Best 85 Inch TV Black Friday To Buy This Year- With Complete Buying Guide

28 Sep, 2023   |   5 min read
Best 85 Inch TV Black Friday To Buy This Year- With Complete Buying Guide


Explore the Top 85-Inch TV Black Friday Deals for the Black Friday Extravaganza 2023.

Is it that time of the year again? When you can smell amazing deals on most-wanted items. Especially if we talk about tech and electronics, we know there is no comparison to Black Friday Offers.

From humongous 85-inch TV black Friday discounts to everyday use 65 inch TV black Friday offers, the black Friday 2023 is arriving in full swing to offer you tremendous savings. So are you ready to buy the best 85-inch TV black Friday to grace your home with its own personal home theatre.

Smart TV Black Friday Deals from numerous businesses have already started, along with big reductions on particular TVs.

Especially when it comes to big sized televisions, one cannot find the right time and prices to purchase good options other than days like black Friday or Cyber Monday. So why not take the full advantage of top Black Friday TV deals 85-inch?

Considering the fact that, the black Friday 85-inch TV deals is a distinctive but highly desired TV size market there are many deals you will find in this category. As much as you'll need a big front room for one of these, you will also love the final look and feel of having a giant television screen in your home.

But if you have the money and the room, there isn't a better way to improve your home theatre setup. So for those who are worrying that is an 85-inch TV excessively big? No, probably not, (especially when you witness the low prices for this big TV) and particularly if your living room is a big one. This area of concern is most obvious if you aren't sitting far enough away from the TV.

You might want to take advantage of these discounts now rather than wait until Black Friday because there is no guarantee that they will last. Since retailers typically have a limited supply of 85-inch ultra-big-screen TVs, once they're gone, they're gone.

Then, which 85-inch TV should you buy?  Do you want the whole breakdown? Below is a list of the top 85-inch TVs that we have reviewed so far.  So let's Check out these 85-inch SMART TV BLACK FRIDAY DEALS and buy the best 85-inch TV black Friday.

1. SAMSUNG 86 TU9010 4K UHD TV 1. SAMSUNG 86 TU9010 4K UHD TV See Details
2. QN90B Samsung 85 Inch TV 2. QN90B Samsung 85 Inch TV See Details
3. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series 3. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series See Details
4. Hisense 85-Inch Class Premium U8 Series 4. Hisense 85-Inch Class Premium U8 Series See Details
5. VIZIO 85-Inch P-Series Quantum X 4K 5. VIZIO 85-Inch P-Series Quantum X 4K See Details
6. LG 83-inch Class OLED evo C2 Series 6. LG 83-inch Class OLED evo C2 Series See Details
7. TCL 85-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV 7. TCL 85-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV See Details
8. SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal 4K 8. SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal 4K See Details
1. SAMSUNG 86 TU9010 4K UHD TV
2. QN90B Samsung 85 Inch TV
3. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series
4. Hisense 85-Inch Class Premium U8 Series
5. VIZIO 85-Inch P-Series Quantum X 4K
6. LG 83-inch Class OLED evo C2 Series
7. TCL 85-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV
8. SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal 4K

1. SAMSUNG 86 TU9010 4K UHD TV

Best Review

70 inch TV black Friday deals might be enough to fill your shelf but did you realize the price drop on this one of a kind Samsung TU9010 86 inch TV is unmatched? At an all-time lowest introduced for this black Friday TV sale season 2023, the 5-star rated giant is now available for grabs although our sources tell us there are only a few pieces so make sure you hurry as much as you can. With an enormous, very immersive 86-inch 4K UHD display and Samsung's top-tier Smart TV platform for accessing popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, it offers a screen size that will be excellent for home theatre fans.

You can find it on Amazon for now but we cannot be sure if other retailers won’t try their best to score this deal too!

Why Choose the Samsung AU7100 HDR 85-Inch TV

The Samsung TU9010 is a 5-star "Platinum Award" winning TV, as rated by experts and techs who review the Black Friday 2023 TV discounts and sales. This product is rated 5 stars in all departments which is a rare occurrence for any television as each product has its own shortcomings.

The TU9010 received high marks for its detailed, composed 4K images, good contrast and motion handling, solid performance for gaming, and great smart TV features during evaluation. The bold, beautiful and crisp 4K images makes the TV deliver a fine experience whether it’s for gaming, watching movies, viewing designs and graphics or what not!

It is safe to say that you won't find another gigantic TV with such a high-quality screen for less money right now, making it our top pick for a big TV on a tight budget. It's simple to suggest because this is one of the greatest 85-inch TV Black Friday discounts we've seen in the extremely huge TV market during the holidays.

Reason to Buy

  • Great Value for the Price
  • Large Screen
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Smart TV features

Reason to Avoid

  • Limited Viewing Angle
  • Average Sound Quality
Buy SAMSUNG 86 TU9010 4k TV

Customer Review

I recently upgraded my home entertainment system with the SAMSUNG 86" Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series Smart TV and HW-Q600B 3.1.2ch Soundbar, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! This powerful combination delivers an immersive, cinematic experience that has taken movie nights and sports events to a whole new level.


2. QN90B Samsung 85 Inch TV

Best Review

The QN90B took first place on our list of the finest Samsung TVs, and the 85-inch model is still one of the best TVs money can buy. Period. With Samsung's Neo QLED panel technology, it can display up to 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and beautiful native and up scaled 4K video. Additionally, the screen has been given an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating to enhance visibility in lighted environments, and an integrated eye comfort mode filters out dangerous blue light that can strain the eyes. For the best-looking images, you can get outside of an OLED display, download the companion app for quick, expert calibration.

Reason to Buy

  • The sound that follows an item and Dolby Atmos.
  • fantastic image quality
  • multiple-room audio

Reason to Avoid

  • No support for Dolby Vision.
  • Costlier than average.

Buy QN90B Samsung 85 Inch TV

Customer Review

So during prime day I started looking for a gaming TV for my PC. I actually wanted the LG C2 TV but they sold out before I got on. Then I stumbled on a good deal for the Samsung QN90B. I started doing some research and while it's not OLED which I really had my heart set on, it was supposed to be close. I figured I would give it a shot because it's a gaming TV and it fits into my Samsung echo system. Now I have very mixed feelings.


3. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series

Best Review

If having the best home audio system is your main goal while looking for a new 85-inch TV, the Sony X95K is the best choice. For better audio and video synchronization and to follow the action on the screen for virtual surround sound without the need to buy additional speakers or sound bars, it makes use of Sony's Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, which places two subwoofers and two tweeters along the sides of the TV in addition to the standard speakers. The speakers also enable Dolby Atmos for enhanced realistic 3D sound. For better visibility in bright situations and from oblique angles, a full-array LED panel screen with an anti-reflection coating and excellent native and up scaled 4K resolution is combined with the best acoustics.

Reason to Buy

  • fantastic simulated surround sound
  • specific game mode
  • Support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Reason to Avoid

  • Pricey.
Buy Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series

Customer Review

The sound quality is simply amazing, and the visual quality is phenomenal! My sound is incredible because I bought the Sony A3000 ch soundboard with subwoofer! You may also use your voice to search for movies and other content! I heartily suggest this TV!


4. Hisense 85-Inch Class Premium U8 Series

Best Review

If you're on a tight budget but need a TV with higher picture quality than the TCL 85S455, the Hisense 85U7K is the best lower-midrange TV we've tested that's available in an 80 to 85-inch size. It's a great TV with superb picture quality and lots of extra features. It is perfect for watching sports in a bright setting because of its high peak brightness and effective reflection control. Although it has a slower display and less powerful processor than the Sony X90K, it performs quite similarly in terms of visual quality.

Reason to Buy

  • Strong contrast and excellent color performance.
  • A wide range of gaming features.
  • Support for the hands-free Google Assistant.

Reason to Avoid

  • Neither as inexpensive nor as bright as the U6H or U8H.

Buy Hisense 85-Inch Class Premium U8 Series

Customer Review

When weighed against other brands in the same size range, the Hisense 85" U7H offers great features and performance at a lower cost. For anyone searching for a high-quality television without going over budget, this is an excellent purchase.


5. VIZIO 85-Inch P-Series Quantum X 4K

Best Review

The high-end 4K TV Vizio P-Series Quantum X 85-inch combines the best Vizio display technology in one imposing 85-inch package—and it delivers. It doesn't give anything to complain about thanks to its blazing brightness, vibrant color, and a few other significant improvements over older P-Series Quantum sets. That is, provided you have the money to pay for it, a room large enough to accommodate it, and the belief that you can live without 8K support for a reasonable amount of time.

Reason to Buy

  • Strong picture quality.
  • Good gaming features.
  • Improved remote control.

Reason to Avoid

  • Mediocre sound.
  • So-so off-angle viewing.
Buy VIZIO 85-Inch P-Series Quantum X 4K

Customer Review

I don’t know why Vizio TVs don’t get more love from people. This TV, for the price you pay, is absolutely stunning. Is it a good as the best LED or OLED TV? Of course not, and how could you expect it to be at the price you are paying. But it does have a big screen with small bezels and amazing picture quality. The black levels are acceptable to me and you can watch this in a bright room with no issues.


6. LG 83-inch Class OLED evo C2 Series

Best Review

The new C2 from LG is just another illustration of why this company is without a doubt the uncontested ruler of premium televisions. The best OLED TVs on the market are made by LG. The C2 boasts an improved OLED Evo panel with brighter, individually-lit LEDs to offer even deeper color ranges. Dolby Vision IQ enhances detail and contrast for more lifelike images. It also boasts an improved fifth-generation a9 processor for faster image and sound analysis for the greatest viewing experience, whether you're watching the newest blockbusters or Hollywood classics. Both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro VRR technology are supported in the specialized gaming mode to prevent screen tearing and stuttering that can destroy immersion.

Reason to Buy

  • Support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.
  • OLED panel and processor updates.
  • VRR support.

Reason to Avoid

  • Little pricey.
  • No support for Chromecast.
Buy LG 83-inch Class OLED evo C2 Series

Customer Review

This really is the best picture quality in the biz. Anything better is only by a small margin in very technical ways that very few users will notice, or need very specific types of scenes in order to display their upper hand. I have a few Samsung QLED displays of varying quality and this blows them away (although Neo QLEDs are closer in match, still not that close). I was sick of inconsistent blacks, backlighting blooming, and other typical LED issues and this TV does not have any of those issues. But I left a little wanting on the software.


7. TCL 85-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV

Best Review

With a big discount of around $600, you will find the TCL 85-inch TV Black Friday 2023 deals to be one of the best. This one from the Extra-large series has an extra-large discount for you too. You can depend on this smart QLED Model to deliver you bright and colorful images, a picture experience that features smart display as well as a game mode. The TV is especially designed to work in dark environments because the VA panel has high contrast ratio to deep blacks hence making it perfect for late night gaming and movie session without straining your eyes. It becomes bright enough to reduce glare if you wish to use it in a well-lit space, but its ability to handle reflections is just passable. It supports variable refresh rate (VRR), has a rapid reaction time, and has very little input latency, however because it lacks HDMI 2.1 connections, it cannot be used with the PS5 or Xbox Series X in the future.

Reason to Buy

  • High Contrast works in both light and dark
  • Offers a wide color display

Reason to Avoid

  • The stand is too wide and takes up a lot of space
Buy TCL 85-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV

Customer Review

Nice tv so far. Delivery was right on time and the setup was awesome. They came in, unboxed, assembled, placed the tv on my stand and hauled away the box.


8. SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal 4K

Best Review

The Samsung 85 Inch TV Black Friday from their crystal clear series is a deal not to be missed. After finding mind blowing discounts on 75 inch TV Black Friday from Samsung series the 85 inches discounts are worth a big catch too. But remember the products are going to be numbered only so you should not wait too long to end up in a regret of missing out on a great offer. Although the AU8000 models lack fancy features like a local dimming backlight, quantum dots, and a 120Hz input for gaming, they are the best option if you want an extremely large TV at a reasonable price.

Reason to Buy

  • Sophisticated design
  • Ultra slim profile makes it compact
  • Complete operating System

Reason to Avoid

  • Limited viewing angle
  • Insufficient brightness
Buy SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal 4K


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85 Inch Tv Walmart- Best Black Friday Deal

Walmart has started its Walmart Black Friday Sale so that customers can avoid the lines and get the things they want most at Black Friday prices. The current leader is the 85-inch Samsung TU7000 4K TV, which is currently on sale for just $998 instead of its usual $1,499 price. Starting your Black Friday shopping early will result in savings of more than $500.

The 85-inch screen of the Samsung TU7000 4K TV will illuminate every detail, making it the perfect TV for the movie buff in your family. With this Samsung HDR TV's full visual spectrum and 4K ultra-high definition quality, even the darkest images should come to life. It uses Crystal Processor 4K technology to upscale everything, including older movies, to 4K resolution while using PurColor technology to subtly adjust colors to be precisely perfect.

Best Buy 85-Inch Tv- Top Deal

If you're searching for a place to buy gadgets where you can get free same-day or next-day pickup on items with discounts of up to 60%, you should check out the list of specials at Best Buy. Best Buy offers some of the best discounts in categories outside of what you may anticipate from a big-box retailer. Desktops, tablets, laptops, 2-in-1 computers, and TVs with screens up to 85 inches and razor-sharp HDR and QLED displays are all currently marked down significantly. What's best? On Black Friday, Best Buy promises that these offers won't be topped.

In 2023, when will the best Black Friday TV sales begin?

This year is more difficult to forecast. Overall, we continue to anticipate that the majority of the top Black Friday TV bargains will be announced in the week before to Black Friday on November 26 and that these deals will continue through Cyber Monday, barring a stock shortage.

However, some of the greatest TVs in the world are already available for record-low rates. The risk of waiting till the end of November is that you will lose out on the finest Black Friday TV discounts because once the sets are gone, they are gone. The top offers might sell out in a matter of minutes. So, if any of these early deals tempt you, just know that you're getting a great deal.

Which 85-inch TV fits your needs best?

The most crucial consideration to make after deciding on a budget for your new 85-inch TV is what you will use it for most frequently. Have you cut the cable and switched to streaming only? To start using the device straight away, pick a model that comes preinstalled with a variety of well-known apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. Do you operate a smart speaker network? Choose a TV with multi-room connectivity and support for your favorite virtual assistant if you want to stream audio throughout your entire house.

How did we choose these 85-inch TVs?

I selected a range of panel types, price points, and feature bundles in addition to screen sizes to accommodate virtually any space and home theatre setup. For the best home theatre experience, I chose 85-inch TVs with superb picture and sound quality, streaming capabilities, specialized game modes, and a wide range of connectivity choices.

Can I mount a TV that is 85 inches on the wall?

You most definitely can! Because 85-inch TVs can be quite hefty and have a larger VESA mount space, you should spend extra money on a strong-duty mounting bracket. For instance, an Echogear wall mount can accommodate screens up to 90 inches in size and a maximum weight of 125 pounds (around 57 kg). Check your TV's operating handbook for specific installation recommendations to prevent your brand-new screen from collapsing in the middle of the night and destroying a large portion of the wall.

On Summing Up

These are the TVs that we believe are currently the best 80-83-85 inch TVs to buy for the majority of consumers in each price category. We take into account availability, visitor comments, and pricing (a less expensive TV wins over a more expensive one if the price difference isn't really worth it) (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere). Be careful not to become bogged down in the particulars. While there are no perfect TVs, the majority of them are excellent enough to satisfy most people, and the differences are frequently not apparent unless you carefully search for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will 4K work on an 85-inch TV?

The absolute minimum for an 85 TV is 4K. Naturally, 8K screens double that resolution again. 8K TVs are starting to become available and may soon displace current versions.

2. What characteristics should an 85-inch TV have?

Some 85-inch TVs now come with 8K resolution, which is essentially four times as many pixels as 4K TVs.

3. Is QLED better than Sony?

The incredibly brilliant displays of Samsung's QLED TVs might be more to your taste if you prefer watching movies during the day rather than at night.

4. What TV manufacturer provides the finest images?

According to St. Leger, LG makes the best movie displays. The WebOS smart platform is likely the best in the industry, and its OLED panels are powerful, with excellent processing, deep blacks, and vibrant colors everywhere.