Hisense AW0521CK1W Product Review in 2022

29 Aug, 2022   |   5 min read
Hisense AW0521CK1W Product Review in 2022



A Familiar Design, But Smarter

  • As its name suggests, the Hisense 350 sq. ft. Window Air Conditioner is made to be used in rooms up to 350 sq ft. It's an 8,000-BTU unit with a white-coloured finish and dimensions 13.0 by 17.5 by 18.5 (HWD). It is 48.5 pounds and can fit windows that measure 13.5 inches high and 24.5 or 39 inches wide.
  • The diffuser is on the top that faces outwards to direct airflow right and left and upward and downward. Below is a control panel with backlit buttons for Mode, Fan Speed, and Wi-Fi Connect. In the middle are the temperature reading for the moment and the temperature up and down arrows along with the Power button and Timer Sleep, Filter, and Timer indicators. Under the panel for control, there is an adjustable panel that conceals the filter. Take the filter out to clean it, remove the panel and then lift it. Cleaning the filter by vacuuming it or washing it with hot soapy water is possible.
  • The AC is powered by a three-speed fan and can reach a maximum noise of 57 decibels. In dry (dehumidification) mode, it can take away as much as 21 pints of water each day. The connection is made via the embedded radio that is Wi-Fi. It is possible to manage the AC through the onboard panel or the supplied 3.4-by-1.7-inch remote with Power Mode, Fan Dimmer, Temperature Up/Down controls, Sleep, Timer, and Reset filter. The box contains mounting screws, the hardware for sash locks, foam sealing strips, top rail side curtains, and curtain panels made from foam for side walls. The box also contains a user and installation guide.
  • This model doesn't utilize the identical Hisense Smart Air mobile app as the Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner that comes with Wi-Fi. Instead, it runs the Connect Life mobile application for Android or iOS devices. On the home screen, you'll see panels for all Your installed Hisense devices and a screen that displays the most recently used device's settings and the last used.
  • If you press the panel to turn on the AC, it will display the current temperature, a power button, and a variety of quick operation buttons. You can use the Mode button to switch modes (Fan Dry, Cool Eco, Cool). The Temperature button lets you alter the temperature by sliding a gauge. You can choose an intermediate, low, or high fan speed, and the Sleep button allows the AC to raise the temperature by four degrees before it stops within two hours. There's also a button for conducting sensor diagnostics and another to switch the temperature unit (Celsius and Fahrenheit).
  • It is also compatible with Google Assistant. Hisense AC supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands that allow you to turn the unit on or off, adjust the temperature, and switch modes. It is, however, not compatible with Apple's HomeKit platform and Siri Voice commands, in addition to reports on your device's power consumption and support for IFTTT Applets that allow interoperability with other smart home appliances.

Installation and Use of the Hisense Smart AC

  • Connecting with the AC through the app and connecting on my local network is simple. You can begin by downloading Connect Life's mobile app Connect Life mobile application and creating an account, then clicking Start Here to Add Appliances. Then chose Air Treatment from the menu and then picked Window Air Conditioner. Following the on-screen directions, switched on the unit and then long-pressed the connect button to connect the unit. As soon as the Wi-Fi icon started blinking, utilized the settings for Wi-Fi on my phone to connect to the AC. Then went back to the app and selected my home Wi-Fi SSID. I set my password, and my device was up and running to go.
  • Its Hisense Window Air Conditioner did an excellent job cooling during my tests. You can set it up in a medium-sized room (360 sq ft), and it lowered the temperature from 76 to 66°F in approximately 30 minutes. This is on par with what we observed in the GE AHC08LY and Windmill air conditioners. Both are also 8,000-BTU units.
  • Additionally, it was noted that The Hisense AC reacted quickly to commands from apps and remotes and was relatively quiet when operating at high speeds. You can initially experience some difficulty linking the Connect Life account to my Alexa Connect Life account with your Alexa accounts due to server issues. However, after they were solved, Alexa's command voice worked flawlessly.

A Smart Method to cool down

If you're searching for an efficient AC system to chill out a small to medium-sized room, you should consider the Hisense 350 sq. ft. Windows Air Conditioners a great option. It's simple to set up and quick to respond when you speak, using apps and remote-control commands. And most importantly, it functions efficiently and quietly. The Midea U-Shaped AC 8,000 BTU is more modern in its design, making it simple to set up and can help in reducing sound, but it's more expensive at $359. In contrast, the Windmill AC has the most attractive design but costs more, at $395. This means that the Hisense model an excellent choice for cooling that is smart and on a budget.


* Reasonably priced

* Simple to install

* Rapid cooling


* There is no usage reporting

* Doesn't work with HomeKit or IFTTT.


The Hisense AW0521CK1W 350 sq. Ft. Window Air Conditioner is a smart AC unit that is controlled via your phone or voice and does a great job of cooling at an affordable price.