Top Microwave Drawer Of The Year A Complete Buying Guide

By Alice Green  |   10 Oct, 2022

Top Microwave Drawer Of The Year A Complete Buying Guide

So Are you in search of the perfect microwave drawer? Looking for an unbiased microwave drawer review? Do you wanna know a little more about drawer microwaves? Whatever you want we have all your answers in this single article.

Drawer microwaves give cooks a tonne of flexibility and easy access to freshly prepared meals. You don't have to maneuver around the hinged door to remove a container; instead, you just open the microwave drawer and lift the food up and out. Despite the fact that the majority of people are more accustomed to countertops or over-the-oven models, microwave drawers are a terrific solution for those with unique kitchen space constraints.

In all 50 states, microwave drawers are the newest craze, and modern homes are using them more and more. These microwaves bring a sense of elegance to your kitchen while also being easier to use and taking up less important countertop space. A drawer microwave fits your kitchen design the best when it is planned in advance while designing or modifying the layout. To get the most out of your new investment, you must conduct some independent study, possibly read some reviews of microwave drawers, and then select a model for which appropriate custom cabinetry will be made.

In this article, we'll compare the top microwave drawer to look at the many features and technical information of a couple of the top microwaves. Before discussing more I am here sharing a blockbuster Money saving idea with you, Yeah you heard it right, now you can save up to $2000 by visiting the microwave black Friday sale. Here mysavinghub has shared some exciting deals with you so don’t wait and visit now…


Overall Best Sharp Microwave Drawer Overall Best Sharp Microwave Drawer See Details
Best Flush Bosch HMD8451UC Drawer Microwave Best Flush Bosch HMD8451UC Drawer Microwave See Details
Best Stainless Zline Black Stainless Microwave Drawer Best Stainless Zline Black Stainless Microwave Drawer See Details
Best Traditional Style Viking VMOD5240SS Best Traditional Style Viking VMOD5240SS See Details
Best Warranty Thermador MD24WS Microwave Drawer Best Warranty Thermador MD24WS Microwave Drawer See Details
Best Service Wolf MS24TES Best Service Wolf MS24TES See Details
Overall Best Sharp Microwave Drawer
Best Flush Bosch HMD8451UC Drawer Microwave
Best Stainless Zline Black Stainless Microwave Drawer
Best Traditional Style Viking VMOD5240SS
Best Warranty Thermador MD24WS Microwave Drawer
Best Service Wolf MS24TES

Sharp is a name to which you should carefully give consideration as opposed to more recent firms stepping in, as it undisputedly dominates the built-in drawer microwave category of kitchen appliances. The brand continues to be a popular choice for most households due to its exceptionally well-liked models in all conventional size divisions. Sharp's proprietary, patented designs and technology, which can be seen incorporated with most of its models, account for a significant portion of its appeal for practical drawer microwaves.

Particularly, this 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven is a highly desired model and conceivably the greatest drawer microwave in the 24-inch class. Its attractive look, presence of all necessary features, and practical cooking controls are just a few of the many factors that have led picky homeowners to overwhelmingly approve of the gadget.

Product Pros

  • Interior oven light.
  • 950 watts of reliable cooking power with sensor cooking.
  • The drawer glides open and shut with ease.

Product Cons

  • No convection feature.
Overall Best Sharp Microwave Drawer

In our microwave drawer reviews, we provide yet another well-liked substitute for people who don't precisely get along with Sharp products or have had negative experiences with their offerings. This is a 24-inch drawer microwave by Bosch. The well-known manufacturer of reliable and long-lasting kitchen and home appliances is called Bosch. This 24 "The company's core values are conspicuously displayed in the microwave drawer.

The microwave has 1.2 cu. ft. of cooking space, which is comparable to the 24 "microwave drawer from Sharp. The heating compartment can be accessed from the top, allowing you to maximize the area and put a sizable 4 qt. casserole dish within. Installed low at about waist height, the drawer microwave looks lovely beneath your kitchen counter, island, or beneath your Bosch oven. While you are free to install it with your single or double wall oven from a different brand, if you have even the slightest bit of OCD, below-counter installation is a better choice.

Product Pros

  • Results are precise when using sensor cooking settings.
  • Open and close drawer buttons made of glass.
  • Oven light inside.

Product Cons

  • Bosch lacks in after sales consumer support.
Best Flush Bosch HMD8451UC Drawer Microwave

When looking for the best drawer microwaves, there aren't many options or much variety. Understanding this worry, Zline offers you a roomy yet small black stainless drawer microwave that goes perfectly with light-colored kitchen decor. A black stainless finish frequently looks more attractive than a stainless-steel finish, though not all homeowners may be able to relate. Of course, the layout of the kitchen is important.

The 1000-watt microwave is on par in terms of both aesthetics and functionality with our other top options. The front-mounted control panel features an easy-to-read digital display and very responsive touchscreen controls. 11 more power levels are available in the settings for precision and multistage cooking. The cavity has a respectable volume of 1.2 cu. ft., which is obviously sufficient to meet the needs of a modest to medium-sized household.

Product Pros

  • 1000 watts for cooking.
  • Interactive touch controls mounted on the front.
  • 11 levels of power for precision cooking.

Product Cons

  • No sensor-assisted cooking.
Best Stainless Zline Black Stainless Microwave Drawer

Take a look at this Viking 24-inch microwave drawer. It features 11 adjustable power levels, a 1.2 cu. ft. capacity, and 1,000 watts of cooking power. 12 Sensor Cook options are also available, which will automatically cook, thaw, reheat, or pop a bag of popcorn. You may reheat coffee and tea to a temperature that is suitable for drinking with the Beverage Center Reheat option and keep food warm for up to 30 minutes using the Keep Warm feature. A 13-in. by 9-in. pan can fit inside this microwave drawer, which slides open and shut with the push of a button.

Lock the control panel by using the Child Lock Safety function to stop unauthorized use. The thin design, heavy-duty styling, and commercial-style styling of this microwave drawer, which can be installed below the rangetop, below the countertop, or as a stand-alone item, will complement any kitchen.

Product Pros

  • Traditional design.
  • Old school, and frill-free microwaving experience.

Product Cons

  • No Latest Designing.

Best Traditional Style Viking VMOD5240SS

With a 1,500 watt cooking capacity, 10 various cooking modes, and a generous warranty offer, this flexible flush mount appliance supports efficiency. A significant design adjustment was made to the Thermador wall oven, which had an effect on the microwave drawer line. For both the 24" and 30" drawers, the updated models now have even better integration for flush mount setups.

The MD24WS comes with a two-year manufacturing guarantee. A terrific rebate programme offered by Thermador called 1-2-Free also entitles you to obtain this microwave drawer free of charge when you acquire a qualifying bundle.

Product Pros

  • Comes free as part of Thermador's 1-2-Free rebate.
  • Sensor cooking.
  • Blue LCD display.
  • Built-in flush installation.

Product Cons

  • The light gray/stainless steel color might not be ideal for all designs.
Best Warranty Thermador MD24WS Microwave Drawer

Your current Wolf wall oven will look great next to a Wolf microwave drawer, which also has a great warranty. However, Wolf's commitment to providing excellent customer service is the main factor in consumer decisions.

The only appliance manufacturer in the US committed to your happiness is Wolf. Despite Sharp's patenting of Wolf's invention, all microwaves are produced in accordance with Wolf's quality standards and testing. Due to the decreased likelihood of servicing Wolf appliances, this strategy benefits its customers.

Product Pros

  • 950 watts of cooking power.
  • 10 cooking presets, including Keep Warm mode.
  • A specialty gourmet mode for detecting humidity and moisture.

Product Cons

  • Costly.
Best Service Wolf MS24TES


Benefits Of Buying A Microwave Drawer

Despite the fact that most of us are accustomed to countertop appliances that are also referred to as portable, it's important to keep in mind that they are often installed and might take up a lot of valuable counter space. Countertop units may also negatively affect the flow of people in a kitchen with multiple cooks. It can be dangerous to move hot food from the microwave to the countertop to the table if your kitchen is packed because there is usually only one way to open them.

Last but not least, if you're tall, cleaning countertop microwaves can be challenging. You might have to stoop down quite a bit to clean the inside of the microwave with any accuracy while keeping an eye out for spills and mess. The use of wall-mounted microwaves by short chefs may present comparable challenges. Moving hot food over your head while cooking or using a stepping stool to clean your microwave present unnecessary risks.

Things To Consider

Main Requirements

It is crucial to pick the option that matches your choices and meets your needs. Some microwave drawers include a child lock feature, some have several warming modes, and some have excellent touch controls that will make your experience wonderful. Decide on the solution for your property that makes the most sense.


If you want to cook entire meals in the microwave as opposed to merely roasting potatoes or popping popcorn, think about investing in a medium or full-size oven. Microwave drawers are essentially just standard microwaves with magnetron tubes. It has a power output of between 1,000 and 1,600 watts, which is ideal for preparing meals for the entire family. It is also suggested that you have a three-prong outlet high inside the cabinet near the back so you can access the plug if necessary. This is because it will be placed in a drawer.

Cabinet Width

Before making a purchase, carefully measure the drawer's dimensions if you wish to place a microwave inside. If you have a stock base cabinet, drawer microwaves can easily fit inside of it because their width typically ranges from 24 to 30 inches. However, if they are specifically made for you, you will need to engage a professional carpenter to install the further framework.

Ground Support

If you want the microwave drawer to slide smoothly, you need a sturdy, firm shelf that can support 100 pounds.


Taking into account your base cabinet's depth is also crucial. You must do this by measuring the depth of your cabinet and comparing it to the desired microwave's dimensions.

Additional Spacing Factors

You should think about the handle depth on the front of your microwave depending on the available space in your kitchen. Some microwaves, as was already mentioned, simply pull out like a drawer and have a handle that resembles an oven door handle. Others, though, are button-activated. A flat-fronted device could be preferable so that the cabinet hardware doesn't clash unless you're aiming to match your stove's drawer microwave.


If you've ever spilled a hot cup of coffee or boiled homemade caramel sauce all over your microwave, you are familiar with the difficulty of cleaning up a warm, possibly sticky, mess. Almost no amount of the hot liquid can be sopped up from the far back corner, and the longer things cool, the more difficult it is to remove them with a scraper.

Key Takeaways

  • To begin with, microwave drawers are reliable and secure. They also go well with your kitchen.
  • Installing a microwave drawer would be the most difficult part of the purchase. Order is not.
  • You will be offered the same thing under many names.
  • Due to the Sharp convection microwave drawer's best qualities, you may cook and microwave in the same appliance.
  • To purchase a drawer for much less money, take into account combining discounts from a few of the best brands.
  • The lowest price should then be taken into account since you will be buying the same item with a different label.
  • Sharp is now the least expensive alternative and has the best warranty.
  • If that occurs with a different brand, our advice will change.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are not the same appliances. Food can only be kept warm in a warming drawer for so long. The cooking and heating capabilities of a conventional microwave are identical in a microwave drawer, which glides open like a drawer as opposed to having a front-opening door.

Microwave drawers typically cost more than other types of microwaves. They typically range from $1000 to $2000.

It is possible to mount a microwave within a cabinet. Installation choices include microwave drawers, drop-down microwave ovens, and countertop microwaves (with or without a trim kit).

The best drawer microwaves are very fire resistant, even though microwaves can still encounter the same potential fire dangers as any other cooking appliance. Use your drawer microwave with the same caution that you would while using an oven or grill, and abide by fundamental safety rules for the kitchen.