Best Black Friday Food Deals Running Through Cyber Monday

Oct 24, 2023   |   6 read


Best Black Friday Food Deals Running Through Cyber Monday

A lot of people are rushing to the online sites or heading to the stores to make sure they get the best back Friday deals before the season is over. However, Cyber Monday, like every year is just the weekend after Thanksgiving and you should definitely not be ignoring it. 25th November would undoubtedly be filled with a lot of traditional food. From Turkey and yams to cranberry sauce and your favorite chocolate mousse or souffle.

But what happens once the day has passed and you miss stuffing your stomach with delicious comfy food. Do you head to the kitchen again? Thankfully not. Black Friday food deals ensure that after sweating it out in front of the stove all day, you can go out to your favorite take out restaurant or café and have the meal without moving an inch.

So, let’s see which places have already laid out their Black Friday food specials for you.

Applebees Restaurant Smashing Deals and Discounts

You can easily treat yourself and a friend to Applebee’s in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. The restaurant has launched a $50 that will get you an additional $10 discount. Isn’t that amazing? In fact, if you are lucky enough to be in Northern Carolina or around Texas, you can head to Applebee’s and claim your free Tripe Chocolate Meltdown dessert on the purchase of any entrée.

Applebees offers 10 $ gift cards for free with the purchase of the 50 $ gift card for its customers. Customers can buy food for free with this gift card. Let's see more offers on what stores have Black Friday sales.

Popeyes Restaurant deals and Meals Discounts

Popeyes offers complimentary sandwiches with any chicken sandwich meal. You can use this deal only via the Popeyes Android app or official website. Let's grab more deals and discounts at the Amazon Black Friday discounts in 2023. 

Blaze Pizza Restaurant Slash Deals

Usually, after a heavy meal like that of Thanksgiving’s, one is looking for comfort food. Nothing says easy and casual better than pizza, so Blaze Pizza should be your next go-to option. It has already started its deal of gift purchases that have impressed customers a lot. Let’s say, you for the classic Black Friday food gifts for your friends and spend $25 on the voucher. This would automatically make you eligible for a $5 coupon on your next order to Blaze Pizza. This is applicable on the purchase of every gift card and is by far one of the best Black Friday deals on food.

Denny's Restaurant Deals and Discounts

Denny's offers a smashing deal for its customers. Customers can buy a Denny’s t-shirt for 6 $ equal to the price of any meal. The customers with the t-shirt can grab a free meal at any Denny's outlet without additional charges.

Try more Black Friday and Cyber Monday Food Discounts and enjoy the taste with fun.

Jamba Juice Cafe Food Deals

Jamba Juice offers free delivery and 50% off on the purchase of one smoothie with another. Customers can enjoy the deal and have two smoothies at the price of one for Black Friday food deals. Get the best Black Friday deals and enjoy more offers at the hit sales event.

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Food Deals

Outback Steakhouse offers a 10 $ complimentary gift card with the 50 $ gift card. You can buy more for 10 $ free. Grab more exciting offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales and enjoy great shopping for the lowest price.

Smash Burger Restaurant Deals

Smash Burger offers cash back for 5 $ on every 25 $ purchase at the restaurant. Customers can get as much as they can buy and avail themselves of the offer for unlimited orders. Let's see for more details when Black Friday ads come out and grab the best offers for the sales gala.

Boyd’s Coffee Deals and Discounts

This one’s calling out all the coffee addicts in the house. You obviously want Black Friday food deals to cater to you too since this is part of your daily ordeal. Well, Boyd’s certainly hasn’t forgotten you because it is offering 25% off on every coffee purchase with the voucher code CYBER2021. We are sure you’re going to make the best of this one because who doesn’t want to start their day with a freshly brewed cup from one of the most scrumptious coffee places in town and that too, in this weather.

Taco Bell Restaurant Deals and Discounts

Grab a complimentary taco with any order of 15 $ or more with one taco for the Black Friday food deals. For more food discounts and coupons, click here when black Friday Sales occur in 2023.

Chili’s Deals and Discounts

Well, if you’ve been reading through the last, you must be wondering when your favorite option would pop up. So, Chili’s is here and it’s here to serve. You can certainly have a lazy Cyber Monday and skip the cooking with its Black Friday fast food deals. Chili's is offering $10 bonus cards on every $50 gift voucher and there is no minimum. This has to be your next stop after the Thanksgiving Day dinner because you cannot only get your Chili's-obsessed friend a gift for Christmas but also ensure this serves you well through the season.

California Pizza Kitchen Restaurant Slash Deals

California Pizza Kitchen offers a deal that any customer who buys a gift card worth 100 $ can get a complimentary gift card worth 20 $. They can buy 20 $ food for free.

You can get more food deals at Walmart and see Walmart's early Black Friday deals for more cut-price offers and discounts.

Del Taco Restaurant Deals

How can we be talking about Cyber Monday food deals and not mention tacos? It is the ultimate comfort food for people who just want to curl up with their favorite movie after the hectic shopping on the day itself. Well, Del Taco has listened to you and come up with fantastic offers of two free tacos if you download their app. Not just this, you can also sign up for their EClub and get two more tacos for free. Did someone say taco party?

Del Taco offers its reward members a buy one Stuffed Quesadilla and get one free. You can order online or through the Android app for this deal and enjoy the delicious taco for free with one. Let's check here when the Black Friday Sales event starts this year.

Chuck E Cheese Restaurant Food Deals

Customers can get 10 $ complimentary gift cards if they purchase 50 $ gift cards and get some free stuff for the 10 $ gift card. You can also get more deals and see the best stores for black Friday deals.


Let's talk about the good old-fashioned classic that no one leaves alone especially after Thanksgiving. This is probably one of the busiest fast-food restaurants during the holiday season because people just cannot get enough of those heavenly chicken nuggets. Some people even get these for Thanksgiving as a reminder of their childhood days.

So, head to McD’s for a classic Rewards program by downloading the app and get Large Fries for free. Also, on the purchase of any other food item on the menu, you will be able to pick another one from Hash Browns, Vanilla Cone, McChicken, or Cheeseburger.


We know you’ve been waiting for this one but we have to save the best one for last. While Starbucks is yet to make any official announcements for Cyber Monday deals this year, we are pretty sure that the $20 eGift card offer might be coming back. Just like most chains, you can buy a card for yourself or your loved ones and will instantly be rewarded with a coupon worth $5. This is great for those who love a daily fix of caffeine.

Bonus: Black Friday dog food deals

If you’re having the time of your life, why should your pets stay behind? They deserve an equally blessed Black Friday. This is why Walmart is offering great discounts on dog food as well as chewy toys that you can reward your good boys and girls with this season. So, give them a Christmas present and show how much you appreciate their existence.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday food deals are incredible this year. 2020 reminded us what a blessing eating out or ordering takeout is. Make the most out of this experience and be thankful for the great discounts and deals in 2021.

Black Friday Restaurant Food Deals and Discounts

All the famous cafes, restaurants, bars, and stores offer exciting slash deals, cut-price offers, and promotions for the Black Friday Sales event. Whether it's Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Papa John Pizzeria, all offer a gift card or a meal on some purchase to celebrate the mega event if you want to taste the dynamic cuisines and various meals in NYC. Visit famous restaurants and cafes to enjoy more deals and offers for several hot, spicy, sweet, and sour flavorsome meals.

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You can also get home accessories, decor items, and kitchenware at Wayfair Black Friday sales on home essentials and decor items. Let's see more Wayfair Black Friday sales to grab the best deals and enjoy the sales event.


Black Friday Sales event offers several leading brand products, and all the top stores participate in this event worldwide, whether it's food and drinks, fashion and cosmetics, jewelry, handbags and backpacks, electronics, computers, music and entertainment, sports, games and toys, books, arts and crafts, and more.

You can get various items at the lowest markdown prices and shop more for remarkable savings. Get the premium Black Friday exercise equipment deals for your home gym workouts and grab the slash discounts, markdowns, off-prices, coupons, and promo codes for the lowest prices on high-end workout equipment from the leading brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a good food processor on Black Friday?

Walmart, Amazon, and Kohl's are great places to search for electronics.

Does Walmart have food processor Black Friday deals?

Yes, the cookware and electronic deals have already gone live so you can check those out.

When will food processor Black Friday sales be available?

Many big names like Macy's, Walmart, and Kohl's have discounts available on the site and in-store too.

Which restaurants are offering the best Cyber Monday deals?

Fast food classics like Taco Bell, Chili's, and Mcdonald's are going with their previous year's offers just with an added twist so you can check those out.

When is Cyber Monday?

It is the weekend after Thanksgiving so on 27th November.

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