Chromebook Black Friday Deals and Offers – Top Discounts worth $2000 or more

By Alice Green  |   11 Nov, 2022

Chromebook Black Friday Deals and Offers – Top Discounts worth $2000 or more

Gone are the times when there was a single laptop enough for the entire household, now with the modern needs and technology dependent life every person in the house needs their own laptop, that too a good one. But the truth is buying a new laptop is always not possible with a tight budget, heavy bills, education expenses and barely trying to live your life. Hence you need some magical ways to score a good laptop and this time we have found one.

With the Chromebook black Friday deals 2022 coming up you are in luck because chromebook is seeing some huge (bigger than ever) discounts on all of their models. With up to 70% off during the black Friday chromebook deals you can now buy not one but one for everyone laptop right in your budget. In this article you will find all the best chromebook black Friday deals along with a buying guide to help you choose the best offer for you.

Best Black Friday Deals Chromebook

Anyone looking for a cheap, portable laptop should consider a Chromebook. If you're a student who needs a computer for the bare minimum or someone who just wants a way to access the internet after work, a Chromebook is the most affordable option available. Chromebooks, which use Google's Chrome OS, are renowned for their user-friendliness and long-lasting batteries.

Although it could be tempting to spend a lot of money on a high-end Apple or Windows laptop, a Chromebook is usually all you need. Chromebooks are always discounted on black Friday and this is why hundreds of customers wait for black friday deals so they can get their hands on the top chromebook offers. Below are our top favorite chromebook deals filtered out for you from the sea of chromebook offers black Friday. 

Walmart Black Friday Deals Chromebook

Walmart has chromebook offers and deals for black Friday for as big as 50% discounts and even more. Walmart usually stocks up last generation chromebooks but you can rely on the retailer for quality, huge stock and most competitive prices. Last year the Walmart acer chromebook deal was a hit. Moreover, you can also find options from Hp, Samsung and Lenovo with their best deals on Walmart.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Chromebook

There is no comparison to amazon chromebook deals when it comes to finding latest, old, conventional and all time popular chromebook models. Some of our favorite chromebook deals have come from the amazon over the years including the Samsung galaxy chromebook which was known as the best screen with an ultra-thin design. You can find more chromebook deals at amazon with discounts as big as $150 or more.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals Chromebook

Another retailer with competitive pricing and deals on chromebook is the best buy. At best buy you can find all the top chromebook offers with promising discounts. The chromebook black Friday deals on best buy cover the acer models, google pixel books and even some top picks from Samsung.

HP 14 inch Chromebook HP 14 inch Chromebook See Details
ASUS CX1500 Chromebook, 15.6 ASUS CX1500 Chromebook, 15.6 See Details
Samsung Chromebook 4 Samsung Chromebook 4 See Details
Lenovo 14-inch Chromebook Lenovo 14-inch Chromebook See Details
Chromebook C223 from ASUS, 11.6 Chromebook C223 from ASUS, 11.6 See Details
The 11.6 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 The 11.6 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 See Details
Chromebook Spin 713 from Acer (3W) Chromebook Spin 713 from Acer (3W) See Details
Chromebook Flex 3 11 from Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 11 from Lenovo See Details
Lenovo - IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook Lenovo - IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook See Details
HP - 2-in-1 14 HP - 2-in-1 14 See Details
Google Pixelbook Google Pixelbook See Details
HP 14 inch Chromebook
ASUS CX1500 Chromebook, 15.6
Samsung Chromebook 4
Lenovo 14-inch Chromebook
Chromebook C223 from ASUS, 11.6
The 11.6 Lenovo IdeaPad 3
Chromebook Spin 713 from Acer (3W)
Chromebook Flex 3 11 from Lenovo
Lenovo - IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook
HP - 2-in-1 14
Google Pixelbook

This 14-inch HP Chromebook is powered by an Intel processor for a combination of intuitive usability and reliable power. Easy-to-use Chrome operating system is simple for anyone in the family to use, making this device a great choice for a home laptop. It's designed to be fast in every way while keeping you safe and secure on the web, so you worry less about what you're clicking and spend more time enjoying your entertainment on the micro-edge HD screen.

Buy HP 14 Chromebook

ASUS Chromebook CX1500 is made for boosting productivity and having more fun while on the move - all day, every day. This lightweight, ultraportable device is powered by an Intel processor and gives you the freedom of up to 11-hours of battery life. The slim-bezel design fits more screen into the compact chassis for easy multitasking and incredibly immersive entertainment. It is your gateway to the best of Google, including the rich library of apps for work or play on the Google Play Store.

Buy ASUS CX1500 Chromebook

Not even 10 nor 50 save a flat $100 on this Samsung (much desired) chromebook 4 when you checkout this deal at Walmart. The Samsung Chromebook 4 is now available at a fantastic price. This inexpensive laptop can perform light work or everyday duties thanks to its 11.6-inch screen, Intel processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB of storage, and up to 12-hour battery life.

Buy Samsung Chromebook 4

A $56 off on the latest and one of the most popular Lenovo 14-inch chromebook from Lenovo. The 32GB eMMC flash storage in this affordable Lenovo Chromebook means that you should use the microSD card slot and additional cloud storage for the majority of your files. The MediaTek CPU is an uncommon departure from industry leaders Intel and AMD, which are typically found in more expensive versions. However, this Chromebook has 4GB RAM and up to 10 hours of battery life, making it a fantastic value.

Buy Lenovo 14-inch Chromebook

The 11.6-inch Chromebook from Asus is currently more than $100 cheaper. However, you get something with this Chromebook that you wouldn't anticipate from a laptop this cheap: fully functional USB-C connections. From Asus, this chromebook is a desired model for college students as it is fast, efficient and very user-friendly. And yes, this model comes equipped with a reversible power-charging and data-transfer connector. So no more worries about exchanging notes and college data.

Buy Chromebook C223 from ASUS, 11.6

You can purchase the non-convertible Lenovo Chromebook Flex for the same price if the 2-in-1 model is out of stock. With two USB Type-C connectors, two USB Type-A ports, and a microSD reader, this device has a battery life rating of 10 hours.

Buy The 11.6 Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Save $250 on this highly coveted premium Chromebook that features a 2K touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 400 nits of brightness, allowing you to actually use it outside, as opposed to the vast majority of Chromebooks, whose 220-250-nit screens wash out the moment you step outside on the porch. It offers plenty of memory and storage for all the work you have ahead of you and is powered by an 11th generation Intel Evo Core i5.

Buy Chromebook Spin 713 from Acer (3W)

Yes, for less than $160 you can get a touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook! When it first went to $159 from $189, we thought the price was fair. Oh, and it has 64GB of storage, which is twice as much as what we anticipate from Black Friday Chromebook offers at these cheap prices. Grab this offer now before it expires since we're surprised that it hasn't already vanished.

Buy Chromebook Flex 3 11 from Lenovo

The thin and light 13 inch IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook now packs a brilliant OLED 1920 x 1080 touch screen featuring narrow bezels for true blacks and a cinematic experience, as well as four speakers for clear and resonant audio.

Buy Lenovo - IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

Meet the HP Chromebook x360 that gives you the perfect balance of performance you need with entertainment features you want paired with the best of Chrome and Android and a battery life that lasts all day.

HP - 2-in-1 14

Deals like the one for the Google Pixelbook Go don't come around often. You can now get this Pixelbook Go for $50 less. despite the fact that many more recent Chromebooks, such as those with additional ports and power, are available. Power isn't everything, though, especially when the Pixelbook Go is still operating flawlessly in 2021 and has the finest keyboard and trackpad of any Chromebook.

Buy Google Pixelbook

How to Choose the Best Chromebook Black Friday Deals?

A portable laptop can be what you need if you want something you can carry with you on trips or quickly transport to and from work. These are lightweight, have batteries that can now go many workdays without recharging, and have more than enough capacity to handle typical productivity tasks like online browsing and office document editing. And with chromebook in the market there is definitely no need to look at other options. Because the versatility offered by a chromebook can meet all standards of work/office/study or even gaming. Below are some different factors you must consider when buying a laptop let alone a chromebook.

Laptop Size

Portability is a desired factor in a laptop but just because a laptop is tiny doesn’t mean it is easy to carry as it could be heavier with all the machinery and other parts involved. This is why it is not wise to opt for a smaller screen size laptop in order to get yourself a portable option. Below are some common screen sizes in a laptop which you will also find in a chromebook.

Smaller (10 to 13 screen size)

For those who are constantly on the go, a 10- to 13-inch laptop is ideal.

It is often portable and powerful enough to accomplish routine productivity activities without difficulty. Although battery life varies, you should be able to last at least a whole workday. The top versions now have battery lives of over 15 hours, so you shouldn't worry too much about being dependent on a power source.

Medium (14 to 16 screen size)

For many customers, this size range offers an appealing combination between performance, portability, and cost.

The versions frequently provide longer battery life and more advanced specifications than those of their smaller counterparts, including dedicated video cards, which appeal to gamers. However, because the cards can speed up graphics-intensive applications like high-res photo and video editing, non-gamers may also find use for them.

Larger (17 to 18 screen size)

Over 17-inch laptops perform more like "desktop replacements," or laptops that are somewhat fixed to your desk. Yes, you can bring them with you to the neighborhood coffee shop, but you definitely shouldn't do this too frequently.

The wide screen, which is obviously the main advantage in this case, may be useful if you frequently work with numerous windows open or large spreadsheets.

Processor Speed

The speed of your laptop’s processor matters a lot. This defines how much data can be processed at once hence it directly translates to the efficiency of your laptop. There are some simple ways to identify the processor speed which can give you an idea about the performance of your laptop.

Clock speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). For a brief period, many CPUs can increase their speed a little to produce their best performance. In general, the faster the processor within a family, the higher the clock speed. A mobile processor's usual clock speed is 1 GHz or such.

Power Consumption

Lower power consumption translates into longer battery life, which is another crucial consideration when selecting a processor, particularly for laptops. Practically every processor on the market should be adequate if you only need a very basic or low-cost computer to browse the web, send emails, and work on Office documents.

The Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 processor lines should be your starting point if you intend to watch high-definition videos or play common games.


Laptops run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery when not plugged into a wall socket. When used sparingly, laptops enter sleep mode, extending the time between charges. Dimming the display, disabling Wi-Fi connectivity when not required, and using only essential applications can all help you get more battery life.

More and more laptops now feature batteries that are difficult for users to remove, so when they can no longer efficiently hold a charge, which shouldn't happen for several years of use, they will need to be taken to service facilities. When it comes to chromebook you can rely on them for exceptional battery life but again not all models are same.

On average the battery life of a chromebook is 9 hours and 15 minutes which is even further increased with newer models.


Chromebooks either have 2GB or 4GB of RAM when it comes to memory capacity. Although 4GB devices cost extra, we've found that the price difference is worthwhile for multitasking.

We advise upgrading to a Chromebook with 8GB or even 16GB of RAM if you have a higher budget. The memory increase guarantees that your PC will never lag.


Your Chromebook's performance depends in part on its processor, especially when you have a lot of tabs open, are streaming video, or are playing games.

Think about laptops with Intel 10th Gen or 11th Gen Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs if you want a Chromebook with enough speed to run your preferred Android apps.

Screen Resolution

A Chromebook's native display resolution is typically 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, or 1080p. However, certain less expensive versions may have lower resolutions while the very top-end models may have greater resolutions. 1080p works perfectly for the majority of midsize Chromebooks with screens between 13 and 15 inches.

Cheap Chromebooks frequently have a resolution of 1,366 by 768 pixels; however this might look grainy and is actually only appropriate for laptops with screens under 12 inches. Avoid using this resolution if you can on any screen that is 13 inches or bigger, and use caution if the screen is less.

Storage Volume

Because Chrome OS is so small and light, Chromebooks frequently don't offer or are packed with a lot of storage. Most just have 32GB of onboard storage, which is probably all you'll need for now.

However, aside from that, Google offers 100GB of free Google Drive storage with every Chromebook purchase. However, this offer is only valid for two years; following that, you will only have access to the regular 15GB of free space.

Frequently Asked Questions

The black Friday 2022 is on November 25th which is the day following the thanksgiving. On November 25th you will find huge black Friday discounts and deals globally. But one thing to keep in mind is to look out for the deals during the week of thanksgiving. As per our research retailers begin to put their best deals from the Monday of thanksgiving which is November 21 2022. You can however wait if you wish to find the biggest discounts as some retailers tend to save their best deals for the actual black Friday event.

Black Friday Chromebook bargains are expected to be announced by well-known merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart as well as producers like Google, Lenovo, and Dell. It's not yet obvious which of them will provide the biggest discounts, though. Given that we anticipate there to be little variation in their costs for Chromebooks of different models made by different vendors, we may never be able to identify the seller offering the best Chromebook bargains.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two sale events that emerge with a difference of two days only hence customers get confused about making a purchase or waiting two days more expecting for the deals to become even better. Contrary to Black Friday, which will essentially cover every product category, Cyber Monday will be centered around electronic devices, including Chromebooks. Some customers think it's better to avoid the turmoil of Black Friday entirely and wait until Cyber Monday if they want to make purchases. But in most cases Cyber Monday deals are not as great as black Friday offers and sometimes the remaining stock from black Friday is put up on discount during the Cyber Monday sales.

Just for the day, in most cases. However, some black Friday deals remain till the next Monday and then are labelled as the Cyber Monday Sales. But if you are talking about the best Black Friday deals on Chromebook then as soon as the black Friday is over most of the deals will be over too. This is because the shopping crowd is huge and most of the time the stock runs out on a said deal hence the deal is over.

An affordable Chromebook is a fantastic option if you mostly perform light computing chores like browsing websites, producing documents, or video chatting. A more potent Windows 10 or MacBook, however, is a better choice if you routinely work with massive data, enjoy playing video games, or enjoy editing images.