Washer and dryer bundles under $700 - REVIEW

By Alice Green  |   14 Oct, 2022

Washer and dryer bundles under $700 - REVIEW

It can be difficult to discover the cheap washer and dryer sets at reasonable pricing. Despite having a similar exterior, the devices' internal workings couldn't be more dissimilar. The wrong laundry set can result in higher utility costs over the course of ownership, more frequent replacement costs for worn-out clothing, or lost time dealing with repairs or waiting for cycles to finish.

Capacity, performance, and style are just a few advantages to washer and dryer bundles under $700. The final important consideration is price. When you buy a combo, many retailers and manufacturers offer discounts.

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1. WASHER: KENMORE 20232 1. WASHER: KENMORE 20232 See Details
2. DRYER: KENMORE 60222 2. DRYER: KENMORE 60222 See Details
7. LG WM4000H & LG DLEX4000 7. LG WM4000H & LG DLEX4000 See Details
8. SAMSUNG WF45R6100 & SAMSUNG DVG45R6100 8. SAMSUNG WF45R6100 & SAMSUNG DVG45R6100 See Details
9. LG WM3900HWA WASHER 9. LG WM3900HWA WASHER See Details
10. DRYER: LG DLEX3900W 10. DRYER: LG DLEX3900W See Details
7. LG WM4000H & LG DLEX4000

The energy-efficient, entry-level Kenmore 20232 washer has a low initial investment. It cleans as well as washers that cost twice as much, according to whirlpool, which made it for Kenmore. The dedicated delicate cycle is more than just a marketing ploy; in our tests, it resulted in five times less clothing wear than the normal cycle, which was already a reasonably gentle cycle. Although this model automatically detects the water level, it also has a deep fill option for users who are washing items that are heavily soiled. You might not be able to dump your entire basket into this drum because it is smaller (3.5 cu. Ft.). It's the closest thing you'll find to the washer you used to have, though, unless you want to spend more than three times as much on a speed queen.

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Product Pros

  • Affordable
  • stain removal that is superior

Product Cons

  • strict with laundry
  • limited capacity

Buy KENMORE 20232

The simple Kenmore 60222 electric dryer employs a moisture sensor to dry clothes quickly and efficiently. Some dryers in this price range continue to lack sensors, which can result in over drying, damaged clothing, and a waste of time and energy. Several consumers have complained about early product faults, but they were pleased with sears' quick response. 84 percent of owners would suggest it, indicating a high level of overall consumer satisfaction.

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Product Pros

  • simple to use
  • When the laundry is dry, a moisture sensor tells you.
  • reasonable price point

Product Cons

  • No Cons
Buy KENMORE 60222

The Electrolux efls527utt washer has several characteristics, including the pod detergent slot, with the Electrolux efls627utt washer. The heavy cycle is among the most effective stain-removing cycles we've ever tested, which is really saying something. It also has a Delicates cycle that is especially kind on your garments.

Additionally, the efls527utt includes a unique feature called Stain Treat ii that enables you to choose specific wash program options for stains that are particularly challenging, including blood and chocolate. The Electrolux efls527utt is the washer for you if you're short on time but still want excellent stain removal because the cycle periods are often shorter than they are in the Electrolux efls627utt. This washer is priceless since it has additional cycle options including active wear cycle, sanitize, and perfect steam.

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Product Pros

  • Superb stain removal
  • Detergent pod slot
  • Cycle for delicates

Product Cons

  • None that we could discover.


The Electrolux efme527utt dryer has a stylish design, is simple to operate, and offers a variety of cycles and choices. It contains the same detergent drawer for laundry pods and perfect steam, which is powered by its in-built water heater to enhance hot water temperatures for sanitizing, wrinkle removal, static removal, and odor removal. Both of these features are shared with the Electrolux EFME627UTT.

Its quick dry cycle, which completes in just 18 minutes, is a major selling point. While not all cycles are as quick as quick dry, they are all excellent at drying wet items without exceedingly high temperatures that could harm fabric. Look no farther than the Electrolux efme527utt if you desire both the bells and whistles and excellent dryer performance. The Electrolux EFMG527UTT is this dryer's gas variant.

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Product Pros

  • simple to use controls
  • nearly flawless drying
  • steam choices

Product Cons

  • None that we could discover.


The Kenmore 20232 and the Amana NTW4516FW are nearly identical. This is due to the fact that whirlpool corp. manufactures both Amana and Kenmore top-load laundry devices, which are identical twins.

The Kenmore washer has the advantage since, in addition to costing more money, the Amana washer lacks the soak, light, and jeans/towels cycles featured on the Kenmore washer. However, much of the praise we have for the Kenmore models carry over immediately (including the deep fill option).

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Product Pros

  • A dual-action agitator for effective cleaning
  • For larger loads, the washer offers a deep fill mode.
  • A dual-porcelain tub guards against fabric snags.
  • Affordable

Product Cons

  • Does not have the competitors' cycles
  • Strict with laundry
  • No dispenser for fabric softener


The only difference between the Amana ned4655ew dryer and the Kenmore 60222 dryer is that the Amana model lacks an audible buzzer, which, depending on your preferences, may be a good feature or a missed opportunity. You will value this dryer's simplified dial-and-button interface even if you didn't learn how to do laundry on a more difficult dryer. The Amana dryer is more readily available than the Kenmore 60222 dryer, which is one reason you might prefer it. If you won't be home when the cycle is over and don't want creases to develop in your freshly dried clothing, the Amana ned4655ew also features the wrinkle prevent option.

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Product Pros

  • Affordable

Product Cons

  • No buzzer is audible
  • The dryer lacks an end-of-cycle indicator.


The LG WM4000H is a top-notch vacuum. It was among the best washers we tried at getting rid of all kinds of stains, and it also treated materials with more care than most of the others. The wm4000h boasts one of the broadest selections of wash settings, including a stain-loosening prewash option, extremely high temperatures, and additional rinses. It can wash a load far faster than a conventional high-efficiency washer. The wm4000h is a front-load washer with a large capacity, quiet operation, and exceptional water and energy efficiency. To further help avoid the nasty mildew smell, it even features a special door-prop feature. In addition to being more user-friendly and feature-rich than those of our other recommendations, we found the WI-FI-connected features to be helpful, including the end-of-cycle notifications, maintenance alerts, remote start, and additional downloaded wash programs. Although reliability is difficult to forecast, according to a number of sources, lg front-loaders have recently had some of the lowest repair rates among major washers. (they won't, however, survive as long as the old Maytag your parents had.) In comparison to most of the other dryers we tested, the matching LG DLEX4000 dryer dried loads more quickly.

In the odd event that you need a warranty repair, it might be a hassle because the LG washer and dryer's control panels are difficult to use in low light and LG's customer service is terrible. The wm4000h and the complementary dryer (which is available in electric or gas) can be stacked; in fact, any 27-inch LG dryer, regardless of age, can be stacked on top of the wm4000h. The wm3600h from LG is a comparable washer that is less expensive but skips a few helpful functions.

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Product Pros

  • It has a good Wi-Fi connection 
  • Smart ThinQ is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • LG smart appliances give you new ways to control your home.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Direct Drive Motor.
  • When it comes to washing machines, the highest possible wash quality.
  • High-quality washer.

Product Cons

  • LG does not currently provide any portable laundry solutions.

Buy LG WM4000H & LG DLEX4000

Many front-loading washer types can be stacked with a complementary dryer to create a stackable washer and dryer set that requires little floor space. Consider the well-known Samsung wf45r6100 washer with its companion dryer, model dvg45r6100w, if you're seeking for this space-saving setup for your own laundry room or closet.

Space can be saved in other ways as well with stackable washer and dryer sets. A powerful pair like this washer and dryer set may also offer full, total care for your garments. The 4.5 cubic feet of volume in the front-loading washer, along with a bigger drum that retains the machine's profile at 31.75 inches, makes it suitable for deep closets or compact laundry rooms. Take complete control of your cleaning process with 10 cycles and choices to customize each load's soil level, water temperature, rinse cycles, and spin speed. The machine has an advantage when it comes to removing stains or disinfecting tons of dish towels, washing garments, and other things thanks to the steam's strength.

Put your washer on top of the stackable SAMSUNG DVG45R6100W dryer and rapidly fill it up with recently washed laundry from below. For the best clothing care, the dryer has 7.5 cubic feet of drum volume, 10 drying cycles, and five temperature settings. To finish the vertical configuration, keep in mind that you'll need to buy a stacking kit, but this is typical for most stackable washer-dryer sets.

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Product Pros

  • With Self Clean+ technology, your washer will stay fresh and clean because it kills 99 percent of bacteria. 
  • Quiet washing anytime, any place
  • Space-saving design
  • It's easier for everyone to utilize. 
  • Sensor Dry automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature to prevent your garments from heat damage while minimizing energy use.
  • Laundry day is a breeze with Samsung washers and dryers.

Product Cons

  • Consumers claim that the temperature sensor is inaccurate.

The LG WM3900HWA includes all the bells and whistles of the LG front-load washers we've tried, including a ton of cycle customization options, steam cycles and features, the choice of a black steel finish, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The wm3900hwa not only effectively removes stains but also includes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it quick cycle that takes only 17 minutes. Even while the heavy cycle does a superior job of cleaning your clothes, the quick cycle's speed will come in handy if you're pressed for time. And to make matters even better, this washer uses very little energy and water. Not to mention, the Delicates cycle is quite kind to your garments. The LG WM3900HWA is the washer for you if you require one that excels at numerous laundry duties.

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Product Pros

  • Numerous choices for customizing
  • Quick cycle of 17 minutes
  • Energy-saving

Product Cons

  • A control panel with small print

The LG DLEX3900W is another one of the many reasons people adore lg dryers. This dryer gets major points for having multiple steam cycles and options (turbo steam, steam sanitary, and steam fresh), as well as a special antibacterial cycle for peace of mind after someone in your family has been ill, in addition to all the usual bells and whistles (i.e. Cycle time, temperature, and dryness customization options).

We were blown away by this dryer's quick cycle times and effective drying. For such a brief cycle, the quick cycle accomplished the remarkable feat of drying 84% of our test laundry load in 25 minutes. A queen-size comforter was nearly dry in one hour thanks to the bulky cycle, which was similarly astonishing. The normal cycle takes roughly 90 minutes to complete and can reach temperatures of up to 170°f, which is a minor complaint. Although we're on record as favoring dryers that maintain temperatures below 150°f to extend the life of your clothes, the LG DLEX3900W is a great choice if you're looking for a dryer that's quick and powerful. The LG DLGX3901W is this dryer's gas variant.

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Product Pros

  • High capacity
  • Features a lot
  • Most cycles go quickly.

Product Cons

  • The average cycle is too sluggish and too warm

Buy LG DLEX3900W

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on whether you're looking for a front load, top load, or stackable set, you should expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for a washer-dryer set. The most economical solutions have frequently been top load washers and the corresponding dryers. Top-loading washer and dryer sets with enormous capacities, however, can cost a lot of money. Budget front-load washer and dryer sets start under $1,000, but high-capacity laundry sets can cost up to $2,000 on average. Most merchants will often charge an additional $100 if you choose a gas dryer. Don't forget to account for the cost of installation by a professional if a natural gas line is not already present where your machine will be installed.

A washer and dryer often last for more than 10 years. Dryers can last between 13 and 15 years, while washing machines often last up to 11 years. Make sure your washer and dryer are leveled, utilized correctly (don't fill them up above the recommended capacity, for instance), and cleaned out frequently to preserve their structural integrity.

As a general rule, larger families (more than 3 people altogether) will need a washer with a cubic capacity of 4 to 4.5. For comparison, a machine with 4 cubic feet can wash up to 16 pounds of laundry, while one with 4.5 cubic feet can wash 20 pounds.