Best Hair Color for Dreadlocks

08 Sep, 2022   |   5 min read
Best Hair Color for Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are the fashion statement that everyone owns and loves. It has always been the classical trend that never went out of style. You can still spot a few people carrying the look like a boss. And that’s how it should be, right?

But one of the common dreads colored tips is that they are hard to maintain. Many say it is permanent. Once you decide to style your hair in this way, that’s your look for the rest of your life. But there are now hair salons that cater to such issues and pull the hair out of these locs.

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However, the question of maintenance still looms in the air. What many people do, which is why you are here too, is dye their deadlocks. And you cannot deny that color dreads are somehow better than the dreadlocks. Don’t worry, we heard you before you said it, here are the five best hair dye for locs and a buying guide near the end. All for your ease. So, let’s start!

Our Top Picks for Best Hair Color for Dreadlocks  

  1. Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color
  2. Shea Moisture's coloring system
  3. Clairol Textures & Tones
  4. Creme of Nature's Exotic Shine Hair Color
  5. Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Buying Guide

When you are purchasing a dye for your hair, your head goes into a spiral of thoughts. You are constantly wondering whether you need the product or you can go on without it. Plus, let’s not even talk about the doubts that circle your mind. However, there is one simple way to reach a decision, a buying guide. So, let’s see what parameters to set for the purchase.

Permanent or Temporary?

Do you need a permanent dye? Or are you looking for a trial that may or may not work? That is what you need to decide first. You can check out the benefits of using the permanent dye on your dreadlocks and whether it has any risks. However, for a risky adventure, going for the temporary extremes like pink or neon might be a great idea too!


Now, this might be the most important part of buying a hair color because not all brands offer all shades. What kind of shade are you looking for? This is your big decision because if it is permanent, you are stuck with it! Your best bet is to read reviews and see the dreadlock colored in that shade, through images and videos both. That way, you will get an idea about the desired color.

Hair Care

Colored dreadlocks aren’t much of a headache, its maintenance is. Hence, the next thing you must see is whether you can take care of your hair. Can you invest in a shampoo and a conditioner that is designed for colored hair? Would you have to make budget cuts? Such questions will help you narrow down your choice.

Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color See Details
Shea’s Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit Shea’s Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit See Details
Clairol Professional Texture and Tones Clairol Professional Texture and Tones See Details
Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine See Details
Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection See Details
Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color
Shea’s Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit
Clairol Professional Texture and Tones
Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine
Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color

Best Review

This product hosts a little party for the moisture-rich ingredients. It has a combination of all the popular oils; avocado, olive, and shea which is the basic component in every reliable haircare product. 

You can expect your hair to shine like there is no tomorrow. Only tomorrow would come, and your hair will be much vibrant than today.

The product comes in different shades so whichever one you decide, your deadlocks will have a variety to look forward. It is super easy to apply so don’t worry about making a mess at your coloring station.

Reason to Buy

  • Available in 20 different shades
  • Vibrant shine in hair

Reason to Avoid

  • Results may vary

Buy Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color

Shea’s Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit

Best Review

This hair color kit is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a complete package at a good price. It does not contain any ammonia or sulfate so first; you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The kit comprises of the good, old cream color, a basic developer, and a moisture mask to add shine to the hair. This simple kit is designed protect your hair add vibrancy to the hair, all at the same time. it is made up of soy beans and shea butter, the old favorites in the haircare industry.

 The no-drip formula of the kit allows a clean and clear coloring station with no mess to look after. 

Reason to Buy

  • Bunch of different shades including auburn and blonde
  • Cream-based dye
  • Natural ingredients

Reason to Avoid

  • Results may vary according to needs

Buy Shea’s Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit

Clairol Professional Texture and Tones

Best Review

It comes in a bottle so it is safe to say that it is easy to use. You can find different shades of the colors so there will be a lot of options waiting for you.

The product is designed from five botanical extracts along with the added enrichment from jojoba oil. This may either sound convincing to you or strange but these extracts have been known to create a shine in the hair. Moreover, the conditioner that is included in the formula boosts strength and softness in the hair.

Reason to Buy

  • Quick results
  • 15 different shades

Reason to Avoid

  • Preferable for non-blonde people
Buy Clairol Professional Texture and Tones

Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine

Best Review

Have you ever heard about argon oil? That is what is present in this formula of oil for dreadlocks. You can expect a boost of vitamins and fatty acids to do their work in strengthening your hair. Moreover, the shine and moisture that will come with the enrichment of these vitamins is just what any hair needs after a fresh batch of dye.

Lastly, it is free of ammonia so that is one less thing you have to worry about!

Reason to Buy

  • Good for dry hair
  • Enriching vitamins

Reason to Avoid

  • No 100% grey coverage 
Buy Creme Of Nature Exotic Shine

Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Best Review

Dreadlocks are dreadlocks. They are supposed to shine in their curly fashion but not many products cater to this. However, Clairol listens to the issue of curly hair and does it best in helping them stay in their original way.

With the aloe vera infused in its formula, you can expect the smoothness of your hair to shine as you dye your locks with your favorite shade. They also have pink and purple so if you are feeling adventurous, there isn’t a better time.

Reason to Buy

  • Easy to apply
  • Available worldwide
  • Different shades and different permanence modes available

Reason to Avoid

  • Some customers complained of irritation
Buy Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

To wrap up, dyed dreads tips are only of use when you have picked the best hair dye for your hair. We suggest surfing the internet and reviews to reach your best decision. However, the above list is just as valuable and offers the best of the colored dyes for dreadlocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Dreads Strong Enough for the Dying?

Of course. The only thing that you should consider is not dying a color on a baby’s dreadlocks. It is better to wait till a teenager has grown out with their dreadlocks.

2. Can Dreadlocks be Dyed?

Of course, they can! Just like any natural hair, dreadlocks are also part of somebody’s hair. They can be dyed like any other’s hair.

3. How Long do the Dyes Last?

It depends upon the dye you have chosen for your hair. Every product has a different duration which is mentioned on the box. You can check it out before using.