Best Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals and Offers - It’s Raining Discounts

06 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Best Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals and Offers - It’s Raining Discounts


The major sale event of the year ought to bring some major discounts on the most awaited products of all time. The xbox series x and xbox series s fit perfectly to the description of most wanted products during the best black Friday deals. it is during these sale events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day that products like Xbox series X fall into the category of somewhat affordable purchase. Because all year round, the cheaper version xbox series s might suit your needs and pocket by the best xbox series x has to be waited out till the best black Friday deals show up.

If you also belong to that clan who is desperately waiting for the best black Friday xbox series x deals and discounts then your time has come! While the black Friday isn’t here yet, the glimpse of upcoming discounts for black Friday are showing up and customers are in huge glee as they cannot wait to swipe their credit cards. From xbox series x console black Friday deals to complete xbox series x sets you will find many retailers participating in this big event. So keep reading and treat yourself with the top xbox series x offer of the entire year 2023.

Best Black Friday Deals Xbox Series X

The black Friday gaming deals 2021 was already an enough of insight into the top gaming deals and this year you can only see the offers to go up. On November 24, 2023 Black Friday 2023 will take place, and Microsoft's premier gaming platform will benefit from a number of fantastic sales. There will be many opportunities to save money, whether you're looking for an Xbox Series X or S, accessories, an Xbox Game Pass subscription, or simply some new games to play.

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Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X
Xbox Controller

Xbox Series S

Best Review

The cheaper version of xbox series is often deemed good for nothing by customers. But the truth is, you must not neglect the Xbox Series S if you can't find an Xbox Series X. Even though it may not be as powerful as its bigger brother, it is still capable of playing any next-gen game, including Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. All of those games and more are included in the three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that is part of this package. And when it comes to amazon’s discounts for black Friday on xbox series s, you can save up to $30 on your entire purchase. This year, for the black Friday 2023, we are expecting the xbox series s to hit an all-time low on amazon black Friday show!

Reason to Buy

  • Compact and tiny design
  • Affordable price
  • Small and stylish
  • Silent in operation

Reason to Avoid

  • Expandable storage is expensive
  • Does not have a disk drive
  • Not as competent as xbox series x
Buy Xbox Series S

Customer Review

I was very hesitant getting this, after reading some reviews of some people being unpleased and some people couldnt be more happy, I’m very happy with my purchase, it’s cheaper than most consoles. It run good if not better than a majority of consoles, not only that I ordered the console only package and it came with everything, a new controller, the power plug, and of course the Xbox. I’ve had it for about a month now and I’m very happy.

Xbox Series X

Best Review

If we begin to rave about the new xbox series x then we will fall short of words. This new smart product which has given a tough competition to Ps5 is now the reason you are here on this page searching for the best discounts to score. The xbox series x is indeed the pinnacle of Microsoft’s work in gaming experience and it blends powerful next generation fast performance with quick loading times. Many people claim it as the only gaming device let alone the only xbox you need. And while it has been out for more than three years now, there is rarely a price reduction.This is because of high demand and competitive features offered by this product. So the black Friday deals is definitely your only chance to purchase if you want a good discount.

Now, in terms of adaptability, The Xbox Series X maintains a minimalist design by just having a Blu-ray disc drive and a USB 3.1 Type-A connector on the front of the device. A button for pairing a wireless controller is also included. Because of this, connecting a controller to charge or an external hard drive to transfer games and data to and from the Series X is really simple.

Reason to Buy

  • Very fast game loading time
  • Clean and cool design
  • Amazing compatibility

Reason to Avoid

  • Large
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
Buy Xbox Series X

Customer Review

Best product I have ever try in my gaming career

Xbox Controller

Best Review

Xbox Wireless controller is the most sought after product in the line of top xbox series deals. This controller will be sold at an excellent deal for the black Friday 2023 and you should definitely be catching the discount. With just a price tag of $40 we are expecting the price tag to drop even more as the black Friday approaches close.

Reason to Buy

  • Smooth and premium feel
  • Improves gaming performance
  • Compatible with range of devices

Reason to Avoid

  • Not rechargeable without an add-on
  • Some buttons are awkward to use.
Buy Xbox Controller

Customer Review

I seem to have to buy a new controller every 12-18 months. I only buy these. Now, you might think that is a sign of a problem. But I get an enormous amount of use out of them. I game a lot. and I feel for $/hour of gaming they are of great value! Usually, its a joystick if playing a lot of call-of-duty, but this time it was the right button that just one moment ceased to work any longer (not on this buy, but the one that prompted me to buy this).

The only issue I had this time was I could not initially get the battery door slide to open. I tried for 10 minutes and it just would not open. I ended up having to use a small screw driver to push the latch down and slide it back. After that it worked just fine. Very odd, Anyway, I don't think you can go wrong with this model of controller.

Xbox Black Friday Accessories Deals

Other than tremendous discounts on xbox and its deals you can find the right kind of gaming accessories to improve your overall gaming experience substantially. Find the best xbox black Friday accessories deals on your favorite stores such as Walmart, best buy, amazon and Newegg. Below are our top picks from Amazon and Walmart Black Friday Xbox series x Accessories deals.

Xbox Game Pass

You will save up to $20 when you make this smart purchase of xbox 3 month game pass. This subscription by xbox is rarely discounted so make sure you avail every chance that is presented to you.

Assassin’s Creed

The amazing main adventure and the entertaining Dawn of Ragnarok expansion are both included in the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ragnarok Edition, which is available at a significant discount. Keep an eye on the Xbox accessories best purchase offer because it is how we learned about this fantastic bargain.

Dying Light 2

Available at amazon, this special black Friday deal gives you a massive discount. With more 50% of the amount saved, the dying light 2 gives you an open world of adventure with a price that doesn’t get any better than this. Save $35 of the original price and imagine the peanuts you will be paying only!

Elden Ring

Walmart has taken the lead to discount this previously stuck at $50 to half of the price. This rarely discounted xbox series x game is high in demand and popular for good reason. This is certainly not the deal to be missed.

It takes Two

Released in 2021, still grossing as one of the best games for xbox series x and xbox series s. at walmart, get the best price and amazing discount on this product and enjoy an excellent value.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S – Which One is better?

The Xbox Series X versus S debate should be your top priority when deciding whether to buy a new Xbox. The Xbox Series X is what you need if you want a complete 4K HDR gaming experience with the smoothest frame rates and a disc drive that enables you to keep buying physical games for collection or resale.

The without disk, and, in our opinion, considerably more aesthetically built Xbox Series S could be a better alternative for you if you're willing to make certain sacrifices in exchange for a lesser price when it comes to visual fidelity and power. However both the series x and series s will be asking you to purchase an ultimate gaming pass subscription so that’s a similarity you will be getting.

As far as black Friday deals on xbox are concerned we recommend you to purchase the series x as it is the most anticipated xbox till yet. While the series s is great too, it should be your backup in case you fail to score a good deal on xbox series x. Which is nearly impossible if you follow our xbox series x black Friday deals guide.

What Other Stores are Offering Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals?

With your top retailers bringing their favorite deals forward you can shop for the top xbox series x and xbox console collection from amazon, Walmart, best buy and many others. The discounts range up to as big as 70% but with such steal prices it is only fair to understand that there is only a limited stock to buy from. Here are our top xbox series x black Friday deals which you can find on your favorite stores.

Walmart Black Friday Xbox Deals

Walmart brings itself closer to huge deals and discounts on gaming and accessories. You can save big on all kinds of gaming and in some cases Walmart price matches amazon to provide the best discounts. And when the stock runs out of amazon you know where to head to although Walmart is an equally popular destination when it comes to snatching the best black Friday gaming deals.

Best Buy Black Friday Xbox Deals

Best buy and its relationship with Microsoft Xbox is something you cannot just ignore. Best buy puts forward the best offers on xbox gaming consoles, the set itself and bunch of accessories. You can find many deals from the store that give you a surprising discount on your much desired products. The stock is also huge but with customer waiting for the deals to come up, you can find the products running up fast as well.

Amazon Black Friday Xbox Deals

Amazon is definitely going to line up the best Amazon xbox series x deals and offers for its customers. You can get many benefits such as price match on controllers and gaming accessories, headsets, noise cancelling headphones, large screens and all the categories which improvise your gaming experience. And with the Prime Day amazon deals just gone past few weeks ago customers can expect what kind of xbox deals will be found at amazon. Here are our top picks from amazon black Friday deals on xbox series x and similar items.

How to Choose the Best Xbox Series X Console Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday xbox series x deals are amazing but short lived and this is what makes them hard to catch. Just like every year customers tend to wait for this day eagerly for 11 months but if you are not able to get your hands on the best product within these 24 hours then the regret tends to be huge. So the only way to plan and execute your shopping spree when it comes to black Friday deals is to prepare your shopping list ahead. Since each purchase requires consideration and if you are not buying it in the lowest possible cost then there is no use for waiting around. Here are some factors you need to evaluate before making your much-awaited purchase for black Friday gaming deals 2023.

The Right Time to Shop

Although Black Friday Xbox Series X deals may start to appear as early as October, it may be wise to hold off until at least the beginning of Thanksgiving week. These deals are sometimes to trick the hasty buyers to spend their money and only for them to find out later they could have saved even more. The trick here is that the retailers put their best and biggest discounts forward closest to the black Friday.

You will find top deals appearing during the thanksgiving week and the best of all start when black Friday actually begins. But one thing to remember about these HUGE discounts is that they get out of stock pretty fast.

Learn to Find the Best Deals

It's time to start tracking the pricing of the items on your shopping list if you already have a few of them. Over the upcoming few months, we advise keeping a careful check on the accessories or games you're interested in and keeping track of any big price reductions.

You won't only be aware of what makes a good deal on the day, either. Some items might even experience record-breaking price drops that make them worthwhile to buy before the Black Friday Xbox Series X sales even start.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

The less expensive, all-digital Xbox Series S is now available, making the Xbox Series X not the only system in the new Xbox lineup. Although it doesn't quite have the same raw power, gamers on a budget could find it to be a far better purchase (or without a 4K TV).

The Xbox Series S features a much weaker GPU than the Xbox Series X, although both have the same CPU. The console is still more powerful than an Xbox One X, but instead of native 4K like the Xbox Series X, it aims for 60 frames per second at 1440p. It still supports framerates of up to 120 frames per second and can be up scaled to 4K.


Cost is the primary consideration. The Xbox Series X costs $500 from the manufacturer, whereas the Xbox Series S costs $300. You may find it challenging to purchase any console from Microsoft at the manufacturer's pricing due to a supply shortage.

Search Patiently

Once you've settled on the ideal price, it's worthwhile to pay close attention to the remaining weekend deals. If a game or colorway isn't selling well, retailers may reduce the price even further on Cyber Monday. Keep the packaging from your initial purchase in case you later negotiate a better price.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Black Friday xbox Series X deals Start?

The week of the black Friday which is actual thanksgiving week is when the black Friday deals start to pop up. You can check out the top offers being uploaded even on hold on various stores websites hence plan your shopping around them. Moreover some deals are released on the actual black Friday so they are the best of all but also run up pretty fast.

Will Xbox Series X in stock during Black Friday?

Black Friday Xbox Series X offers would typically be the best time to get a console this year if you are hoping to grab one before the holidays. We are unlikely to see any of the typical bundle offers that may have previously graced our shelves though due to stock panic. Instead a few consoles restock may occur at stores like Walmart Best Buy GameStop and perhaps Amazon.

What to Expect from Xbox Series X Black Friday deals 2023?

Depending on your shopping location and the many Xbox X bargains and offers that each retailer provides there are many alternative answers to this important issue. As we have previously indicated it is doubtful that the Xbox Series X will experience significant price reductions due to supply and demand difficulties. But on the biggest shopping day of the year you might find a great deal.

Where Can I Find the Best Xbox Series X Deals?

Amazon and Best Buy will probably be your best option if you are in the US for getting a console. These stores offer console bundles fairly frequently but Walmart another excellent option to explore frequently undercuts its costs. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the official Xbox website in all areas. This authorized seller offers an exclusive opt in Xbox All Access programme even though at least thus far all of its goods is sold at full retail price. Customers are now able to pay for their consoles in monthly instalments greatly reducing the cost of the initial purchase.

How Can I Get the Best Gaming Deals on Black Friday?

When looking for Black Friday gaming offers it is crucial to be very clear about what you want. This entails completing some research on games add ons and preparation work if you are really hoping to score a console. If you do not end up finding your top picks on the day it is a good idea to have a few backup products on your shopping list.