By Alice Green  |   07 Sep, 2022



The ELECTROLUX EFME527UTT DRYER is stylish and easy to use. It also offers many cycles and options. The dryer has the same detergent drawer to hold laundry pods. It also features perfect steam. This dryer is powered by an in-built heater that increases hot water temperatures to sanitize, remove wrinkles, and remove static and odors. These features are also shared with the Electrolux EFM627UTT.

The fast-drying time of the cycle is an important selling point. It takes only 18 minutes to complete. Although not all cycles can be as fast as the quick dry cycle, all are excellent at drying wet materials without excessively high temperatures, which could damage the fabric. If you want both high-performance dryer performance and bells and whistles, look no further than the Electrolux Efme527UTT. This dryer's gas version is the Electrolux EFMG527UTT.

Is it crazy to love dryers? Yes, dryers are essentially heated boxes. That's what makes dryers work. The trick is to put in the wet laundry and let it tumble in warm water. It will dry softly. That's a remarkable transformation.


  • Electrolux has named this "Titanium," the black stainless trend in appliances. It's beautiful, and we have one in our laundry testing lab. The EFME527UIW is a white dryer that works well in your laundry room. You can save $100 by purchasing it.
  • Anyone can use the EFME527UTT. The large selector knob at the unit's center is easy to use, and you have many options to personalize every load. Getting the right combination of features for your load may take some tapping.
  • The dryer's selector knob responds very well. The dryer's selector knob lights up when you turn it to choose a cycle.
  • The drum's bright lighting makes it impossible to lose a sock while unloading. The double-sided lint filter is more significant than others. Even without handles, it is easy to open.
  • Double-sided lint traps at the drum's front are available to capture more. You can open it easily, even with no handles, and replace it with just one hand after cleaning.


Dry Systems

* This sensor is more precise and will dry your clothes faster. It also helps to prevent wet clothes from being left behind in the load.

Instant Refresh(tm) Cycle

In 10 minutes, remove wrinkles and refresh items quickly with steam.

Wrinkle Release

* Gently removes wrinkles and reduces static, so clothes look their best.

Fast Drying Cycle

* Dry the most important items in just 18 minutes

Lint Shield

* Keep the lint out of your dryer, even if it is complete.


* Cares for delicate and costly activewear garments.

8 Dry cycles

* Dry every item perfectly with customized cycles for towels, delicates, and other items.

Energy Star(r) Certified

* Tested rigorously to achieve more with less. Electrolux dryers are tested to ensure high-quality, energy-efficient performance.


  • The performance of the 527 to be "slow and low." This is not a criticism. It's a good idea to dry the clothes gently. The Normal cycle (which peaks at around 122degF) completed the load in just over an hour. Eco mode is an efficient option that runs on the Normal cycle. The dryer will remember which cycle you have set and use it until you choose another one.
  • The drum light is bright and easy to see, so you can quickly unload what you have put in.
  • The 18-Min. A dry cycle is for you if you are in a rush. The Fast Dry cycle is quick and easy to use. You don't need clothes to be dry immediately. Slight dampness can be a benefit if you plan to iron right away. Ironing may be impossible due to the dryer's great steam features.
  • Allow at least one hour to dry an oversized, fluffy comforter.
  • There are many options on the control panel located at the top right of your dryer. To select the option you desire, you must press the buttons several times.
  • Delicates cycle to take about 30 minutes. However, it took almost an hour in the dryer. Although a Delicate cycle must be run at a lower temperature (109F for this one), lingerie takes a lot of time to dry. Do not plan to finish it before you go to work.

Product Pros

  • Easy to use controls
  • Nearly flawless drying
  • Steam options
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Near-perfect drying
  • Steam options

Product Cons

  • We could not find any


The Electrolux EFME527UTT dryer is the most gentle and effective. It can be purchased online easily. You will be impressed with the dryer's performance, beautiful design, and simple-to-use interface when it was first tested, the EFME517STT.

This year's model also features an excellent drying performance, beautiful looks, and similar interface and feature sets. Its 18-Minute Fast Dry was a great success. It runs slower on the Bulky or Delicate cycles and costs a few hundred more than its predecessor. This could be a problem for you.

What users think

This dryer is loved by its owners, with an average rating of 4.6 stars from 5. Many online reviews praise the dryer's quiet operation and ease of use. It's even described as "fun" by some people. Steam cycles are also very popular.

The Bottom Line

The ELECTROLUX EFME527UTT T DRYER still has the same features but a much lower price. If you are searching for a dryer that is as versatile with tons of features, then look no further than the ELECTROLUX EFM527UTT DRYER. Eight drying cycles are available to meet every need. The Instant Refresh feature allows you to steam your clothes and then take them out of the dryer, ready for use. No ironing is necessary!