Best Massage Chair

By Alice Green  |   08 Sep, 2022

Best Massage Chair

Massage chairs aren't all made to be the same! The model and brand are the important factors. The person you know swears by may not provide you with the peace you require. So a thorough analysis of available options is the best way to discover the perfect one for you. However, we're here to show you all you need to be aware of the best massage chair made by the most trusted manufacturers in the market. To help you narrow your options, we looked through hundreds of massage chairs and assessed the chairs based on their massage functions, specific areas for massage, their heating and recline capabilities, comfort, and cost. Look at our selection of the top massage chairs below, with pricing, unique features, warranty information, and color choices.

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Top Picks for the Best Massage Chairs

1. The Real Relax zero gravity massage chair 1. The Real Relax zero gravity massage chair See Details
2. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner 2. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner See Details
3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full-Body Massage Chair 3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full-Body Massage Chair See Details
4. Snailax Shiatsu Neck Back Massager 4. Snailax Shiatsu Neck Back Massager See Details
5. Ideal for legs Best Full Body Massage Electrical Shiatsu Massage Chair 5. Ideal for legs Best Full Body Massage Electrical Shiatsu Massage Chair See Details
6. Ideal for arthritis OWAYS SL track zero gravity massage chair 6. Ideal for arthritis OWAYS SL track zero gravity massage chair See Details
7. Best for Recovering from Injury Comforter portable massage chair that folds up for easy transport. 7. Best for Recovering from Injury Comforter portable massage chair that folds up for easy transport. See Details
8. The Best with Smart Capabilities IRest Massage Chair that can be controlled by voice 8. The Best with Smart Capabilities IRest Massage Chair that can be controlled by voice See Details
1. The Real Relax zero gravity massage chair
2. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner
3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full-Body Massage Chair
4. Snailax Shiatsu Neck Back Massager
5. Ideal for legs Best Full Body Massage Electrical Shiatsu Massage Chair
6. Ideal for arthritis OWAYS SL track zero gravity massage chair
7. Best for Recovering from Injury Comforter portable massage chair that folds up for easy transport.
8. The Best with Smart Capabilities IRest Massage Chair that can be controlled by voice

We recommend this best massage chair for beginners of the massage world chairsIt provides a bit of everything for most users. It doesn't compromise on design as well as comfort. It is in the middle of the price range in massage chairs, making it affordable for most people purchasing from the market.

The most targeted areas are the back, neck, and waist due to the chair's design of an S-track, but what we love about this chair is that it has two sets of rollers per side, allowing for a two-handed massage performed by professionals. Its heat and intensity can be adjusted according to your preference. It offers a zero-gravity recline that provides the ultimate relief from pain and three kinds of massage (Shiatsu Kneading, kneading, and knocking) and allows you to use the seat to adjust by using your voice.

With an adjustable footrest that allows tall or average users to fit comfortably and comfortably, this Real Relax massage chair is an ideal choice for almost all types of users.

Product Pros

  • Three levels of back heating that can be adjusted
  • The large screen LCD control panel for the remote
  • Dual track rolling

Product Cons

  • Heavy
  • Pressure might be too intense

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With regards to specs In terms of specifications, in terms of specs, the SMAGREHO is the best massage chair. That is a uni-gravity design to target your back, neck, and waist area with a range of massage settings, including the option of heat therapy and extending the footrest to allow height adjustment.

The most important difference? It's priced around $200 less than Real Relax. There's no voice control, but there's Bluetooth, and while the massaging rollers don't sit on dual-core tracks, there are still eight massage heads fixed at places along your spine to provide an all-encompassing massage.

If you're interested in the flexibility that comes with The Real Relax but is willing to sacrifice some points to save money, The SMAGREHO is also the best massage office chair.

Product Pros

  • Less expensive than the average cost
  • Extendable footrest

Product Cons

  • Heating function limited to a certain extent

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The majority of available massage chairs include the back as their principal target. With 16 million Americans who suffer from chronic back pain is no wonder the designers of the chairs put back massage over other types.1

RELAXONCHAIR Plus is the best massage chair providing the typical massage chair features with some additional specs that will enhance the massage experience for your back. Instead of a full-body S-track used for massages, the chair comes with an L-track located lower in the chair to aid you in targeting your buttocks and lower back. Additionally, heating pads are located in the lower back region to help you relax and massage your pelvis and hips. Further, the reclining feature of the chair reduces pressure and relaxes your legs and spine to relieve tension in the lower back.

Product Pros

  • Stretching the entire body targets the spine.
  • L-track massage to buttocks
  • Lumbar heat

Product Cons

  • Heating function limited to a certain extent
  • There is less emphasis on legs and arms.

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We're going to break out of the box of the typical to suggest a massage cushion as an alternative to a standard chair. Although many chairs have rollers that extend into the neck area, it's difficult to concentrate on relieving your sore, stiff neck muscles while reclining in a massage chair with a cushioned headrest.

This cushioned chair from Snailax makes it the best massage chair as an excellent alternative, but it permits a closer interaction between the neck of your user and the massage rollers. This means that you will get targeted relief from the flexible silica-based nodes in the areas you're really in need of it. The pad's height is adjustable, which can accommodate different sizes of users, and the cover is also removable and washable.

It's not as good as a massage chair, but if neck relaxation is what you're looking for, this model could be superior! In addition, the Snailax model provides warmth throughout the whole spectrum of the chair. It also warms your neck and back; most competitors only provide heating for the back.

Product Pros

  • Specific neck and shoulder relief
  • 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu massage
  • Heating is included at neck level

Product Cons

  • Not a full-chair massage; it is limited to the neck and back

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Athletics, runners, and those who are always on their feet throughout the day can all benefit from the Best Massage Full Body Chair because of a seemingly insignificant but awe-inspiring feature: heated feet soles. While most full-body chairs incorporate feet as part of their massage area, using airbags or rollers placed inside the footrests, the best massage chair is the one we could find with a heating feature in the footrest too.

If you're suffering from foot or leg discomfort, a heat treatment underfoot can improve your circulation and ease stiffness in your legs and feet. On top of that, the chair offers air compression massage for the calves, ankles, and thighs to give you further relief.

Product Pros

  • Heated soles for the foot.
  • Air bags to protect calves and thighs
  • Space saving

Product Cons

  • No voice control
  • Poor customer service

Buy Ideal for legs Best Full Body Massage Electrical Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you have arthritis, you're aware of how difficult it is to complete practically anything. Even lying on your bed could cause excessive pressure on your joints, making it difficult to lay back and relax.

There are a few reasons we love OWAYS. We like many things about OWAYS is designed for those who have arthritis. The best zero gravity massage chair allows you to feel weightless and free of joint pain or pressure. It analyzes your body to adapt to your specific body shape and dimensions, ensuring you get a personalized message, not a standard one. The SL-track lets you enjoy a wider area of your body to benefit, from your neck, shoulders, and the back to your buttocks and hips.

It's not all that the chair from OWAYS can provide; it also includes the ability to heat therapy, rolling massage for feet, and light Thai stretching to loosen your spine. The wide array of options ensures that many people with arthritis get relief at home.

Product Pros

  • Zero gravity
  • Body scan technology
  • Multiple types of massage

Product Cons

  • No voice control

Buy Ideal for arthritis OWAYS SL track zero gravity massage chair

We've got a different option for you to consider the folding massage chair by COMFIER. This one, like the Snailax chair pad --isn't an option for everyone, but it provides a unique experience for those with the right preferences, specifically those with injuries requiring continuous help.

While massage chairs may be able to ease discomfort, we prefer the idea of the folding chair due to its portability. After all, injuries won't just disappear while you're working or on the road, so having a chair to carry around allows you to have relief wherever you travel.

The best massage chair supports those suffering from pain in the arm, leg, or foot. However, it's as comfortable as a standard chair when it comes down to the neck and back. With multiple massage nodes as well as the ability to heat, a reclining back with an adjustable height. Anyone needing neck or back support in the rush will be pleased to know that this chair is a relaxing, powerful machine in a lightweight package.

Product Pros

  • Light-weight
  • Portable
  • Back and neck massage

Product Cons

  • No massages for legs, arms, or feet
  • No voice control

Buy Best for Recovering from Injury Comforter portable massage chair that folds up for easy transport

In the majority of the options in our current list, users will need to pick between features for voice control or Bluetooth connectivity. This is not the case with the iRest chair that allows you to control its functions with AI speech control and connect the chair to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The chair has 12 automatic massage functions ranging from relaxing, stretching, and fatigue relief to targeted body massages.

 In addition to its innovative features, the best massage chair comes with zero gravity heating, heat therapy, variable intensity, and massage rollers beneath the foot. It's also nearly put together. Just attach the footrest, and you're ready to go.

Product Pros

  • AI voice control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple massage styles

Product Cons

  • Mid-to-high price range
  • Voice control is unpredictably

Buy The Best with Smart Capabilities IRest Massage Chair that can be controlled by voice

A Buying Guide to the Top Massage Chair

1-Target zones

While browsing for massage chairs, look for the target muscles. "Full-body" models usually work on different parts of your back. They also come with airbag compressors for relieving tension in your legs, arms, and feet. Lesser options could focus on the back or shoulders.

The models with S-tracks have rollers focusing on the lines of your spine, including your back and neck—L-track massage chairs. However, an L-shaped arc runs from your lower back to your muscles and hamstrings. There are SL tracks, which provide the most effective from both sides.


Apart from various target zones, Massage chairs differ in terms of setting. This is a matter of speed, intensity, and specific massage settings, including rolling, kneading, tapping, and compression.


Massage chairs are available at various prices. You can choose the best massage chair under $1000, sometimes even higher. The models with the most features are priced higher, and budget-friendly chairs are more affordable. No matter your budget, check the warranty and return policy before buying massage chairs is recommended.

4-Extra Features

Since massage chairs continue to develop technologically, a lot have added more advanced features. But do they work?

Zero gravity

This could give a weightless sensation to the user that can provide relief for those suffering from all-over pain. However, it's not the only thing to be looking for: "There are some chairs which offer zero gravity. This means that you'll feel as if there's no pressure on your spine, but it doesn't mean it's not going to offer all other features you're looking for."

Bluetooth connectivity

It's a personal choice. Suppose you'd like to listen to your carefully curated playlist of Zen music for meditation at the press of one button while you massage and meditation, a wireless connection to your smartphone or computer can make this process effortless. If you're not concerned about it, you don't need to pay more for a chair with this feature. "Some features that come with massage chairs could increase the price, but they won't improve the quality of the chair," Dr. Prestipino states. "Adding Bluetooth speakers to a massage chair's headrest doesn't affect the effectiveness of the features for massage." The best massage gaming chair must require this feature. 

Construction and Appearance

The best massage chair under $500 is constructed with synthetic leather, but they are not genuine. Consider the size that the seat is, as it is likely to be quite large, and whether it's going to be able to fit into your living space. Most of the chairs don't look very attractive; however, how they feel within your home could make an enormous difference to your purchase.


A massage chair is an expensive purchase. Therefore, it's crucial to find out whether there's a warranty in case the chair should fail or cease to function when you return it. According to Dr. Prestipino, certain chairs that are more expensive may include extended customer service or warranty terms, but do not assume that's the situation.


If you're looking to purchase the best massage chair with several of the most sought-after features available (read speech control, zero gravity, and a variety of massage options), be sure to find something they appreciate regarding this Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It is designed to target your neck, back, and waist using dual-core S-track massage rollers that simulate the experience of a professional hands-on massage. If lower back pain is your main concern, we love how this RELAXONCHAIR MK II Plus full-body massage chair stretches and relaxes your spine to provide the most effective massage relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will be contingent entirely on the budget you have set. The lower budget will restrict your options, and you cannot access specific options. Many companies offer financing options that charge 0 percent interest in a particular period, which means you can get the massage chair you've always wanted without spending a dime!

It's yet another issue that is based on your individual preferences. Are you focused on zero-gravity, or is it just an option you would like to have? Look at the features we have listed above and consider your absolute necessities. After that, you'll be able to reduce your choices and choose the right massage chair for your budget.

The firm you purchase the massage chair is equally important, as is the model and brand you pick. Avoid those that provide bare warranties (or any warranties even!). These companies could be challenging to resolve should anything happen to the massage chairs you have. Massage chairs provide many advantages for health. Businesses should not promote their chairs as a cure for anything. If a business makes claims regarding health or medical enhancements, consider it an indication of fraud.

Before purchasing any online item, be sure to read the policy on returns. Massage chairs have a standard return policy in the industry that is between 30 and 60 days. However, you may get return policies that extend more than 100 days!