The Best Nintendo Switch Holidays Deals | Reviews and Buying Guides

By Alice Green  |   12 Dec, 2022

The Best Nintendo Switch Holidays Deals | Reviews and Buying Guides

The Holidays 2022 deals are definitely the most anticipated thing around this time of the year because with the Amazon Prime Day already gone and your carts being entirely full, it is now clear the items which are on your bucket list. And there isn’t going to be any sale equal to as of Holidays Sales. And when we speak about Holidays Sales we all know the year 2022 is going to be huge.

After covid finally being seen out of the door and life returned back to normal it is natural to expect your carts to be full and shopping malls to be crowded this year. And we have also researched a rise of 25% in sales as compared to the previous years because the retailers are going to go big with their sales and discounts.

Among the many fascinating and much awaited Holidays deals 2022, the Nintendo switch Holidays deals are commonly found in many wish lists. This is the reason we are being too eager and cautious with the best Holidays Nintendo switch deals even months before the actual event. So, if you are also waiting for the best Holidays deals Nintendo switch 2022 then below are all the details you will find for this wonderful item in wonderful prices.

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The Best Nintendo Switch Holidays Deals

Over the years we have seen some great deals on Holidays. There are various categories of interest when it comes to securing discounts with the best Holidays deals. one of the most popular categories you find every year is the Holidays deals on gaming and consoles.

From home theatre setups for the best gaming experience to Xbox, latest play stations to gaming consoles and nintendo switch, each item experiences up to 70% off. So isn’t it only wise to purchase this time of the year? Below are our top picks for the best nintendo switch Holidays deals 2022. 

1. Nintendo Switch 1. Nintendo Switch See Details
2. Nintendo Switch Games 2. Nintendo Switch Games See Details
3. Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green 3. Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green See Details
4. Double pack of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing 4. Double pack of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing See Details
5. Nintendo Switch OLED 5. Nintendo Switch OLED See Details
6. Nintendo Switch 128 Gb Memory 6. Nintendo Switch 128 Gb Memory See Details
7. Super Mario Maker 2 7. Super Mario Maker 2 See Details
8. Nintendo Switch Lite 8. Nintendo Switch Lite See Details
9. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition from Amazon 9. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition from Amazon See Details
10. Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini 10. Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini See Details
1. Nintendo Switch
2. Nintendo Switch Games
3. Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green
4. Double pack of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing
5. Nintendo Switch OLED
6. Nintendo Switch 128 Gb Memory
7. Super Mario Maker 2
8. Nintendo Switch Lite
9. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition from Amazon
10. Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini
Amazon will be putting up various nintendo switch deals this year but one deal that strikes the perfect balance of fun and nostalgia among us is the nintendo switch Mario kart 8 deluxe deal. You can get it at a discount of 30% from amazon and even other retailers such as best buy. The offer was also released last year but due to the wonderful deal it was soon out of stock. So make sure you are all geared up for 2022 nintendo switch Holidays deals.

Buy Nintendo Switch

If you own a nintendo switch then you also need a bunch of games with you. Playing one game all day or maybe during your long travels doesn’t seem like a feasible option. Amongst the many nintendo switch deals you will find the most exciting where you can save up to $20 on nintendo switch games. From the best of all collections including, Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Maker and many other of those you have planning to get in your library.

Buy Nintendo Switch Games

Introducing Joy-Con, Controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible, for use with the Nintendo Switch system. The versatile Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun. Two Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as One game Controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip. They can also attach to the main Console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games.

Buy Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R)

Two of the best Sonic games in recent memory are combined onto one cartridge in this double pack for an affordable price. Platform through seven fantastic retro-style levels in Sonic Mania, then team up with friends in Team Sonic Racing to cross the finish line first.

Fans of Metroid Dread have been anticipating Samus Aran's return to the world of space exploration in a new Metroid game for a very long time, and the wait was well worth it. You'll be on the prowl for aliens while escaping lethal robotic assassins. We heartily suggest Metroid Dread whether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran.

Buy Double pack of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing

If you've been holding off on purchasing the upgraded console, now is a good time to do it as Nintendo Switch OLED stock has finally stabilized in the US and is expected to grow more around the Holidays 2022. In addition, delivery will happen quickly rather of taking a month as in the past. You can choose between the traditional Neon Red / Neon Blue version and the brand-new White version because both hues are offered.
Buy Nintendo Switch OLED

This deal from amazon is available at a discounted price of $15. It starts from now and will continue to grow more for Holidays nintendo switch deals. Although it's not a significant discount, buying a Nintendo Switch system and 128GB authentic Nintendo Switch memory card together at Amazon will save you $15. This is a cheap option to give you some extra space for more games since the Switch only has 32GB of internal storage, which will quickly fill up as your game library increases.
Buy Nintendo Switch 128 Gb Memory

Save up to $10 on Amazon and make your own Mario world with everything that you desire for your favorite character. With this nintendo switch game you can create your own 2D Mario adventures, modify your creations and setup your challenges on the way. Share and play with your friends and have them enjoy your virtual adventures of Mario.

Buy Super Mario Maker 2

Instead of being a hybrid system, the Switch Lite is a dedicated portable that performs all the functions of a Switch while supporting the same games. Additionally, compared to its bigger brother, it feels stronger and lighter.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite

A popular and much anticipated pick during Amazon Nintendo Switch Holidays Deals the prices on this one is rarely discounted. So, if you find a deal worth fitting your budget then you must pick it. This year the nintendo switch animal crossing new edition is planning to be sold because we are expected an up to 20% off on this one.

Despite not being a very high bargain, this Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition system is nevertheless worthwhile sharing because of its constrained supply. You receive a Switch console and Joy-Con controllers that stand out in your home's decor thanks to its pastel color scheme. A copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not included, which is a crucial detail.

Buy Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition from Amazon

Hori is pleased to announce the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart racing wheel Pro mini. This racing wheel is ideal for the Mario Kart and racing gamer. The ergonomic wheel design, pedals, and convenient onboard controls were built to create an authentic racing simulation. Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

Available at a lower price and free shipping.

Buy Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini

How To Shop for The Best Nintendo Switch Games Holidays Deals?

If you have been waiting for Nintendo switch deals Holidays then you probably also realize that these products don’t cost cheap. The Nintendo Switch has gained a lot of popularity, which is justified. People who want adaptability in their gaming experience may find its distinctive hybrid style appealing.

Nintendo has also done a fantastic job of bringing over a stunning number of third-party games while also producing some fantastic games for the Switch. Hence there needs to be a proper process of choosing the best Nintendo switch for you. Here is a brief Nintendo switch Holidays deals buying guide.

And You'll find lots of savings on consoles, games, and accessories to help you outfit your home gaming system, which will only be complete with a Switch. Hence it is wise to plan your purchase before so you can make the most of Holidays deals on nintendo switch and Christmas sales just around the horizon.

Types of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch came as an alternative to big gaming such as Xbox and PlayStation which let you play by connecting you to the big screen. Though the handheld nintendo switch has made gaming on the go much easier and not to mention cheaper there are still various things that confuse the lot of us. The different types of nintendo switch should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. Here is how you choose among the nintendo switch OLED, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is lightweight and cheaper than nintendo switch. It has easy to use and versatile built-in controls. The drawbacks of this type include no connectivity to wireless headphones and suitability to only fewer games but not all. Moreover, this nintendo switch lite cannot be docked to TV as well.

Nintendo Switch

If we talk about looks the nintendo switch is the nicest looking console you will find. The expensive feel and hybrid design are all worthy of praise because the switch it functional, easier to hold and also gives a familiar feel to hand so you experience more comfortable gaming. Moreover, the switch itself doesn’t come up with much of a built-in storage for your games but you can buy both physical game cards or digital game downloads. You also get the option to add in MicroSD card which flawlessly expands the storage of your device.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Although the TV feature remains unbothered the Nintendo switch OLED has a much larger screen and has colors which are more vibrant. Additionally, it has enhanced kickstand and new onboard speakers for clearer audio. Another significant difference is that it now also comes in an off-white color in addition to the neon red and blue color you usually get. It also has twice as much storage space for your games. If you play in handheld or tabletop modes, all of these upgrades make the OLED Model a definite enhancement over the original Nintendo Switch.

Online Communication

Regrettably, Nintendo Switch Online's implementation of online conversation is quite awkward. With an Xbox or PlayStation, you can play while chatting with your friends using a headset of some sort that is connected to the system. It's easy to understand and uncomplicated.

Instead, you must utilize a smartphone app with the Switch. Your whole chat history is kept on the app, not the console. Your phone connects to any headphones, microphones, or other accessories.


One of the big benefits of purchasing nintendo switch for gaming is that you get the option of multiplayer for most games. You can combat with your friends, form teams with them or even play despite of huge distances. However, it is important to know that online gaming is possible with switch online subscription only.

Saved Games

The Switch Online service's ability to save your games to the cloud is another important feature. Your game saves are stored on the hard drive (or microSD card) of your Switch without a subscription, making them vulnerable in the event that something was to happen to your Switch. You'll require this subscription if you're the type of person who wants to make sure their game saves are always secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though nintendo switch has its own shortcomings it is a good purchase in year 2022 as well due to its numerous benefits. and with the release of the nintendo switch OLED version you can get a product with increased storage, bigger screen and better viewing angle as well.

Nintendo switch prices went down a lot during the amazon prime day sales. You can also find better deals around the holiday season. Most of all there are huge price reductions expected on Nintendo Switch During Holidays 2022 Deals.

If we compare the functionality, features and gaming experience PS4 does take a lead over nintendo switch. However, nintendo switch offers portability and gaming on the go which is not possible with a Ps4 or Xbox.

The day following Thanksgiving, on November 25, 2022, Holidays will start. Holidays, however, no longer only occurs on Fridays. Holidays deals started early in November of last year.

Holidays deals are the biggest shopping festival of the year however there are many things you should consider buying during this time of the year as compared to other sales. The best items to buy from Holidays 2022 sales include, Video games, Furniture, Televisions, smartphones and similar devices.

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