Best Black Friday Luggage Deals of 2023 – Travel in Style and Budget

03 Nov, 2023   |   5 min read
Best Black Friday Luggage Deals of 2023 – Travel in Style and Budget


With holiday season coming up many of us would be booking flights, packing bags and leaving for the best holiday time with their families. This will include packing many items so you can rock that new year’s party look, make the most of Christmas dress up and also take gifts for everyone (without breaking them). If packing light yet stylish is your concern then you probably need the right luggage option for you. And fortunately, the best black Friday deals come just around the right time when you can catch amazing discounts and offers on many items from popular luggage brands.

With retailers like Amazon, Macy’s Nordstrom and Samsonite putting up to 50% off on their top and latest models there is a lot of shopping choice you get. But don’t be confused, because every deal you see isn’t worth purchasing and every luggage that shines, well is not the perfect luggage for you. Hence to make your search much easier and comfortable, this article will cover the best black Friday luggage deals from your top brands and some of our favorite luggage options you must keep in your mind before the clock strikes.

Best Luggage Deals Black Friday

The end of the year is definitely the time when wallets are drained and you are worried about declining bank balance of yours. But don’t worry we have one great hack for your travel savings. Yes, the black Friday deals on luggage hack! Purchasing baggage on sale is a terrific way to save travel expenses, regardless of whether you're a jetsetter who's always searching for new and improved gear, the wanderlust type who's already planning trips for next summer, or the hesitant traveler who wants a suitcase that can do it all.

First of all, baggage may be really expensive, so you need to get a decent price. And what better occasion to get a decent price on any items than the maestro black Friday deals luggage themselves? So, without further ado, let’s check out top contestants which will be discounted during the black Friday luggage deals 2023.

Samsonite freeform Carry-on Spinner Samsonite freeform Carry-on Spinner See Details
Amazon Basics Hardside 3-Piece Set Amazon Basics Hardside 3-Piece Set See Details
Swiss gear Softside Extendable Luggage Swiss gear Softside Extendable Luggage See Details
Travelpro Platinum Luggage Travelpro Platinum Luggage See Details
Travelers Club Hardside Luggage Set Travelers Club Hardside Luggage Set See Details
Samsonite freeform Carry-on Spinner
Amazon Basics Hardside 3-Piece Set
Swiss gear Softside Extendable Luggage
Travelpro Platinum Luggage
Travelers Club Hardside Luggage Set

Samsonite freeform Carry-on Spinner

Best Review

First one our list from the top famous brand for luggage and travel, the Samsonite freeform luggage is worth all the praises for many reasons. It is a hardside set (though you can get individual items too) which offers a 21 inch and a 28 inch spinner. Made up of polypropylene material the durable hard plastic looks great yet stands the test of time and performance. The Samsonite luggage itself doesn’t have any weight so you don’t find it hard and uncomfortable to pick it off the Airport baggage check-in.

We admired this luggage set's clean, simple design as well as the bags' surprising room for packing. We didn't need to use the convenient expansion option because we could accommodate everything on our packing list. Both bags include adequate compartments and a partition for effective packing.

Though it doesn’t have a waterproof or separate section for dirty laundry and that’s shocking for a brand such as Samsonite, the suitcase does have cross-ribbon to keep your clothes and items in place as you packed even after a turbulent flight. With four double spinner wheels and a strong, retractable draw handle that provided the smoothest glide of all the bags, the suitcases were incredibly maneuverable.

Reason to Buy

  • Effortless and smooth glide
  • Lightweight
  • Modern and ultra-thin design

Reason to Avoid

  • Interior pockets are lacking
Buy Samsonite freeform Carry-on Spinner

Amazon Basics Hardside 3-Piece Set

Best Review

Making into the line of best travel pieces, the amazon basics 3-piece set is one of the fine luggage sets you will witness for modern traveling. It comes at a very affordable price tag and a quality that competes with many higher end models with more or less same features. It comes with a bigger 30-inch checked bag, a 26-inch checked bag that's ideal for quick travels, and a 21-inch carry-on. Extra-thick ABS plastic with a surface that resists scratches is a characteristic shared by all three luggage, and it exceeded our high standards in our rigorous durability testing. These luggage' sleek, uncomplicated appearance won us over, and we were amazed at how well they maneuvered on pavement and carpet.

The luggage is especially designed for bumpy airport paths and for last minute boarding as it can handle stresses when you are rushing to the counter to catch the flight. The double spinner wheels offer 360 degrees mobility and the top handle allow easy lifting. The interior has three zipped pockets, a feature missing in the Samsonite model and you can achieve top notch level of organization with this luggage even if you are a messy packer yourself. You can also use the amazon black Friday promo deals 2023 to save on this amazing set of well performing travel bags.

Reason to Buy

  • Durable ABS construction
  • Offers plenty of expansion
  • Excellent at handling bumps

Reason to Avoid

  • Does not have TSA approved lock
Buy Amazon Basics Hardside 3-Piece Set

Swiss gear Softside Extendable Luggage

Best Review

We know the old school design of this luggage might not appeal many people but some of us are conventional like that. After all there was something unique and commendable about old-school cases that kept them in business for years and they are yet not obsolete either. Comparably, the SwissGear line of soft luggage is well-liked on Amazon due to its roominess and ease of use.

This bag has a spacious interior compartment with tie straps to keep your belongings secure, two zipped mesh pockets for organization, a small wet bag for amenities, and two exterior zip pockets for additional storage. The front of the bag unzips to show these features. The additional pockets are a huge help if you are a mother who has to pack for both herself and your two little children. Also, the additional pockets prevent over packing whether it's before or after a lengthy journey.

Aside from that, this bag can be expanded by 2 inches to provide more packing space if you like to have place for keepsakes. Reviewers like the product's effortless maneuverability and the smooth wheel movement it facilitates. The bag, which has been made by a well-known brand for years, is ideal for occasional usage. Reviewers did, however, point out that the telescoping handle seemed fragile and broke after a while of usage.

Reason to Buy

  • Many storage pockets
  • Smooth wheel action

Reason to Avoid

  • Handle is flimsy
  • Handle does not provide good grip
Buy Swiss gear Softside Extendable Luggage

Travelpro Platinum Luggage

Best Review

Some people put traveling in style as top of their list hence they have saved up a lot during the year to purchase a good quality high end luggage. This is for those kind of people as the Travelpro platinum is one expensive option on our picks for the black Friday. Though you will be able to find a good discount for the black Friday deals, still the price remains higher than others. The travel pro set comes in two but with a complete regard to what a person might need the most during the travel.

You will find a 21 inch and a 25 inch carry on checked baggage. Made up of 100% polycarbonate the genuine leather trim and aluminum corner on this luggage make it long lasting and durably. Fast-charge USB A and C connections and an external power bank compartment are some note-worthy features offered by the carry-on bag. Both bags have an open clamshell design with various mesh accessory compartments, two zipped divider panels, and an open design. We like that the checked bag had adjustable compression straps and that they provide a water-resistant one for wet laundry or toiletries.

Reason to Buy

  • Contoured grip handle
  • Includes USB charge ports
  • Easy spin
  • Plenty of pockets

Reason to Avoid

  • Potential Weight
  • Price Range
  • Limited Design Choices
  • Storage Space
Buy Travelpro Platinum Luggage

Travelers Club Hardside Luggage Set

Best Review

Just like the name suggests, the travelers club hardside luggage set is indeed made and designed with pro travelers in mind. This Travelers Club four-piece baggage set is an absolute deal at less than $150, making it one of the most reasonably priced choices on our list.  It includes two rolling bags. It seems to have everything—a bigger checked luggage, a carry-on bag, a tote, and a compact toiletry bag.

There are two roomy compartments on the checked and carry-on bags: one that is completely covered and has cross straps to keep items safe. The travelers club baggage heard girls who want to store their clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, and toiletries all too separate yet in one location! In addition, there are five other color possibilities, such as lilac, rose gold, and tan. Reviews claim that it's excellent for infrequent travel, but frequent travelers may find it ineffective because the rolling luggage' ABS material is prone to breaking.

Reason to Buy

  • Great value for money
  • Spacious and plenty of storage compartments

Reason to Avoid

  • Not suitable for frequent travels
  • Not very high quality
Buy Travelers Club Hardside Luggage Set

Where Can I Find the Best Luggage Deals?

Many stores will be putting up their travel and luggage deals with local and international brands but just because it looks great doesn’t mean it works great. For items like luggage and clothing on black Friday, you need to be extra cautious as retailers can earn the most profit on these deals. Hence we only recommend buying from well-known names when it comes to luggage shopping on black Friday. Below are some good to shop places for black Friday luggage discounts.


Some of the finest prices on luggage, including those from well-known brands like Samsonite and Travelpro, can be found on Amazon. We are especially big admirers of Samsonite, and it is important to note that usually offers the largest selection of Samsonite baggage of any shop. Therefore, it is not to be overlooked if you are able to get a nice Samsonite offer on Black Friday.


Another top retailer with good deals on luggage items is the Nordstrom and this is where you can find fashionably forward luggage choices for people who love to indeed travel in style. So with the black Friday approaching, there are definitely some great deals at Nordstrom too.


Target is another smart and wonderful luggage deal option with the best discounts on luggage sets of 2 and 3. You can find many ergonomic bags with spacious design as well as family bags which are perfect for frequent heavy-weight travels.


Don’t forget to check out the retailer with the fancy black Friday deals too. From hardside luggage collection to Softside luggage deals Macys has a good variety of family travel bags. The stock might not be huge but the collection is worth a look.

How to Choose the Best Luggage Deals Black Friday?

The poor handling of your bags when the luggage is loaded off or loaded in, the carelessness off passing through the scan machine and not to mention the end moment packing rituals which push your luggage beyond the maximum capacity are all some of the common events whenever you are traveling. If you are familiar with such situations then you probably need time figuring out the right travel bag for you.

Shopping for baggage can be overwhelming because there are so many different types, sizes, and costs to consider. The following are some things to think about when searching for baggage, including your means of transportation, how long you'll be travelling, available luggage kinds and materials, and features to look for.

Mode of travel

Even though you might not stick to the same mode of travel always but find out the most frequently practiced way of travel so you can make your pick accordingly. Do you travel primarily by air, road, or sea? Learn about the baggage policies of the airlines you intend to fly with before you travel by air. Look for bags that are flexible enough to make the most of your trunk space if you frequently take road trips. Flat, rigid luggage works best on cruise liners, when luggage is stored in the boat's belly prior to departure.


There are two types of weight considerations when it comes to your luggage. Firstly, the weight of your empty luggage and secondly the weight capacity of your luggage. Both the things are equally important as a heavy luggage itself will only take up a lot of your allowed weight capacity hence compromise those pretty outfits. On the other hand, a luggage should be able and stable enough to bear enough weight so it doesn’t present a thrift sale when the bag pops open amidst the busy airport.

Different airlines have different baggage weight restrictions. Before you leave, make sure your suitcase isn't too heavy because extra baggage charges are known to be exorbitant. Regular travelers might find it useful to purchase some luggage scales.

Keep in mind that you may fit more vacation attire in a suitcase that weighs less when it is empty. Additionally, it will be simpler to move and hoist. The best full-size luggage generally, has an empty weight as low as 3.1 kg, while larger choices came in at a hefty 5.9 kg.

When it comes to cabin bags, keep in mind that certain flights have weight limitations for hand luggage as well. If you don't want to give up your books, presents, and mementos, go with a lightweight cabin case or a more laid-back airline.


If it cannot withstand the harsh travel conditions with you then it’s not the right fit. We all love to travel but it does come at a cost (well other than the loads of your savings spent just like that). But make sure your luggage can travel with you from place to place under the vigorous conditions. Hence ask yourself first, Can it withstand the strain of travel—aggressive luggage handlers, bumps in the trunk—and be used for years to come?


Imagine reaching to your destination and at the same day you need to attend an important event but as soon as you freshen up in your hotel you cannot find makeup, shoes, clothes or anything because each and everything is just a large bowl of mixed salad. This is why you need organization within the luggage too. There should be shoe compartments, right? A place for your makeup pouch, pocket for a water bottle? Laptop case? Don’t compromise with a bag that has a huge pocket and end up ruining the setting of your entire stuff.


Does that backpack comfortably fit your torso and evenly distribute the weight? Can you effortlessly roll your bag? We wish to carry our luggage without strain because we spend a lot of time walking. Make sure the luggage is comfortable otherwise there is no point of looking pretty.


Others who like to take on new experiences might seek for a bag made of a lightweight waterproof (or at least water-resistant) material, while those who usually check a bag will choose a sturdy hard-shell luggage. You should also choose a material that is washable and does not stain easily. Something that doesn’t allow the spillage incidents to travel far inside to the clothes and expensive items you are carrying.


In addition to what will benefit our travels, we also take into account the environment's health and the workers who make our bags. A wide range of companies use eco-friendly procedures, such as using recycled water bottles to make cloth, from the fashionable suitcases of Paravel to the outdoor-ready Patagonia. Additionally, they are dedicated to giving their workers a secure and equitable environment. Whatever kind of luggage you desire, it is made by a sustainable company.


The wheels on your luggage do seem an additional accessory but they are the most or one of the most important features too. Make sure you choose wheels with enough protective coating so they don’t lose efficiency over the years. Also, luggage that have four wheels instead of two are much better and easier to travel with.


There are expandable panels on many luggage that can be unzipped to add at least 10% more packing capacity. If you can't resist those last-minute gifts and souvenirs, some of the top-scoring cabin cases and full-size luggage in our roundups are expandable and well worth considering.


There is a luggage set on this list (and in the market) to fit practically every budget, ranging in price from just over $200 to slightly under $1,300. Although a lot of the price is determined by a brand's name and reputation, there are methods to save costs. In other words, sets with fewer pieces are undoubtedly less expensive, and Softside baggage is frequently more affordable than hardside. Keep in mind that it's frequently worthwhile to spend a little bit extra on a high-quality set that will endure, sparing you from having to pay more for a replacement in a few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hard Luggage better than Soft Luggage?

Hard baggage typically has a more robust structure and frame, making it more long-lasting. Anything important or fragile in your luggage is better protected by it. Also, there are other benefits of a hard luggage bag over a soft luggage one. You get features like water resistant, extra safety and better aesthetics. But hard luggage, on the other hand, is less flexible, allowing you to pack more goods in a soft side bag.

When Should I Start Shopping from black Friday deals on luggage sets?

Black Friday deals start to emerge from early November and even some of them are introduced by the end of October too. So you can expect your shopping to begin from the second week of November. Although some people prefer to wait because they want to get the best offers which are actually released on the actual black Friday. Though these deals offer the biggest discounts they are also limited in stock.

How do you get the best Luggage Black Friday Deals?

You can visit the store or shop online to find your favorite deal. The offers will be cost-effective, and other shoppers will take notice of them. The sales are anticipated to begin before to Black Friday 2023, and you may discover the most recent and updated discounts here.

How Long Black Friday Luggage Deals Last?

Just like every other category going on sale on black Friday, the luggage deals also last for a day or two before the Cyber Monday deals begin to kick in. although you can find the luggage deals coming up in the week of thanksgiving so you can also get a good bargain before the actual black Friday day.

Where Can I Find the Best Black Friday luggage deals?

If you intend to stay a while in your dream location, finding a good bargain on luggage is simple right now. Although you're not likely to include luggage on your holiday wish list, the deals will make you desire one for yourself nonetheless. As anticipated, there is a good selection of baggage from retailers like Amazon, Macy's, and Walmart, and they will all be discounted during the sale.