Best Holiday Mattress Deals 2022: Hybrid Mattress, Medicated, Latex and Airbed

By Alice Green  |   13 Dec, 2022

Best Holiday Mattress Deals 2022: Hybrid Mattress, Medicated, Latex and Airbed

Just around the holiday season people look for ways to upgrade their home and get ready with new decors. In some cases, it is for the purpose to welcome the new year while mostly it is to make your guests feel welcomed and awe in wonder about how beautifully you have kept your home. While the entire home décor and renovation costs arm and leg you don’t have to drain your hard-earned money on the basics. Especially when the Holiday sales are around the corner.

It’s time to shop for all you need because the Holiday sales are a golden opportunity to score the best deals. you can find the best Holiday foam mattress deals and all kinds of mattress deals Holiday to set your bed and embrace the beautiful peaceful sleep once again. This year the Holiday full mattress deals are going to be better than ever because retailers are going to make the most of in-store shopping experience after years of being compromised by pandemic. Read below to find the best Holiday mattress deals and also help yourself with our in-detail mattress buying guide so you only make the right decision.

Best Mattress Holiday Deals

Holidays are a time to shop for many things but some things are just too good to let go on this occasion. Even though buying a mattress during the Holiday extravaganza isn’t the first thought that crosses your mind but you need to remind yourself that it is probably one of the two occasions when mattresses see the lowest price dips when the other one is president day which is far in February and the deals aren’t even as good as Holidays.

But as you have made your mind to purchase the best mattress for your goodnight’s sleep on the Holidays you are in pure luck because with the Holiday 2022 around the corner, the mattress deals are emerging and they are better than ever. Major companies including Casper, Purple, Tempur-Pedic, Tuft and Needle, and many more are likely to run promotions. In order for you to leave knowing you received the finest price possible on your upcoming new bed, we searched the internet for the top mattress discounts you can get your hands on this holiday. We provide a variety of mattresses, including hybrid, memory foam, and organic latex options.

Walmart Holiday Mattress Deals 

Mattresses start at just $79 with Walmart's Holiday promotion, which is currently in effect. The guest room you've been putting off getting furnished is now the perfect opportunity. Prepare for holiday festivities because not only mattresses but you can find huge discounts on bedding, cushions, pillows and throws on Walmart. 

Sleepy's 10-Inch Quilted Gel Foam Mattress (Mattress Firm) Sleepy's 10-Inch Quilted Gel Foam Mattress (Mattress Firm) See Details
Macys Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) Macys Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) See Details
Tempur Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) Tempur Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) See Details
Nectar Holiday Mattress Sale (Amazon) Nectar Holiday Mattress Sale (Amazon) See Details
Saatva Holidays Mattress Sale (Amazon) Saatva Holidays Mattress Sale (Amazon) See Details
Wayfair Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) Wayfair Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon) See Details
Nectar Memory Foam (Amazon) Nectar Memory Foam (Amazon) See Details
Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14 Inch (Amazon) Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14 Inch (Amazon) See Details
Leesa Sapira 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress (Walmart) Leesa Sapira 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress (Walmart) See Details
Sleepy's 10-Inch Quilted Gel Foam Mattress (Mattress Firm)
Macys Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon)
Tempur Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon)
Nectar Holiday Mattress Sale (Amazon)
Saatva Holidays Mattress Sale (Amazon)
Wayfair Holiday Mattress Deals (Amazon)
Nectar Memory Foam (Amazon)
Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14 Inch (Amazon)
Leesa Sapira 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress (Walmart)

Enjoy the pillow-like comfort only a quilted mattress can provide. The 10" Medium Quilted Gel Foam Mattress helps distribute weight for pressure point relief and prevents tossing and turning throughout the night. The body contouring soft gel comfort foam and cooling technology helps wick away heat. A luxurious quilted top layer of silky soft foam and fiber provides exceptional support while allowing you to sleep in comfort.

Buy Sleepy's 10

Discounts are available on mattresses from companies including Sealy, Serta, Beautyrest, Ghostbed, and more during Macy's Holiday mattress sale. And with macys Holiday deals you can score up to 70% off on hybrid and medicated mattresses specially made for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Buy Macys Holiday Mattress Deals

Save 40% on the Tempur-Essential mattress from Tempur-Pedic and 30% on the Tempur-Cloud mattress. If you purchase one of these mattresses with a power base, you will also receive an immediate gift of $200. In addition, the company is giving away $300 Visa gift cards with certain mattress set orders and selling pillows at a buy one, get one free discount.

During the Tempur medic Holiday sales 2021, customers witnessed up to $200 off on selected mattress items. Manufacturer also put-up discount of $100 on entry-level line of mattresses while the more advanced versions offered somewhat similar or lower discounts. We expect the deals to be similar or better this year.
Buy Tempur Holiday Mattress Deals

Nectar gives a $200 discount with $299 worth of free gifts for the majority of the year, which is excellent value. The actual cost of the mattress varies during the year, as it does with all mattress manufacturers. Typically, a queen size costs between $799 and $899.

In the beginning of November each year, Nectar also holds a flash sale. The memory foam mattress is now available for an all-time low price of $374 for a twin, beating out the Holiday mattress deal. The complimentary pillows, sheets, and mattress cover are not included, but these are the lowest prices we've seen from Nectar all year.

Buy Nectar Holiday Mattress Sale

Saatva Holiday sales are indeed heaven because the sleeping experience is unmatched and now the price is also too good to ignore. But for luxury sleepers there is no better time to get your hands on the Saatva’s top collection of mattresses. You can find the best deals directly on the website and also expect bigger discounts than the saatva Holiday mattress sale 2021.

Saatva offered a $150 discount on any purchase of $1,000 or more during the Holiday mattress sales of the previous year. It's likely that Saatva will offer a greater Holiday mattress bargain in 2021 because consumers will have less money to spend. It will be interesting to see if it comes with a higher dollar-off discount or a free bundle.

Buy Saatva Holiday Mattress Sale

You can save money on the company's renowned mattresses during Wayfair's Holidays sale, as well as on items from Sealy, Serta, and Casper. These sales begin to emerge in mid-October and last till the Holiday event. However, the store saves best of its deals till the last moments. 

Buy Wayfair Holiday Mattress Deals

Other than the official stores themselves you can also find top mattress brands with good price deals on multiple stores. Get this $100 off deal on nectar memory foam mattress along with a free gift. For Holiday 2022, this excellent midrange, all-foam mattress offers fantastic pricing.

It is a fantastic alternative for anyone who like being "hugged" by their mattress because it provides excellent support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. With a queen priced as just $799, it offers price advantages over its rivals. In addition, it includes sheets, a mattress protector, and two complimentary cooling pillows, a $399 value. In addition, there is a lifetime warranty and a risk-free one-year trial period so you can determine if you enjoy it.

Buy Nectar Memory Foam

Queen Size Soft Memory Foam Mattress: This 14 inch memory foam mattress features ventilated Suretemp memory foam, a soft knit cover, breathable air channel foam, and a durable base layer for pressure relieving medium support in any sleep position. Cradling Comfort: This Queen memory foam mattress offers cloud like comfort for all sleep positions, fully supporting your back and body with proper alignment at a comfortable sleep temperature

Support For Every Sleeper: Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, you can find motion isolation, edge support, and breathable comfort with an eco conscious Sleep Innovations memory foam bed.

Buy Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14 Inch

Leesa’s award-winning, best-selling Sapira Hybrid Mattress features the advanced support of 1,000+ individually wrapped pocket springs meets high airflow premium foams for enhanced comfort. A top layer of perforated foam combined with pocket springs provides added airflow, ensuring cool, comfortable sleep.

Sleep more deeply with the support of dense high-performance foams, sturdy springs, and a comfortable hug and bounce that helps relieve pressure on your shoulders, hips, and back. Features full edge-to-edge support for all body types and sleep positions, whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. CertiPUR-US Certified. Try it from the comfort of your own home with our 100-night risk-free trial.

Buy Leesa Sapira 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress at Walmart

How to Choose the Best Holiday Mattress Deals?

1/3rd of your day is spent in your bed and if you are lucky, you get two days off to completely doze off and complete your beauty sleep. Either way the quality of sleep directly translates to the quality of life and who in all honesty wants to have a poor quality of life? Not us, not you and not anyone. Hence one should not compromise on their sleep just because the right mattress cost huge bucks. With the Holiday mattress deals now is the time to purchase your peaceful sleep buddy but don’t forget to follow our buying guide before making a decision.

Type of Mattress

Each style appeals to various sleepers looking for a specific feel, from Huggy to bouncing. The following characteristics set the common mattress kinds apart from one another:

Foam Mattress

Many producers make their layers using polyurethane foam, which is a broad group of synthetic foams that includes memory foam. When you lie on memory foam, it softens in response to your body heat, and depending on the mattress, you may sink somewhat or significantly. While some individuals prefer the "sleep in the mattress," curve-conforming sensation, others might find it too challenging to change positions while they're asleep.

Innerspring or Hybrid Mattress

Steel coils make up the base of traditional innerspring mattresses, which are topped with foam, fiber cushioning (like cotton or wool), or both. Mattresses with innersprings and thick foam layers are referred to as hybrids. You can change positions more easily on innerspring beds than on foam mattresses because of their greater resilience. In general, innersprings are more appealing to those who like to "sleep on top of the mattress."

Adjustable Air Mattress

An inflated layer is covered in foam in adjustable air mattresses. Using an electric pump that is attached to the bed, a remote control, or a smartphone app, they enable sleepers to change their mattress to the appropriate firmness level. These mattresses may be a fantastic choice if you and your bed partner have differing firmness preferences because the majority also allow you to individually inflate each half of the bed.


Mattresses and their construction play a huge role in the firmness of the product. This is because mattresses come in different firmness levels which are generally classified as soft, medium, and medium firm.

These classifications are suited to different requirements and while firm mattresses are more rigid, they are suitable for people with poor back health and similar issues. On the other hands, some people desire the sink-in feeling in the mattress hence they prefer a product with lower firmness level. The firmness of mattress also depends on the sleeping position a person prefers.

Side sleepers: The most popular posture and the one that medical professionals often advise to prevent back problems is the side position. Soft to medium firmness levels are ideal for side sleepers because they support proper spinal alignment. You can wind up placing too much strain on your hips and shoulders if it's overly hard.

Stomach Sleepers: Anyone who like to sleep on their stomach should choose a mattress that is firmer because you don't want your pressure points to sink too deeply in this position.

Back sleepers: In this situation, a medium firmness is best. You run the danger of not having adequate alignment if your mattress is either soft or too firm in this posture.

Mattress Size

Imagine you go all excited to get the best Holidays mattress deal, you get the best one, bring the mattress home and lay it on the bed only to find the mattress exceeds the bed frame or worse, it completely sinks in with spare corners on the side. Not only this looks ugly, is impractical but will also lose your money. Hence mattress size is an equally or even the most important consideration when making a purchase. thankfully, there are various codes and names dedicated to each mattress size. And if its your first time buying a mattress and then a bed then here are some common types you should consider looking at.

In general, the larger the mattress size, the more comfortable you'll feel if you sleep with a spouse. However, keep in mind that a larger mattress will necessitate larger-sized bedding (such as sheets and pillows), which will incur additional costs as you maintain your bed in the future. Here are some common mattress sizes sold.

·         King-sized mattresses are typically 76x80 inches in size.

·         California King 72x84 inches

·         60x80 inches, Queen

·         53x75 inches for a full (or double).

·         38x75-inch twin

·         38x80-inch twin XL


A mattress could be as low as $200 or as high as $10,000. This diversity is alarming because what exactly could cause a mattress to reach as high as $10,000. But there are some products that are sold as high as this and also justified. The materials and layers in a mattress mostly dictate price. A two-layer foam mattress will be considerably less expensive than a seven-layer hybrid mattress, but an organic mattress will be more expensive than one made of polyurethane foam.

However, if you use our buying advice, you can find exactly what you need without going over budget. But to buy the right mattress you should set a price range and also the features you desire in a mattress. Then picking a product that meets your range and the features is the right approach to successful mattress buying.


Comfort is crucial because it determines how your mattress feels, how well it adapts to your motions, and how effectively it controls temperature. A firm mattress, a heated mattress, or excessive movement from the other side of the bed can all contribute to lack of comfort (if you sleep with a partner). Finding a comfy mattress that promotes restorative, deep sleep is crucial as this can cause more sleep interruptions. The essential elements to consider when it comes to comfort are responsiveness, temperature regulation, and motion transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We anticipate that starting on November 21, the majority of the top Holiday mattress offers will be accessible. Holidays, which falls on November 25, is four days away from that date. However, up to five or six weeks prior to that, early Holiday mattress offers will start to surface. The costs will decrease by $25 to $100 over the ensuing weeks, so it's vital to keep in mind that those aren't the final offerings. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the biggest Holiday mattress bargains, it is preferable to hold out until the occasion is very close.

Unlike the other Holiday deals categories, the mattress deals are excellent when bought directly from the retailers. Although you can find great discounts at Walmart, amazon and best buy as well but stores like nectar, saatva, sealy and tuft and needles will be putting up their best mattress collection under huge discounts.

yes. In both the US and the UK, Holiday is a great opportunity to purchase a new mattress. This is due to the fact that, generally speaking, mattress prices are the lowest you'll find all year. Holiday isn't the only day when prices are this low, though; we frequently see Holidays pricing return during the President's Day mattress sales in February as merchants try to persuade customers to resume their spending following the holiday shopping season.

The Holiday mattress sale event duration lasts for a few days after Holidays that is actually the weekend and then the deals are transformed into Cyber Monday mattresses deal which is yet another good time to buy mattresses. However, if we compare the best mattress deals during Holiday vs Cyber Monday, Holiday is definitely the best time to get the best discounts.

That depends on how much money you want to spend and how much sleep you need. A mattress is first and foremost a home necessity that is worthwhile to invest in, especially in light of how frequently you'll use it and how much it affects your health. Additionally, you should get a mattress that fits within your budget (looking for Holidays/Cyber Week specials will help you get most for your money).