Best Go Pro Black Friday Deals 2023 – All the Top Go Pro Discounts you shouldn’t Miss

06 Nov, 2023   |   5 min read
Best Go Pro Black Friday Deals 2023 – All the Top Go Pro Discounts you shouldn’t Miss


Gear up because the answer to your all time curious question when is black Friday is finally coming to conclusion. This major holiday is up and here with discounts on almost anything and everything. And while the event is still 15 days or so away you can smell many discounts cooking up in the gracious pot of black Friday deals. This is also because, major companies are already providing fantastic discounts on expensive things like televisions, beds, and yes, even action cams.

But we do recommend you to wait till the actual black Friday to get the best of the discounts. However, amongst the many amazing and wonderful black Friday deals, are the Go Pro Holiday Deals which will turn all your photography dreams into a reality. During this sale season, if you're looking to buy an action camera, it's a wonderful idea to have a look at the consistently well-liked GoPro lineup. Loved by action sports fans, gearheads, and vloggers, go pro cameras are unique and adored by those with the necessary skills in photography and cinematography.

And with the many retailers putting up black Friday deals on go pro there is no better time to purchase for these live action cameras than this. From go pro 10 black Friday deals to discounts on older models and even the latest go pro hero 12 seeing a big drop down in price, this page has all the information you need on go pro black Friday deals.

Best Go Pro Black Friday Deals

The opportunity to obtain the finest black Friday prices on the Go Pro and its accessories has arrived with the arrival of Black Friday. Even if the go pro bargains consistently exceed our expectations, Black Friday 2023 will undoubtedly be unique since it will provide a wide selection of go pro models with excellent characteristics. This year, in addition to internet specials, there will be fantastic in-store bargains as well.

There is a GoPro camera for everyone, no matter what their budget thanks to this year's GoPro discounts. All of the most important questions regarding Black Friday 2023 are covered in this list of the best GoPro deals.

GO Pro Hero 12 GO Pro Hero 12 See Details
GO Pro Hero 11 – Best Overall Go Pro GO Pro Hero 11 – Best Overall Go Pro See Details
Go Pro Hero 10 Go Pro Hero 10 See Details
Go Pro Hero 8 Go Pro Hero 8 See Details
Go Pro Hero 7 Go Pro Hero 7 See Details
Go Pro Max Go Pro Max See Details
GO Pro Hero 12
GO Pro Hero 11 – Best Overall Go Pro
Go Pro Hero 10
Go Pro Hero 8
Go Pro Hero 7
Go Pro Max

GO Pro Hero 12

Best Review

The Most expensive and obviously the most latest go pro version, the hero 12 is also equipped with the finest go pro features. It is also going to be the most sought after black Friday deals on go pro. But is it really better than all the other go pro models? Let’s find out!  Being the first model to enable HDR video, the Hero 12 offers professionals who take their time with color correction bluer sky and better shadows in mixed lighting. It also features a 10-bit GP-Log profile.

With the ability to push 5.3K60, 4K120, or 2.7K240, the camera offers a multitude of choices for creating slow-motion effects and amazing videography without hiring expensive services. It is also compatible with the ultra-wide Max Lens Mod 2.0 add-on lens which you will be needed to purchase separately if you desire a fully immersive HyperView viewpoint.

The intuitive Easy Control mode now offers support for horizon-locked video in addition to time-lapse modes for Star Trails, Auto Light Trails, and Light Painting. The Camera despite being one of the latest models is relatively easy to control. Due to its high price and new release, the Go pro Hero 12 will be amongst the best black Friday deals for go pro lovers.

Reason to Buy

  • Amazing video stabilization
  • Useful and easy controls
  • Offer front and rear displays

Reason to Avoid

  • Doesn’t support the GPS feature
  • Full battery won’t even last one day
Buy GO Pro Hero 12

GO Pro Hero 11 – Best Overall Go Pro

Best Review

Isn’t it unfair to rate the lesser model as the best overall? We know many of you must be thinking that. But to us the Go Pro 11 was and is the soundest go pro model with many amazing and incomparable features. Due to the GP2 processor's power and ability to record crisp video, it is a great buy. Even for novice users, its UI is simple to use, and its picture stabilization function is flawless. It's a great option for anyone starting out in photography and videography who doesn't want to buy a camera twice (once for practice and once for learning).

Even though it's a fantastic gadget, accessing additional capabilities requires a GoPro membership. Its display is also non-touch sensitive, and low-light videos don't turn out well.  With its highest quality and three aspect ratios, the GoPro Hero11 Black is an exceptional tool for content makers. Moreover, it takes crisp 27MP still images.

The Hero11 Black's primary drawback is its poor light performance, but its 8:7 sensor, improved horizon levelling, and straightforward UI make it a superior option for GoPro consumers. For those who use many social media networks, this gadget is appropriate. It is more portable because to its dimensions of 71.8 W x 50.8 H x 33.6 D (mm) and weight of 154g. This gadget features a 1720mAh battery that lasts for two to three hours, and it is also waterproof.

Reason to Buy

  • User friendly interface
  • Offers 3 aspect ratio
  • Clear crisp images and videos

Reason to Avoid

  • Requires go pro membership for advanced features
  • Battery only lasts 3-4 hours at a time
Buy GO Pro Hero 11 – Best Overall Go Pro

Go Pro Hero 10

Best Review

Descending in models doesn’t exactly mean descending in quality or abilities as well. And this go pro Hero 10 is a proof for that. With many of the amazing features as its future models, the go pro hero 10 itself is a complete photography and videography camera many beauty capturers desire to have. It is also going to be greatly discounted for black Friday with retailers like Amazon and Walmart offering a good deal on it. The best part? You can also save an additional amount with the amazon black Friday promo deals 2023 on this one.

Now speaking of the features, the Hero11 and Hero12's Media Mod accessories are also compatible with it. Because it gives vloggers a little more money to spend on the Media Mod or Volta handle, assembling a camera package with it would be a viable option instead of the Hero12. With its outstanding build quality, high frame rate recording at up to 5.3k resolution, superb stabilization, and a front-facing vlog screen, it's easy to say that the HERO10 is still the greatest GoPro available.

Even though it has been replaced by newer versions, the HERO10 will provide you value for your money. For handheld action and filming, the Hero10's Hypersmooth digital stabilization is almost as excellent as that of more recent models, so you can forego a gimbal.

Reason to Buy

  • Perfect for front facing vlogging
  • Best action cam
  • Mostly similar to newer models in the series

Reason to Avoid

  • Battery drains quickly
  • Heating up prevents from long recording
Buy Go Pro Hero 10

Go Pro Hero 8

Best Review

Look for the go pro 8 black Friday deals, because this one is one of our personal favorites. On an even more restricted budget, you might want to consider purchasing the GoPro HERO8 Black, which is from a previous generation. It's a somewhat older model, so you'll probably have to buy one used, but in terms of functionality and performance, it's still a good action camera. It's more portable than the GoPro HERO9 and HERO10 combined.

But that doesn't imply that the quality of the construction is diminished. It is similarly well-built, with the same degree of protection for recording underwater. The HERO8 lacks a Live View screen that faces forward, in contrast to more recent versions. Although it can only record 4k videos, it does not shoot 5k videos either.

Similar to how well it smooths out camera shaking, its stabilisation capability comes with a bigger crop than that of more recent GoPro models. In spite of this, the GoPro is still an excellent action camera if you don't require 5k video or a front-facing Live View screen.

Reason to Buy

  • Touch sensitive screen for easy navigation
  • Hypersmooth video stabilization
  • Ideal for live streaming

Reason to Avoid

  • Doesn’t have front facing vlogging option
  • Lacks a front screen
Buy Go Pro Hero 8

Go Pro Hero 7

Best Review

Although you will be required to go 5 years back to set your mind on this camera because that is when it was released but for exceptional performance compared to its time of release, the go pro Hero 7 indeed was ahead of its era. It has a distinct edge over other GoPro cameras because to its video stabilisation capability. Because of its stunning video footage and amazing HyperSmooth stabilisation technology, it provides a fair value. Its expensive pricing, crude voice instructions, and often unresponsive displays are among its drawbacks.

You may depend on this equipment to do any work in spite of its restrictions. The HyperSmooth stabilisation function on GoPro, which enables stable and fluid handheld video recording, was initially introduced on the GoPro Hero7. This gadget records sharp films and broadcasts live at incredibly high frame rates. Additionally, it takes 12-megapixel pictures. Touch-sensitive screen, built-in GPS, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity are all features of this GoPro gadget. Because the GoPro Hero7 is waterproof and shockproof, it is also incredibly robust.

Reason to Buy

  • Waterproof design
  • Great slow motion and live action
  • Class leading video stabilization
  • Touch sensor offers easy control

Reason to Avoid

  • Battery lasts only 3 hours
  • Touch screen can become unresponsive
Buy Go Pro Hero 7

Go Pro Max

Best Review

A dual-lens camera for 360-degree creators is the GoPro Max. So for those hiking and mountain climbing adventures, the go pro max does the job of taking all in beautifully. Compared to previous action cameras, it offers a significantly different creative experience which will require you some time to get used to. You may choose to share an all-around view for VR headsets or extract 16:9 frames for flat displays.

With the latter feature, video makers have the feature to may draw attention to a specific area of a scene and even move the camera from one area to another to direct the viewer's gaze. Although The Max is undoubtedly a specialized instrument, it can benefit artists who possess expertise in both the field and the editing bay. With the finest microphone quality of any GoPro, it's an extremely appealing choice for vloggers.

Reason to Buy

  • 360 degrees video capture
  • Strong video stabilization and smoothing
  • Waterproof design

Reason to Avoid

  • Single lens only
  • Requires editing expertise to get the best results
Buy Go Pro Max

How To Choose the Best Black Friday Deals Go Pro?

IPhone and various android phones offer top notch camera quality with multiple features like slow-mo, portrait, landscape and what not. This has expectedly waived the conventional cameras off the market but still in some cases where there is a lot of action and stability required, phones cannot suffice. Hence the go pro action camera which is second to none and can be used on your adventures.

One more reason to show inclination towards go pro cameras is their durability, weather resistance and quality that lasts. But while go pro name is enough, they also have several models released over the years. Below is a brief buying guide to help you pick out the best go pro for you this black Friday.


Go Pro has modified their design over the years though one thing that is common with these cameras is the lightweight designs but looks wise go pro has seen a lot of promising change. With the exception of the Max, all of the top GoPro cameras have a similar design, but there are a few key distinctions between the Hero10/Hero9 Black and earlier models.

GoPro updated the camera with the Hero8 Black so that the mounting "fingers," which are used to attach the camera to GoPro accessories, are integrated into the bottom of the camera. In this manner, if you wish to put the camera to a selfie stick or other object, you won't need to attach a case. The lens cover on the Hero8 cannot be removed, in contrast to prior GoPro models, which let you to do so in order to install different lens covers, such as filters and the like. The Hero9 fixes this problem, and the Hero10 maintains the same design.

All GoPro models contain a front-facing LCD that indicates your recording time, battery life, and other information in addition to a rear LCD that you can use to frame your shot and make setting adjustments. This ensures easy user-friendliness. The Hero9 and Hero10, on the other hand, have color displays on the front that you can also use to position oneself in a photograph.


The first GoPro to shoot video in 5K resolution, although at a maximum framerate of 30 frames per second, was the Hero9 Black. It increases to 60 fps with the Hero10. Both the GoPro Hero8 Black and Hero7 Black are capable of recording slo-mo footage at 1080p/240 frames per second and 4K video at 60 frames per second. This feature is highly desired by climber and bikers who wish to have recordings to be slow and fast successively.

Then the Hero10 captures still images with a resolution of 23MP, compared to the Hero9's 20MP and the Hero8 Black's 12MP. Being able to shoot 5.6K spherical footage but only 1080p/60fps rectilinear video puts the GoPro Max in a league of its own.

Image Stabilization

Go pro cameras being the real MVP or adventure and action recording, need to act stable and have amazing focus. This is important especially if you want videos moving, running, biking or climbing. The ability to refocus without giving a blur image is important in a camera and this is why go pros were designed. Despite the exaggeration, GoPro's technology, called HyperSmooth, is quite efficient. More modern iterations of HyperSmooth are seen in newer, more expensive GoPro devices.

Though, if we compare the different go pro models, we can find some models to be better at image stabilization than the others. So, if you're shooting shaky footage, we suggest the GoPro Max because it has a 360-degree camera and records everything around you, making it the best at maintaining a level horizon regardless of how much the camera shakes.


With a GoPro, a housing is nearly always required. Almost all GoPro mounts and supports come with a GoPro quick-release buckle adapter or a normal 3-prong GoPro mount. Therefore, the camera often needs a corresponding 2-prong interface or buckle. Although the cameras lack any of these features, their corresponding housings do. For the Hero5 black go pro camera, there is no housing itself but you get a 2-prong interface wo mount the camera.

For other models such as the Hero4 and hero4 silver you will get a waterproof standard housing. It has a mounting buckle and a 2-prong interface, enabling the camera to be utilized in up to 131 feet of water. This makes the hero4 ideal for under water videos.


Additionally, you'll see that the software and functionality increase with time as you move up the range, with advancements in areas like video resolution, image stabilization, and horizon levelling. Even the first-generation Hypersmooth is rather outstanding, so for many individuals, one of the earlier generation cameras will be more than adequate. All of the current range have the same bomb-proof design and caseless waterproofing to 10m.That being said as the models for go pro become more advanced and competitive so does the increase in price. Which is why it is important to set your budget beforehand and find a go pro camera that you can find within that range.

Are Black Friday Deals Go Pro A Good Time To Shop?

For Go Pro lovers and people who are looking out for this product purchase, November is the time to cash in the most of the sale season. With three big events coming up, thanksgiving, black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can find the most of the tech and electronic deals this month. Especially at Amazon where go pro will see a big discount and all of the go pro models will be sold at great prices, you can also save up on the go pro subscription.

Secondly, the Go pro’s website itself will be hosting a black Friday event with many deals that are going to emerge as the black Friday approaches. However for newer models Go pro itself is a good retailer. But for Older models of go pro, third party retailers like Amazon, Best buy, Walmart or Target will be showing big discounts.

How to Get Good Go Pro Black Friday Deals?

Scoring a good deal on products like go pro and limited series models like Apple watch, is a tricky task. As there are only a few options available and the demand is high, you need to be as smart as possible to catch a good deal. Below are some tips to score a good black Friday go pro discount.

  • Make sure you have researched the desired go pro model for all the qualities you need in your camera. Rather than just going for latest versions, choose a go pro model that suits and meets your needs.
  • Make a wish list of the features you intend to have in your choice of go pro camera. You can find detailed features and characteristics of each go pro black Friday deal on this page and hence you can compare yourself to select the right vs wrong FOR YOU.
  • Compare before you purchase. Sure a 40% off tag is enough to entice you but what if you the retailer in your far neighborhood is offering a 70% off? To avoid black Friday regrets (which are very common), research well, prepare, price compare before making a decision.
  • Check for the retailer’s price match policy. Price matching will help you get a good discount on items that you find at a lower price on any other store. Also, read complete terms and conditions set by a retailer before purchasing from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Go Pro Cameras be used as Webcams for Meetings?

Yes. There are really a few more things that GoPros can accomplish in addition to being fantastic action cameras. You may use the GoPro Hero9 and Hero8 Black as a webcam for starters thanks to software that GoPro published. However, a GoPro Plus subscription, which costs $49.99 yearly, is required in order to access this feature. Additionally, the subscription offers no-questions-asked camera replacement, unlimited cloud storage for GoPro film, and up to 50% off GoPro accessories.

Is Black Friday A Good Time to Buy Go Pro Camera?

Yes, and to be fair there is no better time. For black Friday go pro deals you can score the best discounts as compared to the other events around the year. Black Friday is also the time where electronics and gadgets go on huge discounts hence you can find the top offers on your desired models.

How long do Go Pro Black Friday Deals Last?

The go pro black Friday deals are very limited in terms of stock and timeframe both which is why they are the best deals throughout the year. For most retailers the go pro camera deals start on the week of thanksgiving, and end as soon as the black Friday is wrapped. However, in some cases you can find the remaining black Friday stock to be at the same or more discount for Cyber Monday go pro deals.

How to Find the Best Go Pro Black Friday Deals?

One thing you need to do to remain updated with the best black Friday deals is to visit the go pro deals page on a regular basis. If you are scared to miss out then subscribing to email and newsletter updates is also a good idea. This way you will find all the details about upcoming sales and offers in your inbox.

Should I Wait for Cyber Monday Go Pro Deals?

Gone are the times when Cyber Monday didn’t get or deserve as much attention as black Friday. This online only event is now a major interest as most of the shopping is done online. Hence it is also expected that the difference between Cyber Monday and black Friday go pro deals isn’t going to be as big as before. However we recommend you to get a black friday go pro deal if you are able to find a good discount because who knows whether or not the stock will last till the Cyber Monday.