Best Go Pro Holiday Deals and Offers – Save up to $800 on your Favorite Cameras

By Alice Green  |   13 Dec, 2022

Best Go Pro Holiday Deals and Offers – Save up to $800 on your Favorite Cameras

Are you fascinated by nature or someone who cannot just let a pretty moon go wasted? If yes then you probably take out your phone each time the sky looks prettier or the moon is looking at you with peace. While the phone cameras often disappoint you or the photographer in you is not at peace with the quality, go pro will be a good pick for capturing the perfect things around you. And not to forget about the beautiful thanksgiving dinner and holiday memories which one wishes to capture forever. Hence the go pro to the rescue.

Go Pros are little action cameras with a tonne of high-tech features for taking clear, high-resolution video and photographs. They are waterproof and nearly unbreakable, and they can be mounted or held in the hand. They're ideal for the YouTuber, TikToker, or any other filmmaker in your life, to put it briefly. Even if there are some fairly fantastic action cameras on the market right now, GoPro, the pioneer of this entire ecosystem of action cameras, will always have a position in the market.

Holidays in 2022 is a great time to purchase one and with the ongoing and expected go pro holiday deals you are indeed in for a treat to get a tremendous discount. Whether you're just getting started in photography and want to document your travels, searching for a small, covert camera to capture your street photography POVs, or simply want something tough to capture your run while sending it down a mountain in gorgeous 4K, there should be something on this list for you.

Best Holiday Go Pro Deals

Now that the holiday is here, so is the chance to get the best holiday deals on a go pro and its accessories. Though every year we find the go pro deals to be better than our expectation there is definitely something special about holidays 2022 as after two consecutive years of a pandemic the holidays are all-ready to be enjoyed to the most. This year not only you will find online offers but the physical in-store deals are going to be great too.

The GoPro discounts this year, which include reductions on the premium Max and Hero 10 cameras as well as the more cost-effective Hero 8 and Hero 9 cameras, have impressed us. Regardless of your budget, there is a GoPro camera for you. This compilation of the top GoPro discounts for holiday 2022 includes all the key inquiries about the event.

Go Pro Holiday Amazon Deals

Amazon is one of the top retailers to buy go pro series whether old or latest because at amazon we are expecting around 70% off on all go pro cameras. As per our research and last year deals the amazon go pro deals are expected to begin around early November although some of the finest offers will be released by the actual holiday event which is 25th November 2022.

Go Pro Holiday Walmart Deals

Find lots of go pro holiday deals at Walmart and get yourself a gorgeous-looking modern designed go pro camera. All the go pro Walmart offers will be uploaded on this page and while some of the holiday 2022 deals have already started to show up, Walmart often saves the best for the last. Save up to 33% on GoPro HERO10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 action cameras and bundles at Walmart. Check back frequently to see current pricing on the best GoPro cameras and accessories, such as grips, straps, and mounts.

Go Pro Holiday Best Buy Deals

The Hero Session package is available from Best Buy for $179.99 with a $20 Best Buy Gift Card. Since the Hero 5 Session Bundle would be a fantastic deal at that price, we don't believe this to be it. You are essentially getting the bundle for the standard price of the Session if you don't require the newest and greatest from the GoPro brand. Other than that you can also find other go pro models at Best Buy going on a big discount or holiday sales.

GoPro HERO7 Black (Walmart) GoPro HERO7 Black (Walmart) See Details
GoPro HERO8 Black (Amazon) GoPro HERO8 Black (Amazon) See Details
GoPro HERO9 5k (Best Buy) GoPro HERO9 5k (Best Buy) See Details
GoPro HERO10 Black (Walmart) GoPro HERO10 Black (Walmart) See Details
GoPro HERO11 Black (Amazon) GoPro HERO11 Black (Amazon) See Details
GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof (Ebay) GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof (Ebay) See Details
GoPro - HERO8 Black 4K (Best Buy) GoPro - HERO8 Black 4K (Best Buy) See Details
GoPro HERO9 Black (Walmart) GoPro HERO9 Black (Walmart) See Details
GoPro HERO10 Waterproof (Amazon) GoPro HERO10 Waterproof (Amazon) See Details
GoPro - HERO11 Creator Edition (Best Buy) GoPro - HERO11 Creator Edition (Best Buy) See Details
GoPro HERO7 Black (Walmart)
GoPro HERO8 Black (Amazon)
GoPro HERO9 5k (Best Buy)
GoPro HERO10 Black (Walmart)
GoPro HERO11 Black (Amazon)
GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof (Ebay)
GoPro - HERO8 Black 4K (Best Buy)
GoPro HERO9 Black (Walmart)
GoPro HERO10 Waterproof (Amazon)
GoPro - HERO11 Creator Edition (Best Buy)

When you purchase this popular so pro hero 7 bargain from Holiday Walmart sales, you can save $90 there. A few years ago, the GoPro Hero 7 Black was the least expensive camera option. However, this model was the first to add hyper-stabilization to the GoPro portfolio and can still record in 4K.

Buy GoPro HERO7 Black at Walmart

GoPro augments its already impressive action camera line with the HERO8 Black, the versatile next-generation action cam designed to capture smooth, stable footage of your latest adventure, from a simple boat trip to a wild jump-off-a-mountain ride. The HERO8 Black features updated HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization to produce smooth, gimbal-like movement at all supported frame rates, without the need for a gimbal.

Buy GoPro HERO8 Black at Amazon

Record captivating vlogs and take brilliant photos with this black GoPro HERO9 camera. The high-quality CMOS sensor captures 5K video and up to 20.0MP images for stunning clarity, and support for a microSD card offers customizable storage space. This water-resistant GoPro HERO9 camera allows for use at the beach or pool. Shoot stunning video with up to 5K resolution, perfect for maintaining serious detail even when zooming in. Packing a new 23.6MP sensor that’s an absolute powerhouse, HERO9 Black brings lifelike image sharpness, fluid motion and in-camera horizon leveling that always impresses.

Buy GoPro HERO9 5k at Best Buy

With the more expensive GoPro Hero10 Black, you'll get top-notch specifications. It boasts a faster GP2 processor, can record 5.3K video, has a 23MP photo sensor and a 4K120 video resolution. It also has HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization. It is likewise waterproof up to 33 feet, but compared to the Hero9, it is significantly better at handling tilts of up to 45 degrees with its horizon levelling feature. It's a wonderful bargain for a pro-level camera even though younger or more amateur users generally won't need the extra bells and whistles.

Buy GoPro HERO10 at Walmart

Capture. Charge. Relax. That’s all it takes to get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically.1 Start by capturing your adventures with HERO11 Black—the most powerful GoPro yet. It features front and rear LCD screens that let you frame your shots perfectly, plus a new image sensor that unleashes the tallest and widest field of view ever on a HERO camera. The result is higher image quality, better video stabilization and the flexibility to turn your footage into wide cinematic shots or extra-tall vertical shots for social posts. 5.3K video and 27MP photos help you relive your best moments in stunning detail, while Emmy Award-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization with Horizon Lock keeps your footage straight even if your camera rotates a full 360 degree. After your adventure, simply plug in HERO11 Black to charge and kick back. While you’re relaxing, your footage is uploaded to the cloud, automatically turned into an amazing highlight video and sent to your phone—ready to share.

Buy GoPro HERO 11 at Amazon

GoPro HERO7 Black with hyper smooth video stabilisation is the first GoPro or camera in its class to offer virtually gimbal-like smooth video footage.  Either shoot straight out of the box with standard settings or venture into protune and customise the settings to get some truly professional looking footage.

This GoPro is in fully working used condition with a few aesthetic signs of use please see photos, the screen is in good condition with some very minor scratches.  Comes with original battery.  Will need micro sd card and USB-C cable for charging.

Buy GoPro Hero 7 Waterproof at Ebay

Capture smooth time lapse videos with this GoPro HERO8 camera. The HyperSmooth stabilization technology offers two levels of stabilization for smooth video reproduction, while the optional media mod offers advanced customization, giving aspiring creators a convenient way of adding more lighting and pro-quality audio to their footage. This GoPro HERO8 camera features a streamlined design with folding fingers at the base for swapping mounts quickly.

Buy GoPro - HERO8 Black 4K at Best Buy

Save $110 on this smart-looking go pro hero 9 camera on Holidays. This is one of the better offers available if you're on a tight budget. The GoPro Hero9 Black features stabilization with HyperSmooth 3.0, 20MP pictures, and 5K video. Aquatic explorers may use it underwater up to 33 feet, and it has two screens so they can take selfies and watch the video immediately after. 8X Slo-Mo and Time Warp 3.0 are additional features. Overall, it's a strong (and reliable) piece of technology that works well for the majority of leisure users.

Buy GoPro HERO9 Black at Walmart

All-out speed and ultimate ease come together in the most powerful GoPro ever, HERO10 Black. The revolutionary new GP2 chip shoots 5.3K video with double the frame rate, 23MP photos, enhanced low-light performance and bar-shattering HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization in all modes. To simplify things, HERO10 is cloud connected?so the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Buy GoPro HERO10 Waterproof at Amazon

HERO11 Black Creator Edition is an all-in-one content-capturing powerhouse that makes blogging, filmmaking and live streaming easier than ever. Packing pro-quality 5.3K video and HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization, it gives you all the tools you need to tell your story in an ultralightweight design that fits into the palm of your hand. It's built around a powerful new image sensor that captures more of the scene with higher image quality, better stabilization and the flexibility to turn your footage into wide cinematic shots or extra-tall vertical shots for social posts.

GoPro - HERO11 Creator Edition at Best Buy

How To Choose the Best Holiday Deals Go Pro?

iPhone and various android phones offer top notch camera quality with multiple features like slow-mo, portrait, landscape and what not. This has expectedly waived the conventional cameras off the market but still in some cases where there is a lot of action and stability required, phones cannot suffice. Hence the go pro action camera which is second to none and can be used on your adventures. One more reason to show inclination towards go pro cameras is their durability, weather resistance and quality that lasts. But while go pro name is enough, they also have several models released over the years. Below is a brief buying guide to help you pick out the best go pro for you this Holidays.


Go Pro has modified their design over the years though one thing that is common with these cameras is the lightweight designs but looks wise go pro has seen a lot of promising change. With the exception of the Max, all of the top GoPro cameras have a similar design, but there are a few key distinctions between the Hero10/Hero9 Black and earlier models.

GoPro updated the camera with the Hero8 Black so that the mounting "fingers," which are used to attach the camera to GoPro accessories, are integrated into the bottom of the camera. In this manner, if you wish to put the camera to a selfie stick or other object, you won't need to attach a case. The lens cover on the Hero8 cannot be removed, in contrast to prior GoPro models, which let you to do so in order to install different lens covers, such as filters and the like. The Hero9 fixes this problem, and the Hero10 maintains the same design.

All GoPro models contain a front-facing LCD that indicates your recording time, battery life, and other information in addition to a rear LCD that you can use to frame your shot and make setting adjustments. This ensures easy user-friendliness. The Hero9 and Hero10, on the other hand, have color displays on the front that you can also use to position oneself in a photograph.


The first GoPro to shoot video in 5K resolution, although at a maximum framerate of 30 frames per second, was the Hero9 Black. It increases to 60 fps with the Hero10. Both the GoPro Hero8 Black and Hero7 Black are capable of recording slo-mo footage at 1080p/240 frames per second and 4K video at 60 frames per second. This feature is highly desired by climber and bikers who wish to have recordings to be slow and fast successively.

Then the Hero10 captures still images with a resolution of 23MP, compared to the Hero9's 20MP and the Hero8 Black's 12MP. Being able to shoot 5.6K spherical footage but only 1080p/60fps rectilinear video puts the GoPro Max in a league of its own.

Image Stabilization

Go pro cameras being the real MVP or adventure and action recording, need to act stable and have amazing focus. This is important especially if you want videos moving, running, biking or climbing. The ability to refocus without giving a blur image is important in a camera and this is why go pros were designed. Despite the exaggeration, GoPro's technology, called HyperSmooth, is quite efficient. More modern iterations of HyperSmooth are seen in newer, more expensive GoPro devices.

 Though, if we compare the different go pro models, we can find some models to be better at image stabilization than the others. So, if you're shooting shaky footage, we suggest the GoPro Max because it has a 360-degree camera and records everything around you, making it the best at maintaining a level horizon regardless of how much the camera shakes.


With a GoPro, a housing is nearly always required. Almost all GoPro mounts and supports come with a GoPro quick-release buckle adapter or a normal 3-prong GoPro mount. Therefore, the camera often needs a corresponding 2-prong interface or buckle. Although the cameras lack any of these features, their corresponding housings do. For the Hero5 black go pro camera, there is no housing itself but you get a 2-prong interface wo mount the camera.

For other models such as the Hero4 and hero4 silver you will get a waterproof standard housing. It has a mounting buckle and a 2-prong interface, enabling the camera to be utilized in up to 131 feet of water. This makes the hero4 ideal for under water videos.


Additionally, you'll see that the software and functionality increase with time as you move up the range, with advancements in areas like video resolution, image stabilization, and horizon levelling. Even the first-generation Hypersmooth is rather outstanding, so for many individuals, one of the earlier generation cameras will be more than adequate. All of the current range have the same bomb-proof design and caseless waterproofing to 10m.That being said as the models for go pro become more advanced and competitive so does the increase in price. Which is why it is important to set your budget beforehand and find a go pro camera that you can find within that range.

Frequently Asked Questions

yes. There are really a few more things that GoPros can accomplish in addition to being fantastic action cameras. You may use the GoPro Hero9 and Hero8 Black as a webcam for starters thanks to software that GoPro published. However, a GoPro Plus subscription, which costs $49.99 yearly, is required in order to access this feature. Additionally, the subscription offers no-questions-asked camera replacement, unlimited cloud storage for GoPro film, and up to 50% off GoPro accessories.

Yes, and to be fair there is no better time. For Holiday go pro deals you can score the best discounts as compared to the other events around the year. Holiday is also the time where electronics and gadgets go on huge discounts hence you can find the top offers on your desired models.

The newest camera, the GoPro Hero 9 Black, which comes in a premium package with accessories and a year's subscription to GoPro, was $150/£150 cheaper last year. There was a $50/£50 discount on the regular Hero 9 bundle, which included an extra battery and a 64GB memory card, if you didn't want to sign up for the subscription. Price reductions on earlier models, such as the GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 6, were incredibly rare during these massive promotions.

The go pro Holiday deals are very limited in terms of stock and timeframe both which is why they are the best deals throughout the year. For most retailers the go pro camera deals start on the week of thanksgiving, and end as soon as the Holiday is wrapped. However, in some cases you can find the remaining Holidays stock to be at the same or more discount for Cyber Monday go pro deals.

One thing you need to do to remain updated with the best Holiday deals is to visit the go pro deals page on a regular basis. If you are scared to miss out then subscribing to email and newsletter updates is also a good idea. This way you will find all the details about upcoming sales and offers in your inbox.