DRYER: KENMORE 60222 review in 2022

By Alice Green  |   07 Sep, 2022

DRYER: KENMORE 60222 review in 2022


The situation in the case of KENMORE 60222 dryers is comparable to the one of Whirlpool. There is a broad selection of top dryers, as well as several low-rated models that can damage the brand's image. You'll find many options when you're shopping to buy KENMORE 60222 dryers.

But that's not the reason the brand is on this list. It's the subpar models we wouldn't suggest buying as they'll disappoint you.

The basic Kenmore 60222 electronic dryer uses sensors to help dry clothes quickly and effectively. There are dryers that, at this price point, are still without sensors, which could result in drying too long and damaged clothing, and unnecessary energy and time. Many customers have complained about earlier product problems but were happy with the quick response from Sears. 85 percent of owners would recommend that it was a good product, indicating an overall high customer satisfaction level.


It is a part of the Clothes Dryers test program at Consumer Reports. Lab tests show that Electric Dryers 60222 have been rated based on various aspects, like the ones below.

Drying function

This score incorporates performances on three kinds of laundry loads that vary in dimensions and fabrics, the load of cotton comprising towels and jeans, an 8-lb. load of cotton/polyester mix clothing as well as a 3-lb. bag of synthetic delicates, nightgowns for women, women's pajamas bras, and underwear.


In this test, we evaluated ergonomics and controls, including the ease of loading and unloading, cleaning the lint filter, if the door can open up a tall basket and whether the machine is equipped with an elevated edge to hold spills.

Noise judgments are made by a monitor when operating the dryer, which evaluates the quality of the sound and its volume.


Laundry becomes super easy

This KENMORE 60222 dryer is a great option to take the hassle of drying the clothes. With options such as Wrinkle Guard Air Dry, Wrinkle Guard, and a variety of dryness settings, it's a great choice. It was designed to provide excellent care for your clothing, from delicate fragile to bulky bedding. Spend less time squirting around the dryer, and spend more time relaxing with this dryer.

Bring on the bulky stuff

This KENMORE 60222 dryers is spacious, with 6.5 cubic feet of drying space, which means you can put it into a pile of towels or heavy bedding without requiring a trip to the laundry.

Dry Clothes for The First Time

Its auto-moisture sense Auto Dry cycle monitors dryness levels throughout the entire process, changing the temperature and drying time to avoid over- and under-drying your fabrics. Don't worry about burned delicates or damp towels.

Select the Hot Spot

Choose between four different temperature levels and options, including Air Dry, to get your clothing and fabrics with the proper quantity of drying. Auto Dry Technology works throughout the process to ensure that each load is evenly dried by monitoring dryness and then adjusting temperatures and drying time. Don't worry about dry clothes that are too wet or overly dry and towels.

Protective care for delicate items

Make use of the air fluff cycle for fragile objects. This 30-minute tumble doesn't require additional heat but dries delicate things faster than conventional air drying.

Washing-free Laundry

Wrinkle Guard allows you to wash your clothes at your own pace by giving the laundry an easy toss to avoid wrinkles that have sunk in for 40 minutes after the drying cycle. There's no need to worry about the dryer.


Width (in. )29Depth of Door Closed (in. )28Height from Top of Control Panel43Height from Top of Cabinet36Depth when Door is open (in. )43Shipping Width (in. )29.2Shipping Width (in. )30.7Shipping Height (in. )43.5

Pros of the Product

  • Simple to make use of
  • If the wash is dried, a sensor for moisture will inform you.
  • Affordable price point
  • The bulky comforter load was dry quickly and uniformly
  • Good wrinkle removal
  • The control panel is simple and user-friendly.
  • The top-mounted filter is quite large. However, it is a little challenging to take off and reinstall
  • Cost-effective
  • Items of middle load were not twisted nor got caught in the dry cycle
  • The owner's manual is comprehensive and instructive
  • Customer support was prompt and friendly.

Product Cons

  • Drum openings are on the smaller side.
  • The door style of a Hamper is hard to get across
  • Very long drying time for large load
  • Items with a heavy load that are bent in the dry cycle


You pay for what you get when you purchase the Dryer Kemoror 60222, an essential dryer that delivers adequate performance. The dryer didn't break any records for speed with most of loads, but it dried heavy comforter load rapidly and equally. Therefore, the dry dryer is simple to operate. Besides Kenmore's customer service is also qquick and responsive. Try one for better outcomes.