Best shoes under 100

By Alice Green  |   02 Aug, 2022

Best shoes under 100

Are you searching for the most affordable shoes under $100? Feeling overwhelmed by the variety of choices? We're glad you're here. This is a complete guide for buying shoes that cost less than 100 dollars. If you're uncertain how to begin your research, don't worry; we have covered you.

There are numerous things to deliberate when looking for the best shoes under 100 dollars, mainly since it's hard to identify precisely what quality you're getting for the money.

It's not just that, but it's crucial to take your weight cushioning and support into account to ensure an ideal fit when you exercise.

The vast choices available make reading thousands of reviews incredibly frustrating. Check our reviews, then make a wise purchase choice based on this comprehensive guide.

1-The Best Running Shoes under 100

1- Asics Gel Contend 7 1- Asics Gel Contend 7 See Details
2- Asics Gel Venture 8 2- Asics Gel Venture 8 See Details
3- Nike Revolution 5 3- Nike Revolution 5 See Details
2- Top Hiking Shoes under 100 2- Top Hiking Shoes under 100 See Details
1. Foxelli Boots 1. Foxelli Boots See Details
2- The Ridge for Men Boots 2- The Ridge for Men Boots See Details
3- Adidas Eastrail Hiking Shoes 3- Adidas Eastrail Hiking Shoes See Details
4- ASICS Venture 7 4- ASICS Venture 7 See Details
3- Top 4 Picks for Basketball Shoes under $100 3- Top 4 Picks for Basketball Shoes under $100 See Details
1- LeBron Witness IV by Nike 1- LeBron Witness IV by Nike See Details
2- Curry 3Zero By Under Armour 2- Curry 3Zero By Under Armour See Details
3- Nike's Men's High-Top Sneakers 3- Nike's Men's High-Top Sneakers See Details
4. Pro Bounce Low-Tops by Adidas 4. Pro Bounce Low-Tops by Adidas See Details
1- Asics Gel Contend 7
2- Asics Gel Venture 8
3- Nike Revolution 5
2- Top Hiking Shoes under 100
1. Foxelli Boots
2- The Ridge for Men Boots
3- Adidas Eastrail Hiking Shoes
4- ASICS Venture 7
3- Top 4 Picks for Basketball Shoes under $100
1- LeBron Witness IV by Nike
2- Curry 3Zero By Under Armour
3- Nike's Men's High-Top Sneakers
4. Pro Bounce Low-Tops by Adidas

Budget-friendly shoes under 100 are packed with premium benefits. Your feet experience premium comfort with this shoe. Asics Gel Contend 7!


  • It's soft, marshmallowy, and shock-absorbing, so your feet didn't feel bruised after several hours of beatings upon the concrete!
  • It's lightweight. It was as if we had nothing at all!
  • The shoes may be expensive. It's not a slouch for locking down and is a perfect fit. It's just added to the overall experience of confidence this shoe offered us.
  • If you're a runner and want the identical shoe for all activities such as jogging, running, walking, and aerobics, the shoe will not fail you! It's got the support you require to complete your workout!
  • Another reason that this shoe ranks high on the list is that it's very robust! You might think that running shoes with a low price aren't packed with enough strength to last for long. However, this shoe is going to show you otherwise!
  • 50 miles later, we haven't seen an indication of wear or tear on the outside sole. We expect it to last between 300 and 500 miles before retiring them from our closets.

Product Pros

  • True to size
  • Good heel lock
  • Stable
  • A good amount of cushioning
  • Value-for-money
  • A durable, grippy outsole
  • Guidance line ensures that the foot is on the same level

Product Cons

  • The rubber outsole has a squeaky sound.
  • Not comfortable during long runs.
  • Ineffective arch support

Buy Asics Gel Contend 7

For any short to mid-distance distance, we'd not think of any shoe other than that of the Asics Gel Venture 8! It's everything you need to be trail-ready!


  • It will not break the bank and won't harm your feet! This shoe had us giddy over its comfy cushion. It's got plenty to ensure that your foot is secure and free of discomfort.
  • The shoes under 100 don't just help to muffle the harsh elements of the trail. It's even more effective. It crushes them!
    The shoe isn't hesitant in terms of energy return either. It's got lots of it. We were not overly heavy trail runners in any way.
  • It helped to race fast and had lots of excitement!
  • To test this shoe's capabilities, we tried it in various terrains.
  • This pair could latch onto all terrain, from the gravel pedestrian trails to more technical trails!
  • This Venture 8 is nothing like an affordable shoe. It's similar to the higher-end trailblazers!
  • This shoe is a star in the field of durability! After putting it through the most challenging trails, it lasted the test of time!
  • This shoe with a high-strength construction that we anticipate will last between 400 and 450 miles.
  • These trail shoes are heavy, But not those from the Gel-Venture 8.
  •  It's got everything packed into a compact package! It never felt like it was heavy on your shoulders.

Product Pros

  • The size is true
  • Secure to fit
  • Extremely robust
  • get a grip on slippery, wet surfaces
  • Responsive
  • Very comfortable
  • There isn't much to break in.
  • It's lightweight and not heavy.
  • Super-low cost

Product Cons

  • Narrow toe box
  • Sweaty on hot summer days

Buy Asics Gel Venture 8

Nike is a king in terms of style, as it's no surprise that the Nike Revolution 5 has to be the one that doesn't have to dig in our wallets! It's not full of fancy features, but that design makes it appealing and an eye-catching piece of art!


  • For shoes under 100 dollars, there are many tricks in their bag! What impressed us was over the lockdown that is unbeatable, particularly in the heel region.
  •  It was able to hold your heel and hold it in place so that you could run confidently on the roads!
  • It's not soft like a cloud. However, it's not as strong as bricks. It's more of a middle ground, providing the most smooth and stable ride.
  • This is why it's our top choice for daily strolls and runs.
  • The upper can also be flexed to a great extent. This allows for an easy entry, and for those with wide feet, it's a comfortable fitting, which adds to the overall comfort!
  • Although it wasn't designed to be a fun, enjoyable ride, we wouldn't wish to punish it for doing something it wasn't meant to be doing.
  • These Nike shoes under 100 are an excellent value for money at this low price!

Product Pros

  • The size is true
  • Make sure your ankle is secure
  • Great for long walks.
  • It also doubles up as a fitness shoe
  • Cheap
  • Clean minimalist design
  • Great for beginners (<10 miles/week)

Product Cons

  • Stiff
  • Laces with short lengths

Buy Nike Revolution 5

Here Is the List Of The Top Hiking Shoes under 100 dollars Check it

Product Pros

Product Cons

The company is highly proficient at creating walking shoes since the hiking shoes are stylish, and their design is extremely attractive due to their beautiful designs. They are equipped with a great Waterproofing system that increases the sale of this footwear.


  • The breathability feature in Best Hiking Shoes under 100 because the company has emphasized the most important aspects of their hiking shoes.
    These hiking shoes are fitted with high-quality lacing closures, making their appearance more appealing. They have an asymmetrical cut that enhances the shoe's appearance, as lower-cut footwear is typical. So to differentiate these shoes, Foxelli boots reviews his company chose to provide a medium cut to these shoes.
  • The foxelli hiking boots are light and comfortable. The quality of the shoes is greatly improved. You can walk all day without fatigue or discomfort because the cushioned insole makes the shoes more comfortable than other hiking boots.
  • The best Hiking Shoes under 100 have excellent support and make selling hiking shoes more attractive than before. Thus support is a key element in any top hiking shoe. So overall, the shoes are significant in design and comfort, which is a huge plus.

Product Pros

  • Cozy
  • Premium Design
  • Very Impressive Shoes
  • Durable

Product Cons

  • Doesn't have ankle support

Buy Foxelli Boots

The Best Hiking Shoes under 100 come with similar features to those of the Women's Ridge Plus, but the benefit of these shoes is that they're more secure than the other models.


  • They provide two layers of protection and comfort compared to other shoes. These shoes are more comfortable than other hiking shoes.
  • Additionally, they are more durable than regular hiking shoes and are one of the most important features of these kinds of shoes.
  • Best Hiking Shoes under 100 come with a significant aspect that every hiker appreciates this feature.
    The quality is also their excellent grip hiking boots. People are satisfied every time they put on these shoes.
  • They are incredibly appealing; particularly if you suffer knee or foot pain, you can also put them on.
  • They will offer you comfort for some time, and you could also hike in these shoes for hiking.
  • Overall, Best Hiking Shoes under 100 are made from synthetic rubber and fabrics, making them unique from other hiking footwear.
    These shoes for hiking are one of the most sought-after on the market due to their pain-resistant sole.
  • As a result of these features, it is recommended to purchase these shoes today.

Product Pros

  • Great Grip
  • Good Strength
  • Relaxed
  • Durable
  • Cheap

Product Cons

  • A Little Bit Heavier

Buy The Ridge for Men Boots

Fabric is utilized inside this footwear to make them more attractive and appealing, which is an impressive effort. The company is well-known for its quality and style. You all already know that Adidas is always at the top, which implies that the shoes are great because Adidas produces these shoes. The company is focusing on the style and comfort of its shoes as everybody loves the look of hiking shoes and is also for the most convenience out of their hiking shoes.


  • The best Hiking Shoes under 100 have high-quality traction. This means you won't get lost in your hotel or from the place you had a great time.
    The risk of losing your way in a forest or hike can be terrifying. So make certain use of a high-level traction plate fitted on the outside of the shoe, which is very beneficial.
  •  These shoes feature the lacing closure, which is an excellent character. They come in different sizes and colors from which you can choose the hiking shoes you prefer.
  • The Best Hiking Shoes under 100 are comfortable and have excellent features that impress anyone.
    These shoes are very stylish when hiking. 

Product Pros

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Long-Lasting
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Product Cons

  • Low Grip

Buy Adidas Eastrail Hiking Shoes

These shoes are great for river-based hiking since they have waterproofing in two significant parts. One is the Gore-Tex membrane. The second one is in the shoe's upper part and is waterproofed. So that your shoes cannot get damaged and wet since when leather is moist, there is a high chance of the leather being damaged by water and rocks.


  • The best hiking shoes under 100 have moderate durability, which is great since some footwear don't even have durability and are disliked by hikers. They take the company's sales down, and the company suffers a loss, and these shoes are of moderate durability.
    They benefit the company because some individuals purchase this hiking footwear within their budget.
  • Best Hiking Shoes under 100 come in different colors that are great and some not so good. You can pick any size that you desire for these shoes.
    They are appealing.
  • These shoes are outstanding in the electric blue color, which is the cutest color offered on these shoes.
  • The shoes are excellent due to the laces and waterproofing, and comfort.

Product Pros

  • Nice Look
  • Relaxed
  • Good Strength

Product Cons

  • Poor Quality

Buy ASICS Venture 7
Here is the list of top 4 picks for basketball shoes under $100

Product Pros

Product Cons

There are many things to be awed by about this pair of shoes under 100. 


  • It's comfy. First off, it looks incredible.
  • Anybody could wear these shoes daily. And just because they look good does not mean they're lazy in the courts.
  • These basketball shoes under 100 can be worn indoors and outdoors. The shoe is built to last.
    People have seen more performance in a pair of shoes for quite a while. With the price tag on these shoes, there's no reason why everyone shouldn't own an item.

Product Pros

  • Looks fantastic wear it with everything informal.
  • You could even be able to wear a formal dress code.
  • Superb grip on all courts.
  • Stable in all places where it's needed.
  • The most breathable you could get in a pair of shoes.
  • Low-top and light, perfect for fast guard playing.

Product Cons

  • Fit might be thin and narrow for absolute ballers. Pick the size that is larger than your actual size.
  • It is more mobile than stable.
  • It is vital to remember when you make sharp cuts and the possibility of changing directions.

Buy LeBron Witness IV by Nike

As the Under Armor basketball captain, you know that Steph Curry will purchase some killer shoes.


  • The 3Zero line isn't a joke and could be among the most popular guard footwear.
  • The main reason is that they are shooting shoes with excellent balance and cushion for impact.
  • The design process for this shoe was directed by one of the most skilled 3-point shooters the league has ever seen.
  • It is easy to feel the smooth focus on every shot.
  • They are the best shoes under 100 dollars.

Product Pros

  • Awe-inspiring balance and cushioning. Make sure you give the jump shot you're taking a significant jump and a great landing.
  • Fantastic grip on courts of any kind, indoors or outdoors.
  • A top-quality ankle support system that doesn't hinder movement allows your speed to fire on all cylinders.
  • Created to allow the use of a foot brace while wearing the shoe.
  • Can be broken in as quickly as a shoe.

Product Cons

  • It was designed for guards and guard positions. It's not an ideal shoe for bigs or centers.
  • Does not have adequate protection for feet, so try not to step on.
  • At the risk of getting dust on them, it might be a good idea to carry an extra towel to clean the sole.

Buy Curry 3Zero By Under Armour

It's the Trey 5 VI signature shoe of Kevin Durant. Another shoe is designed for athletes who can go downhill at maximum speed and then come to a halt at the touch of a button.


  • These lightweight shoes under 100 will make your footwork slick and smooth.
  • Although these shoes are, they don't provide adequate ankle support for lateral moves, which means you might suffer when trying to defend yourself or make explosive shifts in direction.
  • These are comfortable shoes and will feel fantastic right from the moment you put them on.
  • The knit-finish won't shield you from aggressive rebounding situations, but it will help keep them comfortable throughout the fourth quarter.
  • If you're to purchase a pair of shoes under 100 for young children, think about this pair. The knit allows their feet to expand, and they'll probably not want to wear these shoes all day long.
    Because the feet of young ballers will increase in size quite quickly, you'll require an economical shoe that you can count on. This is because you'll likely buy only a couple of pairs each year until their feet grow to size.

Product Pros

  • Use light to enhance your flight.
  • Made for athletes with easy hands and fast footwork.
  • A comfortable shoe that breathes well.
  • Available in various cool colors, wear these sneakers on the streets and be prepared    to clean up the mess.
  • Drips off your merchandise.
  • Ready for play right out of the box, no break-in required.
  • Great at fighting court dust.

Product Cons

  • Not as good as decent impact protection.
  • Strap doesn't provide much or even a lockdown, but it does keep your laces in place.
  • The body of a knitter might be susceptible to a beating.
  • Don't count on getting a lot of security from being knocked on.
  • less than stellar support for laterals.

Buy Nike's Men's High-Top Sneakers

The shoe offers something for everyone in the field. Speed and agility, toughness, scoring, and driving are all well in the Pro Bounce.


  • These are hooping shoes under 100.
    This is "the high-end" in shoes. Anything less than Pro Bounce is a bad shoe, and anything more than Pro Bounce is a good shoe.
  • While it's not a signature model, Adidas has habitually released top sports shoes with generic names.
  • Available in a high top.
  • It provides ankle support.
  • These shoes under 100 are recommendable for men who require additional ankle protection when they go to rebound aggressively.

Product Pros

  • Excellent traction; no need to be concerned about dust.
  • Deep grooves in the sole are ideal for outdoor courts and are great for indoor courts.
  • The cushioning technology is unique
  • It moves to feel extraordinarily fluid and smooth while offering a lot of value to jump shots through the bounce and the impact.
  • A break in time, a single practice, or a day of walking around will leave these shoes ready for the game.
  • Fantastic support for the lateral.
  • Any player in any position could benefit from wearing these shoes.

Product Cons

  • Mesh material doesn't appear to be high-end.
  • In terms of comfort, this shoe isn't an elite frontrunner.

Buy Pro Bounce Low-Tops by Adidas

How to select the shoes under 100 dollars-Buying Guide

Have you trouble finding a great pair of shoes under 100, a challenging experience? Have you ever wondered what type of shoe to choose when purchasing shoes for less than 100?

The knowledge that you're not alone is sometimes all you require. Many struggles to find the right pair of shoes under 100 dollars. That's why we are here to assist you!

You've come to this page to learn more about cheap shoes with less than 100 reviews. There's plenty of information on the internet, and to make an educated decision, look for a reliable source with a wide range of choices before making a final decision.

The information you need could come from a variety of sources: 

*Buying guide reviews

 *Rating websites

* Word-of-mouth recommendations

* Online forums 

* Independent reviews of the product 

 The most effective products are discovered through extensive study.

Right? However, isn't it simple to accomplish this? So, we've put in the effort to create a buying guide for the best shoes under 100 in the market for your convenience to ensure that you don't have to fret.

Below are a few factors we look at:

1-The Brand Value

What would happen if you buy an unreliable brand simply because it's affordable? The probability of purchasing a product that is not reliable increases. Brands with a reputation tend to be more concerned with keeping their reputations intact, whereas other brands aren't.

The shoes under 100 brands are well-known for the distinctive features that differentiate them from other brands. Therefore, we hope that you will find a shoe from our selection that can meet your needs.


These are the best features that are all you require. When choosing the best shoes under 100, examine the aspects that matter.


Quality measures can be made easily using numbers to work with. As a business, we struggle to discover products that surpass the norm while keeping shoes under 100 in balance.

4-User Ratings

Customers who have used before you will not claim that you're guilty, do they? Many customers will be happy with your service, especially if you get better reviews.

5-User Reviews

Customer reviews provide accurate and trustworthy information about shoes under 100 and come from people who have tried them.

6-Seller Rank

It's pretty interesting, isn't it? It's not only about finding a pair of shoes under 100 dollars, but you must also offer an appealing, expanding product. Both of these goals are accomplished.

The product's success is due to its vast customer base. With the growing number of customers and the increasing demand for the product, manufacturers must be able to provide superior after-sales services and better quality.

7-Value for Money

There's a saying that says you are paying for what you get. The least expensive item isn't always the most effective. Therefore, spending much money on something of no value is not a great option. The idea of putting your shoes below 100 on the list is looking at what you can receive for the money you spend.


Durability and reliability are closely linked. With a sturdy and durable pair of shoeless than 100, you'll be capable of using it for a long time.


A new product is replaced by an older product every so often. It could have unique features or be modified in some way.

It is believed that good items like shoes under 100 dollars do not exist anymore because the manufacturer won't longer offer support for these products. If possible, we strive to showcase items from a small number of trusted sellers, if there are any.

10-Negative Ratings:

It's something we also think about! Items that have received primarily negative scores are eliminated from our best shoes under 100.

The Final Words

We selected some most comfortable shoes under 100 on these guidelines. Do you think this is all there is to it? Not! Our website is regularly updated to provide the most current and pertinent information. We've added a final layer of filtering as we put readers' satisfaction as the highest priority. We appreciate your feedback! We'd love to hear your feedback or correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since shoes under 100 differ dramatically in size, knowing which size will be comfortable for the foot is crucial. If you need a pair of sneakers under 100 that offer high-quality support. You may also decide that you don't need one that expensive.

A pair of shoes that is less than 100 will be with you for a long time. Spending more money on your purchase will pay off every time you open the lid, with increased speed, greater accuracy, and a stunning look. Also, consider the cost of a brand new pair of shoes under 100 dollars. You can spend more on the latest options.

Pick a shoe featuring a sole that can address your concerns. The sole's outside is made of elastic material, which can help grip the floor and provide the necessary support. Some boots are designed specifically for outdoor play and come with thicker soles.

Most basketball players tend to strain their ankles, face turns, and twist. That's why style matters so much. An ankle that is designed to provide an ankle that is well supported is the best option you can make, especially for those that you are seeking a reasonable projection.