With an Intel core i9, a 64 GB DDR5 RAM and NVidia GeForce RTX 4090, the gaming PC is made competent with today’s fast paced action online games. The graphic card is also one of the most demanding in the market right now and the Alienware also has plenty of storage with dual storage needs.

The pre-installed fans and a liquid cooling system work together to remove waste heat from the components, keeping them at ideal operating temperatures for improved performance and power efficiency. However, if you want to use less power-hungry components, you might use an all-air cooling system. To distinguish itself from the other box-style midsize towers on the market, the chassis also features a distinctive, rounded shape. Additionally, it is simple to open up the tower with tool-less access to clean out fans, reroute wires, or even update components.

Reason to Buy

  • Active liquid cooling
  • Dual storage drives
  • Dual storage

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • The design might not appeal everyone
Buy Alienware R15

Acer Predator 7000

Best Review

A gaming laptop black Friday deal by Acer is already tempting enough but if you want a full flash setup, then the Acer gaming PCs live up to the standard set by the Acer laptops and even surpass them in some ways. Speaking of our favorite Black Friday deal, the Acer Predator Orion 7000 is a gaming computer in every practical and aesthetic sense. Its aggressive look and bright RGB fans make it obvious that this is a laptop made specifically for gaming. Acer did not just offer beauty; happily, it also guaranteed performance and thermals to support its obvious design impact.

Only the most potent last-generation components are included. Up to an Intel Core i9 and an RTX 3090 graphics card are possible. The components used for this PC are all still highly powerful, and the case's design efficiently dissipates the heat that these high-end components may generate.

Reason to Buy

  • Cool and Quiet Running Operation
  • Vibrant RGB lighting
  • Excellent 4K performance

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Upgrades take a lot of time
Buy Acer Predator 7000

Lenovo Tower 5i Gen

Best Review

If you prefer a conventional style PC with a modern set of features and competitive working action then the Lenovo Tower 5i Gen is your product to look for this black Friday. One of the best pre-built gaming pc black Friday deals you can find on the internet, this product is suitable for fast paced, modern action games and stuff. It is one of the more potent gaming PCs available thanks to the Intel Core i7-13700F CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card that were used in its construction.

The 13th-generation Intel Core CPU and RTX 40 series GPU made the PC capable of handling any task. You can multitask while writing, editing, scripting, working on photos, playing video games, and even doing complex code. When used with a monitor screen with an appropriate variety of refresh rates, the PC doesn't lag and works incredibly well for all of your demands.

Reason to Buy

  • High end components and quality
  • Customizable case lighting
  • Multiple cooling fans
  • Ideal for compact spaces

Reason to Avoid

  • Only one USB-C Port
  • Glass panel requires regular cleaning
Buy Lenovo Tower 5i Gen

Lenovo Idea Centre 5i

Best Review

Anyone who knows a bit about gaming must also know the impact of Lenovo Gaming PCs in the gaming world. This modern design, high tech and appealing to look at PC is no less of competitive features when it comes to achieving all in one product. It’s like all of your needs answered in one and that’s the great quality of this gaming PC with a Bluetooth 5i connection. The office friendly Framework gives it a multi-purpose job in this world and proudly it doesn’t disappoint in any way.

It is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and an Intel Core i5 processor from the 12th generation. The case's ergonomic form makes it ideal for shared areas or rooms that can be used for both work and gaming where RGB lighting can be distracting. You'll receive a lot of USB connections, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for wireless devices, and a VGA port for older displays in addition to the USB inputs. You may upgrade and swap out components as your needs change in the future thanks to support for up to 32GB of RAM.

Reason to Buy

  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Great framework

Reason to Avoid

  • Does not have any USB-C Inputs
Buy Lenovo Idea Centre 5i

Lenovo Legion 7i

Best Review

Let’s keep moving forward with the Lenovo gaming PCs as well as know it’s the Lenovo’s world and we all are living in it. This gaming PC from the legion series is a treat to have in your gaming station and hence our favorite pick for the black Friday. Not to be biased but if you get a good scoring discount on this one, there is no need to waste your time surfing for other deals here and there. And despite being tightly packed with features and lots of openness for upgrades, the Lenovo PC is priced really affordable too.

It includes some of the fastest hardware currently available by combining an Intel Core i7-113700KF CPU with an Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card. The Lenovo Legion Tower 7i was a little bit quicker than a bespoke PC with the identical components, so choosing a prebuilt system won't cost you any performance. This is great for individuals who are very picky about their gaming PCs. You are also free to change out the parts. The Tower 7i employs standard-sized parts, unlike desktops from Alienware and certain other manufacturers, allowing you to replace out any component you desire.

Reason to Buy

  • Attractive Design
  • Upgradable
  • 4K Gaming Performance

Reason to Avoid

  • RAM can be slow for some games
Buy Lenovo Legion 7i

HP Omen 25L

Best Review

There is something addicting about white PC setups and this HP Omen gives off the same vibes. The gaming PC is made with a conventional style casing and sometimes minimalism wins the game, indeed! Offering a great alternative to a pricier option the Intel based gaming PC comes equipped with modern features only. It has an 32GB RAM, 512 GB of storage and a graphics card to support all of your wonderful and fast paced games.

Your current game collection and any new titles you buy will have plenty of capacity on the 1TB SSD. It supports Bluetooth 5.1 for more dependable connections to wireless peripherals like headsets and mice, as well as Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for better wireless internet rates. Additionally, it has a smaller footprint than its other Omen competitors, making it ideal for workplaces and gaming environments with limited space. Pair it with a good functional monitor screen and a great Gaming Chair Black Friday Deal, and your entire setup is ready to rock and roll!

Reason to Buy

  • Configurable design
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Great 1 TB storage

Reason to Avoid

  • Limited USB Inputs
Buy HP Omen 25L

Origin Neuron Gaming PC

Best Review

Imagine the ideal gaming PC component set in your head, and then imagine that someone has really created it as a physical item for you. That is the Origin Neuron Gaming PC, then. This gaming PS is the greatest possible mix of components, in response to gamers' cries.  Although the Origin Neuron may be purchased and built exactly like the original, the outstanding support, many customization possibilities, and meticulous attention to detail by Origin argue against it.

The Neuron is entirely built using Corsair components and is owned by the well-known Corsair. That implies a device with excellent cooling capabilities, amazing performance, and a fantastic feel. The Neuron costs more than a mainstream vehicle since it has a superior build quality, greater versatility, and some contemporary furniture.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent built in cable management
  • Lifetime support
  • Easy upgrade

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Limited front panel ports
Buy Origin Neuron Gaming PC

Where to Find the Best Black Friday Gaming PC Deals?

PC gear and video games make up a sizable portion of the greatest Black Friday gaming bargains and discounts. This implies that when you go shopping, there will be a lot of alternatives to pick from as well as a lot of uncertainty. And the higher likelihood that you would be defrauded by a typical PC (if you are not adequately prepared). In order to cross those wish list items off, how can you find the best (and largest) deals?  Worry not, because below we have created a careful list of all the stores which will be offering amazing (read: genuine) gaming PC deals for this Black Friday.


Amazon with its several money saving events and great discount opportunities throughout the year is a reliable seller of gaming PCs when we talk about black Friday. The black Friday gaming deals (not just PCs) are spectacular at the brand and the retailer indeed sets the bar high for other stores. With plenty of options from top brands, Amazon also introduces several bundles and packages for gaming accessories.

Best Buy

The retailer enjoys maximizing Black Friday. The sales last year lasted from late October all the way up until Cyber Monday. To make sure you take advantage of the Best Buy Black Friday offers in 2023, be diligent to keep an eye on the approaching promotions since many of the deals were quantity- or time-limited.


A wide variety of gaming-specific desktops are available from Dell, along with the greatest Alienware laptops and Dell gaming laptops. In 2022, the company's Black Friday gaming sales gave discounts of around 15–25% on the majority of its items. In 2023, you can anticipate more of the same from Dell's Black Friday sales.


As if GameStop's everyday specials weren't exciting enough, its Black Friday bargains are fantastic. Expect more of the same this year because the Black Friday Gamestop extravaganza lasted 12 days last year.


Walmart, which competes with Amazon's Black Friday sales on an equal or even higher level (in some aspects), will provide significant gaming discounts across the board. You may discover gaming consoles, PCs, displays, peripherals, and anything in between.


Corsair, a specialist in high-end peripherals, components, and pre-built PCs, also has a superb range of affiliates in the form of real gaming PC models. On the brand's website, you may get discounts of up to 30% on the most recent PC models.

How to Choose the Best Gaming PC Black Friday Deals?

If it is a DIY gaming PC, the whole story changes but for the gaming PCs which are already built you need to have a proper knowledge of all that goes inside and outside the gaming Pc so the choice you make isn’t wrong at any point. Below we have complied the best Gaming PC guide you should check out before putting your money down to shop from black Friday gaming PC deals.

The Right time to Buy

Before we get all dived in to the specs and features offered by a gaming PC it is important to note that PCs cost a lot and in case of gaming PCs they can be as high as a second-hand car (ok a bit exaggeration there) but you get the point. A gaming PC needs to be a considerate purchase but the timeline you choose to buy the PC matters a lot. This means you should make a purchase as big as this one only when there are big sales going on.

One of the best occasions to shop for gaming PC is the black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sales. Because these two events are the biggest markdown on gaming stuff and accessories. From PS5 to gaming chairs, video games and consoles each think sees a huge drop so you can score the best bargain from top retailers. Moreover, since each retailer is doing their best to make the most sales you can find a lot of competition hence lower prices for same product. You can find best deals for black Friday gaming PC under $500 or so.

Your PC Goals

After the right time to buy which is set around the November sales the second thing is to decide what kind of Gaming PC you as a gamer want. It is better to make a checklist of features you need; you don’t need and you things you can do without. This will ensure you are not paying extra penny for features that might not serve you neither you are getting a product that will limit your gaming experience. To get the best list, here are some questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do I plan to play multiple games on my new PC, or am I only buying it to play one?
  • Do those games require a lot of graphics?
  • Do I plan to use my PC for anything other gaming, like streaming or video rendering?
  • Do I frequently travel, do I want to play games on the go, or will I prefer a more stationary setup at home?

Set your Budget

No amount of hobby is worth draining yourself off your entire money hence even if it comes to picking the best gaming PC for you, you should set your budget before you rave about the prices online. After all there is a reason we recommend you getting the gaming PC of your dreams only from the gaming pc black Friday deals and not during some regular day. And since Gaming PCs have a huge range when it comes to budget you can find a product as low as $400 and as high as $2000 or more.

You can also find a plethora of deals for black Friday gaming pc under $500. This mean that you need to be vigilant and research well before spending your money. Depending on the specifications you need, the brand you want to buy and the type of PC you are planning the budget will vary. So, it is better to keep an amount greater than you have decided but try not to overspend.


A PC for gaming can be small, mid sizes or large. There are certain benefits and limitations to each type. Small Pc setups are discrete and can fit in places where bigger systems just cannot. They are perfect for gamers who wish to utilize their PC in their home theatre but don't have access to a huge desk. However, going small can restrict your options for upgrades in the future, and some tiny PCs are noisy because they don't have enough room for cooling.

For the majority of people, mid-towers are a decent compromise and perfect. They are sufficiently large to provide upgradeability and tolerable cooling while still being tiny enough to fit under, on, or inside a standard desk.

Graphics Card

If you really want a good deal for gaming PC then graphics card is what needs to be paid attention to. It's the part that has the most influence over how beautiful your games look, how smoothly they run, and how playable higher resolutions are. Here, model numbers mostly tell the tale, with higher numbered cards often denoting more performance.


Now as we look and pay attention much to the exterior of your PC it is even so more important to check the internal features of your gaming setup otherwise you will end up with a pretty machine that doesn’t do what you want. The first thing you need to pay attention to in this case is the processor.

In most software, a system's performance is dictated by the processor. The number of processing cores is a crucial factor. In the mainstream market, options range from two to sixteen cores. A four-core CPU should be the lowest you can go, unless your budget is extremely tight, to avoid experiencing performance issues with some applications and video games.


The Higher the Ram the better it sounds for Gaming PC but this is the factor which can make you overspend money too hence you need to be specifically cautious. 16GB is a fair starting point for modern gaming systems, especially given how much prices have dropped recently. However, if you're playing older games or don't mind forgoing detail or frame rate in order to save money, you can get by with 8GB. After all, RAM is one of the cheapest and simplest things to upgrade in the future.

Cooling System

Gaming PCs and CPUs are going to heat up so don’t worry when the temperature of your leg resting behind the CPU starts to rise up, but move it away asap because your CPU needs a proper cooling system to ensure it doesn’t overheat and stops working out of a sudden.

Although cooling isn't directly tied to performance, it can still have an impact on both that and how much fun your PC is to use. If you don't worry about noise levels or keeping components cool for overclocking, you don't need to think any more about it — especially if you play with headphones, where noise isn't as significant. AMD CPUs and all graphics cards ship with their own cooling right out of the box.

Is it Worth Waiting for Black Friday Gaming PC Deals?

We personally think that it's well worth waiting for the Black Friday gaming PC offers, given the trends we've seen in prior years, where prebuilt gaming PCs frequently see their most consistent, and deepest, discounts of the year around this time. and when it comes to regular days, getting a good price on a gaming pc is nearly impossible so it’s better you wait for the black Friday or Cyber Monday to save with the best gaming PC holiday deals

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect from Pc Gaming Black Friday Deals?

As far as the Black Friday Sales are concerned, they are known to be one of the best occasions to score good deals on gaming and gaming related accessories. This includes everything from Xbox, consoles, PS5, gaming furniture, PC and accessories. Hence for gaming Pc the black Friday is the undoubtedly one of the best times to shop. 

Which Retailers Have the Best Black Friday Gaming Pc Deals?

You can find many top retailers coming forward with their black Friday deals. some of the top dealers include Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and similar other stores where you can find black Friday gaming PC deals from HP, Dell, Asus, Apple and Many other top brands. 

How Long Do Black Friday Deals Last?

It depends on the retailer, some like to extend their sales to Cyber Monday hence the sales last the entire weekend whereas in some cases you can find discounts starting days before the black Friday and ending on the actual day of Black Friday. 

When Will Black Friday Gaming PC Deals Start in 2023?

This year's Black Friday begins on November 24, but it's extremely probable that discounts on excellent PCs will start to appear earlier. Despite the fact that the largest price reductions typically occur between Friday and Monday, there has been a noticeable tendency in recent years for shops to start their Black Friday specials early without necessarily lowering prices further.