Wyze Handheld Vacuum review in 2022

By Alice Green  |   16 Sep, 2022

Wyze Handheld Vacuum review in 2022


As a handheld vacuum, it offers a good selection of attachments. These include an extension hose that gives you an additional reach, a crevice tool that can be used to remove messiness in odd places, an upholstery tool for dust on furniture made of fabric, and a soft-bristle tool to scrub fragile surfaces. HEPA filter helps to keep allergens in. The battery's performance is outstanding for a handheld vacuum of this size and power. When it is in its power setting, it can expect a running time of over 30 minutes. If you operate the unit continuously in its full power mode, it decreases to less than 10 minutes. Small particles and pet hair are not a problem for it. However, heavy materials could block its suction intake. This Wyze Handheld Vacuum is cordless. It is equipped with a large selection of accessories and tools. It also can last a decent battery life for a handheld vacuum. It can perform well on a broad range of surfaces too. However, it does have one small dirt compartment that requires frequent emptying. You can purchase it on the website of the manufacturer.

Product details

16800Pa of cleaning power packed into the portable handheld vacuum. Clean up the grimy spot between the seats in your vehicle, the pet's hair from the couch, or any leftover food from your office. The vacuum is a great way to keep a cleaner available throughout the day.

  • 16800 Pa Suction Power of a tornado in the form of a compact, handheld vacuum. The vacuum can take in everything from fine dust mites to breadcrumbs.
  • Brushless Digital Motor: This motor has 100,000 RPM and is three times superior to motors with brushes that are lost to carbon.
  • Washable HEPA filter: Filters can become blocked or dirty. Wash and dry the HEPA filter and the stainless steel prefilter filter screen using tap water and allow them to dry.
  • 30 min Cleaning Time: Clean for 30 minutes or more on one charge.

Features quick look

  • 16.800 Pa Suction Power
  • Brushless Digital Motor
  • Lightweight and Cordless Attachments for every corner and crevice
  • Machine washable HEPA filter
  • 30-minute Cleaning Time

High Quality of Build

The Wyze Handheld Vacuum feels well-built. It's primarily solid plastic, although its transparent plastic dirt compartment feels fragile and may crack with time. But it seems more durable than a more eufy HomeVac H11's dirty compartment. It doesn't require assembly from the box, and emptying its dirt compartment and taking the filters out are straightforward steps. However, you will be unable to utilize the crevice tool or soft bristle brush if you lose the adapter for the attachments included.

Users Maintenance

* Dirt compartments: The dirt compartment can be cleaned using the release button at the component's base. You can eradicate it by rotating it in the body of the vacuum. It is required to empty it frequently and can be cleaned with water if it is required.

* Filters Screens for lint and HEPA filter are inside the dirt chamber. The assembly can be pulled to remove it from the housing, then remove the HEPA filter from the prefilter's lint screen. Both filters need to be cleaned using water within an estimated 2 to 3 months.

Any parts you wash using water must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before placing them back into the vacuum.

Inside The Box

  • Wyze Handheld Vacuum body
  • Dirt compartment
  • 1x HEPA 11 filter
  • 1x Prefilter lint screen
  • Attachment adapter
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hose
  • Draw-string storage bags
  • USB-A-to-US-C charging cable
  • Power adapter for USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide


Wyze Handheld Vacuum is cordless; therefore, its reach is limited by only the remaining battery life and the space left in the dirt compartment. The supplied hose is exceptionally narrow, which makes it challenging to clean difficult-to-access places.


The vacuum is highly portable. It weighs the same as other vacuums like BISSELL AeroSlim. BISSELL AeroSlim in addition to being very easy to transport around.


Wyze's handheld vacuum's performance on the battery is decent. It can provide more than 30 minutes of battery life when using the default setting for power and then drops to less than 10 minutes if you use it continuously in the Max Power Mode. However, this may vary in real life. It comes with a trio of indicators for the battery, allowing users to view the estimated remaining battery capacity instantly.

Quality Of Life Features

The vacuum comes with several high-quality features. It is possible to increase suction capacity by pressing the readily accessible main power button once the vacuum is turned on. Pressing down will turn the vacuum off or on.

Tool And Brushes

The vacuum comes with an extensive selection of accessories and tools. The upholstery tool is attached directly to the vacuum; however, the other accessories are joined using the adapter. This includes a crevice tool to tackle messes that are in corners and an easy bristle brush for dusting fragile surfaces. The included extension tool makes it easier to clean areas that are difficult to reach.


Its Wyze Handheld Vacuum has good maneuverability. While it's not the best choice for taking care of large surfaces, the variety of tools and other accessories will make it easier to clean difficult-to-access areas like the crevices between sofa cushions or tables.

Products Pros

  • Excellent hair removal capabilities.
  • Solid structure.
  • A decently extensive range of accessories and tools.
  • HEPA filter installed onboard.
  • Fantastic pet hair removal performance.
  • Good build quality.
  • A relatively wide range of accessories and tools.
  • In-board HEPA filter.

Product Cons

  • Adapter is required for the majority of the tools.
  • It is missing the turbo brush.
  • You will require an adapter to use the majority of equipment.
  • Does not have a turbo brush.



The Wyze Handheld Vacuum is an ideal choice to clean up pet hair. It can remove hair shed on nearly every surface and has a HEPA filter that traps allergens during cleaning. It's well-built, maintenance-free, and has a low maintenance cost because only its filter assembly requires replacement every few months. It's not equipped with a turbo brush or a designed pet grooming tool.