Prime Day Gaming Deals and Discounts 2023 - All you need to Know

07 Jul, 2023   |   5 min read
Prime Day Gaming Deals and Discounts 2023 - All you need to Know


An early look at Amazon Prime Day 2023, which will take place on July 11 and 12, has shown that gaming bargains will reach new heights in terms of both supply and price reductions. Things are already looking bright because we have already begun to see gaming PCs and gaming accessories on sale. Because of this, we've compiled the top Prime Day gaming discounts below. There are several categories of interest that you may purchase. Prime Day 2023 will have a lot to offer, including fully assembled gaming PC setups, the most comfortable gaming chair, the best gaming headset under $100, and high-tech gaming mice and keyboards.

The Best Prime Day Gaming Deals and Offers

We often look to Prime Day gaming discounts for record low pricing on the games and software, hardware, and peripherals that were released in the previous autumn. So now is the perfect time to buy if you're wanting to stock up on the newest laptops, headphones, keyboards, mouse, and controllers. Naturally, given that this is an Amazon matter, certain companies are more favorably treated than others. Since Sony, Microsoft, Razer, Corsair, HyperX, and Logitech are all well-known brands on Amazon's shelves, there should be no shortage of choices when summer rolls around. For when the time comes, we've compiled all the best Prime Day gaming bargains for you below.

WD-Black WD-Black See Details
Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition See Details
Skytech Gaming PC Skytech Gaming PC See Details
Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse See Details
Nintendo Tempered Glass Protector Nintendo Tempered Glass Protector See Details
Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition
Skytech Gaming PC
Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse
Nintendo Tempered Glass Protector


Best Review

Ps5 users know the amazing user interface and exceptional quality display will want you to enjoy every single game ever made on the famous ps5. This means you will be loving and wanting game after game on your ps5 but one thing that tends to limit is the limited storage drive. Don’t worry, because the prime day has indeed brought affordability for everyone. The first and only fully authorized SSD for the PS5 is the WD_Black SN850 with heatsink, which is presently discounted more than 50% for Prime Day. It delivers exceptional read speed, 1TB of storage, a great overall construction, and dependable performance. It's also a customer favorite.

Reason to Buy

  • Easy availability
  • High performance

Reason to Avoid

  • Can heat up

Buy WD-Black

Customer Review

I won't buy any brand of portable hard drive other than Western Digital, end of story. The product, service, website, customer service, and help are truly above and beyond!!!! This thing can hold SO MANY things! I just moved all my files and pictures from an old computer to a new one and put them on this. There were over 530GB of files and photos on the old computer, plus more from my camera SD card, and I was shocked to find that I still had 4.55TB left. Really, it's one of THE BEST things I've ever bought!! Just buy it, don't question!!! 

Also, you can use this for more than just your computer. You can also use it for your game consoles and phones. Just a word of caution: if you don't know what you're doing, you could lose everything. Don't forget to sign up for your goods!


Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition

Best Review

If you think that prime day gaming deals are just limited to a single category then you are actually wrong. The Alienware Ryzen edition at a big discount for prime day is a proof that amazon has expanded its jaws to completely provide gaming solutions to die hard gamers. The finest gaming computer on the market right now, and that includes during Prime Day 2023 discounts, is the Alienware Aurora R14 Ryzen Edition. It is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card and an AMD Ryzen 9 5900 CPU, giving you all the power you need to play the hottest triple-A games and the most demanding games. The third-most popular AMD model, with a basic clock speed of 3.0GHz, is the AMD Ryzen 9 5900.

Reason to Buy

  • It offers liquid cooling
  • It has dual storage drives

Reason to Avoid

  • Very expensive
Buy Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition

Customer Review

Great PC!


Skytech Gaming PC

Best Review

While we are at gaming Pcs let’s take our sweet time to review yet another perfectly gorgeous and loaded gaming PC for beginners to advanced level gamers. The ideal gaming system, designed for peak performance, is the Skytech. The pre-installed graphics card has 4GB of capacity, which is sufficient for the majority of common games to function well. So that you never miss a game's visual moment, the frames load quickly.

Another incredible benefit of adopting Skytech is the outside casing, which is strong and provides good cooling, guaranteeing that your system remains comfortable enough to play on even after extended gaming sessions (what more does a gamer need?). Additionally, the front and side panels of the gaming system include tiny cutouts that allow you to see the electronics within. The cooling effectiveness and aesthetic value of the system are increased by this feature.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent graphic card performance
  • Offers several ports for connectivity
  • Offers lifetime technical support

Reason to Avoid

  • limited internal storage
Buy Skytech Gaming PC

Customer Review

I had a Prism II before and loved the way it was made, and this one shipped properly and worked right away. Same thing happened with this PC. It worked right out of the box and was shipped with a lot of foam to make sure nothing moved while it was being shipped. I will say that I had to unplug the GPU to get the foam from under it out of the case. This isn't a problem, but I thought I'd let people know when they open the box. Also, I like that they put in a group. I'm a happy customer, and I love the case they used for this Azure 2 build. I play MW2 at 1440p/144hz on my PC and haven't had any problems with speed.


Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Review

With an amazing Pc there pops a need for an equally amazing gaming mouse. And now in the world of combat and quick fighting wouldn’t you hate the cable of your mouse being an obstruction? So why not make the most of Prime day 2023. With eight configurable buttons, 70 hours of battery life, low latency, and interference reduction for quick and smooth gaming, the Razer Viper wireless mouse is now more than 50% off. It has a 20K DPI optical sensor and light beam-based actuation allows it to detect button pushes at the speed of light. With controls on both sides, it is also incredibly lightweight and made for both left- and right-handed users.

Reason to Buy

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Left and right handed

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Some people find the scroll wheel to be stiff
Buy Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse

Customer Review

When I compare it to the gprosuperlight, I think the viper ultimate is shorter but a little bit longer. Lastly, it's a little bit heavier than the viper ultimate, which is easy to notice, but the viper ultimate looks better. I don't think there is a visible change in terms of switches and accuracy. The only "bad" thing about viper ultimate is that the scroll is smaller and, to my taste, farther away. Last, the seller was Amazon USA. It came earlier than expected and was in good shape.


Nintendo Tempered Glass Protector

Best Review

Sometimes the tiniest of things make the most impact. Protect your nintendo during long hours of travel and gaming with the help of this high quality protective glass cover. It takes away all your worries of the nintendo being scratched or smudged in case you are gaming while snacking (of course you are!). For a little fee, these glass screen protectors will shield your Switch from dust and damage. During Prime Day, you can purchase a bundle of several of them for as little as $7.

Reason to Buy

  • Protects your Screen

Reason to Avoid

  • Can cause glare in the sunlight
Buy Nintendo Tempered Glass Protector

Customer Review

I love Zagg. I've put them in a lot of different things. Even after talking on the phone for a long time, I sent back two iPhone 6 screen covers. Around the home button, the old pattern would start to show up. Zagg sent a free replacement, just like they said they would. And they always move fast. It was very easy to put this Switch guard in place. I did have to pull it back up once because I wasn't quite sure I had it lined up right. But it fell back down without any trouble. I didn't clean the screen with the sticky cleaner though. When I read other reviews that said the glue stuck to the screen, I was afraid. So I was fine even without that. No bubbles or dust particles. Use the small cloth to clean up any smudges or dust. I will always buy from Zagg. On my iPad, I have a cheap brand, and I can really tell the difference.

How to Choose the Best Prime Day Gaming PC and other Gaming Deals

When it comes to choosing a gaming pc or any gaming accessory there are lots of factors that come into play. While you might be wandering around price, but for gamers, there are features matter much more than that. They count on the latest innovation in the PC models, the newest trends, the popular gaming consoles and the best type of PC setup fitting to your needs. While the expansive gaming market has made it possible for everyone to get something perfect to their taste and interests it always helps to have a buying guide so you can make a better decision. Below is a list of factors you need to consider if you are planning to purchase a prime day gaming pc deal.

The Right time to Buy

Before we get all dived in to the specs and features offered by a gaming PC it is important to note that PCs cost a lot and in case of gaming PCs they can be as high as a second-hand car (ok a bit exaggeration there) but you get the point. A gaming PC needs to be a considerate purchase but the timeline you choose to buy the PC matters a lot. This means you should make a purchase as big as this one only when there are big sales going on.

Many people consider that one of the best occasions to shop for gaming PC is the black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sales. But since few years the online market has changed because prime day is no less when it comes to deals on tech, electronics and specially gaming items. Because prime day is one of those events to offer the biggest markdown on gaming stuff and accessories. From PS5 to gaming chairs, video games and consoles each think sees a huge drop so you can score the best bargain from top retailers. Moreover, since prime day is no longer just an amazon event many retailers are doing their best to make the most sales you can find a lot of competition hence lower prices for same product.

Your PC Goals

After the right time to buy which is set around the Prime Day 2023 sales the second thing is to decide what kind of Gaming PC you as a gamer want. It is better to make a checklist of features you need; you don’t need and you things you can do without. This will ensure you are not paying extra penny for features that might not serve you neither you are getting a product that will limit your gaming experience. To get the best list, here are some questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do I plan to play multiple games on my new PC, or am I only buying it to play one?
  • Do those games require a lot of graphics?
  • Do I plan to use my PC for anything other gaming, like streaming or video rendering?
  • Do I frequently travel, do I want to play games on the go, or will I prefer a more stationary setup at home?

Set your Budget

No amount of hobby is worth draining yourself off your entire money hence even if it comes to picking the best gaming PC for you, you should set your budget before you rave about the prices online. Since Gaming PCs have a huge range when it comes to budget you can find a product as low as $400 and as high as $2000 or more. This mean that you need to be vigilant and research well before spending your money. Depending on the specifications you need, the brand you want to buy and the type of PC you are planning the budget will vary. So, it is better to keep an amount greater than you have decided but try not to overspend.


A PC for gaming can be small, mid sizes or large. There are certain benefits and limitations to each type. Small Pc setups are discrete and can fit in places where bigger systems just cannot. They are perfect for gamers who wish to utilize their PC in their home theatre but don't have access to a huge desk. However, going small can restrict your options for upgrades in the future, and some tiny PCs are noisy because they don't have enough room for cooling.

For the majority of people, mid-towers are a decent compromise and perfect. They are sufficiently large to provide upgradeability and tolerable cooling while still being tiny enough to fit under, on, or inside a standard desk.

Graphics Card

If you really want a good deal for gaming PC then graphics card is what needs to be paid attention to. It's the part that has the most influence over how beautiful your games look, how smoothly they run, and how playable higher resolutions are. Here, model numbers mostly tell the tale, with higher numbered cards often denoting more performance.


Now as we look and pay attention much to the exterior of your PC it is even so more important to check the internal features of your gaming setup otherwise you will end up with a pretty machine that doesn’t do what you want. The first thing you need to pay attention to in this case is the processor.

In most software, a system's performance is dictated by the processor. The number of processing cores is a crucial factor. In the mainstream market, options range from two to sixteen cores. A four-core CPU should be the lowest you can go, unless your budget is extremely tight, to avoid experiencing performance issues with some applications and video games.


The Higher the Ram the better it sounds for Gaming PC but this is the factor which can make you overspend money too hence you need to be specifically cautious. 16GB is a fair starting point for modern gaming systems, especially given how much prices have dropped recently. However, if you're playing older games or don't mind forgoing detail or frame rate in order to save money, you can get by with 8GB. After all, RAM is one of the cheapest and simplest things to upgrade in the future.

Cooling System

Gaming PCs and CPUs are going to heat up so don’t worry when the temperature of your leg resting behind the CPU starts to rise up, but move it away asap because your CPU needs a proper cooling system to ensure it doesn’t overheat and stops working out of a sudden.

Although cooling isn't directly tied to performance, it can still have an impact on both that and how much fun your PC is to use. If you don't worry about noise levels or keeping components cool for overclocking, you don't need to think any more about it — especially if you play with headphones, where noise isn't as significant. AMD CPUs and all graphics cards ship with their own cooling right out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Prime Day Sale?

Amazon prime day sale is a 2 day shopping event designed to put every and all categories on huge sales. Most of the amazon prime day sales are live for 48 hours but you can find some exceptions like 24 hour deal and lightning deals which are short lived.

What is Amazon Prime Early Access Sale?

The follow up to Amazons annual Prime Day savings event which lasts for 48 hours each June July is the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. The inaugural Prime Early Access Sale was organized by Amazon in 2022. According to Amazon, it was a chance to kick off the holiday shopping season early with hundreds of thousands of deals.

Is it necessary to be a Prime Member to shop from Prime Day sales?

The fact that you must be an Amazon Prime member in order to take advantage of the offers is the most crucial thing to remember about the Prime Day Sale. Following a price increase back in February Amazon Prime now costs 139 Dollars per year or 14.99 Dollars per month. However if you do not want to pay the Prime membership cost Simply join up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for one month and then discontinue it as soon as the Prime Early Access Sale is done.

Is Amazon the Only retailer participating in Prime Day Sales?

No not anymore. During the annual Amazon Prime Day event several rival merchants offer their own bargains to match amazon and its Prime Day sale. Check out Best Buy Home Depot Target Walmart and other major online retailers since they frequently match or even undercut the greatest Amazon offers.

What Can I Expect from Prime Day Gaming Deals 2023?

Prime day gaming deals offer a wide range of gaming products from complete gaming PC sets to gaming monitors consoles to gaming headsets gaming chairs and accessories etc. it is safe to say that prime day is one of the biggest and best events to shop for gaming deals and discounts. You can find big discounts on latest gaming monitor models ps5 nintendo switch Xbox and gaming chairs too.