SereneLife pure vacuum cleaner review in 2022

By Alice Green  |   21 Sep, 2022

SereneLife pure vacuum cleaner review in 2022


The SereneLife pure vacuum cleaner's powerful 1200 Pa suction can remove small and large trash particles. Also included is a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. You can clean the robot continuously for up to 90 mins with a supercharged lithium-ion rechargeable battery. After 90 minutes, however, the user will have to plug in the robot to recharge. It takes approximately four hours to charge the SereneLife Automatic Robot Cleaner. This robot does not have an automatic docking or charging feature. The robot is extremely light (4.3 pounds) and compact enough to be carried around. You can move it from room to room. The compact vacuum from Serenelife will make your home look new. Serenelife uses two sets of side brushes to lift and rotate waste before putting it in the trash can. The bin has a 200ml capacity and must be emptied frequently. The bin can be detached and has a filter that captures particles. It also helps maintain a strong suction force to remove all dirt. The vacuum cleaner has a mop and bristles to clean up any spillages.

Product Description


This vacuum robot pet hair sweeper robot has a suction power that is strong enough for lifting small dust particles customarily left behind by regular vacuums. It can also adjust its suction power automatically to match different environments


When the battery power runs low, this robot vacuum cleaner mop combination will automatically return to the charging station. This floor robot cleaner can be programmed to start cleaning automatically at a specific time when you are away

SereneLife PureClean's home robot sweeper is self-charging and features obstacle detection. It cleans furniture or objects. Protective bumper housing and anti-fall sensors are also included to prevent robovac's falling off the stairs.


This automatic vacuum cleaner robot pet hair has 2 rotating side sweeper brushes to reach dirt/debris along walls and edges. There is no need to remove pet hair from the vacuum. It works on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and tile floors.


The carpets/tile/hardwood floor robot vacuum slim auto vacuum has a 3" low profile design, making it small enough to fit under the couch, sofa or bed in your house. Hepa filter removes allergens and keeps dust in the bin

What's Included?

  • Home Base
  • Batteries

SereneLife Pure Clean Design

Pure Clean's robot vacuum has a circular design. It features one bumper wall and an intuitive interface at the top that includes the filter flap, power button, and filter.

The only button on the vacuum is the power button. There is no confusion about what it is doing. Click on the power button to clean it.

How does the vacuum's bottom look?

The Pure Clean robot's underside contains a battery, two spinning brushes, two rear wheels, one wheel, and a charging port. It may seem like a lot, but the bottom of the vacuum works very well.

Pure Clean vacuums feature a white top with their logo embossed on the filter flap. They have distinguished themselves from other robot vacuums by offering an all-white design.

The grey and black color schemes are the most common robot vacuums I have seen. Pure Clean's robot vacuum looks excellent in all-white.

Pure Clean Size and Dimensions

The Pure Clean robot vacuum is the smallest I have ever tested. The unit measures only 2.9 inches tall by 11 inches wide and weighs 3.52 pounds.

Pure Clean is smaller than most robot vacuums and can drive under furniture or in low places, just like other robot vacuums.

  • Height - 2'9''
  • Width - 11"
  • Weight - 3.52 lbs


  • Versatile & convenient floor clean-ability
  • Self-programmed cleaning path navigation
  • Bag-less operation automatically
  • Garbage collection tray for easy disposal
  • Selector for top panel touch buttons control mode
  • Can be used on hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors.
  • Vacuum brush that can be detached for easier cleaning
  • Operation led light indicator with battery and operation
  • Convenient and versatile floor cleaning
  • Light indicators are powered by a battery and operated by an operator

Pure, Clean, and Easy to Use!

The robot vacuum is very easy to use. Pure Clean requires no complicated processes before it can be put to work.


The setup of the Pure Clean was easy and took very little time. After removing everything from the package, insert two of the four brushes (2 extras) and plug them in. Then, send Pure Clean for its first cleaning.

You can even see the bristles of the spinning brushes, which have an "R" or "L" written on them. This allows you to know which brush is going where. This robot vacuum cleaner can be set up without the use of tools.

How can you operate the vacuum cleaner?

It's not difficult to use the Pure Clean vacuum once you get into its actual work. You can start cleaning by pressing the power button. You don't have to do anything but press the power button, and it will automatically change modes while you clean.

The LED light at the power button will turn red when the vacuum is exhausted. This means the battery must be fully charged and plugged in before it can return to work. The LED light will glow a solid blue once the battery has fully charged.

Product Pros

  • Robot vacuums are very affordable
  • Easy to clean hard floors

Product Cons

  • Having trouble cleaning carpets and rugs
  • No dirt detection or memory technology


SereneLife PureClean is a robot vacuum that's affordable and has basic features. The suction power is what cleans the floors. It performed well on hardwood floors, but the absence of a roller brush hampered the vacuum's performance. This vacuum is a good choice if you are looking for a robot vacuum that can clean small spaces with a hard surface. Pure Clean will likely leave you feeling disoriented for the average household.