Best Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals in 2023 – All the Top Models

16 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Best Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals in 2023 – All the Top Models


Its year 2023 and if you are still looking for a good quality gaming monitor then you must wait for black Friday. Don’t worry, with the crazy anticipation and thousands of black Friday gaming monitor deal updates, the time is not far when you will be welcoming your new monitor to your home. So before that happens, we need to make sure you make the right choice only. With tons of black Friday gaming monitor deals to choose from, the black Friday 2023 is going to be bigger than ever and let’s be honest, confusing than ever too! So you need to focus on what you need rather than all the glittery big price tags that have been reduced up to 70% or more? (Yes that happens on gaming monitor black Friday deals).

So to help you pick out the right gaming monitor holiday deals, we are focused here solely on reviewing the several monitor options so you can choose the best one for you! Below we have listed some of the best black Friday deals on gaming monitors so you get a narrowed down version of long list of monitors to choose form. A Hint? Check Walmart and Amazon for the Best Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals!

Best Gaming Monitors Black Friday

Whether it’s a 4k gaming monitor black Friday, or a mechanical gaming keyboard, the perfect set of best gaming headsets are even video games, black Friday is a time when it’s raining big discounts for gamers. Even though Cyber Monday monitor deals are good as well but who needs the wait when black Friday comes before the Cyber Monday? And you will never know when the good stock runs out on good monitor options! thus without further ado, take a look at the best gaming monitor black Friday deals we have picked out for you.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Samsung Odyssey G9 See Details
Dell Curved 27 Inches Dell Curved 27 Inches See Details
ASUS Swift ASUS Swift See Details
Alienware AW34 Alienware AW34 See Details
Acer Nitro Acer Nitro See Details
Cooler Master GP27Q Cooler Master GP27Q See Details
Samsung Odyssey G9
Dell Curved 27 Inches
ASUS Swift
Alienware AW34
Acer Nitro
Cooler Master GP27Q

Samsung Odyssey G9

Best Review

Almost a 25% price drop on this perfect monitor at amazon, this gaming monitor is a winner for its tightly packed features. As the price is too high, one cannot imagine securing it on regular days so we think black Friday is the golden opportunity for such a product. The monitor offers a 240 HZ refresh rate, a fast response time and gives you competitive PC play experience. It gives the perfect gaming experience and if you wish to secure this deal, we don’t think it will drop as low as this one anywhere else!

Reason to Buy

  • Bigger screen
  • Supports competitive games

Reason to Avoid

  • Isn’t 4K
  • Not suitable for people who prefer flat screens
Buy Samsung Odyssey G9

Dell Curved 27 Inches

Best Review

Curved screens are the new definition of smart gaming especially when the deals are as good as this year on amazon. This gaming monitor with a whopping discount of $50 is made highly affordable even though the initial price wasn’t as high. It has a response rate of 165 Hz and a refresh rate that keeps your PC up and running. The monitor is designed for fast paced PS5 and Xbox gaming.

Reason to Buy

  • Super-fast
  • Affordable
  • Curved display gives more immersive experience

Reason to Avoid

  • Screen size is small for curved display
  • It isn’t 4K
Buy Dell Curved 27 Inches

ASUS Swift

Best Review

A display designed exclusively for competitive gaming, the Asus ROG Swift has a mind-blowing 360Hz refresh rate. As you play intensely competitive games with quick-paced visuals, the screen quality allows you to see crisp, clear pictures. If you choose to sit up close to the monitor, the 27-inch size and reasonable color accuracy of the IPS screen help keep the 1440p resolution from being too fuzzy.

Reason to Buy

  • High level of motion clarity
  • Smooth game experience
  • Comes with a desk clamp

Reason to Avoid

  • 1440p resolution is restricting
Buy ASUS Swift

Alienware AW34

Best Review

This one of our personal favorite deals on amazon lets you save a $286 on your Alienware purchase. Alienware being a popular brand when it comes to competent gaming laptops, has outdone itself with this one. With a 175HZ panel and exceptional refresh rate the monitor is faster than many of its competitors out there. Though screen size is not as large you will find the screen to cover all your needs in a sophisticated manner. And thanks to black Friday offers, the price tag on this one becomes as affordable as it could get.

Reason to Buy

  • High refresh rate
  • Good for competitive gaming
  • Good graphics

Reason to Avoid

  • Response time could be better
  • Smaller screen size
Buy Alienware AW34

Acer Nitro

Best Review

With a 170Hz refresh rate and a sleek curvature, this Nitro monitor offers a fairly excellent 1440p bundle for the money. A display that begs to be coupled with both desktop gaming consoles and midrange gaming PCs. Acer nitro is perfect for endless hours of adventure filled games and helps you enjoy a good screen resolution at a very reasonable cost. Check amazon if you wish to enjoy this pretty deal.

Reason to Buy

  • Great QHD screen
  • High refresh rate
  • Affordable

Reason to Avoid

  • Isn’t 4K display
Buy Acer Nitro

Cooler Master GP27Q

Best Review

For an unexpectedly cheap price, the Cooler Master Tempest GP27Q monitor provides Flagship HDR performance, G-Sync, and a 1440p resolution. It has some of the deepest black depths and the brightest highlights currently available in a gaming monitor, and it looks stunning. For competitive games that need a lot of motion clarity, Cooler Master offers excellent HDR performance together with a quick reaction time and 165Hz refresh rate.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent Color performance
  • 165 Hz refresh rate
  • Offers various ergonomic adjustments

Reason to Avoid

  • Cable management isn’t as neat
Buy Cooler Master GP27Q

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals?

If you have just gotten the chance to build your own gaming monitor or setup your gaming setup then we are happy for you. There is nothing more joyful and happier for a gamer than to get a chance to build their own gaming setup. Moreover, if you are an avid gamer, you probably have dreamt about your gaming setup millions of times.

The right choice of PC, gaming monitor, desk selection, the right Vertagear chair and the combination of cool dark lights for flawless ambiance. But have you thought about the fact that one wrong decision can disrupt your entire experience or even worse lose your hard-earned money? This means that building a gaming setup should not be spontaneous decision but well planned and thoroughly researched. Below we have jot down an extensive gaming monitor buying guide to help you make the right decision.

Monitor Size

If there is one thing to sum up the gaming monitor pick, it is that you might regret buying a small monitor on many occasions even if you plan to upgrade to multi monitor setup in future, but buying a large monitor screen won’t be ever one of your regrets down the road. Big screen monitors are like the heart of gaming because a large display will give a fully immersive experience, clear view and comfort to the eyes (comparatively). But as you land your pick for the best large monitor screen, don’t make it the only factor that matters.

TECH panel

In order of image quality, TN, IPS, and VA. The cheapest and fastest monitors are TN models, which have lower image quality when seen from a side angle. Although VA panels have the best contrast out of all three panel types, IPS monitors have somewhat faster response times and display color better than VA panels.


When it comes to gaming resolution, the greater the number the better. But as the resolution increases so does the price. Hence the minimum recommended resolution is something you should be aware of as anything below that will ruin the experience for you. You can find out the width x height (or number of pixels) of a monitor by looking at its resolution.

The bare minimum is usually referred to as 1080p, Full HD (FHD), and HD. However, QHD and 4K will give you even sharper visuals. To play games: 1,920 by 1,080 pixels are available at 24 inches; and these pixels range increase as the screen size also increase because the accommodation of pixels is possible in a bigger screen much easily. Luckily you will find many competitive resolutions and 4k gaming monitor black Friday deals this year so it’s better to set your goals straight without worrying about the price too much.

Response Time

For response Shorter is preferable, but if you're working or not playing high-resolution games, it's not a top priority. The response time of a monitor indicates how long it takes for individual pixels to transition from black to white or, in the case of a GTG monitor, from one shade of grey to another. Motion blur may result from slower response times when playing games or watching frantic films. The quickest gaming displays can have a response time of 0.5ms, while the highest response time you'll typically experience is 5ms.

Curved vs Flat Screen

Curved monitors are considered to have a wider field of view and reduced eye strain, which should make your experience more immersive. However, when viewed from certain angles, they can be prone to glare (light sources are coming from various angles instead of one). Effective curved monitors are typically extremely wide and at least 30 inches in size, both of which indicate higher prices.

Understand curvature specifications if you decide to purchase a curved display. The best recommended maximum viewing distance for an 1800R curvature is 1.8 meters, and so forth. The display is more curved the lower the curvature (down to 1000R).

Since most gaming monitors are flat, the term "flat panel" was coined. They are the industry standard and work well with all game genres and styles.

But as we compare the both types, curved monitors provide a wider field of view than flat monitors since they are often 21:9 ultra-wide displays. Because you simply receive more watching every frame, this becomes helpful in any game or programme. Lower field of vision (FOV) necessitates repositioning the screen and your head to see beyond the frame's borders. An ultra-wide curved monitor can be your best option if simulation games like racing and flying simulations are your particular passion.


Majority of the monitor screens are easily mountable on a monitor arm but in some cases, you can end up with a harsh luck. Hence it is advisable to check out whether a monitor is mountable with a monitor arm or not. This includes checking out the impression at the back of the screen. One standard for mountable monitors is to have VESA orientation which helps in making a monitor universally compatible to be mounted on a wall or a monitor arm. 

This may be useful if you plan to stack up monitors vertically in the future or even wish to spare some space on your desk by mounting your monitor above the desk surface. Mounting monitors on an arm also allow you to adjust the height accordingly.


You might think aesthetics don’t matter as much in a gaming monitor but we advise you to think again because the whole reason a gamer spends money is to make their gaming setup more attractive and praise-worthy. So don’t settle for an ugly looking monitor when all the other things in your gaming setup are up to the mark.

Because you'll be focusing on it frequently Consider models that enable illumination synchronization between devices as well. Additionally, you want a stand that is attractive and has practical cable management so that you can pass the cables through a hole or channel to keep them all together. If the display has a USB hub, cable management can be crucial because you'll also need to keep an eye on those cords.


For a few reasons, the port selection on a gaming display is crucial. To connect to more than one gaming platform, it's crucial to have numerous inputs. You'll need access to both if, for instance, you have a PC and a console. The specification is also crucial. For the majority of consoles, HDMI 2.1 is preferred since it can offer 4K at 120Hz. Older HDMI versions cannot.

Additional Features

Despite the fact that the fundamentals of gaming monitors may vary little between manufacturers, you should still check into any unique features that may be of interest to you. Since prolonged gaming sessions could harm your eyes. Plain, simple monitors are of little assistance in this regard. The Eye-Care feature in BenQ gaming displays filters out dangerous blue light and eliminates flicker to provide more comfortable viewing. Naturally, our gaming monitors include tough anti-glare displays to stop bothersome reflections that could potentially impair your gaming experience.

Many monitor makers frequently forget the importance of sound; therefore, you should also pay attention to this element as some sets may come with built-in speakers. Additionally, some gaming displays provide you more control over image quality settings so you may avoid being restricted to "as is" views.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Resolution Gaming Monitor Is Best?

For gaming monitors, the greater number of pixels mean better experience. But for a gaming monitor with greater pixels, it is also equally important to understand that you need a greater graphics card so the performance isn’t compromised. QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution appears to be the current sweet spot. With monitors up to 32 inches, you see good pixel density and a detailed image that mid-priced graphics cards can handle without too much difficulty.

Which Brands Will be Offering Black Friday Gaming Monitor Deals?

Gaming monitors are a hit category for black Friday and we know that all the bigger brands like Samsung, ASUS, LG, ACER, HP and many other big names will be bringing their black Friday deals forward. However, when it comes to the best retailer to find many deals, we recommend you checking out Walmart, Amazon and best buy as these three have been making continuous records with popular black Friday gaming monitor deals.

Is Gaming Better with A Gaming Monitor or a TV?

In conclusion, gaming monitors are much more suitable for desktop use than TVs. This is especially true for 4K TVs, which typically start at 43 inches and have lower pixels that make up-close viewing extremely uncomfortable. Compared to TVs, monitors have less input lag and quicker response times. A gaming monitor deal is far more appropriate if you desire tournament-level precision and quickness in your online battles.

When Will Black Friday Gaming Monitors Deals Start?

This year Black Friday will take place on November 24 2023. Despite this, we may anticipate discounts to go live much earlier due to the high level of competition at this time of year. In an effort to boost holiday sales, the top retailers on the market will likely start promoting Black Friday offers in the first week of November. Naturally, the best sales will be held off until the actual Black Friday weekend.

What Can I Expect from Black Friday Gaming Monitor Deals?

Looking up at the trend from history, some of the largest discounts on Black Friday monitor offers are in the line of 50%. You can also find low reductions than this and some even higher. While many monitors will have a 10-15% reduction, it isn't the case everywhere. Be prompt, though, as monitors with significant reductions will sell out very fast.