Top 3 Chandeliers Under $50 To Brighten Your Day

By Alice Green  |   26 May, 2022

Top 3 Chandeliers Under $50 To Brighten Your Day

Decorating your house is a joy that makes you feel extremely elated and it is also one of the reasons why people love to go shopping for décor. The summer holidays are almost here which means that soon you will be hosting a lot of parties and inviting guests over for the 4th of July barbecue. Not only do you have to polish your cooking skills but also have to make sure that the house looks stellar. Nothing comes close to people complimenting you on the décor of your house which is why it needs to be in the greatest condition.

One way to bring exquisite style to your hall, living room, or even the special guest room is to place a chandelier that takes up all the attention. The luminous greatness that makes everyone stare in awe and completes the look of the house is just what you need to bring a magnanimous change to your house. Lots of people want to add a graceful look to their house once in a while but changing the décor every six months is not possible. We suggest that you go for the perfect finishing with a chandelier because that will not just illuminate the already present decorations but also add a beautiful touch to the house.

People love to take wonderful pictures during meet-ups and events and if you are hosting dinner, then natural light is out of the question. This is where the chandelier will save your day and give you photographs to cherish for years to come. Your guests would be super impressed with the outlook and no matter where the placement of the chandelier is, it is bound to become the center of attention. The only problem that arises with buying one is the price. The greater they look, the more they cost. If you are someone who is well-versed in home décor, then you already know that there are affordable options available in the market as well. But if you don’t have the time to browse through the market, we are here to save the day as usual.

We have compiled some cheap chandeliers under $50 and $100 that will no doubt make your event a success by giving the desired look to your house. So, get ready to find the perfect affordable chandelier to impress all the guests.

Our Top Picks for the Best Chandeliers

1. WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING – Stella Mira Barnwood Vintage Chandelier 1. WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING – Stella Mira Barnwood Vintage Chandelier See Details
2. KSANA – Modern Gold Chandelier 2. KSANA – Modern Gold Chandelier See Details
3. LALUZ – Black Farmhouse Chandelier 3. LALUZ – Black Farmhouse Chandelier See Details
1. WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING – Stella Mira Barnwood Vintage Chandelier
2. KSANA – Modern Gold Chandelier
3. LALUZ – Black Farmhouse Chandelier

One look at this chandelier and you would be 100% sold on buying it for your house. The best part about this model is that it gives you more than what you have bargained for and that is revealed to you as you start setting it up. It is primarily made for the indoor structure and has three lights that illuminate separately to bring color to your room. The Barnwood finishes add a nice touch to the furniture and the rubbed bronze makes it look as exquisite as they come. You will instantly fall in love with the beautiful design. So, if you have a minimalist home, we suggest you bring this gorgeous piece instantly to your house and make everyone stare at it in awe.



  • Style: As we said, it is one of the most stylish pieces we have come across as the vintage lighting that reflects from it has three types of color that makes the entire room seem brighter. The effect on the décor will make you super proud of your purchase.
  • Usage: We suggest that you use it for your living or dining rooms. It has a luxurious style so it might even fit in well with the hallway décor and make the dim passages seem brighter by adding more detail. However, don’t use it for the outdoor as it will just fade into the background.
  • Bulbs: You can put it in 40 watts candelabra base-lighting bulbs and illuminate the 3 types of lights placed in the chandelier. It needs minimum effort and will brighten up the setup greatly. It is better to use energy-saving bulbs in the chandeliers because they consume a lot of light so make sure the performance lasts for a long time.

Product Pros

  • 15 x 15 x 17.25 inches
  • 4.85 pounds
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a hardware guide
  • Adjustable height
  • Compatible with flat and sloped ceilings
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Two-tone color
  • Listed for safe usage

Product Cons

  • Slightly expensive

Buy WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING – Stella Mira Barnwood Vintage Chandelier

As far as this model is concerned, the reason why this ranks so high in our opinion is because of the firm grip. Of course, when it comes to any hanging décor, there is major anxiety related to how the piece could fall and cause any harm. However, with this one, the customers and experts are super impressed with the kind of support it provides and how tightly it hangs from the ceilings. There have been no complaints of any part coming lost and it is quite a great chandelier for modern homes. If you have a small home that is in need of a makeover, we strongly suggest that you for this option and for years, you wouldn't need to change any setting of your house. It has a matte finish and will even look good in your kitchen. Some other places where you can hang this piece of art are in your dining or living room.



  •  Style: The sleek and modern design that has a minimalist structure always steals our hearts and we quickly start imagining how great it would look in any house. The mid-century furnishing that you get with this one adds a great touch of luxury and if you have a pastel or monochromic set up in your living room, this glam-gold model will be such a great fit for your place.
  • Structure: It is around 16.3 inches tall which is an ideal height for small houses. One of the suggestions given by the experts on this particular kind of chandelier was that you can include a couple of them in your living room because of how subtle and non-flashy they are. You can also adjust the height as per your convenience 
  • Bulbs: For this one, you need 40 watts bulbs that should be at least 3 in quantity to get the full experience of the chandelier. You can also use vintage filament and other CFL options but you will have to buy them on your own.

Product Pros

  • 11.8 x 11.8 x 16.3 inches
  • 4.59 pounds
  • Modern chandelier
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-assembled body
  • Can be installed on flat and sloped ceilings
  • Premium iron built
  • ELT listed
  • Comes with two-year warranty

Product Cons

  • Needs extra bulbs

Buy KSANA – Modern Gold Chandelier

Compatible with almost all the houses, no matter how big or small, LAUZ will make sure you are in for a treat when it comes to the décor. It is slightly different from your typical white and gold colors as it follows the theme of a black shade and looks extremely sophisticated and sleek. They call it the farmhouse chandelier because of the kind of support it provides. The material is built from metal and you will love the oil and rubber finish that will prevent your piece from rotting any time soon. You can use five bulbs to power it and once the lighting is all set in, you will notice how great the whole setup is. It adds so much character to your décor and the dramatic lighting will make you happy with your decision through and through.



  • Style: It has a metallic structure which is made in black color and looks super cool with the rest of the décor in your house. One thing that you need to consider with this particular chandelier is the surroundings. If your room has a modern touch or it has pastel colors and you need something subtle to cover it, we suggest that you 100% go with this chandelier.
  • Structure: It is available in 23 inches which is slightly bigger than the average size but it doesn't take up too much space. Of course, you can adjust the chain to make it go as high as you like. As per the experts, you can hang it in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room as well. No matter where you place it, it is bound to attract the attention of your guests with how intriguing it looks with the home setup.
  • Bulbs: Again with this chandelier too, you can use 40 watts bulbs and CFL and vintage lighting too. You will have to buy them separately, though. Our advice is to go for energy-efficient options because that will ensure you are getting maximum performance for a low price.

Product Pros

  • 18.5 x 18.5 x 23.6 inches
  • 4.9 pounds
  • Light design
  • Farmhouse touch
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable arms
  • Can be installed n flat, sloped, or vaulted ceilings
  • Recommended for living room and entryways
  • ETL listed
  • Dimmer
  • Matches the interior
  • Two-year warranty

Product Cons

  • Metallic so slightly heavy

Buy LALUZ – Black Farmhouse Chandelier

What to Look for in a Chandelier?

Of course, we have compiled the list for you but you should know how our experts came to pick the best chandeliers and tested them to find out the perfect one for you. There are numbers of features one should look into when buying décor for the house but the most important one is your own choice. We have tried to keep the range of chandeliers under $50 diverse so you can pick the one that you think is the most suitable for you.

Where to Hang it?

This is the first thing you need to consider because it will give you a rough idea of the size and the type of chandelier you are looking for. Usually, people prefer chandeliers to be in their living room due to which they prefer something grand and huge that is visible to everyone and be admired by all the guests entering your house. However, if you have another type of space in your house that requires a chandelier, then we suggest that you look for something subtle that would complement the ambiance of the place. All in all, a chandelier is used to enhance the already present décor which means that you have to match it to the theme and look for the kind that is not just decorative but the one that also fits well with your house. If you have a huge house, going for bigger models would make sense but in a tiny place, having a giant chandelier might just take up too much space and not look well. So, it is advised that you should instantly consider and start looking for cheap chandeliers under $50 but only after looking and assessing the place you want to hang them.

Size of the chandelier

Even though we have already talked about this, that was with respect to the space. The size of the chandelier does depend on the place that you are hanging it, but it should also be suitable for the kind of décor you are going for. Experts suggest that you first need to measure the size of the room and do a full analysis of the width and height and then proceed with any sort of purchasing of chandeliers. To give you a rough example, add up the height and width of your place and then find a model that measures against it perfectly. Some people take a picture of their room and place the pictures of chandeliers inside to see how it would look. While this is an effective method, we still suggest that you go about it the old-fashioned way and take all the measurements before going out to buy your favorite chandelier under $50. You don't really need to worry about the placement of the chandelier as in how low or high it has to be because most of them come with chains that can be shortened as per your desire.

Style of the Chandelier

There are so many options in the market that you will feel super confused and intrigued at the same time about which one to buy. Our experts have compiled the list to bring out the best models for you but they obviously need to match the theme and décor of your house. Some homes have a modern set up so you can go with the sleek design. Others are more traditional and classic so those work really well too. Usually, the history of the chandelier takes us back to the classical times when those excessive bulbs and lights filled the place.

The suggestion is to go for those only if you have a huge room and the place wouldn't look super crowded after the installation. Some people also opt for the Madonna Range which has more brass and red crystal materials on it which makes the chandelier look exquisite and beautiful. However, if your home is more minimalist and you are looking for something subtle, we have also included quite a few sophisticated designs that add just the right amount of glamor and elegance to your room. The colors and finish can be coordinated once you pick the right kind of design.


The three options that we have presented for you will do wonders in your home. Not only do you get mega giants traditional chandeliers but also minimalist designs that will complement the décor and make your home look so much more sophisticated and elegant during the summer holidays. It is almost time for all the barbecues and pool parties and when guests will start pouring in, they will be delighted to see the new décor that you have furnished your house with. So we suggest that you pick the one that you find the most suitable and add character to your house today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of them come with clear-cut instructions on how to do and some of them are pre-assembled too. If you are bad with the handling, you can get an expert to do so. Otherwise, the manual is pretty helpful.

We hope you have done all the measurements before picking out your chandelier because that is what is going to help you with this stage. You need to adjust the height according to your place.

You should always make sure you are cleaning them right so when the light shines through, it is clear and doesn’t look dirty in the brightness as it leaves a bad impression.

Most homes today are minimalist and modern so go for the sleek designs that don't look too overwhelming.

It depends on your taste and what would look good with the house. Traditional and modern both are present in the market.

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