Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV Review for buying in 2023

06 Nov, 2023   |   5 min read
Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV Review for buying in 2023


The Samsung QN90B QLED is a premium 4k smart TV and is available in 43 to 85-inch sizes.  This TV is part of Samsung's 2022 lineup. The QN95B is an alike TV with a One Connect box but a dissimilar processor. The QN90B features Samsung's Neo Quantum Processor 4k, and it utilizes Mini LED backlighting with over 900 dimming zones on larger sizes.

This TV comes with Samsung's branded Tizen OS smart interface that offers a large selection of apps and games. The smart system has a few beneficial features, like the capability to control other smart devices and support for video calls with a well-matched webcam. Besides that, it has gaming features you'd supposed to find in a high-end TV, like adjustable refresh rate (VRR) support and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, and the 43 and 50-inch sizes even have a 144Hz refresh rate.

Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV See Details
Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV

Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV

Best Review

The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV is an impressive TV. It has fantastic peak brightness and superb reflection handling, meaning it can simply overwhelmed glare in a bright room. It also has a good seeing angle, so the image remains reliable from the side if you have a wide seating arrangement. It has a swift pixel response time, so fast-moving objects, like players, look clear, and it's stress-free to make out the action. It even upscales lower-resolution content well, so sports from cable boxes look sharp. Unluckily, although it has decent gray regularity overall, there's a bit of disturbing dirty screen effect in the center of the screen.

Reason to Buy

  • Perky enough to overcome glare in a bright room
  • Image remains consistent at an angle
  • Fast response time
  • Easy-to-use smart interface with a great assortment of apps
  • Eccentric contrast with visually perfect blacks and little to no light bloom
  • Perfect white balance
  • Hands-free voice assistants and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Solar-powered, rechargeable remote

Reason to Avoid

  • Some filthy screen effect
  • Color and peak brightness aren't quite as strong as predecessor's
  • Samsung's smart TV interface is still unsatisfying to circumnavigate
  • No Dolby Vision support
Buy Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV

This is quite simply the best TV we've owned. The image is absolutely spectacular. The images are almost life like in that the colors and hues are rich and natural in appearance. We purchased it bundled with the Samsung soundbar that generates theatre quality sound. You can feel the image through theatre quality sound - Samsung's technology is simply the best. I will never purchase another product when it comes to home entertainment. Samsung has it dialed in when it comes to this technology.

Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV Features


The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV has a modern, silky design, with unbelievably thin bezels and a slim stand. The heavy central stand looks great and takes up very little space, but it doesn't avert all wobble. As usual with Samsung TVs, the QN90B ships with two remote controls, a standard, button-heavy one and a much shinier one sporting a stripped-down button count for rationalized daily use. This ‘smart’ remote outstandingly carries a built-in solar panel on its hindmost side, thus you never have to worry about changing its batteries.


The center-mounted stand is moderately heavy but small, so it doesn't take up a lot of space on your table. Owing to the comparatively small size of the stand, the TV tends to wobble definitely. Footprint of the stand on the 65-inch model: 13.3" x 11.2". The stand lifts the TV about 2.5 inches, so some higher soundbars fit in front of it without blocking the screen.


The back of the Samsung 85-inch QN90B NEO QLED 4k smart TV is mostly plastic, with fine horizontal etched lines that offer off a brushed aluminum look. There are tracks along the back and the stand, which aid with cable management, but you won't be capable to use those if you wall-mount the TV. Unlike the Samsung QN95B QLED, which utilizes an outside input box recognized as the One Connect box, the inputs are in the back of the TV. This shows they're problematic to access if you wall-mount the TV with a fixed bracket.

Build Quality

The build quality is whimsical. The base is metal, and the materials used feel first-rate. The back panel is mostly plastic and flexes simple, but this isn't uncommon and doesn't cause any issues. The stand is tremendously heavy, but due to its small size, it doesn't upkeep the TV very well, so the screen wobbles easily.


The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV has an exceptional contrast ratio. With Local Dimming on 'High', it displays deep and inky blacks following to bright highlights in dark rooms. You can only incapacitate Local Dimming in PC mode through the service menu. It has a low contrast ratio without local dimming, there isn't a reason for you to do this.


There isn't too much blooming around bright matters in dark scenes, like slogans, but it's still there with the local dimming feature enabled.

Lighting Zone Transitions

The transition between dimming zones is worthy, but it isn't as good as you'd suppose from a high-end TV. The local dimming algorithm can't keep up well with speeding objects transitioning between dimming zones. While this isn't obvious with most content, it can get disturbing with fast-moving objects on dark backgrounds, as the prominent edge is darker and the trailing edge has a bit of a halo effect.

What we liked in Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV

Bright, detailed picture with outstanding contrast

The QN90B uses excellent backlighting and local dimming that permit for a more nuanced image. Thanks to those LEDs, the pictures on the QN90B are very piercing and detailed. We particularly valued the crisp images while viewing college football in 4K, where the blades of grass had outstanding definition and the ball flew without muddling.

The TV can provide accurate colors, but we needed to regulate the settings to get an image that was right for viewers. Overall, you must prefer QN90B owing to its best picture quality.

Excellent gaming features

The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV also includes Samsung Gaming Hub that lets you stream games from Xbox, Stadia, Geforce Now and other services without a console. Gameplay although streaming isn’t too ruthless either: Playing Forza 5 and Fortnite through Xbox Game Pass was alike to the quality you’d catch from an Xbox One.

Gamers must like the QN90B because of its substantial gaming features and low input lag. Also its 120Hz refresh rate, it supports adjustable refresh rate (VRR) via AMD FreeSync Premium, desirable offers an auto low-latency mode (ALLM). And, despite our preventions with Samsung’s Smart TV platform, its pop-up Game Bar is very accommodating; it shows which gaming features are on and the existing refresh rate of the TV.

Better sound

The speakers in the QN90B generate remarkably good sound for a TV. With its 4.2.2 channel audio (55-inch and larger models) and provision for Dolby Atmos, voices were simple to hear, and, with smart Mode on, it generated an remarkably wide sound and even produced a bit of bass.

Therefore precisely you don’t require to add a soundbar. But do yourself a favor and get one for your home entertainment system nevertheless it’ll add more depth to the sound and improve bass for a better viewing experience.

Lots of sizes to select from

Samsung makes the QN90B in varied sizes that range from 43 inches ($1,200) to 85 inches ($5,000 $2,300), with many models accessible in between. That means you can discover one that’s right for the room you plan to put it in. Imagine similar performance of QN90B in other models, except for the sound in the 43- and 50-inch units — they have fewer frequencies than the 55-inch and larger TVs.

A Vibrant Viewing Experience

The QN90B has outstanding viewing experience. The red of Deadpool’s costume looks well-adjusted in the mostly overcast opening scene of Dead pool. The image is bright and brings out the restricted sun in the car sequence without flinging off the comparatively cool grading. The flames in the burning lab fight have a nice sum of texture, and we noted a strong amount of deviations in the flickering oranges and yellows of the fire. Shadow particulars come through evidently in bright flames and still seem fairly dark. So, by having this TV you can enjoy the true image experience.

What we didn’t like in Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV

It takes longer time work or get the best picture

Although the ending outcome can be impressive, you may have to work to get an agreeable image on the QN90B’s screen. But the QN90B offers lots of changes you can make, so you can find the true settings for you if you take the time. We liked the image best on smart Mode, switched to Movie Picture Mode, made some changes to brightness and sharpness, turned off Picture Clarity and augmented local dimming to Standard.

Maddeningly slow software

The QN90B runs Samsung’s Tizen, considered to be one of the more stout smart TV operating systems. It has apps for the most common streaming services, e.g., Netflix and HBO Max. It assimilates with Samsung’s SmartThings app to permit for control of other smart devices. It offering voice control through Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby.

But on the QN90B, all appears to take forever to launch and load. In actuality, it takes a few seconds, but it is leisurelier compared to a Roku or the relatively quick WebOS on LG’s Evo C2. Those additional seconds while you wait for a show to twitch are just enough to make you query your choices in life. Of course, you can catch around this by adding a flowing device and bypassing Tizen altogether.

The stand gets in the way

Comparable to grievances about, the stand Samsung contains with the Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV — while slick and attractive — doesn’t work for the way we want to set up the TV. It sticks out about 3 inches beyond the screen, which destined to place soundbar way out in front of the TV. It also only raises the TV 2.75 inches above the surface which is better — but that can still outcome in a soundbar or center speaker blocking the bottom of the picture.


Are you crazy about LCDs? There is a good news for the Fans of LCD TVs will love what the Samsung 85 inch TV QN90B offers. It’s oh-so-bright and packed with the state-of-the-art technologies. That permits it to deliver a crisp and comprehensive picture with outstanding contrast. It also has a good viewing perspective, so the image remains reliable from the side if you have a wide seating arrangement. It has a rapid pixel response time, so fast-moving objects, like players, look clear, and it's stress-free to make out the action. It even upscales lower-resolution content well, so sports from chain boxes look sharp. Unluckily, although it has decent gray consistency overall, there's a bit of disturbing dirty screen effect in the center of the screen. You can find the best 85 inch TV black Friday deals on Walmart easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung QN90B worthy to buy or not?

The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV is an imposing TV for most usages. It's inordinate for watching TV shows or sports in a bright room cheers to its high peak brightness and wonderful reflection handling. It also upscales lower-resolution content well that is imperative if your demonstrations and sports aren't in 4k.

Which is better choice QN85B or QN90B?

The Samsung 85-inch QN90B NEO QLED 4k smart TV is much better than the Samsung QN85B QLED. It has much better distinction, with profounder blacks and better consistency in dark scenes.

Which is better option OLED or QLED?

Till recently, selecting the best TV for your requirements was easy: If picture quality matters most, acquire an OLED. If cost and brightness drive you, catch a QLED. But OLEDs have better-quality in brightness, and mini-LED tech has tapering the gap in picture quality for QLEDs.

How many speakers are there in the QN90B?

The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV comes with 8 multi-directional speakers and, for the first time, supports Dolby Atmos technology for the eventual, cinematic surround sound experience.

Does Samsung QN90B support WiFi 6?

The Samsung QN90B 85 inch TV has two USB ports, digital visual audio out, a cable coaxial port, and ethernet, but there is no 3.5mm headphone jack. It also supports Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 5.