Airpods Black Friday – What are the Best Deals for Black Friday 2023?

10 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Airpods Black Friday – What are the Best Deals for Black Friday 2023?


Black Friday is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. People line up to see the deals months before the actual holiday, just like you! And you are the kind of people who would grab the best discounts because you will know what to buy and from where to buy it. That is the spirit that is running during the end of the year. Just like the restaurants are filled with crowds because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Food Deals. If you were casually reading this, you have joined the carnival of discounts because you won’t be leaving without getting to know the best discounts around town for airpods. Fair warning, you will be tempted to buy them later during Black Friday!

With the big holiday sale, most tech products are under the spotlight because of their low price tags. Similarly, the airpods black Friday deals and the airpods pro black Friday deals are one of the most sought after offers during this special season. Luckily, you are playing the pre-shopping tactics right for the best black friday deals, and you will find your hard work’s worth right here. So, let’s get started on the deals you can expect this Black Friday to offer you!

4 Best Black Friday Airpods Deals 2023

Airpods can be a tough product to purchase. Harder than figuring out when is black Friday sale at its most generous? If you are seeking a flat discount on them, you would hardly find any store willing to lower the price. This is why Apple products are widely sold during the holiday sales. It is the only time when the prices are so low that people don’t even think twice while purchasing Apple products. The same goes for airpods. The older models find a lower cost than usual, making all the customers line up after the sales. Here are the 5 best deals you can find on airpods during Black Friday.

1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) 1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) See Details
2. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) 2. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) See Details
3. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) 3. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) See Details
4. Apple AirPods Max 4. Apple AirPods Max See Details
1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
2. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)
3. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)
4. Apple AirPods Max

1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Best Review

This is one of the best airpods out of the deals which is why we are discussing them first. The best feature about these airpods is that they are comfortable to wear. Anybody can wear them in their ears and they will fit. Because the older models did not quite carry the best design which garnered a lot of negative reviews later. But this model is designed to sit perfectly in your ear. With its short design, you can easily carry them around too.

Apart from the short design, they include many smart features. You can use the active noise cancellation feature to enjoy a day filled with movies and music without any disturbance from the outside. Another interesting feature is the adaptive transparency mode. It allows you to hear the sounds around you from your earbuds but moderates the sounds of loud noises, making it a filter to the noisy environment around you. These models have two different types of cables attached. So, do make it a note to check whether either of them is accompanied in the deals. This special apple airpods pro black Friday deal may not contain the cables.

Reason to Buy

  • Short and compact design
  • Easy to wear
  • Case offers wireless charging

Reason to Avoid

  • Volume control gesture is not designed quite well
Buy Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)


I opened the box expecting cracks and scratches but it was completely clean. Also the sound quality is the exact same at a new pair. The only difference I noticed was it lasted 15-30 minutes shorter while using them but still 6 hours is really good. They fit and feel great.


2. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Best Review

These airpods are one of the simplest models of the brand. They come with instant pairing feature to allow you to hit the songs immediately for a nice walk or jog around the block. You can easily switch between the devices and find the audio in good quality across the devices. Another basic feature of Find My Support is also available in case you want to get help on a feature.

The airpods do lack the improved sound quality that was upgraded in the 3rd generation. Moreover, it does not cancel the noise making it harder to listen to the audio in a noisy environment. Nonetheless, the price tag is quite affordable considering its original price, making it one of the best airpods 2nd generation black Friday deals we are discussing today!

Reason to Buy

  • Original design with easy handling
  • Accessible smart features
  • Works across multiple Apple products

Reason to Avoid

  • Won’t fit in everybody’s ears
  • Water resistance feature is missing
  • Lacks various smart features
Buy Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)


The Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) are a game-changer in the world of wireless earbuds, offering a seamless and immersive audio experience that sets a new standard for convenience and sound quality. With their intelligent design, easy setup, and exceptional performance, these earbuds are a must-have accessory for anyone seeking unparalleled audio freedom.


3. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Best Review

For the airpods 3 black Friday deal 2023, this is a good deal to try! This particular design is much like the airpods pro 2 but there are certain features missing. You won’t find the active noise cancellation feature or the transparency mode in this model. But you can enjoy its changing method which is its wireless case charging. Having that charging method is basically a bonus because it makes up an easy outlet for your everyday audio requirements.

It also has various smart features attached to make it more tempting towards customers. The simple hand gestures allow you to pause the audio, skip an audio, and even activate Siri. All of it can be done through a few simple taps on the airpods, making it quite interactive and easy to handle. However, various parties may not call it the best investment. This is because you can get a cheaper model if your budget is tight. And if you are okay with spending a little money, then the airpods pro 2 are much better with its extensive set of features, only with a slightly higher price tag.

Reason to Buy

  • Water resistant
  • Improved sound quality
  • Refined design from the original

Reason to Avoid

  • Noise cancellation feature is not present
  • No adaptive transparency mode
Buy Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)


I’ve been a big fan. I have AP2, the Pros, and the AirPods 3rd generation. The battery life is so good on the 3rd gen that they’re my go to these days. I really like the shorter stem (vs the AP2) and the battery life blows the Pros out of the water. For me, the AP2 get used for workouts, I use the Pros if I need to be on a call or meeting and I’m somewhere noisy. Otherwise I always reach for the 3rd gen ones. Spatial audio is great, they’re comfortable to wear for long periods, and as previously stated, the battery life is outstanding, just I think they are a little big


4. Apple AirPods Max

Best Review

The best model out there by Apple as an audio device are the Apple AirPods Max. You might have noticed they carry a higher price tag than the others because they are not just relatively new but also hosts various improved features. The active noise cancellation is present in older models too but the experience with these airpods do not match that of others. Part of it is because of its bulky design too that allows you to go into another dimension. The transparency mode offers an improved expiree too because of the extra microphones present. 

With such a bulky design, you might think your ears might get heavy and sweaty. But the comfort offered by its cushioned earpieces makes it easier to wear it for long hours. This is something of an improvement from other such earphones too. The best thing about these airpods is that they can sense when they are on your ears. They will automatically stop and start the track you are playing to drown the noises outside.

Reason to Buy

  • It can pair with all Apple devices
  • Improved noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • Comfortable to wear

Reason to Avoid

  • Sound quality is the same as other models
  • It does not come with a case
Buy Apple AirPods Max


I was doing long research before buying competing with other top tier ANC headphones. I bought them little bit below retail and it was worth it. If you are using Apple ecosystem u will love it (laptop, phone etc). But it also works very nice with non Apple divorces, like Amazon TV with working ANC. The quality is very good. Thanks to the anc u don’t listen to music too loud, which saves your hearings. Battery last me couple days of use. I only have some problems with charging. Just check with iPhone if they are charging, so u will not wake up with 50% battery. I also put case, bc they can screech.

They might be a struggle in the future bc of lightening charger. I would recommend buying them as soon as there will be type-c version or next gen. Type-c will give you more options

What Other Stores are Offering Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals?

There are many stores offering big discounts on tech products and related items. But the best discounts on airpods are found in these four big stores. You need to check them out to get the best rates on airpods to let your savings account breathe a little.

Walmart Black Friday AirPod Deals

Walmart hosts one of the biggest sale events in the country. It has a huge collection of products waiting to be sold at big discounts. One of these products is Apple AirPods. You will find all the different models during the walmart airpods black Friday sale so you can compare and get the best deal in town. Walmart is known to provide wholesale rates on its stock which makes it a great option to go to during the holidays. Plus, there is also the price-match factor that allows the customers to get the lowest rates from the store.

Best Buy Black Friday AirPod Deals

Best Buy talks just like its name and offers the best discounts on its collection. However, the reason people go to the store to buy Apple products is because of the free Apple subscriptions you can grab while making the purchase. You can count on them to give you a delightful shopping experience when you go there during the airpods black friday sale.  

BH Photo Video AirPod Deals

This particular store has one of the lowest rates on products. However, you might not find a good stock running in their stores. So, if you are planning to go and shop from here, do make a note to shop early. Otherwise, you might lose the discounts on apple airpods black Friday offers that you are hearing about right now.

Amazon Black Friday AirPod Deals

Amazon is obviously a choice when it comes to shopping during the airpods black friday 2023 sale. The big discounts are just one part of the package. An even better part is the hidden treasure you can find on this site. From uniquely designed airpods cases to low-priced airpods models, you will leave the site with a smile on your face during the amazon black friday promo deals 2023. Plus, it is known to offer the lowest prices around the internet. You can always browse for more Apple products on this site and compare the prices.

How to Choose the Best AirPods Black Friday Deals?

The best deals are out in the open. But how do you decide which item should go into your bag? How should you pick the best deal from the hundreds of available offers? What if you wait too much to get the best deal and end up losing all of the stock from the market? What if you go in too early and don’t get to be a part of bagging the best discounts of the year?

There are many factors involved when it comes to shopping during black Friday. The key is knowing that you must prepare well but not overprepare. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal from the tens of offers available online.

Take Care of Your Budget

The first and foremost thing is to handle you budget with care. Do not spend too much on a product in hopes of getting the best discount. You might end up losing money in the chase of shopping for good deals. It is best that you define a budget early on from the holidays and stick to it. Chances are that you will ultimately find a deal that is worth your time and money. But do not wait until the end of the holidays because there is a chance that the stock might end. If you don’t find many deals within your budget, try other stores or use online coupons. Save money on shopping trips and shop from the comfort of your home.

Choose the Right Time to Shop

You might find a lot of early deals up on the website, luring you in to get the products out of their way. This is the brand’s way of marketing that makes many customers fall into the trap and buy products at an expensive price. The key is choosing the right time to shop, not too early and not too late into the game. The ideal time to shop is before Black Friday and during Thanksgiving. This time slot will get you many deals that are in stock but also carry one of the lightest price tags. You will find them very joyous for the occasion.

You can also get a hold of Cyber Monday sales because that is when the stores close with the big discount season. You are probably wondering what to pick in the battle between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Sale. But the deals and discounts are almost similar to each other apart from a few key differences.

Compare and Research

It is always best that you do the right research before buying anything. Many of the stores do not have big marketing campaigns but might offer you a good deal on a product that you want. You will only find this scenario to be truthful; if you research well and plan early. Look for all the deals of the product that you want from different stores. Which store offers the best deal? Is it reliable to shop from there? Does that store carry any positive reviews? Is this the best deal that you can find? When you are preparing well from the start, you will end up buying something from the shopping haul that you will like. 

Find Online Coupons

There are many stores and sites that might top you off with a discount code on your purchase. This sale is valid all throughout the year but the holiday season brings a lot of good deals into town. So, if you do not find any deals worth your time on the store’s websites, try these third-party websites that provide coupons and other deals for free. You can find Cyber Monday Deals Airpods too along with Black Friday promos. Do use reliable sources and sites that have an adequate number of reviews so that you do not get scammed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Black Friday deals Start?

Early black Friday deals have already started but you will find the big events happening in the start of November. Some of the stores start late during Thanksgiving.

Will the Airpods be in stock during Black Friday?

Yes you will find a lot deals during the season in different stores. However if you do go late you might find some of the products running out of stock. So you better prepare to shop at the right time so you do not lose out on buying the best Black Friday 2023 deals.

Does AirPods get cheaper on Black Friday?

Yes usually the price tags on older models drop down to a large extent during the holidays. This is why they are one of the most popular products to buy during the holiday sales.

Is it Worth Buying AirPods in 2023?

It depends on you. If you have a healthy budget, then you can shop for the newer models during the Black Friday sale. If your budget is low and you have to buy the older models make sure that you do not get ripped off because there are not many improved features in the older models.

Does Apple have Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the rare occasions when you will find the brand participating in holiday sales and offers. You can find some good deals running throughout the stores during this time of the year.